What does MAC mean?

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Major Meanings of MAC

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What does mac stand for

All Definitions of MAC

As mentioned above, you will see all meanings of MAC in the following table. Please know that all definitions are listed in alphabetical order. You can click links on the right to see detailed information of each definition, including definitions in English and your local language.
MACAtlantic Mackerel
MACChief Machine Accountant
MACMIUW Attack Craft
MACMacConkey Agar
MACMachine Address Code
MACMachine Aided Cognition
MACMagazine Association of Canada
MACMagnetic Accelerator Cannon
MACMagnetic Anomaly Concealment
MACMain Automation Contractor
MACMaine Athletic Conference
MACMainland Affairs Council
MACMainland Aviation College
MACMaintaining Arc Consistency
MACMaintenance Action Code
MACMaintenance Administration Center
MACMaintenance Allocation Chart
MACMaintenance Availability Computer
MACMajor Ambulatory Category
MACMajor Area Commander
MACMake-Up Art Cosmetics, Inc
MACMakiling Airsoft Club
MACMaking Arizona Competitive
MACManaged Account
MACManagement Action Center
MACManagement Ad Hoc Committee
MACManagement Advisory Committee
MACManagement Advisory Council
MACManagement and Administrative Computing
MACManchester Athletic Club
MACMandatory Access Control
MACManeuver Area Command
MACManhattan Association of Cabarets and Clubs
MACManingrida Arts and Culture
MACManitoba Action Centre
MACManitoba Arts Council
MACManually Activated Call point
MACManufacturing Advisory Center
MACManufacturing Alliance of Connecticut
MACMapping and Analysis Center
MACMarginal Abatement Cost
MACMarine Aquarium Council
MACMaritime Area Commander
MACMark McGwire
MACMarket Access and Compliance
MACMarketing Advisory Committee
MACMartial Arts Club
MACMaryland Athletic Club
MACMasonry Advisory Council
MACMass Accelerator Cannon
MACMassachusetts Animal Coalition
MACMaster Addictions Counselor
MACMaster of Accountancy
MACMaster of Art Conservation
MACMaster of Arts in Counseling
MACMaterial Accountability and Control
MACMaterial Accounting Center
MACMaterial Accumulation Costing
MACMaterial Adverse Change
MACMateriel Acquisition Command
MACMathematics and Computation
MACMaximum Acceptable Concentration
MACMaximum Adjacent Cut
MACMaximum Allowable Charge
MACMaximum Allowable Concentration
MACMaximum Allowable Cost
MACMaximum Amount Contributable
MACMaximum Asset Capability
MACMcMaster University
MACMean Aerodynamic Center
MACMean Aerodynamic Chord
MACMean Alveolar Concentration
MACMeasurement and Analysis Center
MACMechanized Assignment and Control
MACMedia Access Control
MACMedia Access Controller
MACMedia, Arts and Culture
MACMedicaid Authorization Card
MACMedical Advisory Council
MACMedical Affirmative Claims
MACMedicare Administrative Contractor
MACMediterranean Air Command
MACMedium Access Control
MACMedium Access Controller
MACMembers Advisory Committee
MACMembership Advisory Council
MACMembrane Attack Complex
MACMemory Access Controller
MACMemory and Aging Center
MACMen's Advisory Counsel/Committee
MACMessage Authentication Code
MACMessage Authentication Control
MACMessage Authenticity Check
MACMetal Anneal Chamber
MACMethanosarcina Acetivorans
MACMetropolitan Airports Commission
MACMetropolitan Arts Commission
MACMichigan Aerospace Corporation
MACMichigan Apple Committee
MACMichigan Association of Counties
MACMicromechanics Analysis Code
MACMid America Corvette
MACMid-America Conference
MACMid-American Conference
MACMid-Arm Muscle Circumference
MACMid-Atlantic Center for the Arts
MACMid-Atlantic Championship
MACMid-Atlantic Collegiate
MACMid-Atlantic Crossing
MACMiddle America Cox
MACMidtown Athletic Club
MACMidwest Airlines Center
MACMidwest Archives Conference
MACMidwest CHP Application Center
MACMigration Authorisation Code
MACMilestone Achievement Certificate
MACMilitary Affairs Council
MACMilitary Airlift Command
MACMilitary Armament Corporation
MACMilitary Assistance Command
MACMine Action Center
MACMineral Area College
MACMineralogical Association of Canada
MACMines Action Canada
MACMinimal Antibiotic Concentration
MACMinimum Alveolar Concentration
MACMinimum Annual Commitment
MACMining Association of Canada
MACMinister’s Approval Certificate
MACMinistry of Agriculture and Cooperatives
MACMinneola Alliance Church
MACMinnesota Annual Conference
MACMission Assignment Coordinator
MACMission Assurance Category
MACMississauga Arts Council
MACMississippi Association of Cooperatives
MACMissouri Arts Council
MACMitral Annular Calcification
MACMixed Armistice Commission
MACMobile Action Command
MACMobile Air Conditioner
MACMobile Attack Cuisine
MACMobile Attenuation Code
MACMobility Augmentation Company
MACModal Assurance Criterion
MACModern Arab Contractors
MACModular Amplification Card
MACMoney Access Center
MACMonitored Anaesthesia Care
MACMonitored Anesthesia Care
MACMontana Agricultural College
MACMontessori Australia Council
MACMonths After Contract
MACMoore Action Collectibles
MACMortuary Affairs Coordinator
MACMoselle Alpine Club
MACMothers Against Canada
MACMothers Against Circumcision
MACMountain Athletic Conference
MACMouse Activated Computer
MACMove, Add, Change
MACMoves, Adds, and Changes
MACMovimento Anti-Comunista
MACMulti Access Controller
MACMulti Aircraft Control
MACMulti Asset Class
MACMulti Axis Controller
MACMulti-Agency Coordinating Entity
MACMulti-Sensor Air Campaign
MACMulti-Static Active Coherent
MACMulticultural Advisory Committee
MACMulticultural Awareness Council
MACMultifiber Array Connector
MACMultiphase Atmospheric Chemistry
MACMultiple Access
MACMultiple Access Communications Limited
MACMultiple Access Contract
MACMultiple Analog Component
MACMultiple Architecture Computer
MACMultiple Array Correlation
MACMultiple Award Contracts
MACMultiple-Access Computing
MACMultiplexed Analogue Components
MACMultiplier Accumulator Chip
MACMultiplying Accumulator
MACMultipurpose Activity Center
MACMultiservice Access Concentrator
MACMultnomah Arts Center
MACMunich Airport Center
MACMunicipal Advisory Council
MACMunicipal Amateur Coordinator
MACMunicipal Assistance Corporation
MACMunitions Assembly Conveyor
MACMuseu da Arte Contemporânea
MACMusical Arts Center
MACMuslim Association of Canada
MACMustang Athletic Complex
MACMycobacterium Avium Complex