What does CI mean?

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Major Meanings of CI

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What does ci stand for

All Definitions of CI

As mentioned above, you will see all meanings of CI in the following table. Please know that all definitions are listed in alphabetical order. You can click links on the right to see detailed information of each definition, including definitions in English and your local language.
CICARE International
CICalcineurin Inhibitor
CICall Indicator
CICall Intercept
CICaller ID
CICalling Indicator
CICambria and Indiana Railroad
CICanadian Idol
CICanadian Institute
CICanary Islands
CICapability Increment
CICapital Investment
CICard Input
CICardiac Index
CICaritas Internacionales
CICaritas Italiana
CICarnegie Institute
CICarrier Interferometry
CICarrington Institute
CICast Iron
CICatalogue Item
CICatcher's Interference
CICatfish Institute
CICayman Islands
CICenter Island
CICentral Impression
CICentral Index
CICentral Indiana
CICentral Instance
CICentral Islip
CICerebral Insufficiency
CICertificate of Identity
CICertificate of Insurance
CICertificate of Interpretation
CICertification Inspection
CICertified Investigator
CICervical Incompetence
CIChannel Interface
CIChannel Islands
CICharacteristic Impedance
CICharge Injection
CIChassis Interface
CICheck In
CIChemical Injection
CIChemical Inspectorate
CIChemical Ionization
CIChemically Induced Mutation
CIChemonics International
CIChina Airlines - Taiwan
CIChlorine Institute
CIChris Isaak
CIChristic Institute
CIChristmas Island
CICircuit Integrity
CICircuit Interrupter
CICity Inspector
CICivilian Instructor
CICivilian Internee
CIClandestine Industries
CIClass Complexity/Size Due to Inherited Methods
CIClass Complexitysize Due To Inherited Methods
CIClassical Imaging
CIClient Inquiry
CIClinical Instructor
CIClinical Investigation
CIClock Input
CICluster Interconnect
CICochlear Implant
CICode Inspection
CICoded Information
CICodex Iustiniani
CICoeficiente Intelectual
CICognition and Instruction
CICognitive Impairment
CICold Insulated
CIColegio de Ingenieros de Chile
CICollective Intelligence
CICollegiate Institute
CIColonel Irvine Junior High
CIColor Interior Film
CIColour Index
CICombat Identification
CICombat Ineffective
CICombat Intelligence
CICombustion Institute
CIComercializadoras Internacionales
CIComité Intertribal
CICommand Information
CICommand Inspection
CICommand Interpreter
CICommercial Intelligence
CICommercial Invoice
CICommercial Items
CICommissariat à l'Information du Canada
CICommon Interface
CICommonweal Institute
CICommunications Interface
CICommunications International
CICommunist International
CICommunity Informatics
CICommunity Involvement
CICommunity of Interest
CICommutation Instant
CIComparison Instruction
CICompassion International
CICompetitive Intelligence
CIComplete Integration
CIComplex Industries
CIComplexity Index
CIComplexity International
CICompliance Inspection
CIComponent Instrumentation
CICompounded Interest
CICompression Ignition
CIComptoir Informatique
CIComputer Intelligence
CIComputer Interconnect
CIComputer Interface
CIComputers in Industry
CIComunità Incontro
CIConcatenation Indication
CICondition Index
CIConducted Interference
CIConey Island
CIConfidence Interval
CIConfidential Informant
CIConfidential Intermediary
CIConfiguration Identifier
CIConfiguration Inspection
CIConfiguration Interaction
CIConfiguration Item
CICongestion Indicator
CIConnected Intelligence
CIConnection Identifier
CIConservación Internacional
CIConservation International
CIConsistency Index
CIConstruction Inspector
CIConstructive Interference
CIConsular Invoice
CIConsumer Influence
CIConsumers International
CIConsumers' International
CIContainment Integrity
CIContainment Isolation
CIContent Identifier
CIContents Inventory
CIContextual Inquiry
CIContinuous Improvement
CIContinuous Integration
CIContinuous Interlock
CIContour Interval
CIContract Investigator
CIContract Item
CIContrast Irradiance
CIControl Indicator
CIControl Instrumentation
CIControl Interface
CIControl Interval
CIControlled Introduction
CIControlled Irrigation
CIControlled Iteration
CICook Inlet
CICooper Institute
CICooperazione Italiana
CICoordinating Installation
CICopy Instruction
CICopyright Infringement
CICore Infrastructure
CICorner Infielder
CICorporate Identity
CICorporate Information
CICorporate Investment
CICorrectional Industries
CICorrectional Institution
CICorrosion Inhibitor
CICost & Insurance
CICost Incurred
CICost Index
CICost Inspector
CICost Insurance
CICote d'Ivoire
CICotton Incorporated
CICounselor Intern
CICount Indicator
CICounterpart International
CICourse Indicator
CICourse Invalid
CICowl Induction
CICraft Interface
CICrazy Ivan
CICrew Interface
CICrime & Investigation
CICrime Investigation
CICriminal Informant
CICriminal Intent
CICriminal Investigation
CICriminal Investigator
CICrimson Idol
CICrisis Intervention
CICritical Illness
CICritical Indicator
CICritical Information
CICritical Infrastructure
CICritical Injury
CICritical Instant
CICritical Intelligence
CICritical Interface
CICritical Issues
CICritical Item
CICryptographic Interface
CICrystallization Index
CICubic Inch
CICumulative Incidence
CICurrent Interrupt
CICurriculum Inquiry
CICustomer Information
CICustomer Installation
CICustomer Integration
CICustomer Interface
CICylinder Index
CISchedule I Controlled Substance