Agra Abbreviations


Agra is located north of India on the banks of the Yamuna (also called Jamuna and Jumna), a river which is 1370 kilometers long! Once upon a time, the city was called Pardis (Agrabana) and once in the 16th and 1600s Agra was the capital of the moguls.

Agra has established itself as one of the obvious stops on a tour of India, thanks to the world renowned mausoleum Taj Mahal. Agra receives millions of tourists annually, but the vast majority choose to see only Taj Mahal before continuing the Golden Triangle tour of New Delhi or Jaipur. It’s a shame, because Agra has a lot more to offer, at least for those who have a hint of interest in history!

By the way, Taj Mahal has recently been named one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

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