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Assembly of First Nations

Alaska Federation of Natives

American Forces Network

Ancestral File Number

Armed Forces Network

Alesco Financial Inc

Afghan Afghani

Additional Funds Needed

All For Now

America’s Fiber Network

American Forensic Nurses

Advanced Fiber Network

ATS Facilities Notification

Adoption Family Network

All For Naught

Aggregate Function Network

Asociación Futuro de los Niños

Acronym For Nothing

Address Complete Message Subscriber Free, No Charge

Alternative Fuel News

Australian Fishing Network

Association Française de Nutrition

Aboriginal First Nations

Afrique Française du Nord

Computer-Aided Design

Canadian Dollar

Computer-Aided Detection

Computer-Aided Drafting

Computer-Aided Dispatch

County Appraisal District

Computer-Assisted Design

Central Appraisal District


Coronary Artery Disease

Computer-Aided Drawing

Computer-Aided Diagnosis

Computer-Assisted Drafting

C’est A Dire

Commercial Affairs Department

Ctrl Alt Del

Ctrl Alt Del

Custom Application Development

Current Account Deficit

Cash Against Documents

Canadian Association of the Deaf

Coronary Artery Dissection

Cisco Agent Desktop

Control Alt Delete

Control And Display

Carol Ann Duffy

Capital Adequacy Directive

Cash Available for Distribution

Computer-Automated Design

Communauté d’Agglomération Dracénoise

Command Area Development

Communauté d’Agglomération du Douaisis

Confined Aquatic Disposal

Collisionally Activated Dissociation

Caspase-Activated Deoxyribonuclease

Consumer Affairs Division

Chicago Assyrian Dictionary

Cold Air Damming

California Association of the Deaf

Consumer Advocate Division

Cadaveric Donor

Contract Award Date

Cervical Acceleration Deceleration

Cartridge Actuated Device

Component Advanced Development

Computer Aided Disaster

Cabling Diagram

Collider-Accelerator Department

Course Administrative Data

Central Activities District

Compact Arctic Drifter

California Academic Decathlon

Cost Analysis Division

Connecticut Association of the Deaf

collective address designator

Center for Advanced Diagnostics

Colorado Association of the Deaf

Computer-Assisted Device

Corrective Action Design

Contact Allergic Dermatitis

Control and Debug

Crown Assets Distribution

Crank Angle Degree

Cash Against Delivery

Conversión Analógico-Digital

Containment Atmosphere Dilution

Concept Advanced Development

Community Action Duluth

Comité de l’Aide au Développement

Coalition des Alternatives Africaines Dettes et Développement

Comportementalistes d’Aujourd’hui et de Demain

Communauté d’Agglomération Dijonnaise

Combined Arms Division

Contract Appeals Division

Call Denial

Coronary Atherothrombotic Disease

Centre d’Archives et de Documentation

Characterization and Assessment Division

Cable Air Dryer

Call Acceptance Delay

Calling Area Database

Central Accounting Division

Complex Application Domain

Catholic Anti-Discrimination

Coherent Amplitude Detector

Club Alpine Dieppe

Congenital Abduction Deficiency

Capability Analysis Document

Condemned At Depot

Cartridge Actuating Device

Comparison Attitude Data

Children Against Discrimination

Consolidated Acquisition Directive

Cycling Addicted Dudes

Customer Avalized Draft

Combat Arms Division

Combined Approach Document

Corporate Account Delinquency

Collective Address Directory

Complaint Adjudication Division

Completion of Academic Duty

Charles Allem Designs, Inc.

Control Authority Domain

Contract d’Agriculture Durable

Cultural Affairs Department

Coordination and Development

Channel Definition Format

Comma Delimited Format

CAN Data Frame

Cumulative Distribution Function

Children’s Defense Fund

Coupe de France

California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection

Community Development Foundation

Congolese Franc

Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

Collider Detector at Fermilab

Croisières de France

Common Data Format

Comprehensive Development Framework

Constituency Development Fund

Charles Darwin Foundation

Community Development Fund

Confined Disposal Facility

Cooperative Development Foundation

Comité des Fêtes