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Azanian Peoples Organisation

Long Island Cheerleading Coaches Association

Coloured People’s National Union

Conference des Plenipotentiaires

American Health Information Community

Arabian Hotel Investment Conference

Australian Horse Industry Council

Australian Health Information Council

At-Home Infant Care

Affordable Housing Investors Council



Comité Inter-Etate pour la Lutte contre la Sécheresse au Sahel

South African National AIDS Council

South African Native Affairs Commission

Substance Abuse Network Advisory Council

Dutch East India Company

District Education Improvement Committee

Delegacia Estadual de Investigações Criminais

Districtwide Educational Improvement Council

Departament d’Enginyeria de la Informacio i de les Comunicacions

Diocesan Ecumenical and Interfaith Commission

Dhombre Expansion Industrielle et Commerciale

Defense Environmental International Cooperation

Déchet d’Emballages Industriels et Commerciaux

Association for Strengthening Agricultural Research in Eastern and Central Africa

Federation of Free African Trade Unions of South Africa

Research Triangle Regional Partnership

Reinforced Thermosetting Resin Pipe

Right Time, Right Place

Riverside Transmission Reliability Project

Real Time Role Play

Price Level Adjusted Mortgage

Plastic Laminate

Patient Locator and Minder

Porcine Lung Alveolar Macrophages

Polymer Local Anesthetic Matrix Devices

People’s Liberation Army of Malawi


Special Area Management Plan

San Andreas Multiplayer

Small Arms Master Plan

South Asia Microform Project

Single Acquisition Management Plan

School of Allied Medical Professions

Suspicious Activity Monitoring Protocol

Security Association Management Protocol

System Acquisition Management Plan

Software Acquisition Management Plan

Security Accreditation Management Plan

Supplier Agreement Management Plan

Supplier Access to Major Products

Simple Audio Multiplexing Protocol

Direction Nationale de l’Alphabétisation Fonctionelle et de la Linguistique Appliquée

Flexible Spending Account

Food Standards Agency

Farm Security Administration

Full Speed Ahead

Financial Supervisory Authority

Financial Services Act

Foundation Skills Assessment

Fluid Sealing Association

Food Security Act of 1985

Fabless Semiconductor Association

Food Safety Act 1990

Forward Sortation Area

Fellow of the Society of Actuaries

Finite State Automaton

Financial Statement Analysis

Family Separation Allowance

Food Services of America

Fluidic Self Assembly

Financial Security Assurance, Inc.

Formal Safety Assessment

Flextronics Sdn Bhd

Financial Supervisory Agency

Field Service Automation

Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries

Federal Space Agency

Federal Security Agency

Florida Staffing Association

Farm Safety Association

Filemaker Solutions Alliance

Fertility Society of Australia

Food Security Assessment

Faculté des Sciences Appliquées

Filipino Student Association

Family Services Association

Four Swords Adventures

Federal Savings Association

Florida Sheriffs Association

Foreign Student Advisor

Florida Space Authority

Functional Solutions Analysis

Fee Simple Absolute

Florida Society of Anesthesiologists

Forestry South Africa

Florida Student Association

Food Service Attendant

Fingerprint Sharing Alliance

Funding Standard Account

Fire Support Area

Family Service America

Federal Security Administration

Faculty Service Area

Fuel Storage Area

Forensic Science Agency of Northern Ireland

Force Structure Allowance

Field Support Activity

Farm Security Agency

Florida Shuffleboard Association

Florida Storytelling Association

Free Spirit Alliance

Finnish Society of Automation

Field Service Action

Forward Support Area

Forward Sorting Area

Florida Statutes Annotated

Folded-Slot Antenna

Foreign Sales Agent

Federal Seed Act of 1939

Framework Study Areas

Fourier Series Analysis

Food Service Agency

First Sergeants Academy

Functional Systems Audit

Final Site Acceptance

Foreign Systems Acquisition

Foreign Service Allowances

Flow Survey Apparatus

Floating Suction Arm

Faculty Study Abroad

Functional Systems Administrator

Firing Set Assay

Functional Support Agreement

Forward Section Assembly

Foreign Service Availability

Force Structure Assessment

Fire Safety Administrator

Forest Stewardship Act of 1990

Fuel Systems Analysis

Favorite Song of the Album

Finnish Society of Anesthesiologists

Field Systemic Advocacy

Fighter Support Aircraft

Fabric Salesmen’s Association

Free Speech Advocate

Faculty/Staff Appreciation

File System Archiving

Financial Service Agreement