30 Chat Abbreviations and Meaning

If the only abbreviations you notice are RIP and LOL, then it’s time to do a refresh to your vocabulary. Do not despair, however. We have prepared a list of acronyms that will make your life much easier.

FYI, when someone writes in the Chat window the abbreviation BBS, it is best to wait seated for the answers. And, BTW, the same applies to BRB.


Did you notice anything? If not, we’re here to help. In nowadays, there are abbreviations that flood the Internet, leaving very many people confused. An example of this is the ASAP acronym, which refers to urgent requests, and NSFW, which indicates something that should not be done in employment, and that can easily appear in the work emails (contexts, etc.). To avoid being a bad figure, we gathered a total of 30 abbreviations and their meanings。 BTW, the computer wing was the one that contributed the most.

  1. AFK— Away From Keyboard
    It is commonly used in chats, or in games, when a person is absent from the computer.
  2. ASAP — As Soon as Possible
    It means “as soon as possible” and transmits urgency to the request.
  3. BFF— Best Friend Forever
    If anyone refers to you as being one or a BFF, it’s a good sign. The abbreviation refers to “best friend/Forever”.
  4. BTW — By The Way
    It is an “already now” in English and refers to something we want to add in the course of a conversation.
  5. BRB — Be Right Back
    “I’ll be right back” in Portuguese. It is used, for example, when you interrupt a conversation to do something.
  6. BBS — Be Back Soon
    A “I won’t be Long” or a “I’ll be right back”.
  7. FML — My Life
    When someone writes this abbreviation, it’s because, by default, you’re upset about life and things aren’t really going to work for you. There is also a site dedicated To The FML concept, where it is possible to share and know the frustrations of others.
  8. FTW— For The Win
    Someone with great confidence, a little for no reason.
  9. FYI — For Your Information
    “(Only) so you know.”
  10. GTFO — Get The sex Out
    The abbreviation is associated with an expulsion order. And it means someone got pretty angry.
  11. HTH — Happy To Help or Hope That/This Helps
    When someone shows up happy to have helped someone else.
  12. IDK  I don’t know
    “I don’t know.”
  13. IKR — I Know, Right
    It refers to a statement with which we agree in the course of a conversation.
  14. IMO — In My Opinion
    “In my opinion…”
  15. IMHO — In My Humble Opinion
    It’s a reinforcement of the IMO and it means “in my humble opinion…”
  16. IOLO — I Only Live Once
    The “Only alive once” is associated with the excecutionality of a moment.The most usual is to see teenagers sharing it in the form of a hashtag (#IOLO). There are two other versions, which you can see at the end of this glossary.
  17. LMAO — Laughing My arse Off
    It means that the person is laughing too much following something that has been said or done.
  18. LOL — Laughing Out Loud
    It works on the same record. It assumes something funny.
  19. NFW — No freakin’ Way
    Expresses incredibility. It’s kind of “I don’t believe” in Portuguese.
  20. NSFW — Not Suitable For Work
    It usually comes with an email or a shared article and means it should not be seen in the workplace, whatever the reason.
  21. OMG  Oh My God
    “Oh, my God.” Do I have to say more?
  22. RIP — Rest In Peace
    It means “rest in peace” and it’s common to see yourself published in the Nets when someone famous dies.
  23. ROTFL — Rolling On The Laughing Floor
    If LOL and LMAO are associated with things or moments with a lot of fun, ROTFL refers to something of “dying to laugh”.
  24. TCB— Taking Care of Business
    It implies that a person is dealing with a pending matter or task.
  25. TLDR— Too long; Didn’t read
    It corresponds to a generic response, and sometimes humorous, for when someone takes too long (and uses too many words) to describe one thing.
  26. TTYL — Talk To You Later
    It has several versions, depending on the time of delay: TTYS (I talk to you soon), or TTYT (I talk to you tomorrow).
  27. YOLO — You Only Live Once
    Similarly to IOLO, it is associated with the exceutionality of a moment.
  28. WOLO — We Only Live Once
    It is identical to IOLO and YOLO, although it targets the first person plural. It gives the idea of a shared life philosophy.
  29. WTF — What The Sex
    It is applied in the same register as the NFW.
  30. W8 — Wait
    An even simpler way to write, in English, “Wait.”


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