What does PT mean?

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Major Meanings of PT

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What does pt stand for

All Definitions of PT

As mentioned above, you will see all meanings of PT in the following table. Please know that all definitions are listed in alphabetical order. You can click links on the right to see detailed information of each definition, including definitions in English and your local language.
PT Photographic Intelligenceman
PTLiquid Penetrant Testing
PTPLRS Terminal
PTPacific Telesis
PTPacific Time
PTPackaging and Transportation
PTPacked Tower
PTPacket Terminal
PTPage Table
PTPain and Torture
PTPalatin Technologies, Inc
PTPalestinian Territory
PTPanel Truck
PTPannier Tank
PTPaper Towel
PTParallel Telemetry
PTParallel Time
PTPark Tudor
PTPart Time
PTParti de Travailleurs
PTPartido del Trabajo
PTPartido dos Trabalhadores
PTPassing Through
PTPathology Technician
PTPatrol Torpedo
PTPatrol Torpedo Boat
PTPattern Transfer
PTPayload Transporter
PTPayload Type
PTPeace Team
PTPeak Torque
PTPeeping Tom
PTPembroke Telephone
PTPenetrant Test
PTPenetration Test, Dye
PTPenetration Testing
PTPeople Tree
PTPepsi Twist
PTPerda Total
PTPerformance Technologies
PTPerformance Test
PTPeriodic Table
PTPeriodic Test
PTPermeability Transition
PTPerpetual Tourist
PTPerseroan Terbatas
PTPersonal Time
PTPersonal Trainer
PTPersonal Training
PTPersonal Transponder
PTPersonal Transportation
PTPersonal Transporter
PTPersonal Trooper
PTPerusahaan Terbatas
PTPharmacy Technician
PTPhase Transition
PTPhysical Therapist
PTPhysical Therapy
PTPhysical Torture
PTPhysical Training
PTPhysics Today
PTPiezoelectric Transformer
PTPipeline Time
PTPipeline Typical
PTPistoia, Toscana
PTPlain Test
PTPlain Text
PTPlain Truth
PTPlant Technicians
PTPlaying Time
PTPleno Titulo
PTPlymouth Truck
PTPoint Tender
PTPoint of Tangency
PTPokemon Treasures
PTPoker Tracker
PTPokémon Trainer
PTPolar Tuberculoid
PTPolicy Transactions
PTPollination Technician
PTPolymer Tip
PTPolymicro Technologies
PTPop Tarts
PTPorcupine Tree
PTPort Townsend
PTPortable Terminal
PTPortugal Telecom
PTPositive Test
PTPosse Traction
PTPost Tensioning
PTPost- og Teletilsynet
PTPosterior Tibial
PTPotential Transformer
PTPotty Trained
PTPower Tiller
PTPower Train
PTPower Transformer
PTPower Turbine
PTPraemisso Titulo
PTPregnant Teenager
PTPreliminary Training
PTPrequel Trilogy
PTPresent Time
PTPresident Thai
PTPressure Transducer
PTPressure Transmitter
PTPressure Treated
PTPresumptive Testing
PTPrevious Taxpayer
PTPride Toronto
PTPrimary Target
PTPrimary Therapist
PTPrimary Trainer
PTPrincipal Teacher
PTPrinciple Tandem
PTPrint Ticket
PTPriston Tale
PTPrivate Type
PTPro Tempore
PTPro Tools
PTProcedure Turn
PTProcess Tool
PTProcessing Technician
PTProcurement Team
PTProduct Team
PTProduct Tester
PTProduction Test
PTProduction Trial
PTProfessional Tutorials
PTProficiency Test
PTProficiency Training
PTProgram Trading
PTProhibited Transaction
PTProject Tanager
PTProject Team
PTProject Technologist
PTProject Technology
PTProtection Technology of Los Alamos
PTProthrombin Time
PTProton Therapy
PTProximal Tubule
PTPsychiatric Technician
PTPublic Telephone
PTPublic Transportation
PTPulse Thermography
PTPulse Time
PTPulse Transformer
PTPuthiya Tamizhagam
PTPythagorean Theorem
PTTest Plan
PTTotal Pressure
PTTransmitted Power