Africa Abbreviations

AF is the abbreviation for Africa. There are 54 countries in Africa. Among them, the 10 largest countries are Nigeria (Population: 200,963,610), Ethiopia (Population: 112,078,741), Egypt (Population: 100,070,573), D.R. Congo (Population: 86,026,011), South Africa (Population: 58,775,033), Tanzania (Population: 51,046,011), Kenya (Population: 47,564,307), Algeria (Population: 43,000,011, Sudan (Population: 42,268,280), and Morocco (Population: 35,795,300).

African Acronyms


Africa Overview

Africa, the world’s second largest continent; 30 million km2, 1 305.2 million inhabitants (2019).The north-south extent of Africa – from Cape Blanc (Tunisia) to Cape Agulhas (South Africa) – is 8,000 km. Its east-west extent – from Cape Verde in Senegal to Cape Gardafai in Somalia – is 7,400 km. Africa is divided into 54 independent states.

The name Africa comes from Africa, the name of the Roman province in the Carthage area.

Africa Facts

  • Area: 30 million km2
  • Distance: 7,400 km (east-west), 8,000 km (north-south)
  • Population: 1,305.2 million inhabitants (2019)
  • Natural population growth: 2.5% per year
  • Highest mountain: Kilimanjaro (5,895 m), Mount Kenya (5,200 m), Ruwenzori (5,110 m), Meru (4,565 m)
  • Longest rivers: Nile (6,700 km), Congo (4,600 km), Niger (4,200 km), Zambezi (2,700 km)
  • Largest lakes: Lake Victoria (69,000 km2), Lake Tanganyika (33,000 km2), Lake Malawi (31,000 km2), Lake Chad (10,000 – 25,000 km2)

Countries and territories

State / area Independence Government Capital Area (km2) Residents 2019 (millions)
Algeria 1962 republic Algiers 2 400 000 42.2
Angola 1975 republic Luanda 1 300 000 30.8
Benin 1960 republic Porto-Novo 112 600 11.5
Botswana 1966 republic Gaborone 581 700 2.2
Burkina Faso 1960 republic Ouagadougou 274 200 19.8
Burundi 1962 republic Gitega 27 800 11.2
Central African Republic 1960 republic Bangui 623 000 4.7
Comoros 1975 republic Moroni 2 200 0.8
Djibouti 1977 republic djibouti 23 000 1.0
Egypt 1922 republic Cairo 1 000 000 98.4
Equatorial Guinea 1968 republic Malabo 28 000 1.3
Ivory Coast 1960 republic Yamoussoukro 322 500 25.1
Eritrea 1993 republic Asmera 121 000 3.2
Ethiopia republic Addis Ababa 1 130 000 109.2
Gabon 1960 republic Libreville  268 000 2.1
Gambia 1965 republic Banjul 11 300 2.3
Ghana 1957 republic Accra 238 500 29.8
Guinea 1958 republic Conakry 246 000 12.4
Guinea Bissau 1974 republic Bissau 36 000 1.9
Cameroon 1960 republic Yaounde 475 000 25.2
Cape Verde 1975 republic Praia 4 000 0.6
Kenya 1963 republic Nairobi 580 000 51.4
Congo (Brazzaville) 1960 republic Brazzaville 342 000 5.2
Congo (Kinshasa) 1960 republic Kinshasa 2 300 000 84.1
Lesotho 1966 monarchy Maseru 30 400 2.1
Liberia 1847 republic Monrovia 111 000 4.8
Libya 1951 republic Tripoli 1 760 000 6.7
Madagascar 1960 republic Antananarivo 587 000 26.3
Malawi 1964 republic Lilongwe 118 000 18.1
Mali 1960 republic Bamako 1 200 000 19.1
Morocco 1956 monarchy Rabat 459 000 36.0
Mauritania 1960 republic Nouakchott 1 000 000 4.4
Mauritius 1968 republic Port Louis 2 000 1.3
Mozambique 1975 republic Maputo 802 000 29.5
Namibia 1990 republic Windhoek 824 000 2.4
Niger 1960 republic Niamey 1 300 000 22.4
Nigeria 1960 republic Abuja 924 000 195.9
Rwanda 1962 republic Kigali 26 000 12.3
São Tomé and Príncipe 1975 republic São Tomé 1 000 0.2
Senegal 1960 republic Dakar 196 000 15.8
Seychelles 1976 republic Victoria 450 0.1
Sierra Leone 1961 republic Freetown 72 000 7.6
Somalia 1960 republic Mogadishu 638 000 15.0
Sudan 1956 republic Khartoum 1 900 000 41.8
Swaziland 1968 monarchy Mbabane 17 000 1.1
South Africa 1910 republic Pretoria 1 200 000 57.8
South Sudan 2011 republic Juba 620 000 11.0
Tanzania 1964 republic Dodoma 945 000 56.3
Chad 1960 republic Ndjamena 1 300 000 15.5
Togo 1960 republic Lome 57 000 7.9
Tunisia 1956 republic Tunis 164 000 11.6
Uganda 1962 republic Kampala 236 000 42.7
Western Sahara El Aaiun 266 000 0.6
Zambia 1964 republic Lusaka 753 000 17.4
Zimbabwe 1980 republic Harare 391 000 14.4


The earliest development of man has been in Africa, as far as we know. Many skeletons found in Africa are believed to have belonged to man’s immediate predecessors, such as “Lucy,” an unusually complete skeleton of female sex, found in 1974 at Hadar in northeastern Ethiopia. Approximately 3.6 million years old footprint of a fully erect hominid on Lake Laetoli in Tanzania shows that hominid predecessors lived by rudimentary collection.

Older paleolithic

(about 3,000,000-200,000 years before our time). The first stone tools in Africa were manufactured between three and two million years ago, probably by early members of the genus Homo. These are refusals and roughly cut stones, found on the Omo River in southern Ethiopia and Lake Turkana in northern Kenya. A now classic find area is the Olduva Gorge in Tanzania, where in 1959 Louis and Mary Leakey found the first skull of a hominid. The oldest part of the paleolithic in Africa has since been named Oldowan ; the period fell 2.2–1.6 million years ago. At Olduvai and at the Koobi Fora east of Lake Turkana many traces of Homo erectus have also been found from 1.6 to 1 million years before our time. Settlements of Homo erectus have been found throughout the non-rainforest part of Africa. Findings from the post-Oldowan period of the acheulé, which are scattered throughout the Old World, are characterized by hand wedges.

Middle Palaeolithic

(about 200,000–100,000 years before our time). The implements have been formed by thin, disc-shaped rejections of the pre-processed core shape (Levallois technique; compare Levalloisia). It is likely that the tips were shafted during this time, a sign of improved hunting methods. Important sequences have been found in caves in Cyrenaica, Tanzania and the southern Cape coast.

Younger paleolithic

(about 100,000 to 10,000 years before our time). Perhaps 90,000 years ago, the anatomically modern human or Homo sapiens sapiens lived in ambitious groups of hunters / collectors throughout Africa. Small game was the main focus of the game, and a large variety of edible plants were collected. The stone material is characterized by shavings, which in a reworked form could be included in composite implements. The oldest known rock paintings, from around 20,000 BC or earlier, are found in the Apollo 11 cave in southern Namibia. Many undated rock carvings and rock paintings are found especially in southern Africa but also sporadically in eastern Africa. More than 30,000 finds for rock paintings have been documented in the Sahara, and further examples are found in the Nile Valley.


(about 8,000–1,000 BC). New findings from the Nile Valley may indicate that groups were experimenting with the cultivation of grain as early as 16,000 BC. However, it is still generally believed that the cereal crop was introduced from the Far East. Oats, sorghum and dates, as well as the use of ceramics, are known from Nabta Playa in North Africa around 7000 BC. Probably more than 20 crops were domesticated about 5000 BC. and cultivated in the Sahel region of southern Sahara and in the Ethiopian highlands. Collaboration between many factors over a longer period of time resulted in a transition to food production in some groups, while others remained hunters / collectors. Domestic forms of short-horned cattle, sheep and goats are known from northern Africa as early as 5,000 years ago. Across the Sahel’s savannah, the agricultural complex was spread south and east to neolithic finds such as Ileret, North Horr and Ele Bor in western Kenya about 3000 BC. Kr. In West Africa’s forest areas, new crops were domesticated, such as jams, and the foundation was laid for later development. In places such as Iwo Eleru in southern Nigeria and Gombe in Congo (Kinshasa), there are pottery and grindstones from about 3500 BC. and 1500 BC respectively.

Metal Management

There are examples of early copper metallurgy in the Aïer Mountains in West Africa during the second millennium BC. It obviously precedes the boom of iron production in centers such as Carthage, Meroe and Nok. It is still a contentious issue as to whether the techniques have been spread from other areas or have arisen independently. However, there is no doubt that ironmaking was taking place in West Africa at sites such as Taruga early in the millennium, closest to BC. and by the large East African lakes at Haya at the latest around Kr.f. and that it then extended south across the savannah to southern Mozambique around 100 AD.

Then followed a period of growth and differentiation in agricultural communities, except along the northern coastal zone of Africa in at least eight sub-Saharan Africa areas, namely the West African Forest Area and the Savannah, the Middle Nile, the Ethiopian Highlands, the Great Lakes region, the Congo Basin, Zimbabwe plateau and coastal strip in eastern Africa. Each area was developed on the basis of long-established farming communities and maintained both long-distance and local trade.

Urban development and state education

Most unchangeable was the centralized Egyptian state of the Nile Valley, based as it was on intensive farming on the annually flooded plains by the river. The tradition was developed and transformed in a remarkable way in Nubia, which led to the flourishing of the states of Meroe (c. 400 BC – 400 AD) and Aksum (c. 200–600 AD) and culminated in a long-lasting, independent Christian power in Nubia and in the Ethiopian highlands.

In West Africa, more than 2,000 years ago, a long-distance trade network was established that spanned the entire Sahara. This must at least in part have contributed to the emergence of cities that Jenne-jeno at Niger’s participation from about 100 AD. Magnificent examples of sculpture and metal casting art have been documented from the West African states.

On the wooded savannas on the Zimbabwe plateau, state authority was asserted in urban centers that at Greater Zimbabwe only as late as the beginning of the second millennium AD. State power was based on domestically developed wealth in the form of livestock and was limited by the unstable cycles of burning. It was closely linked to a network for long-distance trade.

Control of productive resources seems to have been the key to the development of ruling elites across Africa. Trade in ivory, gold, iron and slaves was important to the state power, which changed to exotic import goods, which strengthened the government’s position. Power was expressed in forms that are sometimes visible archaeologically. The impressive architecture of the Pyramids on the Nile, the pillars of Aksum, the arched mosque in Kilwa and the massive stone enclosures in Zimbabwe, all indicate important advances in the organization of labor distribution that lay behind the state structure.

List of Africa Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Africa are AF which stands for Africa. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Africa, including abbreviations for associations, airlines, funds, non-profit organizations, and etc.

AF: Africa

Acronym Meaning
AYM 21st Century African Youth Movement
AAMAL Academy of African Music and Arts, Ltd.
ACFA Accelerated Co-Financing Scheme for Africa
AIA Achieve in Africa, Inc.
ASSA Actuarial Society of South Africa
AHDA Adolescent Health and Development in Africa
AMASA Advertising Media Association of South Africa
ABSA Advisory Board on Statistics in Africa
AWA Advocacy for Women in Africa
ADNA Advocacy Network for Africa
AAEN Aetna African American Employee Network
ALASA Afican Languages Association of Southern Africa
AF Africa
A2N Africa 2000 Network
AMEB Africa and Middle East Branch
AFME Africa and the Middle East
AME Africa and the Middle East
AAQS Africa Association of Quantity Surveyors
ABCG Africa Biodiversity Collaborative Group
ABNORMAL Africa Business Network
ABN Africa Business Network
ACFL Africa Cares for Life
ACGF Africa Catalytic Growth Fund
ACSS Africa Center for Strategic Studies
ACIA Africa Centre for Investment Analysis
ACPP Africa Conflict Prevention Pool
ACF Africa Conservation Fund
ACI Africa Consultants International
ADDS Africa Data Dissemination Service
ADDP Africa Decade of Disabled People
AEON Africa Earth Observatory Network
AET Africa Educational Trust
AECF Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund
AEF Africa Enterprise Fund
AFJN Africa Faith and Justice Network
AFI Africa Flight Information
AFFT Africa Food for Thought
AFFIDAVIT Africa Food for Thought
AFSI Africa Food Security Initiative
AFFORD Africa Foundation for Development
AGLM Africa Greater Life Mission
AHBFI Africa Harvest Biotechnology Foundation International
AHM Africa Harvest Mission
AITP Africa in the Picture
AIC Africa Independent Churches
AICT Africa Inland Church Tanzania
AIM Africa Inland Mission
AISA Africa Institute of South Africa
AIM Africa Inter-Mennonite Mission
AIDP Africa Internally Displaced Persons Voice
AJABS Africa Journal of Animal and Biomedical Sciences
AJET Africa Journal of Evangelical Theology
ALF Africa Leadership Forum
AFLEWO Africa Let’s Worship
ALGAF Africa Local Government Action Forum
AMD Africa Malaria Day
AMMREN Africa Media and Malaria Research Network
AMA Africa Medical Association
ANAP Africa Natural Products Programme
AOGC Africa Oil and Gas Corporation
AOF Africa on Fire
AOF-2 Africa on Fire
AOI Africa Orientale Italiana
APEP Africa Peace Education Program
APAP Africa Policy Advisory Panel
APIC Africa Policy Information Center
APHRC Africa Population Health Research Center
ARCHIVE Africa Reconciliation Committee
ARC Africa Reconciliation Committee
ARCC Africa Regional Coordinating Committee for the Integration of Women Into Development
ARM Africa Reparations Movement
ASSS Africa Soil Science Society
ASF Africa Standby Force
ATWE Africa through Western Eyes
ATN Africa Trade Network
ATA Africa Travel Association
ATFS Africa Twin Freunde Sauerland
AUF Africa University Fund
AWN Africa Water Network
AFW Africa Water Network
AWHA Africa Weather Hazards Assessment
AWI Africa Wellness Initiative
AWC Africa Women and Child
AWBC Africa World Business Congress
AYMU Africa Youth Ministries Uganda
AMEE Africa, Middle East and Eastern Europe
ABGI Africa’s Brain Gain, Inc.
AFKORTING Africaans/Afrikaans
AFK Africaans/Afrikaans
AABF Africa-Asia Business Forum
AMET Africa-Middle East Theater
AFR African
ACS African & Caribbean Society
AAS African Academy of Sciences
AAS African Academy of Sciences
AAA African Action on AIDS
AATO African Adventure Tours Online
AASA African Aeronautics and Space Agency
AF African Affairs
AAVP African AIDS Vaccine Programme
AARI African Alliance of Rhode Island
AAAA African American Adoption Agency
AAAPTI African American AIDS Policy and Training Institute (University of Southern California)
AAACE African American Association of Cultural Exchange
AAAC African American Awareness Club
AABE African American Business Enterprise
AACC African American Catholic Congregation
AACC African American Chamber of Commerce
AACCCF African American Chamber of Commerce of Central Florida
AFAM African American Civil War Memorial
ACOR African American Coalition of Reading
AACTA African American Council of the Arts
AACA African American Cultural Alliance
AACA African American Cultural Awareness
AAEP African American Employment Program
AAEV African American English Vernacular
AAEA African American Environmentalist Association
AAFHA African American Family History Association
AAFS African American Family Services
AAFCA African American Film Critics Association
AAGC African American Genealogy Connection
AAGGMV African American Genealogy Group of the Miami Valley
AAHN African American Health Network
AAHC African American Heritage Council
AAHH African American Heritage Hymnal
AAHCM African American Historical and Cultural Museum
AAHC African American History and Culture
AAHU African American HIV University
AAHA African American Holiday Association
AAHN African American Homeschoolers Network
AAIMS African American Initiative for Math/Science
AAIM African American Interdenominational Ministries
AAII African American Islamic Institute
AALF African American Leadership Forum
AALI African American Leadership Initiative
AALRC African American Learning Resource Center
AALAS African American Literary Awards Show
AAMR African American Male Research
AAMB African American Men and Boys
AAMP African American Mobilization Project
AAMLO African American Museum and Library in Oakland
AAMP African American Museum in Philadelphia
AAMM African American Muslim Movements
AANB African American National Biography
AAOC African American Opportunity Centers
AAOC African American Outreach Committee
AAPO African American Professional Organization
AAQB African American Quiz Bowl
AARM African American Resource Ministries
AASHF African American Self Help Foundation
AASM African American Shopping Mall
AA-SIG African American Special Interest Group
AASAS African American Student Academic Services
AASD African American Student Development
AASF African American Students Foundation
AAS African American Studies
AASRP African American Studies and Research Program
AASD African American Studies Department
AASM African American Studies Minor
AASP African American Studies Program
AATEN African American Tobacco Education Network
AAVE African American Vernacular English
AAWC African American Web Connection
AAWU African American Workers Union
AAH African Americans for Humanism
AAAS African and African-American Studies
AABA African and American Business Alliance
AAVAA African and Asian Visual Artists
AAVAA African and Asian Visual Arts Archive
AMED African and Middle Eastern Division
AAT African Animal Trypanosomiasis
AACR African Armed Conflicts Resolved
AAMM African Art Museum of Maryland
AAGC African Association for Guidance and Counselling
AALAE African Association for Literacy and Adult Education
AASR African Association for the Study of Religions
AAPS African Association of Political Science
AASE African Association of Science Editors
AABN African Aurora Business Network
AAA African Awareness Association
ABIL African Bank Investments Limited
ABF African Basketball Federation
AFBA African Biographical Archive
ABNORMAL African Biosciences Network
ABN African Biosciences Network
ABW African Blackwood
ABCP African Blackwood Conservation Project
ABB African Blood Brotherhood
ABIP African Books in Print
ABMP African Broadcast Media Partnership Against HIV/AIDS
ACBN African Broadcasting Network
ABNORMAL African Broadcasting Network
ABN African Broadcasting Network
ABR African Business Roundtable
ACAA African Canadian Achievement Award
ACCES African Canadian Continuing Education Society
ACHA African Canadian Heritage Association
ACISA African Canadian Immigrant Settlement Association
ACLC African Canadian Legal Clinic
ACBF African Capacity Building Foundation
AC African Caribbean
ACAP African Caribbean Achievement Project
ACBN African Caribbean Business Network
ACDA African Caribbean Disablement Association
ACEA African Caribbean Evangelical Alliance
ACFMS African Caribbean Family Mediation Service
ACLT African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust
ACS African Caribbean Society
ACSA African Caribbean Students Association
ACMD African Cassava Mosaic Disease
ACMV African Cassava Mosaic Virus
ACAP African Census Analysis Project
ACCI African Center for Crop Improvement
ACGT African Center for Gene Technologies
ACCOUNTING African Centre for Cities
ACCESSORY African Centre for Cities
ACC African Centre for Cities
ACCS African Centre for Civil Society
ACDS African Centre for Disaster Studies
ACEG African Centre for Economic Growth
ACFD African Centre for Fertilizer Development
ACGD African Centre for Gender and Development
ACMS African Centre for Monetary Studies
ACTS African Centre for Technology Studies
ACWR African Centre for Water Research
ACW African Centre for Women
ACARE African Centres of Agricultural Research Excellence
ACRWC African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child
ACCC African Christian Community Church
ACDP African Christian Democratic Party
ACFI African Christians Fellowship International
ACU African Cinema Unit
AFCAC African Civil Aviation Commission
ACS African Civil Society
ACF African Clawed Frog
ACRO African Clinical Research Organisation
ACEP African Coelacanth Ecosystem Programme
ACOR African Commercial Representation
ACCSA African Communities Council of South Australia
ACDF African Community Development Foundation
ACRC African Community Resource Center
ACCOUNTING African Conservation Centre
ACCESSORY African Conservation Centre
ACC African Conservation Centre
ACF African Conservation Foundation
ACT African Conservation Trust
ACRL African Council of Religious Leaders
AFCA African Counselling Association
ACRF African Crisis Response Force
ACRI African Crisis Response Initiative
ACSS African Crop Science Society
ACDA African Cultural and Development Association
ACCF African Cultural Conservation Fund
ACHP African Cultural Heritage Project
ACI African Cultural Initiatives
ACRA African Culture Restoration Association Inc
ACN African Cup of Nations
ADM African Democratic Movement
ADP African Democratic Party
AFRIKAANS African Department
AFR African Department
ADEF African Development and Education Foundation
ADEO African Development and Emergency Organization
AFDB African Development Bank
ADB African Development Bank
AFDB African Development Bank Bonds
ADC African Development Center
ADCG African Development Consulting Group Ltd
ADEN African Development Education Network
ADF African Development Forum
AFD African Development Foundation
ADF African Development Foundation
AFD African Development Fund
ADF African Development Fund
ADIN African Development Initiatives Network
ADI African Development Institute
AFDM African Diamond Company, Inc.
ADC African Diamond Council
ADPA African Diamond Producers Association
ADIFA African Digital Initiatives and Financing Agency
ADF African dwarf frog
AEW African Easterly Wave
AEC African Economic Community
AEEN African Economic Editors Network
AEO African Economic Outlook
AERC African Economic Research Consortium
AFEB African EDIFACT Board
AERN African Educational Research Network
AEP African Elections Project
AECT African Elephant Conservation Trust
AE African Enterprise Ltd
AEDI African Entrepreneurial Development Initiatives
AEE African Evangelistic Enterprise
AECI African Explosives and Chemical Industries
AEL African Explosives Ltd.
AFMA African Farm Management Association
AFRRI African Farm Radio Research Initiative
AFTH African Federation for Technology in Health Care
FAWE African Federation of Women Entrepreneurs
AFDA African Film Drama Arts
AFF African Film Festival, Inc.
AFUR African Forum for Utility Regulation
AFSC African Friends Service Committee
AFEW African Fund for Endangered Wildlife
AGT African Geography Tutor
AGGRAVATED African Gold Group, Inc.
AGG African Gold Group, Inc.
AGST African Grand Slam Tungsten
AGC African Ground Council
AGOA African Growth and Opportunity Act
AHEAD African Health Enlightenment and Aid Delivery Fund
AHO African Hebrew Organisation
AHCC African Heritage Cultural Center
AHLS African Heritage Literature Society
AHN African Heritage Network
AHER African Higher Education Review
AHI African Highlands Initiative
AHCC African Holy Christian Church
AHS African Horse Sickness
AHSI African Human Security Initiative
AHT African Human Trypanosomiasis
AHA African Humanitarian Action
AILS African Imprint Library Services
AICA African Independent Churches Association
AIPCA African Independent Pentecostal Church of Africa
AIM African Index Medicus
AFI African Indian Ocean Geographic Region
AIWO African Indigenous Women’s Organization
AISI African Information Society Initiative
AIFH African Infrastructure Fund Holding
AFIA African Initiative on Ageing
AIMES African Initiative on Mining, Environment and Society
AIC African Inland Church
AIM African Inland Mission
AICDD African Institute for Community Driven Development
IDEP African Institute for Economic Development and Planning
AIMS African Institute for Mathematical Sciences
AIMSSEC African Institute for Mathematical Sciences Schools Enrichment Centre
AIO African Insurance Organization
AISM African International Shopping Mall
AIC African Internet Connectivity
AIA African Investment Advisory
AJE African Joint Effort
AJAR African Journal of AIDS Research
AJBR African Journal of Biomedical Research
AJB African Journal of Biotechnology
AJIA African Journal of International Affairs
AJMP African Journal of Medical Practice
AJPAM African Journal of Public Administration and Management
AJOL African Journals Online
AJN African Judicial Network
AJU African Judo Union
ALTA African Language Teachers Association
ALC African Laser Centre
ALP African Linkage Project
ALBS African Love Bird Society
AMVTN African Malaria Vaccine Testing Network
AMB African Media Barometer
AMDI African Media Development Initiative
AMREF African Medical & Research Foundation, Inc.
AMREF African Medical Research and Education Foundation
AMSTC African Medical Students Training Congress
AMB African Merchant Bank
AMC African Metals Corporation
AME African Methodist Episcopal
AMEC African Methodist Episcopal Church
AMEZC African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church
AME African Methodist Evangelical
AMEP African Middle East Petroleum Co.
AMRN African Midwives Research Network
AMEF African Minerals and Energy Forum
AMCP African Moderates Congress Party
AMESD African Monitoring of Environment for Sustainable Development
AMP African Moral Party
AMAA African Movies Academy Awards
AMA African Muslim Agency
AMP African Muslim Party
ANC African National Committee
ANC African National Congress
ANCWL African National Congress Women’s League
ANCYL African National Congress Youth League
ANAT African Network Against Torture
ANATOMY African Network Against Torture
ANID African Network for Integrated Development
AFRINIC African Network Information Centre
ANBO African Network of Basin Organizations
ANSTI African Network of Scientific and Technical Institutions
ANI African Networking Initiative
ANJ African News Journal
AOSIS African Online Scientific Information Systems
AOFF African Organic Farming Foundation
AOC-2 African Orthodox Church
AOC African Orthodox Church
APA African Paddling Association
APN African Parks Network
APF African Peace Facility
APR African Peer Review
APRF African Peer Review Forum
APMR African Peer Review Mechanism
APO African People’s Organization
APSP African People’s Socialist Party
APSC African People’s Solidarity Committee
APPA African Petroleum Producers’ Association
APPAS African Petroleum Producers’ Association
APO African Political Organization
APCG African Politics Conference Group
APD African Pollen Database
APTU African Postal and Telecommunications Union
APA African Potato Association
APHA African Professional Hunters Association
ATRU African Radio and Television Union
ARDA African Radio Drama Association
ARCHI African Red Cross & Red Crescent Health Initiative 2010
ARCC African Regional Center for Computing
ARCC African Regional Centre for Computing
ARCT African Regional Centre for Technology
ARCC African Regional Certification Commission
AFRA African Regional Cooperative Agreement for Research, Development and Training Related to Nuclear Science and Technology
ARIPO African Regional Industrial Property Organization
ARIPO African Regional Intellectual Property Organization
ARMUN African Regional Model United Nations
ARO African Regional Organizations
ARWA African Relief & Welfare Agency
ARRF African Research & Resource Forum
ARCHIVE African Research Centre
ARC African Research Centre
ARM African Resistance Movement
ARCIK African Resource Centre for Indigenous Knowledge
ARMC African Resources Management Constellation
ARTILLERY African Resources Trust
ART African Resources Trust
ARPA African Revenue Protection Association
AROA African Rhino Owners Association
ARBN African Rice Blast Nursery
ARGM African Rice Gall Midge
ARTP African Rice Testing Program
ARV African Rift Valley
AR African Rights
ASMET African Satellite Meteorology Education and Training
ASNS African Science News Service
ASDF African Script Development Fund
ASDR African Security Dialogue and Research
AFSTA African Seed Trade Association
ASTA African Seed Trade Association
ASAI African Sky Art Institute
ASN African Solution Network
ASOC African Squash Open Championship
ASI African Strategic Impact
ASU African Student Union
ASA African Students Association
ASA African Studies Association
AFSAAP African Studies Association of Australasia and the Pacific
ASAUK African Studies Association of the United Kingdom
ASP African Studies Program
ASCOP African Swahili Community Project
ASF African Swine Fever
ASFV African Swine Fever Virus
ATAF African Tax Administration Forum
ATA African Technical Association
ATPS African Technology Policy Studies
ATU African Telecommunications Union
ATO African Timber Organisation
ATUC African Trade Union Confederation
ATR African Traditional Religion
ATTA African Travel and Tourism Association
ATLN African Trypanotolerant Livestock Network
AUF African Unification Front
AU-2 African Union
AU African Union
AUC African Union Commission
AUCA African Union Constitutive Act
AUMP African Union Methodist Protestant
AMISOM African Union Mission in Somalia
AMIS African Union Mission in Sudan
AUPSC African Union Peace and Security Council
AFRUCA African Unite Against Child Abuse
AUAF African United Action Front
AVCA African Venture Capital Association
AV African Views
AVSA African Violet Society of America
AVSA African Violet Society of America
AVU African Virtual University
AWOP African Widows and Orphans Project
AWF African Wildlife Foundation
AWF African Wildlife Fund
AWG African Wildlife Guide
AFWIC African Women in Crisis
AWSE African Women in Science and Education
AWSE African Women in Science and Engineering
AWLAE-CI African Women Leaders in Agriculture and Environment
AWA African Women’s Association
AWAD African Women’s Culture Arts and Development International Network
AWI African Women’s Initiative
AWO African Women’s Organization
AWM African World Music
AXF African Xylophone Festival
AYDA African Youth Development Alliance
AYF African Youth Foundation
AYI African Youth Initiative
AYL African Youth League
AYO African Youth Organisation
ACP African, Caribbean, & Pacific Countries
AHANA African, Hispanic, Asian, Native American
ALANA African, Latino, Asian, Native American
AA African-American
AABWV African-American Business Women of Vision
ACT African-American Collective Theater
AAC African-American Council
AACA African-American Cultural Association
AAE African-American English
AAE African-American Experience
AAFC African-American Family Commission
AAF African-American Fund
AAGS African-American Genealogy Society
AAHPC African-American Health Promotion Campaign
AAHPC African-American Hereditary Prostate Cancer
AAHA African-American Heritage Association
AAHPC African-American Heritage Parade Committee
AAI African-American Institute
AALC African-American Leadership Center
AALI African-American Leadership Institute
AAMI African-American Male Initiative
AAMA African-American Mennonite Association
AAMA African-American Ministers Association
AAMC African-American Music & Culture
AAOI African-American Outreach Initiative
AAOM African-American Outreach Ministry
APEX African-American Panoramic Experience
AAPC African-American Parent Coalition
AAQB African-American Quilters of Baltimore
AASU African-American Student Union
AAUC African-American Unity Caucus
AAUC African-American Unity Center
ACDAS African-Canadian Dramatic Arts Society
ACRRA African-Caribbean Reparations and Resettlement Alliance
AHDA African-Hebrew Development Agency
A12N Africanization
ANWS African-New World Studies
AAB Agence Africaine de Biotechnologie
A-SNAPP Agribusiness in Sustainable Natural African Plant Products
AMTA Agricultural Management Training in Africa
AGWA Agricultural Water for Africa Initiative
ARASA AIDS and Rights Alliance for Southern Africa
AAIF AIG African Infrastructure Fund (investment fund; est. 2000)
ACSA Airports Company South Africa
AACC All Africa Conference of Churches
ALERT All Africa Leprosy, Tuberculosis and Rehabilitation Training Centre
AASU All Africa Students Union
AAWP All Africa Women for Peace
AAC All African Convention
AAPA All African Pool Association
AARI All African Rights Initiative
AABA All-Africa Businesswomen Association
AGRA Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa
AYAP Alliance of Young African Patriots
AHPCSA Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa
ABSA Amalgamated Banks of South Africa
AGASA Amateur Gamers Association of South Africa
ACOA American Committee on Africa
AKAA Animal Keepers Association of Africa
AFMA Apostolic Faith Mission Africa
ADAF Appropriate Development for Africa Foundation
ACA Aquadev Central Africa
AAIB Arab African International Bank
ANARC Arab and North Africa Regional Contest
AFSA Arbitration Foundation of Southern Africa
ADASA Architectural Design Association of South Africa
ACACIA Arid Climate, Adaptation and Cultural Innovation in Africa
ARMSCOR Armaments Corporation of South Africa
AE Armed Forces Africa
ANSA Artists for a New South Africa
ACASA Arts Council of the African Studies Association
AAOA Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas
APMEA Asia Pacific/Middle East/Africa
AMEA Asia, Middle East and Africa
AA Asian-African
AOA Asia-Oceania-Africa
ARIA Assessing Regional Integration in Africa
AMA Assistance Mission for Africa
AASM Associated African States and Madagascar
ACSA Associated Clubs of Southern Africa
ASAD Associated Students of African Descent
AAAEA Association Africaine pour l’Alphabétisation et l’Education des Adultes
ACEA Association Canadienne des Etudes Africaines
AELIA Association d’Etudes Linguistiques Interculturelles Africaines
ABCA Association des Banques Centrales Africaines
APAC Association des Professionnelles Africaines de la Communication
AUA Association des Universités Africaines
APE Association Fédérale Internationale de la Presse Eurafricaine
AAMPS Association for African Medicinal Plant Standards
ADSA Association for Dietetics in South Africa
AEAA Association for Educational Assessment in Africa
AHDA Association for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa
ARCSA Association for Rhetoric and Communication in Southern Africa
ASSA Association for Sociology in South Africa
ASARECA Association for Strengthening Agricultural Research in Eastern and Central Africa
ADEA Association for the Development of Education in Africa
APTA Association for the Promotion of Tourism to Africa
ANBC Association Nationale des Bouchers Centrafricains
ABWA Association of Accountancy Bodies in West Africa
AAAM Association of African American Museums
AAAV Association of African American Vintners
AADLC Association of African Distance Learning Centres
AAH Association of African Hydrologists
AAPS Association of African Planning Schools
AAU Association of African Universities
AAWS Association of African Women Scholars
AALV Association of Africans Living in Vermont, Incorporated
ABVA Association of BEE Verification Agencies (Saxonwold, Johannesburg, South Africa)
ABSA Association of Booksellers of South Africa
ACLCA Association of Christian Lay Centres in Africa
ACAS Association of Concerned Africa Scholars
ADAD Association of Dance of the African Diaspora
ADEC Association of Distance Education Colleges of South Africa
AECMSA Association of Electric Cable Manufacturers of South Africa
AFAA Association of Faculties of Agriculture in Africa
AISA Association of International Schools in Africa
AMTIESA Association of Management Training Institutions of Eastern and Southern Africa
AMRE Association of Mine Resident Engineers of South Africa
ANRA Association of Natural Rubber in Africa
APADS Association of Pan African Doctoral Scholars
APRSSA Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons of Southern Africa
APSEA Association of Professional Societies in East Africa
ARMSA Association of Regional Magistrates of South Africa
ASAMI Association of South African Music Industry
ASATA Association of South African Travel Agents
ATIEA Association of Theological Institutions in Eastern Africa
AWEPA Association of Western European Parliamentarians for Africa
PAST Association to Preserve African American Society, History, and Tradition, Inc
ACRA Associazione di Cooperazione Rurale in Africa ed America Latina
ASSA Astronomical Society of Southern Africa
AAFC Atlantic Africa Fisheries Conference
AARL Auburn Avenue Research Library on African-American Culture and History
ACA Auditeurs et Consultants Africains
BTSA Backpacker Tourism South Africa
BCA Badminton Confederation of Africa
BSA Badminton South Africa
BGFS Bangui, Central African Republic – Bangui
BGF Bangui, Central African Republic – Bangui
BOA Bank of Africa
BCAS Bank of Central African States
BASA Banking Association South Africa
BAD Banque Africaine de Developpement
BADC Banque Africaine pour le Developpement et le Commerce
BMSA Baptist Mission of South Africa
BALP Barclays Africa Leadership Programme
BEAP Basic Education in Africa Programme
BFSA Bass Fishing South Africa
BMNA Bataillon de Marche Nord-Africain
BFC Battlefield Community of South Africa
BABASA Bed and Breakfast Association of South Africa
BAME Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church
BCEA Bible College of East Africa
BSSA Bible Society of South Africa
BTL Bible Translation & Literacy of East Africa
BAA Black or African American
BSAE Black South African English
BARA Block of Alternative for the Renewal of Africa
BFN Bloemfontein, South Africa – Jbm Hertzog
BESA Bond Exchange of South Africa
BFA Books for Africa
BSSA Botanical Society of South Africa
BRICS Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa
BAHRAIN British Africa
BA British Africa
BABA British African Business Association
BCA British Central Africa
BEA British East Africa
BIEA British Institute in Eastern Africa
BNAF British North Africa Forces
BSAC British South Africa Company
BSAP British South Africa Police
BWA British West Africa
BEACON Building Eastern Africa Community Network
BASA Business & Arts South Africa
BIA Business in Africa
BUSA Business Unity South Africa
CFNA Campaign for North Africa
CAMPSA Camping Southern Africa
CVA Campus Virtuel Africain
CABRI Canada Africa Business Resources International
CAAS Canadian Association of African Studies
CJAS Canadian Journal of African Studies
CRCSA Canadian Research Consortium on Southern Africa
CAOSA Cannon Association of South Africa
CABECA Capacity Building for Electronic Communication in Africa
CATA Cape African Teachers’ Association
CTSA Cape Town South Africa
CPT Cape Town, South Africa
CFA Cards from Africa
CAU Caribbean African Unity
CAAWC Carolina African American Writers Collective
CTSA Carrier Transicold South Africa
CATIA Catalysing Access to ICT in Africa (Gamos; UK)
CIWA Catholic Institute of West Africa
CUEA Catholic University of Eastern Africa
CAAHC Center for African American History and Culture
CAAAS Center for African and African-American Studies
CAAS Center for Afro-American and African Studies
CAFOD Central Africa Federation of the Disabled
CARA Central Africa Rights & AIDS Society
CAV Central Africa Vision
CAWHFI Central Africa World Heritage Forest Initiative
CAJM Central African Journal of Medicine
CT Central African Republic
CF Central African Republic
CAR Central African Republic
CAF Central African Republic
CASDB Central African States Development Bank
CAT Central African Time
CEWA Central and West Africa
CWAR Central and West Africa Region
CEAR Central East African Railways Company Ltd.
CEEMEA Central Eastern Europe Middle East & Africa
CEMA Central Europe & Middle East & Africa
CEDAF Centre d’Etude et de Documentation Africaines
CEAF Centre d’Etudes Africaines
CEFA Centre d’Etudes de La Famille Africaine
CEDA Centre d’Etudes pour le Developpement Africain
CERDOTOLA Centre de Recherche et de Documentation sur les Traditions Orales et pour le Développement des Langues Africaines
CABE Centre for African Bio-Entrepreneurship
CADRE Centre for African Development Research and Education
CAFS Centre for African Family Studies
CAPPS Centre for African Policy and Peace Strategy
CBTA Centre for Bible Translation in Africa
CBAAC Centre for Black and African Arts and Civilization
CEIKA Centre for Environment Information and Knowledge in Africa
CHDA Centre for Heritage Development in Africa
CISA Centre for Institutional Support in Africa
CSAE Centre for the Study of African Economies
CWAS Centre of West African Studies
CEA Centro de Estudos Africanos
CSAA Centro Studi Archeologia Africana
CHAMSA Chambers of Commerce and Industry of South Africa
CAWD Charity for African Welfare and Development
MAAF Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History
CSSA Chartered Secretaries Southern Africa
CBFA Children and Broadcasting Foundation for Africa
CCAP Church of Central Africa Presbyterian
CESA Church of England in South Africa
CPSA Church of the Province in South Africa
CRAI Citizenship Rights in Africa Initiative
CNA Climate Network Africa
COMENSA Coaches and Mentors Association of South Africa
CAD Coalition des Alternatives Africaines Dettes et Développement
CIAA Coalition for Innocent African Americans
COPA Coalition for Peace in Africa
COSALC Coalition of South African Library Consortia
COSATU Coalition of South African Trade Unions
COMARAF Coastal Marine Research and Training in Africa
CABRI Collaborative Africa Budget Reform Initiative
CMSA Colleges of Medicine of South Africa
CIVETS Colombia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Turkey and South Africa
CAVS Columbus African Violet Society
CSAA Comfortable and Safe African Adventure
CTCA Commission for Technical Cooperation in Africa
CAU Commission of the African Union
CPAA Commission Permanente des Affaires Africaines
CAWD Committee for African Welfare and Development
CIFA Committee for Inland Fisheries of Africa
COMESA Common Market for Eastern & Southern Africa
COMSA Commonwealth Observer Mission to South Africa
CYPAC Commonwealth Youth Programme Africa Centre
CFA Communaute Financiere Africaine
CFAF Communaute Financiere Africaine Franc
XOF Communaute Financiere Africaine Franc
XAF Communaute Financiere Africaine Franc
CPSA Communist Party of South Africa
CINSA Community Information Network for Southern Africa
CTASA Community Tourism Association of South Africa
CAA Compagnie Africaine d’Aviation
CSSA Computer Society of South Africa
CADA Concerted Action for Development in Africa
CSSA Concrete Society of Southern Africa
CAF Confédération Africaine de Football
CAHB Confederation Africaine de Handball
CAA Confederation of African Athletics
CAF Confederation of African Football
CAVB Confederation of African Volleyball
CECAFA Confederation of East and Central Africa Football Association
COSANA Confederation of Southern Africa Netball Associations
CIMA Conférence Interafricaine des Marches d’Assurance
CAMEF Conference of African Ministers of Economy and Finance
CIAD Conference of Intellectuals from Africa and the Diaspora
CONSAS Conference of Southern African Surveyors
CAG Congo African Gray
COSAS Congress of South African Students
COSATU Congress of South African Trade Unions
COMPAS Congress on Modern Pan-African Slavery
CA Connectivity Africa
CAA Conseil Africain de l’Arachide
CAAO Consortium of African American Organizations
CONSAS Constellation of Southern African States
CFA Constituency for Africa
CACC Continental Africa Chamber of Commerce
CTSA Continental Tyre South Africa
CODESA Convention for A Democratic South Africa
CAMP Cooperative Africana Microform Project
CAPAS Coordinated African Programme of Assistance on Services
CCCCAS Coordinating Committee for Christian Communication in Africa
CCA Corporate Council on Africa
CGSA Council for Geoscience South Africa
CAPA Council of Anglican Provinces in Africa
CUSA Council of Unions of South Africa
CAA Council on African Affairs
CCSA Crafts Council of South Africa
CRISAS Crime Research in South Africa
CASA Cruising Association of South Africa
DCSA DaimlerChrysler South Africa
DGEA Dairy Genetics East Africa
DASA Dakota Association of South Africa
DATA Debt Aid and Trade for Africa
DATA Debt, AIDS and Trade in Africa
DISA Defence Institute of South Africa
DASA Delaware African Students Association
DASA Dental Association of South Africa
DAWA Denver and Africa Working Against AIDS
DAAS Department of African American Studies
DBSA Development Bank of Southern Africa
DCSA Development Consultants of South Africa
D-MADE Development Marketplace for African Diaspora in Europe
DACB Dictionary of African Christian Biography
DISA Digital Imaging South Africa
DPM Digital Process Measurement Ltd (South Africa)
DAFA Direct Aid for Africa
DAAA Diversity and African American Affairs
DTMA Drought Tolerant Maize for Africa
DUR Durban, South Africa – Louis Botha
EAGM East Africa Glassware Mart
EAGM East Africa Gold Mines
EAK East Africa Kenya
EARYN East Africa Regional Youth Network
EAT East Africa Time
EABDA East African Book Development Association
EACE East African Certificate of Education
EAC East African Community
EACCMA East African Community Customs Management Act
EACU East African Customs Union
EADC East African Deaf Connection
EADB East African Development Bank
EAEC East African Economic Community
EAFW East African Foundry Works
EAI East African Industries
EAISCA East African Institute of Social and Cultural Affairs
EALA East African Legislative Assembly
EALA East African Library Association
EAMFRO East African Marine Fisheries Research Organization
EAMWS East African Muslim Welfare Society
EANHS East African Natural History Society
EAPC East African Petroleum Conference
EAPH East African Publishing House
EARN East African RBM Network
EARIC East African Research Information Centre
EAR East African Rift
EASR East African Safari Rally
EASC East African Swahili Committee
EATUC East African Trades Union Congress
ELS East London, South Africa – Ben Shoeman
EAANSA Eastern Africa Action Network on Small Arms
EAEB Eastern Africa Epidemiological Block
EAJA Eastern Africa Journalists Association
EASTC Eastern Africa Statistical Training Centre
EAFF Eastern African Farmers Federation
EAME Eastern African Marine Ecoregion
ECA Eastern and Central Africa
ESA Eastern and Southern Africa
ESABO Eastern and Southern Africa Business Organization
ESAMI Eastern and Southern African Management Institute
EEMEA Eastern Europe, Middle East, and Africa
ECSA Eastern, Central and Southern Africa
EPA Ecole du Patrimoine Africain
ECN EcoNews Africa
ENA EcoNews Africa
ECA Economic Commission for Africa
ECA Economic Community for Africa
ECOCAS Economic Community of Central African States
ECOWA Economic Community of West African States
ECWAS Economic Community of West African States
ECOWAS Economic Community Of West African States
EPMAN Economic Policy Management African Network
ERSA Economic Research Southern Africa
ESSA Economic Society of South Africa
EDICISA Ecumenical Documentation and Information Centre in Southern Africa
EAFC Educating Africans for Christ
EAA Education Access Africa
EISA Electoral Institute of Southern Africa
ECASA Electrical Contractors Association of South Africa
ECASA Electronic Commerce Association of South Africa
ETE Emergency and Trauma Equipment Ltd (South Africa)
EMSA Employment Movement of South Africa
EASD Empowerment for African Sustainable Development
ECSA Engineering Council of South Africa
ELTASA English Language and Travel Association of South Africa
EAPSA Environmental Assessment Practitioners of South Africa
EFA Environmental Foundation for Africa
EABIC Ethiopia Africa Black International Congress
ESA Ethnographic Survey of Africa
EUD Euro-Africa Division
ESAL Eurocopter Southern Africa Ltd.
EAA Europe Africa & Asia
EARC Europe Africa Russia and Caspian
EMEA Europe, Middle East and Africa
EMEAC Europe, Middle East, Africa and Canada
EMAI Europe, Middle East, Africa and India
EAME European, Africa, & Middle Eastern
EADA European-African Development Association
ELCSA Evangelical Lutheran Church in Southern Africa
EXSA Exhibition Association of Southern Africa
FTTSA Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa
FAMSA Family And Marriage Society of South Africa
FAIS Federation of African Immunological Societies
FAMW Federation of African Media Women
FESARTA Federation of East and Southern African Road Transport Associations
FOFATUSA Federation of Free African Trade Unions of South Africa
FSAW Federation of South African Women
FIISA Fellow of the Insurance Institute of South Africa
FARSI Fellowship for African Relief
FAR Fellowship for African Relief
FCCA Fellowship of Christian Churches in Africa
FFAD Fellowship of Friends of African Descent
FEMSA Female Education in Mathematics and Science in Africa
FIWA Fetichism in West Africa
FGASA Field Guides Association of South Africa
FAO First Africa Oil Plc
FABC First African Baptist Church
FASBS First African Structural Biology Conference
FASB First African Structural Biology Conference
FAASA Florida African American Student Association
FDSA Flying Doctors Society of Africa
FAD Fonds Africain de Developpement
FTFA Food & Trees for Africa
FISA Footwear Institute of South Africa
FLAM Forces de Libération Africaines de Mauritanie
FMCSA Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa
FAAN Ford-Employees African-American Network
FSA Forestry South Africa
FREEDOM Forestry South Africa
FAWE Foro de Mujeres Africanas Especialistas en Pedagogía
FARSI Forum Africain pour la Reconstruction
FAR Forum Africain pour la Reconstruction
FEA Forum des Éducatrices Africaines
FAIR Forum for African Investigative Reporters
FAWE Forum for African Women Educationalists
FARA Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa
FOSAD Forum of South African Director Generals
FFF Fossil Fuel Foundation of Africa
FFAD Foundation for African Development
FASTA Foundation for Analytical Science & Technology in Africa
FDA Foundation for Democracy in Africa
FAAP Framework for African Agricultural Productivity
FCFA Franc Communaute Financiere Africaine
FAWA French African Welfare Association
FALC French and African Language and Culture Center
FRIEND-AOC FRIEND for West and Central Africa
FAAS Front Arabo-Africain de Salut
FRIDA Fund for Research and Investment for the Development of Africa
FMASA Fund Managers’ Association of South Africa
FAY Future for African Youth
GCATS GAELIC Cataloguing and Technical Services Workgroup (South Africa)
GRAA Game Rangers Association of Africa
GSAVC Garden State African Violet Club
GSSA Gay Sport South Africa
GISA Gemmology Institute of Southern Africa
GERA Gender and Economic Reform in Africa
GMSA Gender and Media in Southern Africa
GSSA Genealogical Society of South Africa
GCB General Council of the Bar of South Africa
GMSA General Motors South Africa
GMSA Generational Ministries South Africa
GRAD Genomic Research in the African Diaspora
GSSA Geological Society of South Africa
GRJ George, South Africa – George
GSWA German South West Africa
GWAM Ghana West Africa Missions
GALS Giant African Land Snails
GLAD Global African Diaspora Coalition
GCA Global Coalition for Africa
GYPA Global Youth Partnership for Africa
GOSA Government of South Africa
GSSA Grassland Society of Southern Africa
GPSA Green Party of South Africa
GHASA Guest House Accommodation of South Africa
GHASA Guest House Association of South Africa
GOSA Gun Owners of South Africa
HHA Harmonization for Health in Africa
HALA Harvard African Law Association
HBSAAA Harvard Business School African-American Alumni
HJAAP Harvard Journal of African-American Public Policy
HPVA Hasso Plattner Ventures Africa
HPCSA Health Professions Council of South Africa
HFSA Heart Foundation of South Africa
HAA Herpetological Association of Africa
HESA Higher Education South Africa
HANA Highway Africa News Agency
HDSA Historically Disadvantaged South Africans
HACI Hope for African Children Initiative
HAWO Hope for African Women
HOA Horn of Africa
HAB Horn of Africa Bulletin
HABA Horn of Africa Business Association
HACG Horn of Africa Community Group
HOAF Horn of Africa Forum
HOAI Horn of Africa Initiative
HOAS Horn of Africa Services
HECA Horn, East and Central Africa
HFA Houses for Africa
HCCAAC Howard County Center of African American Culture
HAT Human African Trypanosomiasis
HRWA Human Rights Watch/Africa
HULWA Humid Lowlands of West Africa
ISTD ICT and Science and Technology Division (UN Economic Commission for Africa)
IBEAC Imperial British East Africa Company
IBEA Imperial British East Africa Company
ICASA Independent Communications Authority of South Africa
ISAP Index to South African Periodicals
IMERCSA India Musokotwane Environment Resource Centre for Southern Africa
IBSA India-Brazil-South Africa
ISACA India-South Africa Commercial Alliance
IRASA Industrial Relations Association of South Africa
ISAM Information Centre for Southern African Music
IPFA Information Project for Africa, Inc.
IDEP Institut Africain de Developpement Economique et de Planification
ICRA Institut Centrafricain de Recherche Agronomique
IDASA Institute for a Democratic Alternative for South Africa
IFAAS Institute for African Alternatives
IFAA Institute for African Alternatives
IAAM Institute for African American Mobilization
IDASA Institute for Democracy in South Africa
IDSA Institute for Democracy in South Africa
IHRDA Institute for Human Rights and Development in Africa
INRA Institute for Natural Resources in Africa
IRAAS Institute for Research in African-American Studies
ISITA Institute for the Study of Islamic Thought in Africa
IACSA Institute of Administration and Commerce of Southern Africa
IAAR Institute of African American Research
ICBA Institute of Capacity Building in Africa
IPSA Institute of Packaging South Africa
IRMSA Institute of Risk Management South Africa
IWAAS Institute of West Asian and African Studies
IFAPA Interfaith Action for Peace in Africa
ITDG-EA Intermediate Technology Development Group – Eastern Africa
IAAF International African American Festivals
IAI International African Institute
IAAAM International Association of African American Music
ILCA International Centre for Africa
ICACA International Centre for African Culture and Arts
ICCA International Chemistry Conference in Africa
ICSA International Committee Against Apartheid, Racism and Colonialism in Southern Africa
ICFTU-AFRO International Confederation of Free Trade Unions-African Regional Organization
ICASA International Conference on Aids and Sexually Transmitted Dieases in Africa
ICARA International Conference on Assistance to Refugees in Africa
ICSAA International Conference on the State of Affairs of Africa
IDEAL International Decade of East African Lakes
IDASS International Directory of African Studies Scholars
IIALC International Institute of African Languages and Cultures
IJAHS International Journal of African Historical Studies
ILAM International Library of African Music
ILCA International Livestock Center for Africa
IPAA International Partnership Against AIDS in Africa
IUA International University of Africa
ISOSA Intersex Society of South Africa
IUCAS Inter-University Committee for African Studies
IUCEA Inter-University Council for East Africa
IAT Intra-African Trade
IMASA Investment Management Association of South Africa
ICSAA Iowa Commission on the Status of African-Americans
IFSA Iron Fireman SA Ltd. (South Africa)
IMASA Islamic Medical Association of South Africa
IIA Istituto Italo-Africano
ISAEA Italian South African Enterprises Association
JCPA Jean Chretien Pledge to Africa
JNB Johannesburg, South Africa – Jan Smuts
JAI Joint Africa Institute
JICPA Joint IFLA-ICA Committee for Preservation in Africa
JAE Journal of African Economics
JAHER Journal of African History
JAH Journal of African History
JAS Journal of African Studies
JAAS Journal of Asian and African Studies
JBTSA Journal of Black Theology in South Africa
JEMDSA Journal of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Diabetes of South Africa
JFTA Journal of Food Technology in Africa
JMAS Journal of Modern African Studies
JPAS Journal of Pan African Studies
JSAS Journal of Southern African Studies
JSDA Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa
JMAA Journal of the Musical Arts in Africa
SADJ Journal of the South African Dental Association
JASA Junior Achievement South Africa
KBA Kallback Africa
KASC Kansas African Studies Center
KMSA Kia Motors South Africa
KCAL Killie Campbell Africana Library
KAR King’s African Rifles
KMAL Kingdom Meikles Africa Limited
KMSSA Knowledge Management Society of Southern Africa
KMSA Konica Minolta South Africa
LICCA Languages in Contact and Conflict in Africa
LAAM Latin America, Africa and Middle East
LAWA Leadership and Advocacy for Women in Africa
LAF Lepidoptera of Africa
LZA Lepidoptera of South Africa
LGADDA Lesbian and Gays of African Descent for Democratic Action
LSEMA Levi Strauss Europe, Middle-East & Africa
LPSA Liberal Party of South Africa
LAIP Libya Africa Investment Portfolio
LIA Life in Africa
LOAN Light of Africa Network
LIFLA Linguistique Formelle et Langues Africaines
LBSD Linux Based Systems Design SA Ltd (South Africa)
LBSA LinuxBox South Africa
LASSA Lipid and Atherosclerosis Society of Southern Africa
LSAA Longitudinal Study of Ageing in Africa
LAAAW-PAC Los Angeles African American Women Political Action Committee
LUCSA Lutheran Community in Southern Africa
MLA Major, Lindsey & Africa
MFWA Making Finance Work for Africa
M-TEC Malesela Taihan Electric Cable Limited (South African South Korean joint venture)
MARA Mapping Malaria Risk in Africa
MSCISA Margaret Sanger Centre International South Africa
MFA Marine Forces Africa
MBSA Master Builders South Africa
MAEP Mécanisme Africain d’Évaluation par les Pairs
MARP Mecanismo Africano de Revisao de Pares
MARPS Mecanismo Africano de Revisão de Pares
MMTS Mechanical and Machine Tool Services Ltd (Johannesburg, South Africa)
MFWA Media Foundation for West Africa
MISA Media Institute of South Africa
MISA Media Institute of Southern Africa
MASA Medical Association of South Africa
MESAB Medical Education for South African Blacks
MRC Medical Research Council of South Africa
MTSA Medical Tourism Association of South Africa
MCC Medicines Control Council of South-Africa
MSDB MEDUNSA Stroke Data Bank (est. 1984; South Africa)
MCSA Methodist Church of Southern Africa
MSSA Microscopy Society of Southern Africa
MSSA Microsoft South Africa
MENA Middle East & North Africa
MEA Middle East and Africa
MEAB Middle East and Africa Bank
MENABIC Middle East and North Africa Business Information Center
MENAFN Middle East North Africa Financial Network
MENAT Middle East, North Africa and Turkey
MVSSA Mine Ventilation Society of South Africa
MCFEA Mitsubishi Corporation Fund for Europe and Africa
MCSA Mountain Club of South Africa
MOPOTAC Movement for Protection of the African Child
MANU Mozambican African National Union
MABC Munhumutapa African broadcasting company
MFAA Museum for African Art
MAAH Museum of African American History
MAAT Museum of African American Technology
MOAD Museum of the African Diaspora
MCCOSA Music Communication Centre of Southern Africa
NAMMA NASA African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analysis
NAASA National Accommodation Association of South Africa
NAASA National African American Speakers Association
NAATEN National African American Tobacco Education Network
NAFCOC National African Federated Chamber of Commerce
NALRC National African Language Resource Center
NASA National African Students Association, LLC
NAAHA National African-American Homeschoolers Alliance
NAAAA National Alliance of African American Athletes
NAAAA National Association for the Advancement of African Americans
NAAA National Association of African Americans
NAAAS National Association of African-American Studies
NAAMSA National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa
NCASA National Co-operative Association of South Africa
NHISSA National Health Information System of South Africa
NMAFA National Museum of African Art
NOCSA National Olympic Committee of South Africa
NSAA National Survey of African American Mental Health
NUPSA National Union of Prosecutors of South Africa
NUSAS National Union of South African Students
NATCHA Natural and Cultural History of Africa
NMCAC Nelson Mandela Centre for African Culture
NLP Nelspruit, South Africa
NBM Neo-Black Movement of Africa
NRID NEPAD and Regional Integration Division (UN Economic Commission for Africa)
NSSA Network for Sub-Saharan Africa
NAFEO Network of African Freedom of Expression Organizations
NARESA Network of AIDS Researchers in Eastern and Southern Africa
NEBRA Networking for Ethics on Biomedical Research in Africa
NAIL New Africa Investments Limited
NATH New Africa Technology Holdings
NAAF New African Artist’s Foundation
NEPAD New Economic Program for African Development
NEPAD New Partnership for Africa’s Development
NPAD New Partnership for African Development
NYACE New York African Chorus Ensemble
NDSA Nissan Diesel South Africa
NAA Non-African American
NAI Nordic Africa Institute
NAEDF North Africa Enterprise Development Facility
NAMAT North Africa Multidisciplinary Advisory Team
NARO North Africa Regional Office
NARP North Africa Regional Program
NAFD North African Ferrying Division
NATO North African Theater of Operations
NAWA North Africa-West Asia
NAF Northern Africa Region
NIACC Northern Ireland African Cultural Centre
NAAF Northwest Africa Air Forces
NATC Northwest African Training Command
NOCA Norwegian Council for Africa
NEAS Nouvelles Editions Africaines du Senegal
OFPA Observatoire des Fonctions Publiques Africaines
OCPA Observatory of Cultural Policies in Africa
OTASA Occupational Therapy Association of South Africa
ODINEA Ocean Data and Information Network for Africa
OASIS Office for African American, Latino, and Asian American Student Services
OAASSP Office of African American Student Services and Programs
OSAA Office of the Special Adviser on Africa
OMLACSA Old Mutual Life Assurance Company South Africa
BOSS Old Name for South African State Security Bureau
ONA Omnium North Africa
OWA OneWorld Africa
OBA Operation Bootstrap Africa
ORACTA Operations Research on AIDS Care and Treatment in Africa
OHASA Oral History Association of South Africa
OAPI Organisation Africaine de la Propriété Intellectuelle
OAFA Organisation Africaine des Femmes Autochtones
OCAM Organisation Commune Africain et Mauricienne
OCAM Organisation Commune Africaine et Malgache
OAU Organisation de l’Unité Africaine
OUA Organisation de l’Unité Africaine
OUSA Organisation de l’Unité Syndicale Africaine
OUA Organização da Unidade Africana
OSA Organización de Seguros Africanos
OPDES Organizacion Panafricana de Desarrollo Sostenible
OAU Organization for African Unity
OSDA Organization for Strategic Development for Africa
OSPAAL Organization for the Solidarity of the Peoples of Asia, Africa and Latin America
OAS Organization of African States
OATUU Organization of African Trade Union Unity
OATH Organization of African Traditional Healers
OAU Organization of African Unity
OAA Organization of Africans in the Americas
OSAD Organization of Students of African Descent
OWWA Organization of Women Writers of Africa
OOA Out of Africa
OOAI Out of Africa International
PFSA Pagan Federation of South Africa
PABIN Pan Africa Bicycle Information Network
PACC Pan Africa Christian College
PAAN Pan African Airlines Nigeria
PAALAE Pan African Association for Literacy and Adult Education
PABS Pan African Burn Society
PACU Pan African Christian University College
PACDEX Pan African Commodities & Derivatives Exchange
PAC Pan African Congress
PADIS Pan African Development Information System
PAF Pan African Forum
PAHF Pan African Health Foundation
PAID Pan African Institute for Development
PAMO Pan African Mathematics Olympiad
PAM Pan African Mining
PAM Pan African Movement
PAORP-VWC Pan African Organisation for Research and Protection of Violence on Women and Children
PASA Pan African Sanctuary Alliance
PATC Pan African Theological College
PAWETS Pan African Women Engineers, Technicians and Scientists
PAWO Pan African Women’s Organization
PAAA Pan-African Anthropological Association
PAC Pan-African Congress
PADO Pan-African Development Organization
PAFMECSA Pan-African Freedom Movement of East, Central and South Africa
PALU Pan-African Lawyers’ Union
PAMRO Pan-African Media Research Organisation
PANA Pan-African News Agency
PAO Pan-African Organization
PAOC Pan-African Ornithological Congress
PAP Pan-African Parliament
PASU Pan-African Student Union
PAYLS Pan-African Youth Leadership Summit
PYM Panafrican Youth Movement
PAC Pan-Africanist Congress
PAACO Pan-Arab African Council of Ophthalmology
PASA Parachute Association of South Africa
PCAD Parents of Children of African Descent
PBA Parsons Brinckerhoff Africa Ltd. (engineering firm)
PAI Parti Africain de l’Independance
PADS Parti Africain pour la Democratie et le Socialisme
PIA Partners in Africa
PAC Partnership Africa Canada
PHEA Partnership for Higher Education in Africa
PAI Party for African Independence
PRASA Pattern Recognition Association of South Africa
PASA Payments Association of South Africa
PASA Penn African Students Association
PAD People of African Descent
PNPA Peuples Noirs Peuples Africains
PMA Pharmaceutical Manufacturers’ Association of South Africa
PSSA Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa
PFSA Philatelic Federation of South Africa
PSSA Photographic Society of Southern Africa
PSSA Phycological Society of Southern Africa
PTG Pietersburg, South Africa
PBFSA Pit Bull Federation of South Africa
PFSA Plastics Federation of South Africa
PAI Polizia dell’Africa Italiana
PASA Polygraph Association of South Africa
PLZ Port Elizabeth, South Africa – HF Verwoerd
PEA Portuguese East Africa
PWA Portuguese West Africa
PAAN Positive African-American Network
PTAESA Preferential Trade Area of East and Southern Africa
PCSA Presbyterian Church of South Africa
PCSA Presbyterian Church of Southern Africa
PA Pride Africa
PAGMK Primary African Green Monkey Kidney Cell
PMSA Print Media South Africa
PHASA Professional Hunters Association of South Africa
PAAS Program in African American Studies
PCTA Programa Contra la Tripanosomiasis Africana
PMDA Programme for Museum Development in Africa
PSA Proudly South African
PHASA Public Health Association of South Africa
PRISA Public Relations Institute of Southern Africa
PASA Publishers’ Association of South Africa
PVPA Pumps, Valves & Pipes Africa
RPA Radio Publique Africaine
RRIA Radio Rhino International Africa
RDA Rassemblement Democratique Africain
RAO Recent African Origin
RECSKASA Recreational and Commercial Sea Kayaking Association of South Africa
RAME Region Africa Middle East
RAIN Regional Agricultural Information Network of Eastern Africa
REBIA Regional Educational Building Institute for Africa
RERA Regional Electricity Regulatory Association of Southern Africa
RIAA Regional Implementation Annex for Africa
AFRO Regional Office for Africa
ROA Regional Office for Africa
ROEA Regional Office for Eastern Africa
ROWA Regional Office for West Africa
RNA Republic of New Africa
RSA Republic of South Africa
RCA Republique Centrafricaine
RALL Research in African Languages and Linguistics
RAB Réseau Africain de Biosciences
RADI Réseau Africain pour le Développpement Integré
RBSA Reserve Bank of South Africa
ROA Rest of Africa
RASA Restaurant Association of South Africa
ROAPE Review of African Political Economy
RARE Revue Africaine de Recherche en Education
RAR Rhodesian African Rifles
RCB Richards Bay, South Africa – Richards Bay
RAS Royal African Society
RMCA Royal Museum for Central Africa
SBAF Safe Blood for Africa Foundation
SSFA Safe Skies for Africa Initiative
SBAHFS Santa Barbara African Heritage Film Series
SIAS Scandinavian Institute of African Studies
SWAL Scandinavian West Africa Line
SOAS School of Oriental and African Studies
SEACAM Secretariat for Eastern African Coastal Area Management
SASA Security Association of South Africa
SHAPE Self-Help for African People through Education
SHARE Services for the Health in Asia & Africa Regions
SIVAGM Simian Immunodeficiency Virus from African Green Monkeys
SEA Société d’Entomologie Africaine
SOA Societe Occidentale Africaine
SSEA Société Suisse des Études Africaines
SEMDSA Society for Endocrinology, Metabolism and Diabetes of South Africa
SAAPHI Society for the Analysis of African-American Public Health Issues
SWAAN Society for Women and AIDS in Africa, Nigeria
SMA Society of African Missions
SAPAM Society of African Physicists and Mathematicians
SESSA Solar Energy Society of Southern Africa
STASA Solutions Technology Alliance of South Africa
SAMO Somali African Muki Organisation
SWAG Something We Africans Got
STARFIRE South Africa
SF South Africa
ZA South Africa
ZAMBIA South Africa
ZAF South Africa
SA South Africa
SABU South Africa Bisley Union
SADF South Africa Development Fund
SAFS South Africa Fact Sheet
SAGES South Africa Gastroenterology Society
SAGAG South Africa Grantmakers Affinity Group
SAIO South Africa Initiatives Office
SANL South Africa National Library
SANTED South Africa Norway Tertiary Education Development
SAOF South Africa Orienteering Federation
SAPO South Africa Post Office
SASSDA South Africa Stainless Steel Development Association
SASOL South Africa Synthetic Oil Liquid
SATZ South Africa Tanzania
SATC South Africa Truth Commission
SAFE South Africa, Far East
SAAE South African Academy of Engineering
SAAU South African Agricultural Union
SAAF South African Air Force
SA South African Airways
SAA South African Airways
SAAT South African Airways Technical
SAAPSA South African Alliance for the Prevention of Substance Abuse
SAAI South African Arts International
SAAV South African Assault Vest
SAAG South African Association for Geotechnology
SAJE South African Association for Jazz Education
SAAB South African Association of Biokinetics
SAAB South African Association of Botanists
SAAI South African Association of Indiana
SAAO South African Astronomical Observatory
SABA South African Barbecue Association
SABTACO South African Black Technical and Allied Careers Organisation
SABYO South African Blind Youth Organisation
SABJE South African Board of Jewish Education
SABDC South African Book Development Council
SABI South African Breweries International
SAB South African Breweries PLC
SABC South African Broadcasting Corporation
SABS South African Bureau of Standards
SABW South African Bush War
SACSS South African Central Statistics Office
SACB South African Chamber of Banking
SACAR South African Chapter of the African Renaissance
SACEC South African Chemical Engineering Congress
SACS South African Chemometrics Society
SACN South African Cities Network
SACAA South African Civil Aviation Authority
SACAN South African Climate Action Network
SACCAWU South African Commercial, Catering and Allied Workers’ Union
SACS South African Committee for Stratigraphy
SACP South African Communist Party
SACJ South African Computer Journal
SACOL South African Confederation of Labour
SACAM South African Conference on Computational and Applied Mechanics
SACC South African Constitutional Court
SACG South African Consulate General
SACD South African Container Depots
SACEC South African Cosmetic Export Council
SACNASP South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions
SACSSP South African Council for Social Service Profession
SACQSP South African Council for the Quantity Surveying Profession
SACTRP South African Council for Town and Regional Planners
SACC South African Council of Churches
SANCA South African Council on Alcoholism
SADF South African Defence Force
SADA South African Dental Association
SADEPA South African Development Education Practitioners Association
SADB South African Diamond Board
SAEON South African Environmental Observation Network
SAEF South African Excellence Foundation
SAEPC South African Export Promotion Council
SAFMA South African Facilities Management Association
SAFM South African Farm Management
SAFC South African Federation of Civil Engineering Contractors
SAFNETU South African Federation of Non-European Trade Unions
SAFA South African Football Association
SAFX South African Forex Traders
SAFA South African Freedom Alliance
SAFARI South African Fundamental Atomic Research Installation
SAGR South African Gastroenterology Review
SAGI South African Geomatics Institute
SAGA South African Geophysical Association
SAGO South African Group in Oman
SAHR South African Health Review
SAHRA South African Heritage Resources Agency
SAHC South African High Commission
SAHS South African Historical Society
SAHO South African History Online
SAHCA South African Hobie Class Association
SAHRC South African Human Rights Commission
SAIHA South African Ice Hockey Association
SAIC South African Indian Congress
SAI South African Infantry
SAIAE South African Institute of Agricultural Engineers
SAIA South African Institute of Architects
SAICA South African Institute of Chartered Accountants
SAICE South African Institute of Chemical Engineering
SAICE South African Institute of Civil Engineers
SAIDI South African Institute of Driving Instructors
SAIEH South African Institute of Environmental Health
SAIH South African Institute of Hypnotherapy
SAIIPL South African Institute of Intellectual Property Law
SAIIA South African Institute of International Affairs
SAIPA South African Institute of Professional Accountants
SAIRR South African Institute of Race Relations
SAIS South African Institute of Security
SAICE South African Institution of Civil Engineering
SAIS South African Intelligence Service
SAITEX South African International Trade Exhibition
SAI South African Internet
SAJBD South African Jewish Board of Deputies
SAJBM South African Journal of Business Management
SAJE South African Journal of Economics
SAJE South African Journal of Education
SALB South African Labour Bulletin
SALI South African Landscape Institute
SALT South African Large Telescope
SALR South African Law Reports
SALB South African Library for the Blind
SALS South African Logopedic Society
SALSA South African Longboard Surfing Association
SAMSA South African Maritime Safety Authority
SAMO South African Mathematics Olympiad
SAMA South African Medical Association
SAMJ South African Medical Journal
SAMIF South African Meetings Industry Federation
SAMDA South African Mining Development Association
SAMWU South African Municipal Workers’ Union
SAMA South African Music Awards
SAMPA South African Music Promoters Association
SAMQC South African Music Quota Coalition
SAMW South African Music Week
SANI South African Nanotechnology Initiative
SANAI South African National Academy of Intelligence
SANAS South African National Accreditation System
SANAC South African National AIDS Council
SANAPS South African National Antarctic Programme
SANBS South African National Blood Service
SANC South African National Committee
SANCA South African National Council on Alcoholism
SANDF South African National Defence Force
SANLI South African National Literacy Initiative
SANPES South African National Parks
SANP South African National Parks
SANRAL South African National Roads Agency Limited
SANSA South African National Survey of Arachnida
SANTA South African National Tuberculosis Association
SANW South African National Wine Show
SANAC South African Native Affairs Commission
SANC South African Native Congress
SANNC South African Native National Congress
SANT South African Native Trust
SANHP South African Natural Heritage Programme
SAN South African Navy
SANSA South African Network of Skills Abroad
SANTSEP South African Network of Trauma Service Providers
SANE South African New Economics Network
SANROC South African Non-Racial Olympic Committee
SANC South African Nursing Council
SAOM South African Observer Mission
SAOC South African Oncology Consortium
SAOC South African Orchid Council
SAOPA South African Orthotic and Prosthetic Association
SAPRA South African Pagan Rights Alliance
SAPER South African Party
SAP South African Party
SAPV South African Passiflora Virus
SAPI South African Personality Inventory
SAPIA South African Petroleum Industry Association
SAPC South African Pharmacy Council
SAPA South African Pigeon Association
SAPER South African Police
SAP South African Police
SAPF South African Police Force
SAPS South African Police Service
SAPU South African Police Union
SAPY South African Polypropylene Yarns
SAPO South African Post Office
SAPA South African Press Association
SAPICS South African Production and Inventory Control Society
SAPOA South African Property Owners Association
SAPL South African Public Libraries
SAPPI South African Pulp and Paper Industries
SAQA South African Qualifications Authority
SARPS South African Radiation Protection Society
SARL South African Radio League
SARP South African Railway Police
SAR South African Railways
ROUTER South African Rand
R South African Rand
SARMA South African Ready-Mix Association
SARRAL South African Recording Rights Association Limited
SARM South African Reference Materials
SAFARI South African Regional Science Initiative
SAR South African Republic
SARIMA South African Research and Innovation Management Association
SARB South African Reserve Bank
SARS South African Revenue Service
SARA South African Reward Association
SARAA South African Rheumatism and Arthritis Association
SARIMA South African Risk and Insurance Management Association
SARF South African Road Federation
SARU South African Rugby Union
SASN South African Schools Netball
SASS South African Secret Service
SASHA South African Sexual Health Association
SASKA South African Shotokan Karate Academy
SASL South African Sign Language
SASF South African Soccer Federation
SASAS South African Social Attitudes Survey
SASIX South African Social Investment Exchange
SASSA South African Social Security Agency
SASAS South African Society for Animal Science
SASAS South African Society for Atmospheric Sciences
SASM South African Society for Microbiology
SASQ South African Society for Quality
SASA South African Society of Anaesthesiologists
SASA South African Society of Artists
SASBO South African Society of Bank Officials
SASC South African Society of Cinematographers
SASJ South African Society of Journalists
SASMO South African Society of Medical Oncology
SASNM South African Society of Nuclear Medicine
SASOP South African Society of Psychiatrists
SASTT South African Society of Trenchless Technology
SASF South African Special Forces
SASS South African Spectroscopic Society
SASCOC South African Sports Commission and Olympic Committee
SASCOC South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee
SAST South African Standard Time
SASA South African Statistical Association
SASBLIA South African Stud Book and Livestock Improvement Association
SASCO South African Students Congress
SASM South African Students Movement
SASO South African Students’ Organisation
SASA South African Sugar Association
SASTA South African Sugar Technologists’ Association
SASSI South African Sustainable Seafood Initiative
SATU South African Teachers Union
SATNAC South African Telecommunications Networks and Applications Conference
SATRA South African Telecommunications Regulatory Authority
STIAL South African Test, Identify and Link
SATS South African Theological Seminary
SATFG South African Tibet Friendship Group
SATCC South African Touring Car Championships
SATI South African Tourism Institute
SATUC South African Trade Union Council
SATI South African Translators Institute
SATS South African Transport Services
SATRC South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission
SATF South African Tug-of-War Federation
SAUJ South African Union of Journalists
SAVP South African Vaccine Producers
SAVRALA South African Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association
SAVA South African Veterinary Association
SAVC South African Veterinary Council
SAVF South African Veterinary Foundation
SAVAS South African Virtual Aviation Services
SAVI South African Volatility Index
SAWQG South African Water Quality Guidelines
SAWB South African Weather Bureau
SAWS South African Weather Service
SAWP South African Well Project
SAWB South African Wine & Brandy
SAWW South African Women for Women
SAWU South African Workers Union
SAZF South African Zionist Federation
SAAO South African-American Organization
SAAV South Africans for the Abolition of Vivisection
SCAATCN South Carolina African-American Tobacco Control Network
SEACAT South East African Combination Anti-Malarial Therapy Evaluation
SPI South Panafrican International
SWABC South West African Broadcasting Corporation
SWANU South West African National Union
SWANLA South West African Native Labour Association
SWAPO South West African People’s Organization
SWASS South West African Scientific Society
SAARC Southern Africa Alliance of Reformed Churches
SABF Southern Africa Business Forum
SADEC Southern Africa Development and Educational Centre
SAFOD Southern Africa Federation of the Disabled
SAMSA Southern Africa Mathematical Sciences Association
SARCOF Southern Africa Regional Climate Outlook Forum
SARO Southern Africa Regional Office
SASDP Southern Africa Soccer Development Program
SASU Southern Africa Students Union
SATAC Southern Africa Technical Advisory Committee
SATSA Southern Africa Tourism Services Association
SATCC Southern Africa Transport and Communications Commission
SATI Southern Africa Transport Investment
SAAI Southern African Acoustics Institute
SAAM Southern African Adventure Motorcycling Association
SAD Southern African AIDS Trust
SAAE Southern African American English
SAALA Southern African Applied Linguistics Association
SAAIR Southern African Association for Institutional Research
SAATP Southern African Association of Tourism Professionals
SABITA Southern African Bitumen Association
SABDA Southern African Book Dealers Association
SABA Southern African Broadcasting Association
SACU Southern African Customs Union
SADSEM Southern African Defence and Security Management
SADC Southern African Development Community
SADEC Southern African Development Community
SADCC Southern African Development Coordination Conference
SAEN Southern African Enterprise Network
SAFTA Southern African Fair Trade Access
SAFARI Southern African Fire Atmosphere Research Initiative
SAGL Southern African Grain Laboratory
SAJIC Southern African Journal of Information and Communication
SALT Southern African Large Telescope
SAPIA Southern African Plant Invaders Atlas
SAPOA Southern African Postal Operators Association
SAPIC Southern African Power Industry Convention
SASF Southern African Social Forum
SASP Southern African Student Program
SASUSG Southern African Sustainable Use Specialist Group
SATNAC Southern African Telecommunications Networks and Applications Conference
SATFD Southern African Trout and Flyfishing Directory
SAVVA Southern African Veteran and Vintage Association
SAVA Southern African Vexillological Association
SAWMA Southern African Wildlife Management Association
SEA Southern and Eastern Africa
SEAPREN Southern and Eastern Africa Policy Research Network
SPATS Southern Part of Africa Tonsorial Singers
SAF Southern, Central and Eastern Africa
SAFCOM Southern, Central and Eastern Africa Regional Committee for START
SPAI Spain, Portugal, Africa, Israel
ME Spanish North Africa
SSISA Sports Science Institute of South Africa
SBSA Standard Bank of South Africa
SIFMA Standard Infrastructure Fund Managers Africa Limited
SSAE Standard South African English
SPESSA Statistical Profile of Education in Sub-Saharan Africa
SSA Statistics South Africa
SEIFSA Steel and Engineering Industries Federation of South Africa
SFFA Stichting Funds for Africa
SCARDA Strengthening Capacity for Agricultural Research and Development in Africa
SAAB Student African American Brotherhood
SUSAN Sub Saharan African Network
SSA Sub-Saharan Africa
SAOC Sub-Saharan Africa Orientation Course
SSAC Sub-Saharan African Country
SAPACCY Substance Abuse Program for African Canadian and Caribbean Youth
SANU Sudan African National Union
SAGA Support for African/Asian Great Apes
SEEDA Supporting Entrepreneurs and Enterprise Development in Africa
SWAL Survey of West African Languages Survey
SESSA Sustainable Energy Society of Southern Africa
SECAM Symposium of the Episcopal Conferences of Africa and Madagascar
TANU Tanganyika African National Union
TFEA Task Force East Africa
TASA Taxidermists Association of Southern Africa
TESSA Teacher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa
TSA Technikon Southern Africa
TEIA Tertiary Education in Africa
TADIA The African Diaspora in Asia
TAFF The African Families Foundation
TEBA The Employment Bureau of Africa
TEBA The Enterprise Bank of Africa
TIASA Thermal Insulation Association of South Africa
TIA This Is Africa
TAG Timneh African Gray
TPLAC Tin Pot Little African Country
TPLAC Tin-Pot Little African Country
TICAD Tokyo International Conference on African Development
TAVS Toronto African Violet Society
TACA Trade Advisory Committee on Africa
TUCSA Trade Union Congress of South Africa
TUCSA Trade Union Council of South Africa
TALK Transfer of African Language Knowledge
TAFA Transvaal African Football Association
TASA Tulane African Student Association
USPA União Sindical Pan-Africana
UAG Union Africaine de Gymnastique
UAPS Union for African Population Studies
UAA Union of African Architects
UAR Union of African Railways
UJWSA Union of Jewish Women of South Africa
USA Union of South Africa
UPADS Union Panafricaine pour la Démocratie Sociale
UAC United Africa Company
UAC United African Company
UAAS United African-American Society
UAFA United Artists for Africa
UBA United Bank for Africa Plc
UCBSA United Cricket Board of South Africa
UELCSA United Evangelical Lutheran Church in Southern Africa
UKISA United Kingdom Ireland and Southern Africa
UKSATA United Kingdom-South Africa Trade Association
UNAMID United Nations – African Union Mission in Darfur
UNAFRI United Nations African Institute for Prevention of Crime and Treatment of Offenders
UNECA United Nations Economic Commission for Africa
UNPAAERD United Nations Program of Action for African Economic Recovery and Development
UNTACDA United Nations Transport and Communications Decade in Africa
UPAL United Plantation Africa Ltd.
USANP United South African National Party
USAN United States African Network
USAF United States of Africa
USA United States of Africa
USSA United States of South Africa
UPCSA Uniting Presbyterian Church in Southern Africa
URCSA Uniting Reformed Church in Southern Africa
USAASA Universal Service and Access Agency of South Africa
UMCA Universities’ Mission to Central Africa
UNISA University of South Africa
USSAS University Scholarships for South African Students
USARF University Students’ African Revolutionary Front
UTN Upington, South Africa – Municipal
VESA Vehicle Security Association of South Africa
VASA Vending Association of South Africa
VFWA Vestergaard Frandsen West Africa
VISTA Vietnam, Indonesia, South Africa, Turkey and Argentina
VANSA Visual Arts Network of South Africa
VOA Voice of Africa
VOSESA Volunteer and Service Enquiry Southern Africa
WSSA Water and Sanitation Services South Africa
WEMA Water Efficient Maize for Africa
WISA Water Institute of Southern Africa
WADE Water Resources Assessment Using SAR in Desert and Arid Lands in West African Ecosystems
WSA Water Solutions for Africa, Inc.
WSSA Watercolour Society of South Africa
WISI Web & IT Solutions International (South Africa)
WACA Wellingborough African-Caribbean Association
WAFR West Africa
WAAF West Africa AIDS Foundation
WABA West Africa Business Association
WACLIM West Africa Climate Data Service
WACAP West Africa Cocoa/Commercial Agriculture Project
WADR West Africa Democracy Radio
WAE West Africa Energy, Inc
WAEC West Africa Examination Council
WAGI West Africa Gold, Inc.
WAGF West Africa Growth Fund
WAIF West Africa Investment Forum
WALTPS West Africa Long Term Perspective Study
WANEP West Africa Network for Peacebuilding
WAN West Africa Nigeria
WAPP West Africa Parliaments Programme
WAPI West Africa Peacebuilding Institute
WAPP West Africa Pesticide Programs
WAPPP West Africa Pilot Pastoral Perimeter
WARO West Africa Regional Office
WARIS West Africa Rice Information System
WARD West Africa Rural Development Project
WATRA West Africa Telecommunications Regulators Association
WAT West Africa Time
WAWI West Africa Water Initiative
WAWA West Africa Wins Again
WAWG West Africa Working Group
WZ West African Airlines
WSF West African Airlines, Benin
WAAC West African Airways Corporation
WABA West African Bankers’ Association
WABWS West African Biotechnology Workshops
WABW West African Biotechnology Workshops
WACB West African Central Bank
WACSN West African Children Support Network
WACL West African Children’s Lifeline
WACN West African College of Nursing
WACP West African College of Physicians
WACM West African Crystalline Maculopathy
WACB West African Currency Board
WADB West African Development Bank
WAD West African Diamonds PLC
WADG West African Dwarf Goat
WAEMU West African Economic and Monetary Union
WAEZ West African Economic Zone
WAEN West African Enterprise Network
WAEC West African Examinations Council
WAFSRN West African Farming Systems Research Network
WAFU West African Football Union
WAFL West African Fraud Letter
WAGP West African Gas Pipeline
WAGI West African Glass Industry PLC
WAHC West African Health Community
WAHI West African Health Initiatives
WAHO West African Health Organisation
WAICA West African Insurance Companies Association
WAJM West African Journal of Medicine
WAJA West African Journalists Association
WALC West African Land Committee
WALC West African Languages Congress
WALS West African Languages Survey
WALA West African Library Association
WALS West African Linguistic Society
WAMM West African Mercy Ministries
WAMA West African Monetary Agency
WAMI West African Monetary Institute
WAMU West African Monetary Union
WAMZ West African Monetary Zone
WAMI West African Monitoring Institution
WAMZ West African Monitory Zone
WAME West African Monsoon Experiment
WAMEX West African Monsoon Experiment
WAMP West African Museums Programme
WAPP West African Power Pool
WARTZ West African Republic of Trans-Ztumsia
WARA West African Research Association
WARC West African Research Center
WASC West African School Certificate
WASA West African Science Association
WASH West African Short Horn
WASP West African Stabilization Program
WASU West African Students’ Union
WATAC West African Technical Advisory Committee
WATH West African Trade Hub
WAUM West African Union Mission
WAUG West African University Games
WAYI West African Youth Initiative
WAYN West African Youth Network
WECA West and Central Africa
WACAF West and Central Africa
WANA West Asia and North Africa
WANANET West Asia and North Africa Plant Genetic Resources Network
WAME Westcon Africa and Middle East
WCA Western and Central Africa
WCAR Western and Central Africa Region
WCSA Western Cape South Africa
WESSA Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa
WWISA Willing Workers in South Africa
WOSA Wines of South Africa
WLEA Women and Law in East Africa
WLSA Women and Law in Southern Africa
WAAD Women in Africa and African Diaspora
WIFTSA Women in Film and Television South Africa
WILDAF Women in Law and Development in Africa
WLDA Women in Law and Development in Africa
WGSA Women’s Golf South Africa
WPSA Workers Party of South Africa
WAAW Working to Advance African Women Foundation
WAFBU World Africa Business
WACC World Africa Chamber of Commerce
WADU World African Diaspora Union
WHSA World Hope South Africa
WILMA World Institute for Leadership and Management in Africa
WAIH Worldwide African Investment Holdings
YAAAMS Young African-Americans Against Media Stereotypes
ZAS Zambia African Safari
ZANU Zimbabwe African National Union
ZANU-PF Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front
ZAPU Zimbabwe African People’s Union
ZEMA Zion Evangelical Ministries of Africa

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