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National Biological Service Inventory

New Brunswick Scientific Inc.

Nesbitt Burns Securities, Inc.

New Brunswick Sound Initiative

National Bible Society of Ireland

National Bank of the Solomon Islands

Not Blue Shoot It

Stereotactic Magnetic Resonance Angiography

Public Utility Research Center

Southeast Mud Racing Association

Public Utilities Regulatory Committee

Senior Market Research Analyst


Pick Up Record Capability

Simultaneous Multiple Round Ascending

Philippine Uplands Resource Center

Stepwise Multiple-Regression Analysis

Psychology Undergraduate Research Conference

Stone & McCarthy Research Associates

National Ice Carving Association

National Intelligence Coordinating Agency

North Idaho Citizens Alliance

National Independent Concessionaire’s Association

Nebraska Industrial Competitiveness Alliance

National Insulation Contractors Association

SUPSHIP Workforce Forecasting Tool (US Navy)

Florida Birth-Related Neurological Injury Compensation Association

Netherlands-Indies Civil Administration

National Interfaith Coalition on Aging

National Institute of Circus Arts

Canadian Venture Exchange

Secure Web Fingerprint Transmission

Clean Air-Cool Planet

Commission for Agricultural Cost and Price

Consent Assessment of Civil Penalty

Crédit Agricole Charente-Périgord

Certified Anticoagulation Provider

Central Arbitration Control Point

Certified Anticoagulation Care Provider

Communauté d’Agglomération de Cergy-Pontoise

Catholics Against Capital Punishment

Camptodactyly-Arthropathy-Coxa vara-Pericarditis syndrome

Community Aged Care Package

Coalition Against Counterfeiting and Piracy

Directorate of Irrigation Research & Development

Depenses Interieurs de Recherche et Developpement

Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police

Department of International and Rural Development

Delhi Institute of Rural Development

Digital Imaging Research Division

Recycled Experimental Storage Ring

Virtual Pool: Tournament Edition


Regional Economic Development and Energy Corporation

Butterfly-Shaped Macular Dystrophy

Bone Stiffness Measurement Device

Business Services Market Development

Business Survey Methods Division

American Muslim Business and Professional Association

Verenigde Suid-Afrikaanse Nasionale Party

Adams Morgan Business and Professional Association

Operational Decision Support Technology

Cleared for Approach

Office of Dredging and Sediment Technology

Community, Food and Agriculture Program

Centre for Financial Analysis and Policy

Orthogonal Design-Based Space-Time Coding Scheme

Classroom Facilities Assistance Program

Chronic Functional Abdominal Pain

Okinawa Dolphins Swim Team

California Food Assistance Program

Online Depression Screening Test

Connecticut Association of United Church Educators

Impact on Participation and Autonomy Questionnaire

Orbital Drop Shock Trooper

International Physical Activity Questionnaire

Canadian Association for University Continuing Education

Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email

Load Equivalency Number

Linear Electrical Network

Lake Erie and Northern

Local Exchange Node

Large Extension Node

Line Equipment Number

Ligue Européenne de Natation

Low Entry Networking

Loi sur l’économie numérique


In Nomine Paranormal Research

International Network on Personal Relationships

Topside Umbilical Termination Unit

North East Labour History

Institute for Natural Products Research

Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii

Inventory Project Report

Rhone-Poulenc India Ltd.

Idaho Northern & Pacific Railroad

Reform Party of Illinois

Institute for National Policy Research

National Electronic Library for Health

Zveza Bibliotekarskih Drustev Slovenije

Dibya Prakash Charitable Trust

Differential Protection Current Transformer

Dalian Port Container Terminal

In Situ Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Data Processing Control Transmittal Card

International Student Services Center Corporation Limited

Dorset Primary Care Trust

International Solid-State Circuits Conference

Diplôme de Premier Cycle Technique

Centre National d’Informations Toxicologiques Veterinaries

Cape Codders Peace and Justice

Catholic Commission for Peace and Justice

Administration des Ressources Naturelles et de l’Environnement

Counseling and Clinical Psychology Journal

Anthropomorphic Robot of New Era

Campus Coalition for Peace and Justice

Connecticut Coalition for Peace and Justice

Bulgarian Business Angels Network

Canadian Committee to Protect Journalists

Academic Research Network

Calhoun Area Residents’ Action Group

Basic Bank Account Number

Colorado State Beekeepers Association

Core Sound Bowfishing Association

Ceylon Schools Boxing Association

Connecticut Sheep Breeders Association

Chicago Society for Bioenergetic Analysis

Colombo Share Brokers Association

Cannabis Seed Bank Amsterdam

Council of School Board Attorneys

Canadian Singapore Business Association

Commercial Service Buenos Aires

City of Sydney Basketball Association

Customer Service Benchmarking Association

Colombo Stock Brokers Association

Colorado Spina Bifida Association

Community Self Build Agency

Christian Sport Bike Association

Canadian Swedish Business Association

Civil Service Bar Association

Canadian Sheep Breeders Association

Council of Senior Business Administrators

Customer Service Benchmarking Australia

Société Nihiliste du Québec


Council of State Bioscience Associations

California State Beekeepers Association

Songwriters Network Queensland

Certified Sustainable Building Advisor

California Striped Bass Association

Société Numismatique de Québec

California Small Business Association

Canadian School Boards Association

Surf des Neiges Québec


Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments

Social Network Questionnaire

Symmetric Tonic Neck Reflex

California School Boards Association

Substantial New Question of Patentability

Signal to Noise Ratio

Bernard Terrace Civic Association

Be the Change Award

British Tennis Coaches’ Association, Ltd.

Emergency Mobilization Preparedness Board

Banks and Trust Companies Act of 1990

Best Technology Currently Available

European Multi-Protocol Backbone

Bull Terrier Club of America

Body Image Detection Device


Westcoast Multicultural and Diversity Services

Modern Technology Solutions, Inc.

Master Translating Services, Inc

Member of the Trading Standards Institute

White Mountains Different Strokes

Macular Translocation with Scleral Infolding

Weighted Multi-Dimensional Scaling

Integrale Verkeershandhaving Zeeland

Modern Technology Systems, Inc.

We Must Do Something

Informatie Voorziening Zorg

Microwave Transmission Systems, Inc.

Micro Technology Services, Inc.

Smithway Motor Xpress Corp

Institut Canadien pour Les Innovation En Photonique

I Come in Peace

Interexchange Carrier Interface Protocol

Indonesian Cleaner Industrial Production

Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan

Industry Cooperative Innovation Program

Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property

Industrial and Commercial Incentive Program

International Conference on Information Processing

International Conference on Image Processing

Sealed With A Lick Cause A Kiss Won’t Stick

Vegan Meal

Vienna Group for Multiple-Valued Logics

Glasgow University Veterinary Medical Association

Vegetarian Meal

Not So Classic Rock

Nueva Sociedad de Cimentaciones y Recalces SA

Facility Data Analysis Unit

Night Star Crest Recipient

Flight Data Acquisition Unit

North Sea Cycle Route

Geriatric Assessment and Treatment Unit

Genome Annotation Transfer Utility

Non-Selective Catalytic Reduction

Nederlands Studiecentrum Criminaliteit en Rechtshandhaving

Western Tobacco Control Group

World Trade Center Geneva

Division of Management, Information and Support Services

Wars Trading Card Game

Watch This Channel Grow

Doctor of Missiology

Fine I Never Actually Learned This Stuff

Childcare Network Loch Garman

Weird Off-Road Truck

Custom Truck Accessories

Community Transport Association

Court of Tax Appeals

Contribution Tarifaire d’Acheminement

Competitive Telecommunications Association

Compagnie des Transports de l’Atlantique

Christian Tools of Affirmation

Centrale de Traitement d’Air

Clinical Teachers Association

Commerciale Tubi Acciaio

Chaudronnerie et Tôlerie de l’Argonne

Cleveland Thygaraja Aradhana


Centre de Traitement de l’Alerte

Clear Text Authentication

Clearing The Air

Comunità Terapeutica Assistita

College Television Awards

Coefficient de Transfert Atmosphérique

Constant Temperature Anemometry

Centre Technique de l’Aluminium

Coal Trading Association

Conselho Tecnico Administrativo

Central Trading Agency

Classroom Teachers Association

Common Task for Assessment

Coquitlam Teachers’ Association

Chief Test Administrator

Children’s Transplant Association

Circuit Timing Analysis

Cognizant Transportation Agency

Contract Technical Administrator

Cycleworld Thugs of America

Critical Threat Analysis

Chemical Target Analysis

Computerized Telephone Accounting

Consumer Telecommunications Agreement

Channel & Traffic Control Agency

Customer Test Assist

Capitalization of Tangible Assets

Consolidated Table of Allowance

Classified Terminal Area

Counterintelligence Training Academy

Counter Trafficking Activities

Cooperative Test Agreement

Customer To Advise

Country Team Assessment

Coating Technologies Associates

Certification of Territorial Authority

Common Tactical Aircraft

Close Textual Analysis

Chinese Taoist Association

Center Frequency Tone

Capital Theory Approach

Credibility Through Accountability

Certified Track-It! Administrator

Companion Trainer Aircraft

Cabletron Traffic Accountant

Center Test Authority

Competitive Telecommunications Alliance

Commercial Travelers Association

Cover Thy Ass

California Transportation Authority

Commercial Test Agreement

Central TMDE Activity

Compassionate Travel Assistance

Controlled Thrust Assembly

Commercial Transport Act

Clinical Telephone Advice

Certified Tax Administrator

China Type Approval

Croatian Telecommunications Agency

Centre de Technologie Avancée

Canadian Trotting Association

Center for Total Access

Cadet Training Assistant

Certified TestStand Architect

Chimie Théorique Appliquée

Call to Australia

Cryptologic Technician Administrative

Common Terms Agreement

Critical Task Analysis

Clinical Trial Assay

Canadian Theatre Agreement

Cum Testamento Annexo

Controllore del Traffico Aereo

Catania, Sicily, Italy – Fontanarossa

Certified Tax Accountant

Cotton-Tipped Applicators

Computational Technology Area

Central Training Academy

Chief Technical Architect

Colorado Telecommunications Association

Child Trauma Academy

California Telephone Association

Community Technology Alliance

Contractor Team Arrangement

Critical Thinking Appraisal

Cable Telecommunications Association

Common Table of Allowance

Currency Translation Adjustment

Children’s Television Act of 1990

Classification Tree Analysis

Collaborative Technology Alliances

Corrections Technology Association

Centro Técnico Aerospacial

Catamount Trail Association

Coast Transit Authority

Clear To Auscultation

Controlled Time of Arrival

Colorado Translators Association

Canadian Telework Association

Clinical Trials Agreement

Clinical Trial Authorisation

Central Terminal Area

Computer Technology Associates

International Center for Technology Assessment

Chartered Tax Adviser

Community Tennis Association

Center for Technology Assessment

Cellulose Triacetate

Conservation Technical Assistance

Cisco Trust Agent

Cumulative Translation Adjustment

Certified Travel Associate

Control Area

Consolidated Tape Association

Cognitive Task Analysis

Call to Arms

Center for Transportation Analysis

Central de los Trabajadores Argentinos

California Trucking Association

Centre Technique de Coopération Agricole et Rurale

Call to Action

Computed Tomography Angiography

California Teachers Association

CDS Track Association

Central Tibetan Administration


Canadian Transportation Agency

Chicago Transit Authority

Commodity Trading Advisor

Capital Alliance of Young Professionals, Inc.

Community Action for Youth Project

Komite Olahraga Nasional Indonesia

Cromarty Action for Young People

Macrophage/Monocyte Chemoattractant Protein-1

Child Abuse Yellow Pages

Monocyte Chemotactic Protein-1

Monocyte Chemoattractant Protein-1

Physical Activity and Health Initiative

Next-Generation Broadband Access Network

Narad Broadband Access Network

Platform Aft High

Preliminary Assessment of Health Impacts

Wide-Angle X-Ray Diffraction

Pan-America Hyperbarics, Inc.

Pan American Hypertension Initiative

Kids in Parents’ Pockets Eroding Retirement Savings

National Business Angels Network

Long Range Operational Performance Standards

Long Range Operations

As Far As I Am Concerned

Adipose Most Abundant Gene Transcript 1

Hawaii Athletes in Action

Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport

Justin Chris Joey Lasten JC

Million Standard Cubic Feet per Day

Haight Ashbury Improvement Association

Million Barrels of Oil Per Day

Backward State Metric Calculation

Brands Services and Media Creation

Bart Spaltman Management & Consultancy

Belgian Sleep Medical Course

Bruneau Saxton Management Consultants

Buffalo Soldiers of Southern Maryland

Brownstone Management Consulting

Bereavement Services Management Centre

Bishop Sobrepena Memorial Church

Braille Scale Monthly Competition

Biologie des Systemes et de Modelisation Cellulaire

Brazing and Soldering Manufacturers Committee

Black Sea Media Club

Big Show Music Co.

Blue Sunshine Music Community

Border Security and Management Concept

Birmingham Shambhala Meditation Center

Balkan Student Mathematical Competition

Baltimore Shambhala Meditation Center

Bodoland State Movement Council

Broad Street Ministry Center

Brooke Street Medical Centre

Bristol Social Marketing Centre

Bartlett Station Municipal Center

Midwest Boar Stud Managers Conference

Businesses Supporting Minority Candidates

Dr. Bernd Steinmuller Sustainability Management Consulting

Bladder Smooth Muscle Cell

Big Sandy Medical Center

Blue Sky Mission Club

Base Station Manufacturer Code

Brigade Support Medical Company

Bronchial Smooth Muscle Cell

San Diego Woman’s Club

Canadian Oil Low Acid

San Diego Wine Company

South Dakota Wheat Commission

Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club

Safe Drinking Water Commission

Broadway Sound Master Classes

Biblioteca Di Storia Moderna E Contemporanea

Swedish Defence Wargaming Centre

Canadian Oil

Sensory Ataxic Neuropathy, Dysarthria, and Ophthalmoparesis

South Dakota War College

Shared Network Management Tool

Sprint Network Modeling Tool



Overseas Tour Extension

Orientation Technico-Economique de l’Exploitation

Plant Genome Data and Information Center

Open Text Corporation

Heatup Rate

Global Channel Acceleration Program

Hardware Utilization Requirement

Homes Using Radio

Graduate Cost Analysis Program

Centre for Business Innovation

High Update Rate

Center for Functional Brain Imaging

Greater Central Asia Partnership

Colorado Farm Bureau Insurance

High Usage Report

Garden City Ammonia Program

California Family Business Institute, LLC

Hitachi Universal Replicator

Greater Cincinnati Associated Physicians

Clayton Foundation Biochemical Institute

Certified Florida Business Intermediary

Game Connect Asia Pacific

Hovedstadens Udviklingsråd

Human Resources

Global Call to Action Against Poverty

Primary Lead Teacher

Programming Language Theory

Private Line Telecommunications Circuit

Power Line Telecommunications

Principles of Teaching

Program Lead Time

Production Lead Time



Project Learning Tree

Practical Legal Training

Procurement Lead Time

Portsmouth Little Theatre

Production Log Tool

Publications Liaison Team

Parallel Line Theorem

Photonic Layer Technologies

Passive Link 11 Tap

Planning and Liaison Team

Partnership Liaison Team

Power Line Telephony

Passive Link Tap

Program Library Tape

Peer Leadership Team

Tokyo Executive Search Company, Ltd.

Primed Lymphocyte Test

Truck Equipment and Service Company

Post Launch Testing

T.E. Stockwell and Albert Cohen

Tribal Electric Supply Company

primed lymphocyte typing

Lead Lanthanum Titanate

Pen-Based Learning Technologies

Pretty Little Thing

Past Life Therapist

Payload Type