Abbreviation for Agra, India


Agra is located north of India on the banks of the Yamuna (also called Jamuna and Jumna), a river which is 1370 kilometers long! Once upon a time, the city was called Pardis (Agrabana) and once in the 16th and 1600s Agra was the capital of the moguls.

Agra and Acronyms

City Profile

  • Abbreviation: AGR
  • Country: India

Agra has established itself as one of the obvious stops on a tour of India, thanks to the world renowned mausoleum Taj Mahal. Agra receives millions of tourists annually, but the vast majority choose to see only Taj Mahal before continuing the Golden Triangle tour of New Delhi or Jaipur. It’s a shame, because Agra has a lot more to offer, at least for those who have a hint of interest in history!

By the way, Taj Mahal has recently been named one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

AGR: Agra, India - Kheria

List of Agra Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Agra is AGR which stands for Agra. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Agra, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

Abbreviation Meanings
ABL A Blockdiagram Language
ADFD Action Data Flow Diagram
AND Active Network Diagram
APD Activity Precedence Diagram
ALPM Adaptive Lagrangian Particle Method
ASCE Advanced Spectroscopic and Coronagraphic Explorer
AD Affinity Diagram
AGR Agra, India – Kheria
ADBS Agrarian and Domestic Banking Sector
AP Agrarian Party
ARBA Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Association
ARCHIVE Agrarian Reform Community
ARC Agrarian Reform Community
ARI Agrarian Reform Institute
ARNET Agrarian Reform Network
ARIS Agrarian Russian Information System
AUSTRALIA Agrarian System
ARSENIC Agrarian System
ASSIGNED Agrarian System
AS Agrarian System
APIC Agrární Poradenské A Informaèní Centrum
AFFB Agrava Fact-Finding Board
APA Agrupaciones de Productores Agrarios
AHZ Akademii Handlu Zagranicznego
ADDRESS Algebraic Decision Diagram
ADD Algebraic Decision Diagram
ADC Algebraic Diagrammatic Construction
ACT Anagram and Copy Treatment
AWLDOPS Anatomic Wire Line Diagram Overlay of Pulmonary Segments
AO Aortagram
AFD Architecture Flow Diagrams
AOD Architecture Overview Diagram
AFA Archiv für Agrargeschichte
ADM Arrow Diagram Method
ALD Assembly Line Diagram
ABRA Associazione Brasiliana per la Riforma Agraria
ACD Automated Common Diagram
ALD Automatic Logic Diagram
ALACE Autonomous Lagrangian Circulation Explorer
BAF Bagram Air Field
BTIF Bagram Theater Internment Facility
BARC Barangay Agrarian Reform Committee
BMD Bending Moment Diagram
BDD Binary Decision Diagram
BHZ Biuro Handlu Zagranicznego
BCD Block Cable Diagram
BUNDLE Block Diagram
BD Block Diagram
BOULEVARD Block Diagram
BOUNDARY Block Diagram
BOUND Block Diagram
BDE Block Diagram Editor
BFD Block Flow Diagram
BID Block Interaction Diagram
BREAK Block Interaction Diagram
BID Block Interconnect Diagrams
BREAK Block Interconnect Diagrams
BWD Block Wiring Diagram
BLD Boolean Logic Diagram
BLTM Branched Lagrangian Transport Model
BFA British Fragrance Association
CBD Cable Block Diagram
CAD Cabling Diagram
CFMA Canadian Fragrance Materials Association
CFD Cash Flow Diagram
CCD Category Class Diagram
CLOUD Causal Loop Diagram
CLD Causal Loop Diagram
CALE C-Based Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian
CARET Center for Agrarian Reform, Empowerment and Transformation
CMA Centrale Marketing-Gesellschaft mbH der Deutschen Agrarwirtschaft
CEE Centre d’Etudes de l’Ennéagramme
CFSS Certified Fragrance Sales Specialist
CHATSEA Challenges of the Agrarian Transition in Southeast Asia
CDD Clock Difference Diagram
CRD Clock Restriction Diagram
CMD Color Magnitude Diagram
CUDD Colorado University Decision Diagram
CEFA Comitato Europeo di Formazione Agraria
CARP Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program
CAG Conagra Foods
CD Conceptual Diagram
CSD Conceptual Schema Diagram
CSTD Condensed State-Transition Diagram
CPAR Congress for People’s Agrarian Reform
CWD Connection Wiring Diagram
CAPACITY Consejo Agrario Permanente
CAP Consejo Agrario Permanente
CALV Consorzio Agrario Lombardo Veneto
CSD Control Flow Specification Diagram
CSD Control Structure Diagram
CE-ESD Convolutional Encoder Error-State Diagram
CAF Cooperativas Agrarias Federadas
CIAO Coronagraphic Imager with Adaptive Optics
CORA Corporacion de la Reforma Agraria
CFTA Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association
CTFAS Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association of Singapore
CTFA Cosmetic, Toiletry, and Fragrance Association
CFD Cumulative Flow Diagram
CMDME Curved Mesh Diagram of Mandibular Excursion Method
DFD Data Flow Diagram
DSD Data Schema Diagram
DSD Data Structure Diagram
DCP Datagram Control Protocol
DDP Datagram Delivery Protocol
DSMA Datagram Sensing Multiple Access
DTLS Datagram Transport Layer Security
DAG Decagram or Dekagram
DDT Deflagration to Detonation Transition
DAG Dekagram
DSZ Departament Spraw Zagranicznych
DOAD Department of Agrarian Development
DAR Department of Agrarian Reform
DSWD Details Schematic Wiring Diagrams
DDD Determinant Decision Diagram
DIAG Diagram
DFD Diagramme de Flux de Donnees
DPO Diagramme des Procédures Opérationelles
DOI Diagramme Objet Interaction
D2M Diagram-to-Model
DBDD Dual Binary Decision Diagram
ECD Effect Correspondence Diagram
EWD Electrical Wiring Diagram
EWD Elementary Wiring Diagram
EED Emergency Egress Diagram
EFD Engineering Flow Diagram
ELD Engineering Line Diagram
ERD Engineering Review Diagram
EPTP Enneagram Professional Training Program
ERD Entity Relationship Diagram
ECD Equivalent Circuit Diagram
ESD Error-State Diagram
ESAC Escuela Superior Agraria de Coimbra
EFFA European Flavour and Fragrance Association
EFCM European Fragrance and Cosmetic Master
ESD Event Sequence Diagram
EDD Experimental Design Diagram
FCA Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias
FAD Failure Assessment Diagram
FLAC Fast Lagrangian Analysis of Continua
FLD Fault Logic Diagram
FAA Federación Agraria Argentina
FSTD Finite-State Transition Diagram
FF Flagrant Foul
FFAA Flavour and Fragrance Association of Australia
FLD Forming Limit Diagram
FIA Forschungsstelle fur Internationale Agrar- und Wirtschaftsentwicklung eV
FMA Fragrance Materials Association of the United States, Inc.
FBD Free Body Diagram
FAD Function Allocation Diagram
FHD Function Hierarchy Diagram
FBD Functional Block Diagram
FDD Functional Decision Diagram
FDD Functional Decomposition Diagram
FESD Functional Event Sequence Diagram
FFBD Functional Flow Block Diagram
FFDS Functional Flow Diagram
FFD Functional Flow Diagram
FSD Functional Sequence Diagram
FIA Fundacion para la Innovacion Agraria
FBMN Fundatia Baylor Marea Neagra
GAP Gemeinsame Agrarpolitik
GASP Gesellschaft Fur Agrar Und Stadtokologische Projekte Mbh
GASP Gesellschaft für Agrar- und Stadtökologische Projekte mbH
JGO GoDiagram for Java
GMZ Gusenichnyy Mino-Zagraditel’
HLG Hannibal-Lagrange College
HDT Hasse Diagram Technique
HBD Heat Balance Diagram
HKARTI Hector Kobbekaduwa Agrarian Research & Training Institute
HRD Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram
HJM Hindu Jagran Manch
HAS Hogere Agrarische School
HY-SPLIT Hybrid Single Particle Lagrangian Integrated Trajectories
ISD Incidental Sequences Diagram
INDONESIA Index Diagram
ID Index Diagram
IFD Information Flow Diagram
IWD Installation Wiring Diagram
IAST Institute of Agrarian Studies
IAD Instituto Agrario Dominicano
ICIA Instituto Canario de Investigaciones Agrarias
IDA Instituto de Desarrollo Agrario
IERAC Instituto Ecuatoriano de Reforma Agraria y Colonización
INA Instituto Nacional Agrario
INCRA Instituto Nacional de Colonização e Reforma Agrária
INIAP Instituto Nacional de Investigação Agrária e das Pescas
INIAA Instituto Nacional de Investigacion Agraria y Agroindustrial
INRA Instituto Nacional de Reforma Agraria
ILD Instrument Loop Diagram
INDIA Intercept Diagrams
ICD Interface Control Diagram
INDONESIA Interface Diagram
ID Interface Diagram
ISD Interface Structure Diagram
IAFN International Agra-Food Network
IFF International Flavors and Fragrances
ISVD International Symposium on Voronoi Diagrams in Science
IAHL Internationale Agrarische Hogeschool Larenstein
IDP Internet Datagram Protocol
INEA Istituto Nazionale di Economia Agraria
JCCD Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy
JOAC Journal of Agrarian Change
KPA Konsorsium Pembaruan Agraria
LD Ladder Diagram
LT LaGrande Technology
LADSE LaGrange Area Department of Special Education
LMS LaGrange Middle School
LM Lagrange Multiplier
LRH Lagrangean Relaxation with Heuristics
LGL Lagrange-Gauss-Lobatto
LEAVE Lagrange-Vandermonde
LV Lagrange-Vandermonde
LCS Lagrangian Coherent Structures
LADA Lagrangian Data Assimilation
LAGO Lagrangian Global Optimizer
LAMP Lagrangian Measurement Platform
LSME Lagrangian Speckle Model Estimator
LSDM Lagrangian Stochastic Dispersion Model
LANS Lagrangian-Averaged Navier-Stokes
LASCO Large Angle and Spectrometric Coronagraph
LED Layout of Engineering Diagrams
LDSC Leagrave Dental Sedation Clinic
LOD Lease Outline Diagram
LLPE leo lagrange paris est
LOTOSS Lick Observatory and Tenagra Observatory Supernova Searches
LVH Limagrain Verneuil Holding
LDD Logic Decision Diagram
LD Logic Diagram
LDD Logistics Decision Diagram
MDSB Magnificient Diagraph Sdn. Bhd.
MHS Magrath High School
MODULATOR Management Overview Diagram
MOD Management Overview Diagram
MAD Mass Acceleration Diagram
MLD Master Logic Diagram
MFD Material Flow Diagram
MSD Material Selection Diagram
MDER Matrix Diagram
MD Matrix Diagram
MFD Mechanical Flow Diagram
MG Megagram
MMDI Mental Muscle Diagram Indicator
MAO Middelbaar Agrarisch Onderwijs
MSZ Ministerstwo Spraw Zagranicznych
MARPS Movimiento Agrario de la Region Pampeana
MARP Movimiento Agrario de la Region Pampeana
MDD Multiple-valued Decision Diagram
MYG Myriagram
NOSC Nagrak Organic SRI Center
NSD Nassi-Shneiderman Diagram
NCTD National Centre for Tactile Diagrams
NDCD National Dragracing Club Denmark
NNARA National Network of Agrarian Reform Advocates
NBDD NetBIOS Datagram Distribution
ND Network Diagram
NFSD Network File System Datagram
NFD Network Flow Diagrams
NCPB New Cambridge Paragraph Bible
NP New Paragraph
NVAF Nieuwe Vrije Agrarische Federatie
NCD Node Connectivity Diagram
NSAU Novosibirsk State Agrarian University
NDD Numerical Decision Diagram
OFD One Function Diagram
OLD One-Line Diagram
OSD Operating Sequence Diagram
OLD Operational Logic Diagram
OSD Operational Sequence Diagram
OFD Operations Flow Diagram
OTDD Ordered Ternary Decision Diagram
PDD Page Description Diagram
PROGRAM Paragraph
PARTNER Paragraph
PASSED Paragraph
PAR Paragraph
PORNO Paragraph
P Paragraph
PACKED Paragraph
PENTIUM Paragraph
PARA Paragraph
PUT Paragraph Understanding Test
PDD Parameter Dependency Diagram
PAS Partia Agrare e Shqipërisë
PALA Partido Agrario Laborista Alajuelense
PCMD PC Mimic Diagram
PIANISSIMO Pellagra Preventing
PP Pellagra Preventing
PENT Pentagram
PED Phase Equilibrium Diagram
PRD Phase Reflection Diagram
PID Piping & Instrumentation Diagram
PVF Politieke Vleugel van de Federatie van Agrariërs en Landarbeiders
PD Precedence Diagram
PDMES Precedence Diagramming Method
PDM Precedence Diagramming Method
PPPP Previous Paragraph was Polemical Position
PWD Printed Wiring Diagram
PID Process & Instrumentation Diagram
PNID Process and Instrumentation Diagram
PDD Process Decomposition Diagram
PERD Process Engineering Revision Diagram
PFD Process Flow Diagram
PHD Process Hierarchy Diagram
PID Process Instrument Diagram
POD Process Operational Diagram
PALACE Profiling Automatic Lagrangian Circulation Explorer
PDD Program/Process Dependency Diagram
PDD Programprocess Dependency Diagram
PND Project Network Diagram
PARO Provincial Agrarian Reform Officer
QAL Qualitatssicherung in der Agrar- und Lebensmittelwirtschaft mbH
QDD Quaternary-valued Decision Diagram
RSCL reduced simple controlled Lagrangian
R-A Réduction/Agrandissement
RELMAP Regional Lagrangian Model of Air Pollution
RWD Relay Wave Diagram
RBD Reliability Block Diagram
RDP Reliable Datagram Protocol
RUDP Reliable User Datagram Protocol
RBDE Residue-Based Diagram Editor
RSAU-MTAA Russian State Agrarian University-Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy
SNIFF Safe Notification and Information for Fragrances Act
SAD Safety Analysis Diagram
SAD Safety Assurance Diagram
SAMPDA Samagra Adivasi Medicinal Plants Development Association
SDM Schematic Diagram Manual
SOP Seagrass Outreach Partnership
SRA Secretaria de La Reforma Agraria
SLSI Semi-Lagrangian Semi Implicit
SLT Semi-Lagrangian Transport
SEPADO Sentence Paragraph Document
SID Sequence Interaction Diagram
SDD Set Decision Diagram
SFD Shear Force Diagram
SFD Signal Flow/Function Diagram
SNAD Simple Net Art Diagram
SFD Simplified Flow Diagram
SBSD Simulation Behavior Specification Diagram
SLD Single Line Diagram
SPLIT Single Particle Lagrangian Integrated Trajectory Model
SDFD Software Data Flow Diagram
SOLO Sounding Oceanographic Lagrangian Observer
SAHS Southern Agrarian Heritage Society
DOCTOR Space-Time Diagram
STD Space-Time Diagram
SDMD Stand Density Management Diagram
DOCTOR State Transition Diagram
STD State Transition Diagram
SLD Straight Line Diagram
SIPOC Supply, Input, Process, Output, Customer Diagram
SBRP Supreme Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram
SDAD Surface Danger Area Diagram
SJM Swadeshi Jagran Manch
SLM Synoptic Lagrangian Map
SFD System Functional Diagram
SFHD System Functional Hierarchic Diagram
SID System Interface Diagram
SLD System Level Diagram
SSD System Sequence Diagram
STEWARD Systems Diagram
SD Systems Diagram
TED Taylor Expansion Diagram
TUBA TCP and UDP (User Datagram Protocol) with Bigger Address (Internet addressing)
TG Teragram
TDD Ternary Decision Diagram
TFD Test Fixture Diagram
TFD Test Flow Diagram
TDOLZ The Diagrams of Led Zeppelin
TERD The Entity-Relationship Diagram Editor
TSLD Time Scaled Logic Diagram
TKG Tokodynagraph
TJD Trajectory Diagram
UAAN Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian
UAAS Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Sciences
UVCS Ultraviolet Coronagraph Spectrometer
UDI Unità di Documentazione e Informazione per la Ricerca Agraria
UDP Universal Datagram Protocol
UNA Universidad Nacional Agraria
UNALM Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina
UNAS Universidad National Agraria de la Selva
UDP Unreliable Datagram Protocol
UDP User Datagram Protocol
UDP User Diagram Protocol
UID User Interaction Diagram
USD User Systems Diagram
UDD Utility Distribution Diagram
UFD Utility Flow Diagram
ULD UtilityLine Diagram
VAG Vagrancy
VT Vagrant Terror
VSD Valve Status Diagram
VAUD Venn Diagram
VOLUNTEER Venn Diagram
VD Venn Diagram
VGR Viagra
VDP video datagram protocol
VFD Vineyard of Fragrant Drapes
VFG Vineyard of Fragrant Grapes
VACATE Vlaams Agrarisch Centrum
VAC Vlaams Agrarisch Centrum
VAUD Voroni Diagram
VOLUNTEER Voroni Diagram
VD Voroni Diagram
WOD Warnier-Orr Diagram
WVAA West Virginia AgrAbility
WLC White Light Coronagraph
WCI White-Light Coronagraphic Imager
WDDS Wire Diagram Data System
WDP Wireless Datagram Protocol
WDM Wiring Data/Diagrams
WD Wiring Diagram
WDM Wiring Diagram Manual
WFFC Women in Flavor and Fragrance Commerce
WLDD Word Level Decision Diagram
WSP Work Statement Paragraph
WFAR World Forum on Agrarian Reform
ZDD Zero-Suppressed Binary Decision Diagram
ZG Zettagram
ZZD Zig-Zag Diagram