What does APP mean?

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What does app stand for

APPA Posteriori Probability
APPATM Peer-to-Peer
APPAcademic Preparation Program
APPAccess Processing Parameters
APPAccident Prevention Plan
APPAccredited Purchasing Practitioner
APPAcoustic Performance Prediction
APPAcoustic Performance Program
APPAcoustic Phase Plate
APPAcoustic Prediction Program
APPActinobacillus Pleuropneumoniae
APPAction Pédagogique Pilote
APPActive Pointer Present
APPAcute Phase Protein
APPAdjusted Peak Performance
APPAdministrative Policy & Procedure
APPAdolescent Pregnancy Prevention
APPAdoption Pay Period
APPAdvance Placement Physics
APPAdvance Procurement Plan
APPAdvanced Placement Program
APPAdvanced Procurement Plan
APPAegean Park Press
APPAfghan Project Partner
APPAgence Photo Presse
APPAgence pour La Protection des Programmes
APPAgency Peculiar Property
APPAgent Partner Program
APPAggregate Project Plan
APPAgricultural Pricing Policy
APPAgricultural Prospective Plan
APPAir Parcel Post
APPAlabama Partnership for Progress
APPAlan Parson's Project
APPAll People's Party
APPAlliance Populaire et Progressiste
APPAllied Procedural Publications
APPAllocation de Présence Parentale
APPAlternative Payment Program
APPAmerican Patriot Party
APPAmerican Payroll Association
APPAmerican Precision Prototyping
APPAmerican Presence Post
APPAmerican Public Power
APPAmicale Police Patrimoine
APPAmyloid Precursor Protein
APPAnalog Pre-Processor
APPAnnual Performance Plan
APPAnnual Procurement Plan
APPAnti-Poverty Program
APPAphasies Primaires Progressives
APPApple Pie Parser
APPApple Product Professional
APPApplecare Protection Plan
APPApplication Marker
APPApplication Programming Platform
APPApplications Portability Profile
APPApproach Center
APPApproach Control Service
APPApproved Property Program
APPAquifer Protection Permit
APPArmy Procurement Procedure
APPArt in Public Places
APPAsbury Park Press
APPAsia Pulp and Paper
APPAssessing Pupils' Progress
APPAsset Protection Planner
APPAssociated Press of Pakistan
APPAssociation Past President
APPAssociation for Portland Progress
APPAssociation of Professional Piercers
APPAssociation of Purchasing Professionals
APPAssociative Parallel Processor
APPAssociação de Professores de Português
APPAtactic Polypropylene
APPAtelier de Pédagogie Personnalisée
APPAtmospheric-Pressure Plasma
APPAtom Publishing Protocol
APPAtomic Power Plant
APPAttached Payload Pallet
APPAttacking Poverty Program
APPAutomated Post-Post
APPAuxiliary Power Plant
APPAuxiliary Pump Pressure
APPAviation Plans Policy
APPFAA Airport Planning and Programming Office