What does MS mean?

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Major Meanings of MS

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What does ms stand for

All Definitions of MS

As mentioned above, you will see all meanings of MS in the following table. Please know that all definitions are listed in alphabetical order. You can click links on the right to see detailed information of each definition, including definitions in English and your local language.
MSCombination of Miss and Mrs.
MSMachine Screw
MSMad Scientist
MSMaggie Simpson
MSMagical Sword
MSMagnetic Storage
MSMail Server
MSMail Stop
MSMail Store
MSMain Satellite
MSMain Spring
MSMain Station
MSMain Steam
MSMaintenance Shelter
MSMaintenance Shop
MSMaintenance Standard
MSMajor System
MSMale Sterile
MSMammal Society
MSMan System
MSManagement Science
MSManagement Services
MSManagement System
MSMandatory Supervision
MSManganese Steel
MSManta Sonica
MSMantissa Sign
MSManual Sweep
MSManual Switch
MSManufacturing Specialist
MSManufacturing Strategy
MSMaple Sea
MSMaple Story
MSMara Salvatrucha
MSMarge Simpson
MSMargin of Safety
MSMarine Safety
MSMarine Science Technician
MSMario Sunshine
MSMarket Segmentation
MSMarket Share
MSMarket Surveillance
MSMarket Survey
MSMarketing Society
MSMarking Scheme
MSMarkov Switching
MSMarks and Spencer
MSMartin Scorsese
MSMarus Seru
MSMass Shareware
MSMass Spectrometer
MSMass Spectrometry
MSMass Spectroscopy
MSMass Storage
MSMassa Carrara
MSMassa, Toscana
MSMaster Schedule
MSMaster Seaman
MSMaster Shake
MSMaster Smith
MSMaster Sommelier
MSMaster Switch
MSMaster Sword
MSMaster System
MSMaster of Science
MSMaster of Sports
MSMaster of Surgery
MSMasters of Science
MSMatched Set
MSMaternal Sire
MSMato Grosso do Sul
MSMatrix Spike
MSMaybe So
MSMcLean Symphony
MSMean Square
MSMeasurement Signal
MSMechanics Service
MSMedia Server
MSMedical Service Corps
MSMedical Services
MSMedical Solutions
MSMedical Student
MSMedical Superintendent
MSMedical Surgical
MSMedical Survey
MSMediterranean Sea
MSMedium Shot
MSMedium Speed
MSMedium Steel
MSMeets Standards
MSMega Sample
MSMega Second
MSMember State
MSMember States
MSMemory Stick
MSMemory Store
MSMemory System
MSMerchant Shipping
MSMerge Specification
MSMess Management Specialist
MSMessage Store
MSMessage Switch
MSMessage System
MSMeta Signaling
MSMetabolic Syndrome
MSMetal Slug
MSMetal Sonic
MSMeteor Scattering
MSMetric System
MSMichael Schumacher
MSMichael Shanks
MSMichele Soavi
MSMichigan Shore Railroad
MSMichigan Southern Railway
MSMicroprocessor System
MSMicrowave Sensor
MSMicrowave Subsystem
MSMicrowave Switch
MSMicrowave System
MSMiddle School
MSMidnight Spin
MSMidnight Sun
MSMike Shinoda
MSMild Severe
MSMild Steel
MSMildly Susceptible
MSMilitary Science
MSMilitary Score
MSMilitary Shipping
MSMilitary Standard/Service/Specification
MSMillenial Star
MSMillion Samples
MSMinimal Subtraction
MSMinimum Stockage
MSMint Sheet
MSMint State
MSMirage Studios
MSMirror Subassembly
MSMirrored System
MSMissile Squadron
MSMissile Station
MSMissile System
MSMission Scanner
MSMission Schedule
MSMission Simulator
MSMission Specialist
MSMission: Space
MSMissionaries of Our Lady of Lasalette
MSMitral Stenosis
MSMobile Station
MSMobile Subscriber
MSMobile Suit
MSMobility Solutions
MSMobility Support
MSMobilization Station
MSMode Select
MSModel Station
MSModels and Simulations
MSModerately Susceptible
MSModern Studies
MSModifi Sci
MSModified Silicone
MSModule Signaling
MSMonitor Station
MSMonitor Statistica
MSMonitored Seconds
MSMonitoring Subsystem
MSMonitoring System
MSMono Stereo
MSMonopolio Statale
MSMore Stuff
MSMorgan Stanley
MSMorneau Sobeco
MSMorphine Sulfate
MSMortal Strike
MSMost Significant
MSMother Ship
MSMotor Saw
MSMotor Ship
MSMotor Signal
MSMotor Spirit
MSMouvement Socialiste
MSMultidimensional Scaling
MSMultilateral Staff
MSMultiple Elastic Scattering
MSMultiple Sclerosis
MSMultiple Sclerosis Society of Canada
MSMultiplex Section
MSMunchausen's Syndrome
MSMurashige and Skoog
MSMusic Scholar
MSMystery Shopping
MSSurface Wave Magnitude