Agency Abbreviations

Agencies are networks of forces that influence our behavior. An agency is the interplay of – sometimes presumed supernatural – forces that address players metaphorically and lead to self-regulatory processes with instrumental group pressure. An agency is the ‘we factor’ that ensures, for example, team spirit and group mentality.

Although many people think that they voluntarily stay within the limits of the prevailing rules, there are always supernatural agencies that influence our behavior. Such an agency manages elementary rules of conduct and thus exercises authority.

An agency is ‘that which acts indirectly’ and people hold each other accountable. It is always about the shared intention of: ‘that’s just how we do it’, ‘that is our ritual’ or ‘enough, rebellion!’ Cultural agencies also lead to goal-oriented principles such as fair play and direct the inconsistencies such as lying and cheating. Agencies sometimes flow seamlessly into Higher Powers and then lead to habits and routines that support identities.

New agencies arise through the power of a meaningful story. Examples are MeToo, BLM and good ancestry to protect Mother Earth. Sometimes an agency gets in the way of people. Like the myth that homosexuality is a treatable condition. In summary: agencies are mental constructions with mediating functions. They are of fundamental significance to individuals, groups of people and cultures.



List of Acronyms Related to Agency

AKA A King Agency
ADSA Abu Dhabi Shipping Agency
ANACI Access National Agency Check and Inquiries
APA Acolyte Protection Agency
ASCA Addiction Support and Care Agency
APA Adirondack Park Agency
AA Administering Agency
ASIST Adolescent Support Interagency Service Team
ASIA Adoption Service Information Agency, Inc.
ASIA Adoption Services Information Agency
ABMDA Advanced Ballistic Missile Defence Agency
ACADEMA Advanced Computer Aided Design Engineering & Manufacturing Agency
ARDA Advanced Research and Development Agency
AOSS Advanced Research Project Agency Optical System Study
ARPA-E Advanced Research Project Agency-Energy
ARPA Advanced Research Projects Agency
ARPAN Advanced Research Projects Agency Network
ARPANET Advanced Research Projects Agency Network
ADRA Adventist Development and Relief Agency
AA Advertising Agency
AANI Advertising Agency Network International
ASA Advertising Standards Agency
ADA Aeronautical Development Agency
AC2A Aerospace Command and Control Agency
AFAA Afghanistan Assistance Agency
AISA Afghanistan Investment Support Agency
AASA African Aeronautics and Space Agency
AAAA African American Adoption Agency
ADIFA African Digital Initiatives and Financing Agency
AMA African Muslim Agency
ARWA African Relief & Welfare Agency
AHDA African-Hebrew Development Agency
AKAM Aga Khan Agency for Microfinance
AGIES Agency
A Agency
AGY Agency
ATM Agency & Transaction Management
AAE Agency Acquisition Executive
AAC Agency Advisory Council
AAMS Agency Asset Management System
ALPHABET Agency Billing Contract
ABC Agency Billing Contract
ABRS Agency Board Referral Service
ALPHABET Agency Bureau Code
ABC Agency Bureau Code
ACP Agency Capital Plan
ACTS Agency Check Tracking System
ACCOUNT Agency Coalition For Caribbean Tourism
ACCOUNTANT Agency Coalition for Caribbean Tourism
ACCT Agency Coalition for Caribbean Tourism
ACE Agency Communication Exchange
ACES Agency Communication Exchange System
ACR Agency Compliance Review
ACS Agency Computer Systems, Inc.
ACR Agency Confirmation Agreement
ACCOUNT Agency Council On Coordinated Transportation
ACCOUNTANT Agency Council on Coordinated Transportation
ACCT Agency Council on Coordinated Transportation
ACM Agency Credit Memo
ADM Agency Debit Memo
ADAP Agency Disaster Assistance Program
ADN Agency Disclosure Notice
AEC Agency Emergency Coordinator
AFC Agency Field Consultant
AFE Agency Field Executive
AFO Agency Field Office
AFS Agency Field Specialist
AFSS Agency Field Staff Support
AFS Agency Filing Scheme
AFRS Agency Financial Reporting System
AGAUR Agency for Administration of University and Research Grants
AARD Agency for Agricultural Research and Development
ACD Agency for Child Development
ACLDS Agency for Christian Literature Development
ACLD Agency for Christian Literature Development
AFCE Agency for Community Empowerment
ACRO Agency for Consultation and Research in Oceanography
ACSA Agency for Consultations and Studies in Agriculture
ACSA Agency for Consulting and Schooling in Agriculture
ACAX Agency for Contemporary Art Exchange
ACORD Agency for Cooperation and Research in Development
ACIH Agency for Cooperation in International Health
ACED Agency for Cooperation, Education and Development
AMTA Agency for Coordinating Mekong Tourism Activities
ACCOUNTANT Agency for Cultural & Technical Cooperation
ACCT Agency for Cultural & Technical Cooperation
ACA Agency for Cultural Affairs
ACCOUNT Agency For Cultural Technical Cooperation
ACCOUNTANT Agency For Cultural Technical Cooperation
ACCT Agency For Cultural Technical Cooperation
AESD Agency for Economy and Space Development
AEIT Agency for Enterprise Information Technology
AFFL Agency For Foreign Languages
AHCA Agency for Health Care Administration
AHCPR Agency for Health Care Policy and Research
AHQR Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research
AHRQ Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
AHDA Agency for Human Development in Afghanistan
AIT Agency for Instructional Technology
AFID Agency for International Development
AGID Agency for International Development
AID Agency for International Development
ALDI Agency for Local Development Initiatives
ANIS Agency for Nuclear and Industrial Safety
APSO Agency for Personal Service Overseas
APD Agency for Persons with Disabilities
AQSIQ Agency for Quality Supervision Inspection and Quarantine
AARH Agency for Rental Housing Administration
ASA Agency for Social Analyses
BPPT Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology, Indonesia
ACER Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators
ALDL Agency for the Legal Deposit Libraries
ATSR Agency for Toxic Substance Registry
ATSDR Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
AWI Agency for Workforce Innovation
AGS Agency Grievance System
AIC Agency Infocenter
AIMS Agency Information Management System
AIP Agency Investigation Panel
AL Agency Liaison
ALO Agency Liaison Officer
ALC Agency Location Code
ALC Agency Logistics Center
AMRG Agency Management Resource Group
AMS Agency Management Software
AMS Agency Management System
AMDG Agency Medical Directors’ Group
AMETL Agency Mission Essential Task List
AMET Agency Mission Essential Tasks
ANJ Agency New Jersey
AAFM Agency of Agriculture Food and Markets
ACCD Agency of Commerce and Community Development
AEC Agency of Environmental Conservation
AOEM Agency of Extraordinary Mates
AGS Agency of Global Security
AIST Agency of Industrial Science and Technology
ANR Agency of Natural Resources
ANRE Agency of Natural Resources and Energy
AOJ Agency of Original Jurisdiction
AOR Agency Of Record
AOT Agency of Transportation
AOBH Agency Operated Boarding Home
AOPC Agency Organization Program Coordinator
APPENDIX Agency Peculiar Property
APP Agency Peculiar Property
APM Agency Procedures Manual
APR Agency Procurement Request
APC Agency Program Coordinator
APMC Agency Program Management Council
ARCHIVE Agency Ranking Committee
ARC Agency Ranking Committee
ARS Agency Rating Systems Inc
AR Agency Resources
ARD Agency Resources Department
ARM Agency Resources Manager
ARMICS Agency Risk Management and Internal Control Standards
ASI Agency Safety Initiative
AGSM Agency Sales Magazine
ASI Agency Selection Inventory
ASRN Agency Service Request Number
ARSENIC Agency Services
AUSTRALIA Agency Services
ASSIGNED Agency Services
AS Agency Services
ASM Agency Spread Matrix
ASSEMBLY Agency Spread Matrix
ASW Agency Supplied Worker
ASC Agency Support Central
AST Agency Support Team
ATFERM Agency Task Force on Environmental Regulatory Modeling
ATR Agency Technical Representative
ATR Agency Technical Review
ATTS Agency Technology Transfer Staff
ATR Agency Telecommunications Representative
ATR Agency Telecommunications Request
ATO Agency Tender Official
ATU Agency Terminal Unit
APE Agency to Prevent Evil
ATS Agency Training System
AUI Agency Underwriting Information
AWS Agency Walker Services
AWS Agency Work Station
A-OPC Agency/Organization Program Coordinator
ADAMS Agencywide Documents Access and Management System
AARD Agricultural Agency for Research and Development
APEDA Agricultural Produce Export Development Agency
ATMA Agriculture Technology Management Agency
AAC Air Agency Certificate
AFAMS Air Force Agency for Modeling and Simulation
AFAA Air Force Audit Agency
AFCESA Air Force Civil Engineer Support Agency
AFC4A Air Force Command, Computer, Control, Communication Agency
AFCA Air Force Communications Agency
AFFSA Air Force Flight Standards Agency
AFFMA Air Force Frequency Management Agency
AFIA Air Force Inspection Agency
AFIA Air Force Intelligence Agency
AFISA Air Force Intelligence Support Agency
AFLSA Air Force Legal Services Agency
AFMA Air Force Manpower Agency
AFNSEPA Air Force National Security Emergency Preparedness Agency
AFPCA Air Force Pentagon Communication Agency
AFPOA Air Force Personnel Operations Agency
AFRPA Air Force Real Property Agency
AFSA Air Force Safety Agency
AFSPA Air Force Security Police Agency
AFSVA Air Force Services Agency
AFWA Air Force Weather Agency
AFDIS Air Force Weather Agency Dial In Subsystem
AIIRS Air Force Weather Agency Information Ingest and Retrieval System
AIA Air Intelligence Agency
ALFA Air Land Forces Agency
ASCA Air Support Coordination Agency
ACRA Airlift Concepts & Requirements Agency
ASII Akkreditierungsagentur fur Studiengange der Ingenieurwissenschaften und der Informatik (Accreditation Agency for Study Programs in Engineering and Informatics)
AEMA Alabama Emergency Management Agency
ACTA Alameda Corridor Transportation Agency
ACCMA Alameda County Congestion Management Agency
AICC Alaska Interagency Coordination Center
APDA Alaska Public Defender Agency
AGA Albanian Guarantee Agency
ATA Albanian Telegraphic Agency
ACDA Albany Community Development Agency
ALMA Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency
AAA Alien Adoption Agency
AAA Alien Adoption Agency
AWMA Aliso Water Management Agency
AITA All India Travel Agency
ANIDA All Nations International Development Agency
ACSA Alliance Certified Signing Agency
ACCSA Allied Communications & Computer Security Agency
ACSA Allied Communications Security Agency
ADSIA Allied Data Systems Interoperability Agency
ALLA Allied Long-Lines Agency
AMSA Allied Military Security Agency
ANCA Allied Naval Communications Agency
ASAA Allied Supply Accounting Agency
ASIA Allied Systems Interoperability Agency
ATCA Allied Tactical Communications Agency
ATCISA Allied Tactical Communications and Information Systems Agency
ACDA Almaty City Development Agency
AWA Amador Water Agency
ADA American Defense Agency
APSA Ammunition Procurement Supply Agency
AXIS An XMM -Newton International Survey (European Space Agency)
ANGOP Angola Press Agency
ANAP Angolan National Agency Press
AVSTA Antelope Valley Schools Transportation Agency
ACA Anti-Corruption Agency
AASC Appalachian Agency for Senior Citizens
AFBA Appropriate Federal Banking Agency
AAA Area Agency on Aging
AAOA Area Agency on Aging
AAAD Area Agency on Aging & Disability
AAATC Area Agency on Aging of Tarrant County
AEA Area Education Agency
ABRA Argentine Bond Restructuring Agency plc
ARRA Arizona Radiation Regulatory Agency
AHDA Arkansas Housing Development Agency
ARORA Arkansas Regional Organ Recovery Agency
AFSA Armed Forces Security Agency
ASESA Armed Services Electro Standard Agency
ASSA Armed Services Security Agency
ACDA Arms Control and Disarmament Agency
AAESA Army Acquisition Executive Support Agency
AAA Army Audit Agency
ABMA Army Ballistic Missile Agency
ACSA Army Communications Satellite Agency
ACAA Army Concept Analysis Agency
ACA Army Contracting Agency
ADEA Army Development & Employment Agency
ADEA Army Developmental Employment Agency
AIA Army Intelligence Agency
AMRA Army Materials Research Agency
AMSAA Army Materiel Systems Analysis Agency
AOTEA Army Operational Test & Evaluation Agency
APA Army Procurement Agency
ATRA Army Recruiting and Training Agency
ARPA Army Research Projects Agency
ARCCA Army Reserve Centralized Credential Agency
ARBA Army Review Boards Agency
ARGMA Army Rocket and Guided Missile Agency
ASA Army Security Agency
ASA Army Space Agency
AAAA Aroostook Area Agency on Aging
AHCA Aroostook Home Care Agency
AAAA Arrowhead Area Agency on Aging
APEDA Arunachal Pradesh Energy Development Agency
APNA Asia Pacific News Agency
APUA Asia Pacific Underwriting Agency
AHA Assessment of Human Agency
ARA Asset Recovery Agency
ARA Assigned Responsible Agency
AOA Assist Other Agency
AGA Associate Government Agency
AIAA Associate Insurance Agency Administration
ANA Athens News Agency
ACOA Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency
AEA Atomic Energy Agency
ATA Auckland Transition Agency
AAET Australian Agency for Education and Training
AUSAID Australian Agency for International Development
AHPRA Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency
ANCA Australian Nature Conservation Agency
ASDA Australian Sports Drug Agency
ARPA Austrian Research Promotion Agency
ASA Austrian Space Agency
AIA Authorized Inspection Agency
ALMSA Automated Logistics Management Systems Agency
AGA Autonomous Government Agency
ACDA Aviation Combat Development Agency
ANAMA Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action
BMA Bahrain Monetary Agency
BEPA Balochistan Environmental Protection Agency
BRSA Banking Regulatory and Supervision Agency
BIREA Barcelona International Real Estate Agency
BCCA Base Camp Coordination Agency
BCRA Beach Community Redevelopment Agency
BURA Bend Urban Renewal Agency
BNCA Bhutan Narcotic Control Agency
BDA Big Dumb Agency
BEPA Bike-Commuters of the Environmental Protection Agency
BBCA Biotechnology and Biological Control Agency
BRTA Black Rock Travel Agency
BCAP BMD CRD (Capstone Requirements Document) Analysis Plan (Missile Defense Agency)
BIFC Boise Interagency Fire Center
BISA Bonding and Insurance Specialists Agency
BIA Border & Immigration Agency
BRA Boston Redevelopment Agency
BDVSA Braintree District Voluntary Support Agency
BAAF British Agency for Adoption and Fostering
BCCA British Columbia Cancer Agency
BECTA British Education Communications Technology Agency
BAA Broad Agency Announcement
BIDS Broad Agency Announcement Information Delivery System
BSIA Brockhall Ship Insurance Agency
BEMA Broward Emergency Management Agency
BURA Buffalo Urban Renewal Agency
BBCA Bulgarian Business Consultant Agency
BDA Bulgarian Drug Agency
BEIA Bulgarian Export Insurance Agency
BFIA Bulgarian Foreign Investment Agency
BICA Bulgarian Investment Consulting Agency Ltd
BTA Bulgarian Telegraph Agency
BMAG Burnage Multi-Agency Group
BICC Burns Interagency Communications Center
BDA Business Development Agency
BACI Business Management, Agency, Comparables & Investments
BMA Business Meeting Agency
BTA Business Transformation Agency
BACHELOR Buyer Agency Commission
BAC Buyer Agency Commission
CEPA California Environmental Protection Agency
CHFA California Housing Finance Agency
CNRA California Natural Resources Agency
CUWA-AG California Urban Water Agency/Agricultural Water Users
CARA Cambodian American Resource Agency
CWDA Cambodian Women’s Development Agency
CBSA Canada Border Services Agency
CCRA Canada Customs and Revenue Agency
CRA Canada Revenue Agency
CBRA Canadian Broadcasters Rights Agency
CCIA Canadian Cattle Identification Agency
CCMA Canadian Chicken Marketing Agency
CEMA Canadian Egg Marketing Agency
CEAA Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency
CEA Canadian Executing Agency
CFIA Canadian Food Inspection Agency
CFHA Canadian Forces Housing Agency
CIDA Canadian International Development Agency
CLIA Canadian Livestock Identification Agency
CMRRA Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Agency
CSA Canadian Space Agency
CESC Canadian Space Agency Engineering Support Center
CALL-TO-ACTION Canadian Transportation Agency
CTA Canadian Transportation Agency
CYSA Cape York Space Agency
CFA Car Forwarding Agency
CJLA Caren Johnson Literary Agency
CDERA Caribbean Disaster Emergency Response Agency
CANA Caribbean News Agency
CAJE Carolina Agency for Jewish Education
CMA Case Management Agency
CNA Caspian News Agency
CAFOD Catholic Agency for Overseas Development
CASC Catholic Agency for Social Concern
CIA Cedartown Insurance Agency
CIA Celestial Intervention Agency
CAJE Central Agency for Jewish Education
CADA Central Asian Development Agency
CCTEA Central California Tristeza Eradication Agency
CCTA Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency
CCTA Central Computing and Telecommunications Agency
CDWA Central Delta Water Agency
CANADA Central Design Agency
CDA Central Design Agency
CEA Central Engineering Agency
CEOA Central European Operating Agency
CFIA Central Florida Information Agency, Inc.
CIAOA Central Illinois Agency on Aging
CIA Central Intelligence Agency
CIAP Central Intelligence Agency program
CIARDS Central Intelligence Agency Retirement and Disability System
CLIA Central Lack of Intelligence Agency
CLEA Central London Estate Agency
CMA Central Meteorological Agency
CNA Central News Agency
COMA Central Ordering & Monitoring Agency
COCAAN Central Oregon Community Action Agency Network
CPPA Central Parts Procurement Agency
CSA Central Services Agency
CSA Central Supply Agency
CALL-TO-ACTION Central Trading Agency
CTA Central Trading Agency
CVHPA Central Virginia Health Planning Agency
CRPA Centre Regional Planning Agency
CPEA Certificate of Practice in Estate Agency
CAPACITY Certification Agency Program
CAP Certification Agency Program
CEPARRRT Certified Enviornmental Protection Agency Refrigerant Recovery, Recycle Technician
CHHA Certified Home Health Agency
CLEA Certified Law Enforcement Agency
CUPA Certified Unified Program Agency
CVAA Champlain Valley Agency on Aging, Inc.
CALL-TO-ACTION Channel & Traffic Control Agency
CTA Channel & Traffic Control Agency
CEMA Charlestown Emergency Management Agency
CIAM Chartered Insurance Agency Manager
CMIA Chase Manhattan Insurance Agency, Inc.
CIWS Chelan Interagency Weather System
CBDA Chemical and Biological Defense Agency
CMA Chemical Materials Agency
CMDA Chemical Materiel Destruction Agency
CPIA Chemical Propulsion Information Agency
CAPCA Chicago Air Pollution Control Agency
CMAP Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning
CGCA Chief Government Chemist Agency
CMDD Chief, Chemical Materiel Destruction Agency Directive
CFSA Child & Family Services Agency
CANADA Child Detection Agency
CDA Child Detection Agency
CPA Child Placement Agency
CSA Child Support Agency
CIPA China Investment Promotion Agency
CMA China Meteorological Agency
CPAA China Performing Arts Agency
CSAA China Shipping Agency
CFCA Christian Family Care Agency
CPDA Christian Partners Development Agency
CAIRS Churches Agency for Inter-Faith Relations in Scotland
CEDA Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency
CPDA City Projects Development Agency
CANADA Civil Defense Agency
CDA Civil Defense Agency
CSA Civil Servants Agency
CAAC Civilian Agency Acquisition Council
CHRA Civilian Human Resources Agency
CLEA civilian law enforcement agency
CPEA Civilian Personnel Evaluation Agency
CSAA Clan Snar Adoption Agency
CTIA Clark-Theders Insurance Agency
CWFA Clean Water Finance Agency
CFA Cognizant Federal Agency
CFAO Cognizant Federal Agency Official
CSA Cognizant Security Agency
CALL-TO-ACTION Cognizant Transportation Agency
CTA Cognizant Transportation Agency
CAMS Collection Agency Management Software
CICH Colorado Interagency Council on Homelessness
CSAA Colorado State Approving Agency
CSPA Colorado Surplus Property Agency
CPA Combat Poverty Agency
CSA Combat Support Agency
CSAAS Combat Support Agency Assessment System
CSADR combat support agency director’s report
CSAR3 combat support agency responsiveness and readiness report
CALA Combined Administrative Liquidating Agency
CAA Combined Arms Agency
CACDA Combined Arms Combat Development Agency
CANADA Combined Development Agency
CDA Combined Development Agency
CCA Command and Control Agency
CCSA Command and Control Support Activity/Agency
COMDCAEUR Commander, Defense Communications Agency Europe
CCIA Commercial Carriers Insurance Agency, Inc.
CCAA Commercial Collection Agency Association
CCRA Commercial Credit Reference Agency
CSM-MCA Committee on Safety of Medicines/Medicines Control Agency
CEETA Communications Electronics Evaluation and Test Agency
CRA Communications Regulatory Agency
CSLA Communications Security Logistics Agency
CARA Community Accommodation and Respite Agency
CAA Community Action Agency
CAABCI Community Action Agency of Butte County, Inc.
CAASNM Community Action Agency of Southern New Mexico
CADET Community Agency for Development Employment and Training
CASS Community Agency School Services
CASA Community Alternative Systems Agency
CIAI Community Insurance Agency, Inc.
CPDA Community Planning and Development Agency
CRA Community Redevelopment Agency
CSBA Community Self Build Agency
CSA Community Services Agency
CSIRA Complex Systems Instability-Response Agency
CVSA Comprehensive Victim Service Agency
CIA Computer Information Agency
CAA Concepts Analysis Agency
CIAG Concorde International Agency Group
CMA Congestion Management Agency
CPRA Congo Protestant Relief Agency
CIRMA Connecticut Interlocal Risk Management Agency
CCIWA Conservation Commission/Inland Wetland Agency
CTSA Consolidated Transit Agency
CTSA Consolidated Transportation Services Agency
CIDA Construction Industry Development Agency
CTSA Consumer and Trading Standards Agency
CFPA Consumer Financial Protection Agency
CPA Consumer Protection Agency
CRA Consumer Reporting Agency
CAL Contract and Agency Labor
CESA Cooperative Educational Service Agency
CLASSER Cooperative Library Agency for Systems and Services
CLASS Cooperative Library Agency for Systems and Services
CIPRIS Coordinated Interagency Partnership Regulating International Students
CTSA Coordinated Transportation Service Agency
CTSA Coordinated Transportation Services Agency
CASE Coordinating Agency for Supplier Evaluation
CPDA Coordination Planning and Development Agency
CAL Copyright Agency Limited
CLA Copyright Licensing Agency
CSA Core Service Agency
CADA Cornwall Alcohol and Drug Agency
CSA Corporate Services Agency
CTLA Corporate Trust and Loan Agency
CIA Cosmic Intelligence Agency
CIRMA Counties of Illinois Risk Management Agency
CWA County Welfare Agency
CAA Creative Artists Agency
CXA Creative Exchange Agency
CPA Creative Progress Agency
CCPA Credit Card Protection Agency
CCA Credit Counseling Agency
CCDMA Credit Counselling and Debt Management Agency
CRA Credit Reference Agency
CRA Credit Reporting Agency
CBDA Crimean Business Development Agency
CCA Croatian Competition Agency
CALL-TO-ACTION Croatian Telecommunications Agency
CTA Croatian Telecommunications Agency
CMIA CUNA Mutual Insurance Agency
CWDA Custom Web Design Agency
CNA Cyprus News Agency
DAAA Dallas Area Agency on Aging
DEMA Danish Emergency Management Agency
DEPA Danish Environmental Protection Agency
DANIDA Danish International Development Agency
DNRA Danish National Railway Agency
DPA Data Processing Agency
DPA Data Protection Agency
DCAAA Dauphin County Area Agency on Aging
DEMA Dauphin Emergency Management Agency
DCARA Deaf Counselling, Advocacy and Referral Agency
DAIS Dealer and Agency Interface System
DCA Debt Collection Agency
DSMA Decision Systems Management Agency
DARA Defence Aviation Repair Agency
DBA Defence Bills Agency
DCSA Defence Communications Services Agency
DDA Defence Diversification Agency
DERA Defence Evaluation and Research Agency
DPA Defence Procurement Agency
DSMA Defence Safety Management Agency
DCSA Defence Secondary Care Agency
DSA Defence Security Agency
DTMA Defence Transport and Movements Agency
DVA Defence Vetting Agency
DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
DAH Defense Agency Head
DAI Defense Agency Initiative
DAO Defense Agency Operations
DASA Defense Atomic Support Agency
DAVA Defense Audiovisual Agency
DAA Defense Auditing Agency
DCPA Defense Civil Preparedness Agency
DCPAS Defense Civil Preparedness Agency
DECA Defense Commissary Agency
DCA Defense Communications Agency
DCAC Defense Communications Agency Circular
DCAEUR Defense Communications Agency Europe
DCAI Defense Communications Agency Instruction
DCAA Defense Contract Administration Agency
DCAA Defense Contract Audit Agency
DCAAI Defense Contract Audit Agency Instruction
DCMA Defense Contract Management Agency
DCMAA Defense Contract Management Agency Atlanta
DCMAE Defense Contract Management Agency East
DCA Defense Contracting Agency
DCA Defense Courier Agency
DISA Defense Information Systems Agency
DISA-IS Defense Information Systems Agency Information System
DISANMOC Defense Information Systems Agency Network Management and Operations Center
DIAMETER Defense Intelligence Agency
DIA Defense Intelligence Agency
DAC Defense Intelligence Agency counterintelligence and security activity (US DoD)
DI Defense Intelligence Agency Directorate for Analysis (US DoD)
DIAFESS Defense Intelligence Agency Front-End Support System
DISA Defense Intelligence Agency Information Systems Architecture
DITC Defense Intelligence Agency Information Technology Commodities
DIAM Defense Intelligence Agency Manual
DIAMETER Defense Intelligence Agency Manual
DIAM Defense Intelligence Agency memorandum
DIAMETER Defense Intelligence Agency memorandum
DIAR Defense Intelligence Agency regulation (US DoD)
DLSA Defense Legal Services Agency
DLA Defense Logistics Agency
DLAD Defense Logistics Agency Directive
DLAM Defense Logistics Agency Manual
DORRA Defense Logistics Agency Office of Operations Research and Resource Analysis
DLAPS Defense Logistics Agency Publishing System
DLAR Defense Logistics Agency Regulation
DMA Defense Mapping Agency
DMAHTC Defense Mapping Agency Hydrographic/Topographic Center
DMAI Defense Mapping Agency Instruction
DMAL Defense Mapping Agency List
DMATC Defense Mapping Agency Topographic Center
DMEA Defense Microelectronics Agency
DNACI Defense National Agency Check With Inquiries
DEPARTMENT Defense Nuclear Agency
DNA Defense Nuclear Agency
DOFA Defense Offset Facilitation Agency
DQAA Defense Quality Assurance Agency
DRA Defense Research Agency
DSCA Defense Security Cooperation Agency
DSA Defense Supply Agency
DSAM Defense Supply Agency Manual
DSMA Defense Supply Management Agency
DTRA Defense Technical Review Agency
DTSA Defense Technical Security Agency
DTRA Defense Threat Reduction Agency
DEMA Delaware Emergency Management Agency
DEDA Delhi Energy Development Agency
DAFA Demining Agency for Afghanistan
DEPARTMENT Denver Newspaper Agency
DNA Denver Newspaper Agency
DARCOMFSA Department of the Army Materiel Development and Readiness Command Field Safety Agency
DATEA Department of the Army TMDE Executive Agency
DAO Department/Agency/Organization
DIAMETER Deposit Insurance Agency
DIA Deposit Insurance Agency
DDAEO Deputy Designated Agency Ethics Official
DIDA Derwentside Industrial Development Agency
DWA Desert Water Agency
DA Design Agency
DRA Design Review Agency
DAEO Designated Agency Ethics Official
DAA Designated Auditing Agency
DMA Designated Maintenance Agency
DAAA Detroit Area Agency on Aging
DEPARTMENT Detroit News Agency
DNA Detroit News Agency
DA Developing Agency
DASI Development Agency for Social Improvement
DFMA Devon Family Mediation Agency
DFSA Diesel Fuel Supply Agency
DDICC Digestive Diseases Interagency Coordinating Committee
DDA Digital Development Agency
DMPA Direct Marketing Production Agency
DCIA Director of the Central Intelligence Agency
DGHDA Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency
DPAA Disabled Persons Accommodation Agency
DSA Disaster Services Agency
DSA Disposal Services Agency
DCA Distribution Control Agency
DCHFA District of Columbia Housing Finance Agency
DCPSA District of Columbia Pretrial Services Agency
DRDA District Rural Development Agency
DSMA District Supply and Marketing Agency
DUDA District Urban Development Agency
DAS Diversified Agency Services
DLAA DL’s Adoption agency
DCAA DoD Contract Audit Agency
DOA Dogbert Outplacement Agency
DCA Domiciliary Care Agency
DTTA Downtown Tulsa Tag Agency
DVLA Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency
DVTA Driver Vehicle Testing Agency
DSA Driving Standards Agency
DEA Drug Enforcement Agency
DNATA Dubai National Airline Travel Agency
DYAC Duluth Youth Agency Coalition
DCCAA Dutchess County Community Action Agency
EEA Earth Environment Agency
EHA Earth Humanitarian Agency
EIA Earth Intelligence Agency
ESA Earth Security Agency
ESEA Earth Space Exploration Agency
EBAC East Bay Agency for Children
EMDA East Midlands Development Agency
EMIFPA East Mountain Interagency Fire Protection Association
EEDA East of England Development Agency
EEFA East of England Faiths Agency
EEIA East of England Investment Agency Ltd.
ETHRA East Tennessee Human Resource Agency, Inc.
ETRA East Tennessee Resource Agency
EAAA Eastern Agency on Aging
EAA Eastern Agency on Aging
EESA Eastern European Service Agency
ENA Eastern News Agency
EMAP Easton Multi-Agency Project
EPSCA Eastside Public Safety Communications Agency
EPA Economic Planning Agency
ERA Economic Regulatory Agency
EIWG Ecosystems Interagency Working Group
EACEA Education Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency
ERA Education Recording Agency
ESA Education Service Agency
ETEA Educational Testing & Evaluation Agency
EEAA Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency
ENA Egyptian News Agency
ECRA Electrical Contractor Registration Agency
ETBA Electrical Trade Bargaining Agency
EPLA Electronics Precedence List Agency
EPA Email Protection Agency
EMA Emergency Management Agency
EMA Emergency Medical Agency
EMRA Emergency Medical Response Agency
EMSA Emergency Medical Services Agency
ESCA Emergency Services Coordinating Agency
ETNA Emerging Technologies Network Agency
ETA Emirate Trading Agency
EEA Employment Equality Agency
ESA Employment Service Agency
EHA Empty Homes Agency
EAGA Energy Action Grants Agency
EAA Energy Assessment Agency
ERDA Energy Research and Development Agency
ENTNAC Entrance National Agency Check
EA Environment Agency
EAD Environment Agency Abu Dhabi
EAJ Environment Agency of Japan
EAAD Environment Agency-Abu Dhabi
EMPA Environmental & Marine Project Management Agency
EDA Environmental Destruction Agency
EHA Environmental Hygiene Agency
EIA Environmental Investigation Agency
EPA Environmental Protection Agency
US-EPA Environmental Protection Agency of the USA
EPEA Environmental Protection Encouragement Agency
ERWDA Environmental Research and Wildlife Development Agency
EIDA Eslonian International Development Agency
EAAB Estate Agency Affairs Board
EAN Estate Agency News
ETPA Estonian Trade Promotion Agency
ENA Ethiopian News Agency
EPA Ethiopian Privatization Agency
ERTA Ethiopian Radio and Television Agency
ESA Euratom Supply Agency
EADSNE European Agency for Development in Special Needs Education
EAR European Agency for Reconstruction
EASHW European Agency for Safety and Health at Work
EMEA European Agency for the Evaluation of Medicinal Products
EASA European Aviation Safety Agency
ECHA European Chemical Agency
ECA European Chemical Agency
ECDA European Cycle Development Agency
EDA European Defence Agency
EDRA European DOI Registration Agency (intellectual property project)
EEA European Environment Agency
EFSA European Food Standards Agency
EISF European Interagency Security Forum
ELMA European Legal Medicine Agency
ELRA European Logistics Relief Agency
EMSA European Maritime Safety Agency
EMEA European Medicines Agency
EMA European Medicines Agency
EMEA European Medicines Evaluation Agency
ENCA European Naval Communications Agency
ENISA European Network and Information Security Agency
ENEA European Nuclear Energy Agency
EPA European Pressphoto Agency
EPA European Productivity Agency
ERA European Railway Agency
EUREKA European Research Cooperation Agency
EUREKA European Research Coordination Agency
ESA European Space Agency
ESA-IRS European Space Agency – Information Retrieval System
ENVISAT European Space Agency Environmental Satellite
ERS European Space Agency Remote Satellite
EATCA Europe-Asia Trading Consultant Agency, Ltd.
ELDA Evaluations and Language Resources Distribution Agency
EAA Exclusive Agency Agreement
EA Executing Agency
EA Executive Agency
EACI Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation
EAHC Executive Agency for Health and Consumers
ENAC Expanded National Agency Check
ECA Export Credit Agency
ECGA Export Credit Guarantee Agency
EPA Extended Planning Agency
EQAA External Quality Assurance Agency
ESA External Support Agency
FESA Facilities Engineering Support Agency
FALD Fahrenheit Agency Liaison Division
FEPA Fair Employment Practices Agency
FKQ Faller, Klenk & Quinlan Advertising Agency
FSSA Family and Social Services Agency
FIA Family Independence Agency
FENA Far East News Agency
FSA Farm Security Agency
FREEDOM Farm Security Agency
FSA Farm Service Agency
FREEDOM Farm Service Agency
FRCA Farming and Rural Conservation Agency
FACC Federal Agency for Culture and Cinematography
FANC Federal Agency for Nuclear Control
FATR Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology
FAGCI Federal Agency of Governmental Communications and Information
FAPO Federal Agency Program Officer
FASP Federal Agency Security Practices
FAA Federal Aviation Agency
FBIA Federal Bug Intelligence Agency
FCDA Federal Compensation and Deterrence Agency
FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency
FEMAAR Federal Emergency Management Agency Acquisition Regulations
FERMA Federal Emergency Road Maintenance Agency
FEPA Federal Environmental Protection Agency
FHFA Federal Housing Finance Agency
FICR Federal Interagency Chemistry Representatives
FICWD Federal Interagency Committee for Wetland Delineation
FICE Federal Interagency Committee on Education
FICEMS Federal Interagency Committee on Emergency Medical Services
FICUN Federal Interagency Committee on Urban Noise
FICC Federal Interagency Coordinating Council
FITV Federal Interagency Team on Volunteerism
FIW Federal Interagency Workgroup
FIA Federal Investigation Agency
FLMA Federal Land Management Agency
FMBA Federal Medical-Biological Agency
FSA Federal Security Agency
FREEDOM Federal Security Agency
FSA Federal Space Agency
FREEDOM Federal Space Agency
FWA Federal Works Agency
FW Federal Works Agency
FCDNA Field Command Defense Nuclear Agency
FOA Field Operating Agency
FCAC Financial Consumer Agency of Canada
FIA Financial Intelligence Agency
FSA Financial Services Agency
FREEDOM Financial Services Agency
FSAJ Financial Services Agency of Japan
FSA Financial Supervisory Agency
FREEDOM Financial Supervisory Agency
FINNIDA Finnish International Development Agency
FDMA Fire and Disaster Management Agency
FAAN First Advertising Agency Network
FCIA First Commonwealth Insurance Agency, Inc.
FEBA First Enterprise Business Agency
FIIA First Independent Insurance Agency
FTAAA First Tennessee Area Agency on Aging & Disability
FAJ Fisheries Agency of Japan
FNA Flashback News Agency
FAHCA Florida Agency for Health Care Administration
FAWI Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation
FHFA Florida Housing Finance Agency
FIFNC Florida Interagency Food and Nutrition Committee
FMPA Florida Municipal Power Agency
FERA Food and Environment Research Agency
FSA Food Service Agency
FREEDOM Food Service Agency
FSA Food Standards Agency
FREEDOM Food Standards Agency
FSAB Food Standards Agency Board
FSAW Food Standards Agency Wales
FDCPA Food, Drug, and Consumer Product Agency
FVEA Food, Veterinary and Environmental Agency
FSA Forensic Science Agency of Northern Ireland
FREEDOM Forensic Science Agency of Northern Ireland
FDA Forest Development Agency
FAD Formal Agency Decision
FFA Forum Fisheries Agency
FOA Forward Operating Agency
FFIA Franklin Financial Insurance Agency, Inc.
FPPA Functional Proponent/Proponent Agency
FRMA Functional Requirements Management Agency
FRA Fundamental Rights Agency
FEDA Further Education Development Agency
FIRST Future Interagency Range and Spaceport Technology Program
GDEA Galactic Doohicky Environmental Agency
GEAL Galway Energy Agency Limited
GIPFZA Gambia Investment Promotion and Free Zones Agency
GIA Gaming Intelligence Agency
GAA General Agency Agreement
GENEVA General Election Voluntary Agency
GISA General Insurance Statistical Agency
GOA General Operating Agency
GSA General Service Agency
GLO Geneva Interagency Liaison Office
GEMA Georgia Emergency Management Agency
GISAC Georgia Interagency Safety Advisory Council
GEPA Georgian Export Promotion Agency
GISA German Information Security Agency
GMSA German Market Startup Agency
GNPA Ghana National Procurement Agency
GNA Ghana News Agency
GERA Glasgow East Regeneration Agency
GCA Global Climate Agency
GCA Global Communications Agency
GSSA Global Security and Stability Agency
GSEA Global Sports and Entertainment Agency
GTAS Global Transfer Agency System
GA Government Agency
GAA Government Auditing Agency
GCLA Government Chemist Laboratory Agency
GINA Government Information Agency
GITA Government Information Technology Agency
GIA Government Inspection Agency
GLTA Government Land Transport Agency
GPLA Government Property Lawyers Agency
GSA Government Services Agency
GSA Government Supply Agency
GWAC Government Wide Agency Contract
GFMA Governmental Frequency Management Agency
GA Grant Agency
GLTA Greater Laconia Transit Agency
GLAD Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness, Inc.
GPIA Greater Paris Investment Agency
GPIA Greater Peterborough Investment Agency
GMTA Green Mountain Transit Agency
GDA Greenwich Dance Agency
GNS Group Newsagency Supplies
GEPA Guam Environmental Protection Agency
GA Guarantee Agency
HIDA Hamburg Industrial Development Agency
HAVA Hampshire Authorised Validating Agency
HIIDE Handheld Interagency Identity Detection Equipment
HFA Harry Fox Agency, Inc.
HVAAA Hawkeye Valley Area Agency on Aging
HCA Head of Contracting Agency
HQDCA Headquarters, Defense Communications Agency
HSEA Health and Safety Enforcement Agency
HWDC Health and Welfare Agency Data Center
HCA Health Care Agency
HDA Health Development Agency
HFPA Health Facility Planning Agency
HIRA Health Insurance Review Agency
HPA Health Protection Agency
HSEA Health Service Employers Agency
HSA Health Services Agency
HSA Health Systems Agency
HASA Hearing & Speech Agency
HCA Helideck Certification Agency
HAAA Heritage Area Agency on Aging
HIA Hettesheimer Insurance Agency
HECIWG High End Computing Interagency Working Group
HESA Higher Education Statistics Agency Ltd.
HANA Highway Africa News Agency
HAITI Highways Agency
HA Highways Agency
HARRIS Highways Agency Road Research Information System
HATO Highways Agency Traffic Officer
HAA Hired Assassin Agency
HPA Historic Preservation Agency
HAPCAA Hocking-Athens-Perry Community Action Agency
HCSSA Home and Community Support Services Agency
HHA Home Health Agency
HHCA Home Health Care Agency
HIA Home Improvement Agency
HSARPA Homeland Security Advanced Research Projects Agency
HSA Homeland Security Agency
HSEMA Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency
HCA Homes and Communities Agency
HKQAA Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency
HARD Hope Agency for Relief and Development
HFA Housing Finance Agency
HFA Housing Finance Agency for CEE/SEE
HMLA Housing Mortgage Lending Agency
HATS Houston Area Technical Support – Interagency Law Enforcement Group
HVAA Hudson Valley Agency Alliance
HSA Human Services Agency
HBA Hungarian Book Agency
HADD Hyperactive Agency Detection Device
IEMA Illinois Emergency Management Agency
IEPA Illinois Environmental Protection Agency
HPA Illinois Historic Preservation Agency
IMGA Illinois Municipal Gas Agency
IHA Imperial Household Agency
IMPACS Implementation Agency for Crime and Security
IA Implementing Agency
IDEA Improvement and Development Agency
IEA Independent Energy Agency
IEA Independent Executive Agency
IOPA Independent Oil Producers’ Agency
IRA Independent Regulatory Agency
IRA Independent Research Agency
ISRA Independent Scandinavian Relief Agency
ITA Independent Testing Agency
ICRA Indian Credit Rating Agency
INPA Indian Naval Placement Agency
ICJPA Indiana Criminal Justice Planning Agency
ILSA Indiana Legislative Services Agency
IMPA Indiana Municipal Power Agency
IIIP Individual Interagency Intervention Plan
IAQA Indonesian Agricultural Quarantine Agency
IBRA Indonesian Bank Restructuring Agency
IDA Industrial Development Agency
IAAR Information Agency Acquisition Regulations
ICTA Information and Communication Technology Agency
IMA Information Management Agency
IPIC Information Processing Interagency Conference
ISMA Information Systems Management Activity/Agency
ITIDA Information Technology Industry Development Agency
ITSA Information Technology Services Agency
ITAR Information Telegraph Agency of Russia
ISTA Information, Science, and Technology Agency
IPA Information-Technology Promotion Agency
IVDA Inland Valley Development Agency
IWWA Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Agency
IMA Installation Management Agency
IOL Installation Management Agency Online
IETA Insulation & Environmental Training Agency
IPA intelligence production agency
IAC Inter Agency Committee
IACEH Inter Agency Committee on Environmental Health
IAMS Inter Agency Messaging Service
IAYR Inter Agency Yacht Race
IA Inter-Agency
IAIC Interagency Acquisition Internet Council
IAPG Interagency Advanced Power Group
IAB Interagency Advisory Board
IAG Interagency Advisory Group
IAIG Interagency Aerial Ignition Guide
IA Interagency Agreement
IAA Interagency Agreement
IAG Interagency Agreement
IACC Inter-Agency Air Cartographic Committee
IAP Interagency Airspace Protection
IAB Interagency Airtanker Board
IADRWG Interagency Alternative Dispute Resolution Working Group
IIS Interagency and International Services
IAPG Interagency Arctic Policy Group
IARCC Interagency Arctic Research Coordination Committee
IARPC Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee
IAAC Interagency Assessment Advisory Committee
IAAC Interagency Assessment Coordination Board
IACC Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee
IAB Interagency Board
IBIS Interagency Border Inspection System
ICRPG Interagency Chemical Rocket Propulsion Group
ICAAC Interagency Civil Admissions Advisory Council
INDRAC Interagency Combating WMD Database of Responsibilities, Authorities, and Capabilities (US DoD)
ICCCC Interagency Commission on Climate Change
ICAS Interagency Committee for Atmospheric Science
ICAP Interagency Committee for Aviation Policy
ICCW Interagency Committee for Change by Women
ICMTS Interagency Committee for the Marine Transportation System
ICWWP Interagency Committee for the World Weather Program
ICBC Interagency Committee on Back Contamination
ICDR Interagency Committee on Disability Research
ICGI Interagency Committee on Government Information
ICHNR Interagency Committee on Human Nutrition Research
ICIAP Interagency Committee on International Aviation Policy
ICLD Interagency Committee on Learning Disabilities
ICMAREP Interagency Committee on Marine Environmental Prediction
ICMSE Interagency Committee on Marine Science and Engineering
IACMST Inter-Agency Committee on Marine Science and Technology
ICMR Interagency Committee on Medical Records
ICO Interagency Committee on Oceanography
IAO Inter-Agency Committee on Oceanography
ICRA Interagency Committee on Radiological Assistance
IAC Interagency Committee on School Construction
ICSSC Interagency Committee on Seismic Safety in Construction
ICSH Interagency Committee on Smoking and Health
ICSP Interagency Committee on Standards Policy
IACSD Inter-Agency Committee on Sustainable Development
IACA Inter-Agency Communications Agency
ICS Interagency Communications System
ICRW Interagency Conference on Research in the Watersheds
ICA Interagency Cooperative Agreement
ICC Interagency Coordinating Committee
ICCERSP Interagency Coordinating Committee of the Earth Resources Survey Program
ICCPUD Interagency Coordinating Committee on the Prevention of Underage Drinking
ICG Interagency Coordination Group
ICG interagency core group
ICOR Interagency Council for Ocean Resources
IACH Interagency Council for the Homeless
ICAN Inter-Agency Council on Child Abuse & Neglect
ICH Interagency Council on Homelessness
IACH Interagency Council on Homelessness
ICIRN Interagency Council on Information Resources for Nursing
IACLTC Interagency Council on Long-Term Care
ICERC Interagency Country Exposure Review Committee
IDEP Interagency Data Exchange Program
IADC Inter-Agency Defense Command
IDEAS Interagency Disability Educational Awareness Showcase
IEP Interagency Ecological Program
IERI Interagency Education Research Initiative
IAEGC Inter-Agency Electronic Grants Committee
IERS Interagency Electronic Reporting System
IETO Interagency Environmental Technology Office
IFPM Interagency Fire Program Management
IFCT Interagency Forest Conservation Team
IFOR Interagency Forum for Operational Requirements
IFA Interagency Funding Agreement
IGTF Interagency Gang Task Force
IGWG Interagency Gender Working Group
IGBC Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee
IG Interagency Group
IAG Interagency Group
IG-EV Interagency Group On Energy Vulnerability
IHAD Interagency Homeland Air Defense
IAHCC Inter-Agency Humanitarian Coordination Committee
IIB interagency information bureau
IIB Interagency Investigation Board
ILRF Interagency Labor Relations Forum
ILMA Interagency Land Management Agreement
ILMA Interagency Land Management Assignment
ILR Interagency Language Roundtable
IALAG Inter-Agency Legal Action Group
IMRT Interagency Management Review Team
IMRT Interagency Management Review Team
IMS Interagency Management System
IMOG Interagency Manufacturers/Mechanical Operating/Operational Group
IAMWGE Inter-Agency Meeting on Women and Gender Equality
IMAAC Interagency Modeling and Atmospheric Assessment Center
IMC Interagency Modeling Center
IMPROVE Interagency Monitoring of Protected Visual Environments
INET Interagency Narcotics Enforcement Team
INW Interagency Noxious Weed Symposium
INSRP Interagency Nuclear Safety Review Panel
IOTF Interagency Oncology Task Force
IOSSS Interagency Operations Security Support Staff
IOSS Interagency OPSEC Support Staff
IPASS Interagency Panel on Advanced Science and Security
IPSC Interagency Perchlorate Steering Committee
IPET Interagency Performance Evaluation Task Force
IPET Interagency Performance Evaluation Team
IPA Interagency Personnel Act
IPA Interagency Personnel Agreement
IPC interagency planning cell
IAPSO Inter-Agency Procurement Services Office
IPMC Interagency Program Management Committee
IPWG Interagency Project Working Group
IRC Interagency Radio Committee
IAR Inter-Agency Rate
IRAG Interagency Regulatory Alternatives Group
IRP Interagency Research Program
IARG Inter-Agency Review Group
IRG Interagency Review Group on Nuclear Waste Management
IRL Interagency Review Letter
ISCAP Interagency Security Classification Appeals Panel
ISC Interagency Security Committee
IASF Inter-Agency Security Forum
IADC Inter-Agency Space Debris Coordination Committee
IASC Inter-Agency Standing Committee
ISDS Interagency Subcommittee on Disability Statistics
ISMR Interagency Subcommittee on Medical Rehabilitation
IASO Inter-Agency Support Office
ISWG Interagency Sustainability Working Group
IATT Inter-Agency Task Team
ITRAP Interagency Terrorism Response Awareness Program
ITC Interagency Testing Committee
ITS Interagency Testing Committee Tracking System
IAT Inter-Agency Transfer
IWPA Interagency Wetlands Policy Act of 1989
IWSRCC Interagency Wild and Scenic Rivers Coordinating Council
IWO Interagency Work Order
IAWC Inter-Agency Working Committee
IWG Interagency Working Group
IAWGDEC Interagency Working Group on Drug Enforcement Communications
IWGN Interagency Working Group on NanoScience, Engineering and Technology
IWGOO Interagency Working Group on Ocean Observations
IGA Interested Government Agency
IVMA Interior Vegetable Marketing Agency Ltd.
ILGA Inter-Local Government Agency
IPA Intermountain Power Agency
IARC Internal Agency for Research on Cancer
IAED International Agency for Economic Development
IAPB International Agency for Prevention of Blindness
IARC International Agency for Research on Cancer
IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency
ICA International Communications Agency
ICA International Contract Agency
ICAA International Curriculum and Assessment Agency
ICAA International Curriculum Assessment Agency
IDA International Development Agency
IDCA International Development Corporation Agency
IDERA International Development Education Research Agency
IEA International Energy Agency
IINA International Islamic News Agency
ILTEA International Learning Teaching and Evaluation Agency
ILA International Lending Agency
ILMA International Literary & Media Agency
IMMA International Maritime Manning Agency Ltd.
IPCA International Presidential Consulting Agency
AIP International Press Agency
IRENA International Renewable Energy Agency
ISA International Space Agency
ITA International Travel Agency
IWDA International Women’s Development Agency
IYDA International Youth Development Agency
ICPA Internet Consumer Protection Agency
ISEA Inter-Service Engineering Agency
I-S-A Inter-Service/Agency
IMGA Interstate Municipal Gas Agency
IBEA Intervention Board Executive Agency
IFA Invest in France Agency
ISA Invest in Sweden Agency
IBDA Investment and Business Development Agency
ICRA Investment Information & Credit Rating Agency Limited
IPA Investment Promotion Agency
IPAK Investment Promotion Agency of Kosovo
ISPAT Investment Support and Promotion Agency of Turkey
IRESA Iosco Regional Educational Service Agency
IPPA Iowa Public Power Agency
ISNA Iranian Students’ News Agency
INNA Iraqi National News Agency
INA Iraqi News Agency
ICLA Irish Copyright Licensing Agency
ISRA Islamic Relief Agency
IPPA Israel Press & Photo Agency
ISA Israel Space Agency
IA Issuing Agency
IACSA Italian-American Community Services Agency
JCPA Jamaica Citrus Protection Agency
JATA Jana Abrams Talent Agency
JDMA Janice Dickenson Modeling Agency
AXAS Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
JAXA Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
AXA Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
JAMSTEC Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology
JADA Japan Anti-Doping Agency
JAEA Japan Atomic Energy Agency
JCRA Japan Credit Rating Agency
JDA Japan Defense Agency
JEA Japan Environmental Agency
JFSA Japan Financial Services Agency
JFA Japan Fisheries Agency
JHF Japan Housing Finance Agency
JPA Japan Procurement Agency
JSTA Japan Science and Technology Agency
JST Japan Science and Technology Agency
JSWA Japan Sewage Works Agency
JMSA Japanese Maritime Safety Agency
JMA Japanese Meteorological Agency
JNPA Japanese National Police Agency
JAM Jason and Marcus Detective Agency
JAAA Jayhawk Area Agency on Aging, Inc.
JCRA Jersey City Redevelopment Agency
JAMAICA Jewish Agency
JA Jewish Agency
JAI Jewish Agency for Israel
JFSA Jewish Family Service Agency
JTA Jewish Telegraphic Agency
JSARO JITF/JINTACCS Service/Agency Representative Office
JYA John Yurconic Agency
JARG Joint Agency Requirements Group
JDA Joint Defense Agency
JDA Joint Deployment Agency
JDADAT Joint Deployment Agency Deployment Action Team
JII Joint Interagency Installation
JIMI Joint Interagency Multinational Interoperability
JIST Joint Interagency Support Team
JITFS Joint Interagency Task Force South
JIATF-E Joint Inter-Agency Task Force, East
JIATF-S Joint Inter-Agency Task Force, South
JITC Joint Interagency Training Center
JSARO Joint Service and Agency Representative Office
JSSA Joint Services SERE Agency
JSSA Joint Systems Support Agency
JTPA Joint Therapeutic Products Agency
JTMA Joint Traffic Management Agency
JVA Joint Voluntary Agency
JIM Joint, Interagency, and Multi-national
JIO Jonah Interagency Office
JOINT Josephine County Interagency Narcotics Team
KAPA Karaoke Anti-Piracy Agency
KRWSSA Karnataka Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency
KMLA Kathryn Mulders Literary Agency
KREA Kaunas Regional Energy Agency
KSA Kazakh Space Agency
KPCA Kent Primary Care Agency
KTDA Kenya Tea Development Agency
KBIA Key Benefits Insurance Agency
KEMA Koen Electronic Media Agency
KOCCA Korea Culture and Content Agency
KISA Korea Information Security Agency
KATS Korean Agency for Technology and Standards
KCIA Korean Central Intelligence Agency
KCNA Korean Central News Agency
KACA Kosovo Anti-Corruption Agency
KTA Kosovo Trust Agency
KRA Kunduz Rehabilitation Agency
KUNA Kuwait News Agency
KRA Kyushu Reporting Agency
LSA Labor Service Agency
LASTMA Lagos State Transport Monitoring Agency
LIFC Lakeview Interagency Fire Center
LETA Lancaster Employment and Training Agency
LMA Land Management Agency
LUIWG Land Use Interagency Working Group
LPA Landlord Protection Agency
LVMA Las Vegas Model Agency
LFRA Latvian Fish Resources Agency
LHMA Latvian Hydro Meteorological Agency
LSAA Lavos Spawn Adoption Agency
LEA Law Enforcement Agency
LEAN Law Enforcement Agency Network
LEPA Law Enforcement Planning Agency
LESA Law Enforcement Support Agency
LAA Lead Agency Attorney
LDA Lead Development Agent/Agency
LFA Lead Federal Agency
LSA Lead State Agency
LAN Learning Agency Network
LMA Legal Marketing Agency
LSA Legal Services Agency
LOA Letter of Agency
LISA Leusch Insurance Services Agency, Inc.
LTA Licensed Travel Agency
LOOP Lifeline of Ohio Organ Procurement Agency
LNAC Limited National Agency Check
LAAA Lincoln Area Agency on Aging
LINT Lincoln Interagency Narcotics Team
LAUD Linguistic Agency, University of Duisburg
LBSA Lithuanian Business Support Agency
LDCAA Little Dixie Community Action Agency
LAVWMA Livermore-Amador Valley Water Management Agency
LESA Livingston Educational Service Agency
LAC Local Agency Check
LAFCO Local Agency Formation Commission
LAG Local Agency Guidelines
LDA Local Democracy Agency
LEA Local Education Agency
LEAP Local Education Agency Plan
LEAP Local Education Agency Program
LEA Local Enforcement Agency
LEA Local Enterprise Agency Ltd.
LEA Local Environment Agency
LEPA Local Environmental Protection Agency
LHA Local Housing Agency
LICC Local Interagency Coordinating Council
LION Local Interagency Operations Network
LIPT Local Interagency Planning Team
LPA Local Planning Agency
LSA Logistical Support Agency
LEA Logistics Evaluation Agency
LIA Logistics Innovation Agency
LIA Logistics Integration Agency
LSA Logistics Support Agency
LSSA Logistics Systems Support Agency
LTA Logistics Transformation Agency
LDA London Development Agency
LHCA London Healthcare Agency
LINDA London Investigation ‘n’ Detective Agency
LLDA London Libraries Development Agency
LAA Look At Agency
LHFA Louisiana Housing Finance Agency
LOPA Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency
LAIA Lung and Asthma Information Agency
LHCA Lutheran Home Care Agency
MINA Macedonian International News Agency
MPA Macedonian Press Agency
MCCSA Macomb County Community Services Agency
MDEA Maine Drug Enforcement Agency
MEMA Maine Emergency Management Agency
MAJI Majority Agency for Joint Intelligence
MPDA Manchester Private Detective Agency
MBDA Mandela Bay Development Agency
MCA Maneuver Control Agency
MUDA Manipur Urban Development Agency
MHIA Manufactured Homes Insurance Agency
MTA Marin Telecommunications Agency
MFA Marine and Fisheries Agency
MSA Marine Safety Agency
MCA Maritime & Coastguard Agency
MCGA Maritime and Coastguard Agency
MCA Maritime and Coastguard Agency
MSA Maritime Safety Agency
MSRA Market Street Restoration Agency
MEMA Maryland Emergency Management Agency
MSRA Maryland State Retirement Agency
MEMA Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency
MHFA Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency
MAA Master Agency Award
MURA Medford Urban Renewal Agency
MPCA Media Photographers Copyright Agency
MDA Medical Devices Agency
MPA Medical Products Agency
MHPRA Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency
MHRA Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency
MCA Medicines Control Agency
MCTA Medina County Title Agency, Inc.
MRA MEFPAK Responsible Agency (US Air Force)
MNA Mehr News Agency
MRA Men’s Rights Agency
MEA Mennonite Education Agency
MUAM Merrett Underwriting Agency Management Ltd
MGFA Metal Gear Forever Agency
MGA Meteorological and Geophysical Agency
MEPA Meteorology and Environmental Protection Agency
BMG Meteorology and Geophysics Agency
MAAA Metropolitan Area Agency on Aging
MAPA Metropolitan Area Planning Agency
MECA Metropolitan Emergency Communications Agency
MRESA Metropolitan Regional Educational Service Agency
MACSA Mexican American Community Services Agency, Inc.
MZA Michael Zanuck Agency
MCPA Michigan Construction Protection Agency
MESA Michigan Employment Security Agency
MGA Michigan Guaranty Agency
MPPA Michigan Public Power Agency
MCCSA Mid-Cumberland Community Services Agency
MENA Middle East News Agency
MAAA Midlands Area Agency on Aging
MSHA Midwest State Highway Agency
MAS Military Agency for Standardization
MBPA Military Blood Program Agency
SECAN Military Committee Communications Security & Evaluation Agency, Washington
MISA Military Industrial Supply Agency
MIA Military Intelligence Agency
MIPR Military Interagency Procurement Request
MIPR Military Interagency Procurement Requisition
MIPR Military Interagency Purchase Request
MPSA Military Postal Service Agency
MKEA Milton Keynes Energy Agency
MSA Mine Safety Agency
MFCA Ministerial Formation Coordinating Agency
MDPA Ministry of Defence Police Agency
MDPGA Ministry of Defence Police and Guarding Agency
MHFA Minnesota Housing Finance Agency
MICH Minnesota Interagency Council on Homelessness
MPCA Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
MBDA Minority Business Development Agency
MDA Missile Defense Agency
MIDAESS Missile Defense Agency Engineering and Support Services
MIA Missile Intelligence Agency
MEMA Mississippi Emergency Management Agency
MORA Mississippi Organ Recovery Agency
MVCAA Missouri Valley Community Action Agency
MWA Mojave Water Agency
MAEST Monitoring Agency
MA Monitoring Agency
MRWPCA Monterey Regional Water Pollution Control Agency
MACAA Monticello Area Community Action Agency
MIRA Moody’s Interfax Rating Agency
MCA Movement Control Agency
MTPA Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency
MACC Multi Agency Communication Center
MACC Multi Agency Coordination Center
MACS Multi Agency Coordination System
MACC Multi Agency Craft Conference
MAGTF Multi Agency Gang Task Force
MARCS Multi Agency Radio Communications System
MATRA Multi Agency Threat and Risk Assessment
MAAG Multi-Agency Action Group
MACE Multi-Agency Collaboration Environment
MACC Multi-Agency Command Center
MACINTOSH Multi-Agency Coordinating Entity
MAC Multi-Agency Coordinating Entity
MERS Multiagency Electronic [Pharmaceutical] Regulatory Submission project
MAFSS Multi-Agency Family Support Service
MAHF Multi-Agency Homelessness Forum
MANS Multi-Agency Narcotics Squad
MAPR Multi-Agency Performance Review
MAP Multi-Agency Profiler
MAPER Multi-Agency Profiler
MAP Multi-Agency Project
MAPER Multi-Agency Project
MAPT Multi-Agency Project Team
MPPA Multi-agency Public Protection Arrangements
MAPPA Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements
MAPPP Multi-Agency Public Protection Panel
MARAC Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference
MAST Multi-Agency Support Team
MATF Multi-Agency Task Force
MDMA Multi-Disciplinary Monitoring Agency
MIPR Multi-Interagency Procurement Request
MIGA Multilateral International Guarantee Agency
MIGA Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency
MEDRA multilingual European DOI Registration Agency
MLA Multiple-Line Agency
MAA Municipal Assessment Agency Inc.
MBBA Municipal Bond Bank Agency
MEAN Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska
MIRMA Municipal Interlocal Risk Management Agency
MBSA Munitions Board Standards Agency
MLA Music Label Agency
NAMPA Namibian Press Agency
NEMA Naperville Emergency Management Agency
NCDA Nasir Community Development Agency
NALA National Adult Literacy Agency
NASA National Aeronautics and Space Agency
NAC National Agency Check
NACI National Agency Check with Inquiries
NACSIM National Agency Communications Security Information Memorandum
NAAI National Agency for Attracting Investment
NADFC National Agency for Drug and Food Control
NAE National Agency for Education
NAEO National Agency for Equal Opportunities between Women and Men
NAFA National Agency for Fiscal Administration
NAFA National Agency for Fisheries and Aquaculture
NAFDAC National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control
NAM National Agency for Medicines
NAMR National Agency for Mineral Resources
NARE National Agency for Renewable Energy
NACA National Agency for the Control of AIDS
ANPE National Agency for the Protection of the Environment
NATRESA National Agency for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Substance Abusers
NAFYI National Agency for Youth Information
NAFA National Agency of Fisheries and Aquaculture
NAPR National Agency of Public Registry
NAVI National Agency of Vehicle Inspection
NAQ National Agency Questionnaire
NADA National Anti-Doping Agency
NAA National Assessment Agency
NAMA National Assets Management Agency
NACAA National Association of Consumer Agency Administrators
NAEA National Atomic Energy Agency
CECOMS National Center for Communications of the Civil Protection Agency
CECOM National Center for Communications of the Civil Protection Agency
NCA National Communications Agency
NCCA National Competency Control Agency
NCA National Consumer Agency
NCA National Coordinating Agency
NDSA National Data Security Agency
NDMA National Disaster Management Agency
NEMA National Emergency Management Agency
NEA National Environment Agency
NEPA National Environment Protection Agency
NEPA National Environmental and Planning Agency
NEIA National Environmental Investment Agency of Ukraine
NEAA National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency
NGA National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
NGP National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Program
NGA National Government Agency
NHPA National Handicraft Promotion Agency
NHSA National Homeland Security Agency
NIMA National Imagery and Mapping Agency
NITA National Information Technology and Telecom Agency
NISTIR National Institute of Standards and Technology Interagency Report
NIAOA National Insurance Agency Against Occupational Accidents
NISA National Intelligence & Security Agency
NIA National Intelligence Agency
NICA National Intelligence Coordinating Agency
NIAC National Interagency Aviation Council
NICI National Interagency Civil-Military Institute
NICC National Interagency Coordination Center
NICI National Interagency Counterdrug Institute
NFIC National Interagency Fire Center
NIFC National Interagency Fire Center
NIDA National Internet Development Agency
NIA National Investigation Agency
NIPA National Investment Promotion Agency
NINA National Iraqi News Agency
BPN National Land Affairs Agency of Indonesia
NLA National Land Agency
NLAA National Legal Aid Agency
NALLA National Long-Lines Agency
NMPA National Marine Protection Agency
NMSA National Meteorological Services Agency
RSS National News Agency
NNA National News Agency
NOA National Operational Agency
NOA National Orientation Agency
NRSA National Remote Sensing Agency
NSA National Security Agency
COMBINATION National Security Agency/Central Security Service representative
NCR National Security Agency/Central Security Service representative
NSIA National Security and Intelligence Agency
NSC-IWG National Security Council/Interagency Working Group
NASRA National Skills Research Agency
NSA National Space Agency
NSAU National Space Agency of Ukraine
NASDA National Space Development Agency
NSA National Supers Agency
NTAA National Tax Administration Agency
NTIA National Telecommunication and Information Agency
NTIA National Telecommunications Interagency
NTA National Transportation Agency
NTAA National Travel Agency Association
NTA National Treatment Agency
NUMA National Underwater Marine Agency
NWA National Works Agency
NYA National Youth Agency
NYDA National Youth Dance Agency
NACMA NATO Air Command & Control Management Agency
NALLA NATO Allied Long-Lines Agency
NCSA NATO CIS Services Agency
NCAA NATO Civil Airlift Agency
NCAA NATO Civil Aviation Agency
NETMA NATO Eurofighter and Tornado Management Agency
NAHEMA NATO Helicopter Management Agency
NAMMA NATO Multi-Role Combat Aircraft Development and Production Management Agency (now NATO Eurofighter and Tornado Management Agency)
NRA NATO Refugees Agency
NSA NATO Standardization Agency
NWRA NATO Wartime Refugees Agency
NHPA Natural History Photographic Agency
NEMA Nebraska Emergency Management Agency
NIA Nerd Intelligence Agency
NEAA Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency
NFIA Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency
NQA Netherlands Quality Agency
NISA Network Infrastructure Services Agency
NPAIP Nevada Public Agency Insurance Pool
POOL Nevada Public Agency Insurance Pool
NBPA New Brunswick Potato Agency
NYLA New York Literary Agency
NZPA New Zealand Postal Agency
NZTA New Zealand Transport Agency
NAN News Agency of Nigeria
NPPA Next Pictures Pressphoto Agency
NEA Niagara Enterprise Agency
NIMASA Nigeria Maritime Administration and Safety Agency
NAMA Nigerian Airspace Management Agency
NIMET Nigerian Meteorological Agency
NTA Nippon Travel Agency
NFPA Non-Fossil Purchase Agency Limited
NGA Non-Governmental Agency
NGHA Non-Governmental Humanitarian Agency
NMAAA Non-Metro Area Agency on Aging
NPA Non-Profit Agency
NAPLIA North American Professional Liability Insurance Agency
NASDA North American Strategic Defense Agency
NAVTA North America-Vietnam Trading Agency
NAFA North Atlantic Football Agency
NMSA North Atlantic Treaty Organization Maintenance and Supply Agency
NCHFA North Carolina Housing Finance Agency
NCTRCA North Central Texas Regional Certification Agency
NDEA North Devon Enterprise Agency
NEFA North East Frontier Agency
NWIA North Wayne Insurance Agency
NECRA Northeast Community Redevelopment Agency
NCPA Northern California Power Agency
NDSA Northern DHB Support Agency Ltd
NIMPA Northern Illinois Municipal Power Agency
NIDA Northern Ireland Development Agency
NIEA Northern Ireland Environment Agency
NMPA Northern Municipal Power Agency
NPA Northern Pipeline Agency
NICC Northwest Interagency Coordination Center
NIAAA Northwestern Illinois Area Agency on Aging
NORAD Norwegian Agency for Development Co-Operation
NMA Norwegian Medicines Agency
NSSA Norwegian Social Security Agency
NCA Nuclear and Chemical Agency
NEA Nuclear Energy Agency
NQAA Nuclear Quality Assurance Agency
NSA Nuclear Support Agency
NYDA Nyabushozi Development Agency
OHSA Occupational Health and Safety Agency
OIMS Office of Interagency Medical Services
OIIA Office of Intergovernmental and Interagency Affairs
OIAP Office of Investigative Agency Policies
OTAR Office of Troubled Agency Recovery
OSIA Office Services and Information Agency
OLA Official Languages Agency
OEPA Ohio Environmental Protection Agency
OICC Okinawa Interagency Coordinating Council
ODA Olympic Delivery Agency
OSIA On Site Inspection Agency
OAHPP Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion
OCWA Ontario Clean Water Agency
OIDA Ontario International Development Agency
OSMA Ontario Sheep Marketing Agency
OLA Open Learning Agency
OA Operating Agency
OAC Operating Agency Code
OSAA Operational Support Airlift Agency
OTA Operational Test Agency
OMAR Operational Test Agency Milestone Assessment Report
OPECNA Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries News Agency
OCA Organized Crime Agency of British Columbia
ORI Originating Agency Identifier
OADR Originating Agency’s Determination Required
OCA Originating Case Agency
ODA Other Defense Agency
OGA Other Government Agency
OSIA Ottawa Services Insurance Agency
OIA Outerworld Investigation Agency
OCIA Overclock Intelligence Agency
ODA Overseas Development Agency
ONA Overseas News Agency
OWWA Overseas Workers Welfare Agency
OACC Overseeing Agency for Crown Corporations
OAA Owner Agency Agreement
OCWA Oxford Community Work Agency
OYA Oxford Yacht Agency
PIFFA Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency
PINA Pacific Islands News Agency
POSA Pacific Ocean Shipping Agency
PSIAC Pacific Southwest Inter-Agency Committee
PURA PACOM Utilization & Redistribution Agency
PACRA Pakistan Credit Rating Agency
PANA Pan-African News Agency
PCDA Paragon City Detective Agency
PASA Participating Agency Service Agreement
PAPGJC Passenger Agency Programme Global Joint Council
PSA Penguin Secret Agency
PEMA Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency
PWBA Pension Welfare Benefit Agency
PFPA Pentagon Force Protection Agency
PACIA Performance Accountability and Customer Information Agency
PTA Petrograd Telegraph Agency
PMDA Pharmaceuticals and Medical Device Agency
PDEA Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency
PIA Philippine Information Agency
POEA Philippine Overseas Employment Agency
PDA Physical Disability Agency
PACA Picture Agency Council of America
PNLA Piergiorgio Nicolazzini Literary Agency
PACSA Pietermaritzburg Agency for Christian Social Awareness
PNDA Pinkerton National Detective Agency
PAS Policyholder and Agency Systems
PAED Polish Agency for Enterprise Development
PCA Pollution Control Agency
PMA Power Marketing Agency
PRDA Presbyterian Relief and Development Agency
PCA Press Cuttings Agency
PSPA Press Service Photo Agency
PSA Pretrial Services Agency
PREDA Prilep Region Enterprise Development Agency
PDS Primary Development Service/Agency
PDA Principal Development Activity/Agency
PDA Principal Development Activityagency
PCTIA Private Career Training Institutions Agency
PCA Private Collection Agency
PDA Private Detective Agency
PDNA Private Duty Nursing Agency
PEA Private Employment Agency
PNA Private Non-Custodial Agency
PA Privatization Agency
PGPA Problem Gambling Purchasing Agency
PDA Procurement Defense Agency
PA Production Agency
PICA Professional Investigating & Consulting Agency, Inc.
PICA Professional Investigating Consulting Agency Inc
PIA Programme Implementation Agency
PMA Project Management Agency
PSA Project Support Agency
PIAT Promoting Inter Agency Training
PSA Property Services Agency
PA Proponent Agency
PIEC Province Interagency Executive Committee
PESA Provisioning Engineering Support Agency
PCRA Provo City Redevelopment Agency
PACO Public Agency Compliance Officer
PCSA Public Child Service Agency
PDA Public Defender Agency
PDA Public Disturbance Agency
PEA Public Economic Agency
PEBA Public Employees Benefits Agency
PEIA Public Employees Insurance Agency
PFSA Public Financial Services Agency
PHAC Public Health Agency of Canada
PHEA Public Health Executive Agency
PHAP Public Housing Agency Plan
PIA Public Information Agency
PSA Public Sector Agency
PSIA Public Security Investigation Agency
PSHRMAC Public Service Human Resources Management Agency of Canada
PWA Public Works Agency
PIDC Pueblo Interagency Fire Dispatch Center
PSAPCA Puget Sound Air Pollution Control Agency
PASA Purchasing and Supply Agency
QMA Qatar Monetary Agency
QNA Qatar News Agency
QAA Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education
QIA Quality Improvement Agency
QUIC Quality Interagency Coordination
QFEA Quartermaster Field Evaluation Agency
RCA Radio Communications Agency
RSA Radio Spectrum Agency
RA Radiocommunications Agency
REA Rail Express Agency
REA Railway Express Agency
RPA Railway Procurement Agency
RAM Rating Agency Malaysia Bhd.
RMCA Reading Model Cities Agency
RERA Real Estate Regulatory Agency
ROA Recognized Operating Agency
RADA Reconstruction and Development Agency
RDA Redevelopment Agency
RLA Redevelopment Land Agency
RAM Regional Agency Markets
RAPCA Regional Air Pollution Control Agency
RDA Regional Development Agency
REDA Regional Economic Development Agency
REDIA Regional Economic Development and Investment Agency
RESA Regional Educational Service Agency
RISC Regional Interagency Steering Committee
RMA Regional Monitoring Agency
RTPA Regional Transportation Planning Agency
RRA Registered Research Agency
REDA Renewable Energy Development Agency
RFA Renewable Fuels Agency
RCA Rental Car Agency
RTA Research and Technology Agency
RDAISA Research, Development, & Acquisition Information Systems Agency
RLA Responsible Local Agency
RTA Responsible Test Agency
RTA Return to Agency
RIEMA Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency
RCRA Richmond Community Redevelopment Agency
RMA Risk Management Agency
RIDA Riverhead Industrial Development Agency
RTIA Road Traffic Infringement Agency
RTSA Road Transport and Safety Agency
RMAP Rockford Metropolitan Agency for Planning
RPA Royal Parks Agency
RMNA Rumor Mill News Agency
READ Rural Education for Action and Development Agency
RPA Rural Payments Agency
RWAV Rural Workforce Agency Victoria
RASA Russian Aviation and Space Agency
RFSA Russian Federal Space Agency
RIA Russian Information Agency
RSA Russian Space Agency
RIAT Rwanda Interagency Assessment Team
RIPA Rwanda Investment Promotion Agency
RURA Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Agency
SETA Sacramento Employment & Training Agency
SHRA Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency
SERM Safety and Environmental Risk Management Rating Agency
SPTA Saint Petersburg Telegraph Agency
SARPMA San Antonio Real Property Maintenance Agency
SDRA San Diego Redevelopment Agency
SFRA San Francisco Redevelopment Agency
SEDA Sandzak Economic Development Agency
SFSWMA Santa Fe Solid Waste Management Agency
SERDA Sarajevo Economic Region Development Agency
SATCOMA Satellite Communications Agency
STIWG Satellite Telemetry Interagency Working Group
SAMA Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency
SAMA Saudi Monetary Agency
SPA Saudi Press Agency
SJTA Schenectady Job Training Agency
STA Science and Technology Agency
SASA Scottish Agricultural Science Agency
SBSA Scottish Building Standards Agency
SDA Scottish Development Agency
SEPA Scottish Environment Protection Agency
SFPA Scottish Fisheries Protection Agency
SPPA Scottish Public Pensions Agency
SQAA Scottish Quality Assurance Agency
SIA Screen Imagination Agency
SEND Search Engine for NAL Database (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
SMA Search Marketing Agency
SICA Secondary Inventory Control Activity/Agency
SSCDA Sector Skills Council Development Agency
SSDA Sector Skills Development Agency
SSA Sector-Specific Agency
SLA Security Logistics Agency
SALT Senior Agency Leadership Team
SAOP Senior Agency Official for Privacy
SRDA Senior Resource Development Agency
SRIA Sensitive Records Information Agency
SOA Separate Operating Agency
SMECA Serbia and Montenegro Export Credit Agency
SEEA Serbian Energy Efficiency Agency
SIEPA Serbian Investment and Export Promotion Agency
SOCA Serious Organised Crime Agency
SCA Service Cryptologic Agency
SPVA Service Personnel and Veterans Agency
SADC Service/Agency Designator Code
SAIS Services Agency Information System
SASM Sewerage Agency of Southern Marin
SACA Sexual Assault Crisis Agency
SARA Sexual Assault Resource Agency
SECCA Sexuality Education Counselling and Consultancy Agency
SCEA Shanghai Cultural Exchange Agency
SPLA SHARE Program Library Agency
SATA Sharjah Airport Travel Agency
SNTTA Sharjah National Travel and Tourist Agency
SRA Shendand Construction Agency
SSA Signal Security Agency
SRDA Sikkim Rural Development Agency
SIBAC Simplified Interagency Billing and Collection
SEPA Sindh Environmental Protection Agency
SACRIFICE Single Agency Check
SAC Single Agency Check
SAI single agency item
SAM Single Agency Manager
SFA Skills Funding Agency
SACRIFICE Small Agency Council
SAC Small Agency Council
SMEDA Small and Medium Enterprise Development Agency
SMEDAN Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria
SBCA Small Business Consulting Agency
SBSA Small Business Solutions Agency
SEDA Small Enterprise Development Agency
SSATF Small State Agency Task Force
SSHA Smart Systems for Health Agency
SGRA Smoking Gun Research Agency
SSA Social Security Agency
SSIA Social Services Improvement Agency
SNA Sofia News Agency
SSA Software Support Agency
SCMA Soldier Career Management Agency
SAHRA South African Heritage Resources Agency
SANRAL South African National Roads Agency Limited
SASSA South African Social Security Agency
SAHARA South Asian Helpline and Referral Agency
SANA South Asian News Agency
SCOPA South Carolina Organ Procurement Agency, Inc.
SDWA South Delta Water Agency
SEEDA South East England Development Agency
SHEA South Hampshire Enterprise Agency
SSNA South Sudan News Agency
STRA South Tahoe Redevelopment Agency
SEATAC Southeast Asian Agency for Regional Transport and Communication
SAFISY Space Agency Forum for the International Space Year
SESA Special Education Service Agency
SOA Special Operating Agency
SRPA Special Research Projects Agency
STA Special Travel Agency
SWA Special Warfare Agency
SWA Special Weapons Agency
SLCA Specialist Letting & Caretaking Agency
SMA Spectrum Management Agency
SRCAA Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency
SIAI Sportsman’s Insurance Agency, Inc.
SEDA Springfield Economic Development Agency
SRNA Srpska Republika News Agency
SGUA St. George Underwriting Agency
SLATE St. Louis Agency on Training and Employment
SLAAA St. Louis Area Agency on Aging
SASM Staff Agency Security Manager
SMIA Standard Mortgage Insurance Agency
SIA Starfleet Intelligence Agency
SAA State Administrative Agency
SABRC State Agency Buy Recycled Campaign
SACP State Agency for Child Protection
SAMTS State Agency for Metrology and Technical Surveillance
BDS State Agency for Standardization and Metrology
SAPRA State Air Pollution Regulatory Agency
SCSA State and Consumer Services Agency
SDA State Designated Agency
SEA State Education Agency
SEMA State Emergency Management Agency
SEA State Employment Agency
SESA State Employment Security Agency
SHA State Health Agency
SIA State Implementing Agency
SITA State Information Technology Agency
SLUPA State Land Use Planning Agency
SLA State Lead Agency
SLAA State Library Administrative Agency
SLA State Licensing Agency
SMCA State Medicines Control Agency
SPHA State Public Health Agency
SUDA State Urban Development Agency
SVRA State Vocational Rehabilitation Agency
SWA State Workforce Agency
SCIDA Steuben County Industrial Development Agency
SLA Strategic Logistic Agency
SLAA Street Level Artist Agency
SAAS Student Awards Agency for Scotland
SFAA Student Financial Assistance Agency
SAPTA Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Agency
SEDA Sudan Education and Development Agency
SUDRA Sudanese Development and Relief Agency
SCIC Sumter County Interagency Council
SNSA Supplemental Nursing Services Agency
SACA Support Agency Cooperative Agreement
SAW Support Agency Workstation
SDDCTEA Surface Deployment and Distribution Command Transportation Engineering Agency
SEDA Sustainable Energy Development Agency
SADEV Swedish Agency for Development Evaluation
SAREC Swedish Agency for Research Cooperation with Developing Countries
SDRA Swedish Defense Research Agency
SEA Swedish Energy Agency
SIDA Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency
SIDA Swedish International Developmental Agency
SCDES Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation
SCD Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation
SDC Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation
SDC Swiss Development & Cooperation agency
STPA Sydney Tar Ponds Agency
SANA Syrian Arab News Agency
SIA Syrian Investment Agency
TRPA Tahoe Regional Planning Agency
TMA Taiwan Maintenance Agency
TREA Tartu Regional Energy Agency
TTA Teacher Training Agency
TPA Teachers’ Pension Agency
TCN Technical Cooperation Agency
TCA Technical Cooperation Agency
TDA Technical Directing/Direction Agency
TOMA Technical Order Management Agency
TIVA Technician Information Verifying Agency
TTCA Technology, Trade and Commerce Agency
TIA Teknoland Internet Agency
TETRA Telehealth and Educational Technology Resource Agency
TVLA Television Licensing Agency
TSA Temporal Security Agency
TAW Temporary Agency Work
TAWD Temporary Agency Worker Directive
TEA Temporary Employment Agency
THA Temporary Help Agency
THIA Tendring Home Improvement Agency
TEMA Tennessee Emergency Management Agency
TAC Terminal Agency Coordinator
TEMA Test & Evaluation Management Agency
TEA Texas Education Agency
TSABAA Texas State Agency Business Administrators’ Association
TSAA Texas State Approving Agency for Veterans Education
TSEA Texas State Education Agency
TNA Thailand News Agency
TAAR The Automated Agency Report
TBA The Buying Agency
TGA The Gersh Agency
TIVA The International Videojournalist Agency
TKA The Knight Agency
TOPA The Overseas Property Agency
FOI The Swedish Defence Research Agency
TMCA Theater-Army Movements Control Agency
TLA Three Letter Agency
TEA Tidy Enforcement Agency
TBAA Topical Broad Agency Announcement
TAPA Total Army Personnel Agency
TBPA Total Benefits Planning Agency
TAB Totalisator Agency Board
TDA Trade and Development Agency
TCA TRADOC Contracting Agency
TORA TRADOC Operations Research Agency
TA Training Agency
TAMA Training Aids Management Agency
TDA Training and Development Agency for Schools
TGDA Training Group Defence Agency
TEIA Transboundary Environmental Information Agency
TAMC Transportation Agency for Monterey County
TCA Transportation Control Agency
TEA Transportation Engineering Agency
TMCA Transportation Movement Control Agency
TOA Transportation Operating Agency
TVLA Transvestite Licensing Agency
TAAN Transworld Advertising Agency Network
TUA Travel Ukraine Agency
TAS Treasury Agency Symbol
TEPA Tribal Environmental Protection Agency
TISAMIS Troop Issue Support Agency Management Information System
TSA Troop Support Agency
TMTCA Truman’s Meteorological & Tropical Cyclone Agency
TITC TSCA Interagency Testing Committee
TCRA Tulare County Redevelopment Agency
TTA Tunisian Travel Agency
TSNA Turkmen State News Agency
TCRA Tustin Community and Redevelopment Agency
UACRR Ukrainian Agency on Copyright and Related Rights
UBA Ukrainian Booking Agency
URWA UN Relief and Works Agency
UGA Undisclosed Government Agency
UCCA Unified Child Care Agency
UCRA Union City Redevelopment Agency
UACA United Area Citizens Agency
UCRA United Community Resource Agency
UKPA United Kingdom Passport Agency
UKSA United Kingdom Space Agency
UNPA United Nations Population Agency
UNRWA United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East
USCAA United Services Community Action Agency
USAID United States Agency for International Development
USACDA United States Arms Control and Disarmament Agency
USAABMDA United States Army Advanced Ballistic Missile Defense Agency
USAASA United States Army Aeronautical Services Agency
USACDA United States Army Catalog Data Agency
USACMDA United States Army Chemical Materiel Destruction Agency
USACCSA United States Army Command and Control Support Agency
USACEEIA United States Army Communications-Electronics Engineering and Installation Agency
USACCA United States Army Congressional Correspondence Agency
USAESEIA United States Army Electronic Systems Engineering Installation Agency
USAECLRA United States Army Electronics Command Logistics Research Agency
USAFOCA United States Army Field Operating Cost Agency
USAINTA United States Army Intelligence Agency
USALSA United States Army Legal Services Agency
USALEA United States Army Logistics Evaluation Agency
AMETA United States Army Management Engineering Training Agency
USAMMA United States Army Medical Materiel Agency
USANCA United States Army Nuclear and Chemical Agency
USANCA United States Army Nuclear and Combating WMD Agency
USAOTEA United States Army Operational Test and Evaluation Agency
USAPDA United States Army Physical Disability Agency
USAPA United States Army Publishing Agency
USASA United States Army Security Agency
USASAFS United States Army Security Agency Field Station
USDLA United States Defense Logistics Agency
USDMA United States Defense Mapping Agency
USEPA United States Environmental Protection Agency
USIA United States Information Agency
USIA United States Intelligence Agency, Inc.
USSA United States Space Agency
USTDA United States Trade and Development Agency
URSA Universal Rehabilitation Service Agency
USA Universal Service Agency
USAASA Universal Service and Access Agency of South Africa
USAPL Universal Subscription Agency Pvt. Ltd.
UDWRA University of Delaware Water Resources Agency
UFA Up-Front Agency Co Ltd
UCHRA Upper Cumberland Human Resource Agency
URA Urban Renaissance Agency
UAID US Agency for International Development
ACALA US Army Armament & Chemical Acquisition & Logistics Agency
SIAWG US Inter-Agency Seabird Working Group
UKRAINE User Agency
UCAN Utah Communications Agency Network
UIAA Utah Insurance Agency Alliance
UMPA Utah Municipal Power Agency
UTOPIA Utah Telecommunications Open Infrastructure Agency
UAO Utility Agency Owner
VINA Vaishnava Internet News Agency
VOE Valuation Office Agency
VOA Valuation Office Agency
VCA Vehicle Certification Agency
VANR Vermont Agency of Natural Resources
VAT Vermont Agency of Transportation
VA Veterans Agency
VERA Veterans Educational Resources Agency
VIVA Veterinary Information Verifying Agency
VLAED Veterinary Laboratories Agency
VLA Veterinary Laboratories Agency
VPA Vice President Agency
VACCA Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency
VNA Vietnam News Agency
VOMA Vietnam Open Mess Agency
OTRA Vilnius Old Town Renewal Agency
VITA Virginia Information Technologies Agency
VBDA Virtual Baltic Development Agency
VAL Voluntary Agency Liaison
VANK Voluntary Agency Network of Korea
VHA Voluntary Health Agency
VODA Voluntary Organisations Development Agency
VSRA Voluntary Sector Resource Agency
VOCA Volunteer Overseas Cooperating Agency
WYA Wales Youth Agency
WALU War Agency Liquidation Unit
WSA Warship Support Agency
WEAR Wartime Executive Agency Requirements
WARG Washington Agency Representative Group
WCCCA Washington County Consolidated Communications Agency
WGCJTA Washington Greene County Job Training Agency, Inc.
WHCA Washington Hancock Community Agency
WITS Washington Interagency Telecommunications System
WASA Water & Sanitation Agency
WARN Water & Wastewater Agency Response Network
WEAKED Water and Environmental Agency in Kansas
WEAK Water and Environmental Agency in Kansas
WSA Wausau Signature Agency
WCT We Care Tuition Agency
WCBA Welder Certification by Agency
WREDA Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency
WDA Welsh Development Agency
WAMA West African Monetary Agency
WANA West Australian Nursing Agency
WCDA West Cumbria Development Agency
WEDA West of England Development Agency
WVCA West Virginia Conservation Agency
WHHA Wester Hailes Health Agency
WCAAA Western Connecticut Area Agency on Aging, Inc.
WFIA WestHolland Foreign Investment Agency
WHCA White House Communications Agency
WPUR White Plains Urban Renewal Agency
WMA William Morris Agency
WSA Wing Staff Agency
WIHS Women’s Interagency HIV Study
WSSA Worcestershire Support Services Agency
WDA Workforce Development Agency
WHSA Workplace Health and Safety Agency
WADA World Anti-Doping Agency
WAGRA World Assemblies of God Relief and Development Agency
WDSA World Directory Service Agency
WWA World Warning Agency
WAD Worldwide Agency Data
WMPA Wyoming Municipal Power Agency
XNA Xinhua News Agency
YCEMA York County Emergency Management Agency
YACA Youth and Adult Correctional Agency
YJA Youth Justice Agency
ZDA Zambia Development Agency
ZPA Zambia Privatisation Agency
ZIPA Zanzibar Investment Promotion Agency
ZPA Zombie Protection Agency