Airport Abbreviations

Airport is an infrastructure with runways and runways for aircraft flights, as well as air traffic control buildings, passenger halls and facilities for baggage handling or goods dispatch. An airport must have facilities that meet technical and safety requirements and facilities that guarantee the smooth handling of passengers, baggage, cargo and mail. The terminal building houses the arrivals departure halls and the waiting room for passengers who have passed customs.


As air freight transport increases, huge freight buildings are being built at major international airports where handling, including customs clearance, is generally mechanical and computerized. This increasing freight transport has also led to various companies finding it useful to establish themselves at the airport itself. An airport has its own police and fire brigade. There are also several restaurants, buffets and shops. Finally, airports are home to various companies, including several suppliers to the airport’s operations, and airlines have their offices, maintenance services and workshops there.

Air traffic control and meteorological information to the crews of aircraft waiting for departure are generally not provided by the airports themselves; in the Netherlands, for example, these tasks are assigned to resp. the civil aviation service and the KNMI, in Belgium to the Regie der Luchtwegen.

Depending on the circumstances (prevailing winds and expected air traffic), airports are equipped with one or more paved runways. They are often found parallel to two, so that take-off and landing can take place simultaneously on different runways (Brussels National).

Paris-Le Bourget airport was an important airport until the 1970s, but is now only used for business air traffic.

Eldoret would have been chosen as the location for a third major airport in Kenya, next to Nairobi and Mombasa, because the current Kenyan president, Daniel arap Moi, was born there, initially the explanation sounded.

In a densely populated country such as the Netherlands, the planning integration of aviation activities requires a great deal of effort.

This problem is described in the Civil Aerodrome Structure Plan as far as non-military activities are concerned. The military activities are part of the Military Terrain Structure Plan. A national airport such as Schiphol makes a considerable claim on space, requires an extensive infrastructure , attracts employment that is based on the various functions of an airport, and raises the demand for housing. increase sharply in the vicinity. In addition to the demand for additional facilities, an airport causes a lot of nuisance. Noise pollutionis the most common form, but air pollution should not be underestimated either. The quality of life in residential and recreational areas that are in line with the runways often declines drastically. In existing situations, this sometimes leads to a limitation of the use of those runways, while runway rotation may even be necessary. The living environment of Schiphol is under great pressure.

Concepts such as bulderbaan and Zwanenburgbaan speak for themselves. At the time of the preparation of the structure plan, there was a heated discussion about the need for a second national airport. It was assumed that due to the enormous growth of civil aviation, Schiphol would be ‘full’ in the fairly short term and that a major expansion of theair traffic could not be accommodated by using the other airports in the Netherlands. The future Markerwaard was eventually seen as the most obvious solution. The expected growth in air traffic did not continue due to the energy scarcity and especially the rising fuel prices. As the situation now appears, Schiphol will remain the only national airport for the time being.

However, in order to maintain the quality of life in the area, a number of measures will have to be taken to limit noise nuisance, whereby relocation should not be regarded as excluded. The arrival of a new generation of aircraft, which produce considerably less noise, could also be a step in the right direction. Making provisions for existing homes can also limit the nuisance to some extent, but the use of the garden and recreation areas is not positively influenced by this. It also does not suppress feelings of fear for aircraft flying over.

In Belgium, it is not only the national (Zaventem) and the large regional airports (Oostende, Deurne, Charleroi and Liège) that cause problems. The populationin the vicinity of smaller regional airports, there is a lot of hindrance from sport flying. There is constant noise nuisance at some thirty regional, military and utility airports. Policy still pays too little attention to the problem.

The noise nuisance can be tackled, among other things, on the basis of the law of 18.7.1973 on combating noise nuisance. From 1.10.1980, no Belgian is allowed. certificates of airworthiness will no longer be issued, nor renewed, for an aircraft that would not meet the established noise standards. The Regie der Luchtwegen (Regie der Luchtwegen) imposes restrictions on night flights.

List of Acronyms Related to Airport

AIA Abbotsford International Airport
ABR Aberdeen, SD, USA – Aberdeen Regional Airport
ADAC Abu Dhabi Airports Company
DHF Abu Dhabi Al Dhafra Military Airport
ADIA Abu Dhabi International Airport
AAE Accredited Airport Executive
ADK Adak Island NS Airport
ADS Addisod, TX Airport Code
AIL Ailigandi Airport
ACAP Airplane Characteristics for Airport Planning
APRT Airport
ARPT Airport
APT Airport
ADS Airport & Desktop Services
AAIRS Airport /Air Carrier Information Reporting System
AAR Airport Acceptance Rate
AAU Airport Admin Utility
AAB Airport Advisory Board
AAS Airport Advisory Service
AAS Airport Aids Services
AAA Airport Airspace Analysis
SIMMOD Airport and Airspace Simulation Model
AAIA Airport and Airway Improvement Act
AASR Airport and Airways Surveillance Radar
AABA Airport Area Business Association
AAR Airport Arrival Rate
AAND Airport Association of North Dakota
AACC Airport Associations Coordinating Council
AAI Airport Authority of India
AAWC Airport Authority of Washoe County
ALPHABET Airport Business Center
ABC Airport Business Center
ACE Airport Capacity Enhancement
ACEP Airport Capacity Enhancement Plan
ACAP Airport Capital Assistance Program
ACIP Airport Capital Improvement Program
ACM Airport Certification Manual
ACSI Airport Certification Safety Inspector
ACS Airport Certification Specification
ACE Airport Certified Employee
ACE Airport City Express
APC Airport Club
APC Airport Code
VYR Airport Code – Vancouver International Airport
ACS Airport Communication System
ACCOUNTING Airport Communities Coalition
ACCESSORY Airport Communities Coalition
ACC Airport Communities Coalition
ACFR Airport Concession Fee Recovery
ACDL Airport Concessions and Development Limited
ACCOUNTING Airport Conference Center
ACCESSORY Airport Conference Center
ACC Airport Conference Center
ACCOUNTING Airport Consultants Council
ACCESSORY Airport Consultants Council
ACC Airport Consultants Council
ACCOUNTING Airport Consultative Committee
ACCESSORY Airport Consultative Committee
ACC Airport Consultative Committee
ACRP Airport Cooperative Research Program
ACS Airport Customer Service
ADB Airport Database
ADAP Airport Development Aid Fund
ADAP Airport Development Aid Program
ADP Airport Development Program
ADZ Airport Development Zone
ADENOSINE Airport District Offices
ADO Airport District Offices
EDLW Airport Dortmund, Germany
ADF Airport Duty Free
ADM Airport Duty Manager
AEP Airport Emergency Plan
AEIS Airport Engineering Information System
AEA Airport Express Alliance
APEBS Airport Extreme Base Station
AEBS Airport Extreme Base Station
AFD Airport Facilities Directory
AFFV Airport Fire Fighting Vehicle
AGS Airport Ground Service Ltd
AGTA Airport Ground Transportation Association
AGIL Airport Group Investments Ltd.
AHA Airport Handling Agents
AHM Airport Handling Manual
EDDV Airport Hannover, Germany
AHCC Airport Heights Community Council
AIR Airport Impact Review
AIF Airport Improvement Fee
AIP Airport Improvement Plan
AIP Airport Improvement Program
AIMS Airport Information Management System
ALUCP Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan
ALDIS Airport Landing Dues Information System
ALE Airport Landing Equipment
ALP Airport Layout Plan
ALE Airport Lighting Equipment
ALECP Airport Lighting Equipment Certification Program
APL Airport Lights
ALAQS Airport Local Air Quality Studies
AMC Airport Mail Center
AMF Airport Mail Facility
AMPAP Airport Management Professional Accreditation Programme
AMSD Airport Management Services Division
AMPU Airport Master Plan Update
AMASS Airport Movement Area Safety System
EDDG Airport Muenster-Osnabrueck, Germany
EDDM Airport Munich, Germany
AIRNET Airport Network Simulation Model
ANAP Airport Noise Advisory Panel
ANCA Airport Noise and Capacity Act
ANCP Airport Noise Control Program
ANMS Airport Noise Mitigation Symposium
ANZ Airport Noise Zone
AOE Airport of Entry
AOSA Airport Open Space Advocates
AOS Airport Operation System
AODB Airport Operational Database
AOA Airport Operations Area
AOC-2 Airport Operations Center
AOC Airport Operations Center
AOCC Airport Operations Control Centre
AOCI Airport Operations Council International
AOS Airport Operations Specialist
AOA Airport Operators Association
AOCI Airport Operators Council International
APH Airport Parking and Hotels
APM Airport Passenger Management
AP Airport Plaza
APL Airport Pseudolite
APTV Airport Public Transportation Vehicle
ARSA Airport Radar Service Area
ARL Airport Rail Link
ARPER Airport Reference Point
ARP Airport Reference Point
ARO Airport Reporting Office
APR Airport Representative
ARFF Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting
ARF Airport Reservation Function
ARO Airport Reservations Office
ARMT Airport Resource Management Tool
ASDP Airport Security Display Processor
ASF Airport Security Force
ASIST Airport Security Incident Support Team
ASU Airport Security Unit
EDDS Airport Stuttgart, Germany
ASDE Airport Surface Detection Equipment
ASDR Airport Surface Detection Radar
ASFT Airport Surface Friction Tester
ATIDS Airport Surface Target Identification System
ASTA Airport Surface Traffic Automation
ASR Airport Surveillance Radar
ATO Airport Ticket Office
ATA Airport Traffic Area
ATCT Airport Traffic Control Tower
ATC Airport Transfer Center
ATS Airport Transfer Service
ATS Airport Transit System
AVISA Airport Vicinity Icing and Snow Advisor
AWS Airport Water Shuttle
AACI Airports Association Council International
AII Airports Authority of India
AAT Airports Authority of Thailand
ACDB Airports Characteristics Data Bank
ACSA Airports Company South Africa
ACI Airports Council International
AOT Airports of Thailand Plc
AKO Akron, Colorado, USA – Colorado Plains Regional Airport
CAK Akron/Canton, OH, USA – Akron-Canton Regional Airport
KQA Akutan Airport
XAL Alamos Airport
ALB Albany, NY, USA – Albany County Airport
AEL Albert Lea Airport (Minnesota)
ABQ Albuquerque, NM, USA – Albuquerque International Airport
YAL Alert Bay Airport
AGC Allegheny County Airport
ACAA Allegheny County Airport Authority
ABE Allentown, PA, USA – Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton Airport
AFW Alliance Airport, Fort Worth
ARSAC Alliance for a Regional Solution to Airport Congestion
ACRA Alpena County Regional Airport
APN Alpena, MI, USA – Alpena Regional Airport
AMA Amarillo, TX, USA – Amarillo International Airport
GSW Amon Carter Field/Greater Southwest International Airport
ATQ Amritsar Raja Sansi Airport
AIA Anchorage International Airport
VALLEY Anglesey Airport, North Wales, UK
ANP Annapolis, MD Lee Airport
AQG Anqing Airport
LTAI Antalya International Airport
AYL Anthony Lagoon Airport
AAE Apple Airport Extreme
ATW Appleton, WI, USA – Outagamie County Airport
ATTITUDE Arcata, CA, USA – Arcata/Eureka Airport
ACV Arcata, CA, USA – Arcata/Eureka Airport
ADM Ardmore, Oklahoma, USA – Ardmore Municipal Airport
RWN Arens Field Airport
APRA Arnold Palmer Regional Airport
AVL Asheville / Hendersonville, NC, USA – Asheville Regional Airport
ASE Aspen, CO, USA – Pitkin County Airport Sardy Field
ATZ Assiut Airport
AAIA Association of Airport Internal Auditors, Inc.
AIA Athens International Airport
AKB Atka Airport
AKLS Auckland, New Zealand – Auckland International Airport
AKL Auckland, New Zealand – Auckland International Airport
AUZ Aurora Municipal Airport
ABIA Austin-Bergstrom International Airport
APAL Australia Pacific Airports Launceston
BIOP Baghdad International Airport
BIAP Baghdad International Airport
SDA Baghdad, Iraq-Saddam International Airport
SDA Baghdad-Saddam International Airport
BSIA Baghdad-Saddam International Airport
BGL Baglung Airport
YBG Bagotville Airport
BMF Bakouma Airport
MTN Baltimore, MD Martin Airport
BWI Baltimore/Washington International Airport
BMQ Bamburi Airport
BMN Bamerny Airport
BKK Bangkok, Thailand – Bangkok International Airport
BANGKOK Bangkok, Thailand – Bangkok International Airport
BGR Bangor, ME, USA – Bangor International Airport
BDU Bardufoss Airport, Norway
BAX Barnaul, Russia – Barnaul Airport
BVO Bartlesville, Oklahoma, USA – Bartlesville Municipal Airport
BSR Basra Iraq International Airport
BAM Battle Mountain Airport
MKZ Batu Berendam Airport
BLIA Bayan Lepas International Airport
SGH Beckley Airport, Springfield, Ohio
BEV Beersheba, Israel – Domestic Airport
BCIA Beijing Capital International Airport
PEK Beijing, China – Peking Capital Airport
PEKS Beijing, China – Peking Capital Airport
BJS Beijing, China-Capital Airport
BLX Belluno Airport
BMD Belo sur Tsiribihina Airport
BJI Bemidji, MN, USA – Bemidji Municipal Airport
BEA Ben Epps Airport
LLBG Ben Gurion International Airport
BIA Bengaluru International Airport
BIAL Bengaluru International Airport Limited
BEN Benghazi Benina International Airport
BBB Benson Municipal Airport
BEJ Berau Airport
BML Berlin Regional Airport
BPK Biangabip Airport
BIU Bildudalur Airport
BIL Billings, MT, USA – Billings Logan Intnl Airport
BILLION Billings, MT, USA – Billings Logan Intnl Airport
HSE Billy Mitchell Airport
BHM Birmingham, Al, USA – Birmingham International Airport
FRU Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan – Bishkek Airport
YBX Blanc Sablon, Quebec, Canada – Blanc Sablon Airport
BMG Bloomington, IN, USA – Monroe County Airport
BRAA Boca Raton Airport Authority
BXN Bodrum, Turkey – Imsik Airport
BOI Boise, ID, USA – Boise Municipal Airport (Airport Code)
BGG Bongouanou Airport
BOS Boston, MA, USA – Logan International Airport
ZBB Boundary Bay Airport
BOH Bournemouth Airport Identifier
KLOU Bowman Field Airport
BIA Bradley International Airport
BACHELOR Brisbane Airport Corporation
BAC Brisbane Airport Corporation
BNE Brisbane, Queensland, Australia – Brisbane International Airport
BIA Bristol International Airport
TRI Bristol/Johnson City/Kingsport, TN, USA – Municipal Tri-City Airport
BASEA British Airport Services Equipment Association
BAA British Airports Authority
BKX Brookings, SD, USA – Brookings Municipal Airport
BJC Broomfield/Jefferson County Airport
BACHELOR Brussels Airport Company
BAC Brussels Airport Company
BATC Brussels Airport Terminal Company
BIAC Brussels International Airport Company
EBBR Brussels National Airport
BSCA Brussels South Charleroi Airport
LHBP Budapest Ferihegy International Airport
EZE Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina – Eze – Ezeiza International Airport
BUF Buffalo, NY, USA – Greater Buffalo International Airport
BUFFER Buffalo, NY, USA – Greater Buffalo International Airport
BUR Burbank, CA, USA – Burbank Glendale Pasadena Airport
BNCA Bureau of National Capital Airports
BKL Burke Lakefront Airport, Cleveland, Ohio
BRL Burlington, IA, USA – Burlington Municipal Airport
BTV Burlington, VT, USA – Burlington International Airport
BNO Burns Municipal Airport, Burns, Oregon
BAAAP Business Aviation Airport Access Program
BQB Busselton Regional Airport
YKZ Buttonville, Ontario, Canada – Buttonville Airport
CBQ Calabar Airport
CLZ Calabozo Airport
CQF Calais Airport
CDE Caledonia Airport
CXL Calexico International Airport
CVI Calexico International Airport
CIA Calgary International Airport
YYC Calgary, Alberta, Canada – Calgary International Airport
CPE Campeche International Airport
CAA Canada Airports Act
CASS Canadian Airport Security System
CAC Canadian Airports Council
CBR Canberra Airport – Australia
CGI Cape Girardeau, MO, USA – Municipal Airport
CSB Caransebes Airport
MDH Carbondale, IL, USA – Southern Illinois Airport
CCF Carcassonne, France – Salvaza Airport
EGFF Cardiff Airport
CAS Cargo Airport Services USA, LLC
CLD Carlsbad, CA, USA – Carlsbad/Palomar Airport
CLOUD Carlsbad, CA, USA – Carlsbad/Palomar Airport
CAS Casablanca, Morocco ANFA Airport
CPR Casper, WY, USA – Natrona County International Airport
MER Castle Airport
CIA Catalina Island Airport
CEAT Center of Excellence for Airport Technology
CIRA Central Illinois Regional Airport
BMI Central Illinois Regional Airport at Bloomington-Normal
CMI Champaign, IL, USA – Univ Of Illinois-Willard Airport
CHD Chandler Municipal Airport, Chandler, Arizona, USA
WSSS Changi Airport, Singapore
CIAS Changi International Airport Services
CHS Charleston, SC, USA – Charleston International Airport
CRW Charleston, WV, USA – Yeager Airport
CLT Charlotte, NC, USA – Charlotte/Douglas International Airport
CMAA Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport Authority
VHHH Chek Lap Kok International Airport
CEK Chelyabinsk Airport, Russia
CCA Cherry Capital Airport
CPK Chesapeake Regional Airport
CYS Cheyenne, WY, USA – Cheyenne Municipal Airport
CSI Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport
CEAA Chicago Executive Airport Association
ORD Chicago, IL, USA – O’Hare International Airport
CADO Chief, Airport District Office
CZ China Southern Airlines Airport Code
CIAL Christchurch International Airport Limited
YYQ Churchill, Manitoba, Canada – Churchill Airport
CVG Cincinnati, OH, USA – Greater Cincinnati International Airport
CCAIR Clark County Airport Issues Roundtable
CKB Clarksburg, WV, USA – Clarksburg-Benedum Airport
CHIA Cleveland Hopkins International Airport
CLE Cleveland, OH, USA – Hopkins International Airport
CHAOS Close Heathrow Airport On Sundays
CAVOK Cloud And Visibility At Airfield/Airport Is Ok
CRAMP Coalition for Responsible Airport Management and Policy
CIAL Cochin International Airport Limited
COD Cody Yellowstone Regional Airport
CGS College Park Airport
CAE Columbia, SC, USA – Columbia SC Airport Metropolitan
CMH Columbus, OH, USA – Port Columbus International Airport
CAIR Community Airport Impact Review
CANN Community Airport Newcomers Network
CARS Community Airport Radio Station
CAST Comprehensive Airport Simulation Technology
CPM Compton, California Woodley Airport
CASR Containerized Airport Surveillance Radar
CASPP Continuous Airport System Planning Process
AJO Corona, CA, USA – Corona Municipal Airport
CRP Corpus Christi, TX, USA – Corpus Christi International Airport
YXC Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada – Cranbrook Airport
CEC Crescent City, CA, USA – Crescent City Municipal Airport
CJR Culpeper Regional Airport
CGF Cuyahoga County Airport, Cleveland, Ohio
DLFA Dallas Love Field Airport
RBD Dallas Redbird Airport
KDFW Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport
DXR Danbury Municipal Airport, Danbury CT
DCRA Dane County Regional Airport
DAN Danville Regional Airport
DNV Danville, IL, USA – Vermilion County Airport
DIAMETER Dar Es Salaam International Airport
DIA Dar-es-Salaam International Airport
DAISY Database & Airport Information System
DBIA Daytona Beach International Airport
DAB Daytona Beach, FL, USA – Daytona Beach International Airport
LFRG Deauville Saint-Gatien Airport
DEC Decatur, IL, USA – Decatur Municiple Airport
DEL Delhi, India – Delhi International Airport
DTO Denton Municipal Airport
DTO-2 Denton Municipal Airport
DIAMETER Denver International Airport
DIA Denver International Airport
DOA Department of Airports
DOTA Department of Transportation, Airports Division
DET Detroit City Airport, Detroit, Michigan
DMA Detroit Metro Airport
DTW Detroit/Wayne, MI, USA – Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport
DAC Dhaka, Bangladesh – Zia International Airport
DATIS Digital Airport Terminal Information System
DMIA Diosdado Macapagal International Airport
DNK Dniepropetrovsk Airport
DSIA Donald Sangster International Airport
DSA Doncaster Sheffield Airport
YHD Dryden, Ontario, Canada – Dryden Airport
DAFZ Dubai Airport Free Zone
DAFZA Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority
DIAMETER Dubai International Airport
DIA Dubai International Airport
OMDB Dubai International Airport
DXB Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Dubai International Airport
DAA Dublin Airport Authority
DASF Dublin Airport Stakeholders Forum
DBQ Dubuque, IA, USA – Dubuque Municipal Airport
DLH Duluth, MN, USA – Duluth International Airport
DUC Duncan, Oklahoma, USA – Halliburton Field Airport
DIAL Dunedin International Airport Limited
DRO Durango, CO, USA – Durango La Plata County Airport
DZA Dzaoudzi Airport
ETRA East Texas Regional Airport
ESD Eastsound, WA, USA – Eastsound/Orcas Island Airport
EIA Edmonton International Airport
IPL El Centro/Imperial, CA, USA – El Centro Airport
SKBO El Dorado International Airport
EPIA El Paso International Airport
ELP El Paso, TX, USA – El Paso International Airport
ECG Elizabeth City Regional Airport
ELM Elmira / Corning, NY, USA – Elmira Corning Regional Airport
ECRA Elmira-Corning Regional Airport
EAJ Enrique Adolfo Jimenez Airport
EIA Erbil International Airport
ESC Escanaba, MI, USA – Delta County Airport
MEB Essendon Airport
EUG Eugene, OR, USA – Eugene Airport
EUGS Eugene, OR, USA – Eugene Airport
BSL Euro Airport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg
EVV Evansville, IN, USA – Evansville Regional Airport
PAE Everett Wa Usa Paine Fieldsnohomish County International Airport
PAE Everett, WA, USA – Paine Field/Snohomish County International Airport
APPENDIX FAA Airport Planning and Programming Office
APP FAA Airport Planning and Programming Office
FAI Fairbanks, AK, USA – Fairbanks International Airport
FCC Fairport Crew Club, Inc.
FPE Fairport, Painesville, & Eastern Railway Company
FAR Fargo, ND, USA – Hector Airport
FARSI Fargo, ND, USA – Hector Airport
LHFH Farkashegy Airport ICAO Code
FRG Farmingdale Republic Airport, New York
FMN Farmington, NM, USA – Four Corners Regional Airport
FATASS Federal Air Transportation Airport Security Service
FAAN Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria
FAC Federal Airports Corporation
FACILITY Federal Airports Corporation
FAAP Federal-Aid Airport Program
FFM Fergus Falls, MN, USA – Fergus Falls Municipal Airport
FIA Flanders International Airport
FNT Flint, MI, USA – Bishop Int’l Airport
FLP Flippin, Arkansas, USA – Marion County Regional Airport
FLAMEPROOF Flippin, Arkansas, USA – Marion County Regional Airport
FAC Florida Airports Council
FACILITY Florida Airports Council
FALUC Foothill Airport Land Use Commission
FNL Fort Collins/Loveland, CO, USA – Fort Collins / Loveland Airport
FOD Fort Dodge, IA, USA – Fort Dodge Regional Airport
FODES Fort Dodge, IA, USA – Fort Dodge Regional Airport
FXE Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport
RSW Fort Myers, FL, USA – Regional Southwest Airport
YFS Fort Simpson, Northwest Territories, Canada – Fort Simpson Airport
FRAPORT Frankfurt Airport Company
FPO Freeport, Bahamas – Freeport International Airport
FEP Freeport, IL, USA – Albertus Municipal Airport
FCH Fresno, CA, USA – Fresno Chandler Municipal Airport
FRD Friday Harbor, WA, USA – Friday Harbor Airport
FOLA Friends of Liverpool Airport
FRA Front Range Airport
FTY Fulton County Airport-Brown Field Airport
FCIA Fuzhou Changle International Airport
GBG Galesburg Municipal Airport, Galesburg, Illinois
YQX Gander, Newfoundland, Canada – Gander International Airport
GCK Garden City, KS, USA – Garden City Municipal Airport
ZFQ Gare de Bordeaux Airport
GTW Gatwick Airport
GZA Gaza, Palestinian Authority – International Airport
GEB Gebe Airport, Indonesia
GEBS Gebe Airport, Indonesia
GARB General Airport Revenue Bond
GMIA General Mitchell International Airport
KIAH George Bush Intercontinental/Houston Airport
GFIA Gerald Ford International Airport
GCC Gillette, WY, USA – Campbell County Airport
GMP Gimpo Domestic Airport
GLW Glasgow Airport
EGPF Glasgow Airport
GAA Glasgow Airport Authority
GPIA Glasgow Prestwick International Airport
GTRA Golden Triangle Regional Airport
GBAC Goose Bay Airport Corporation
GCM Grand Cayman Island, Cayman Islands – Owen Roberts International Airport
GFIA Grand Forks International Airport
GFK Grand Forks, ND, USA – Grand Forks International Airport
GRI Grand Island, NE, USA – Central Nebraska Regional Airport
YQU Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada – Grande Prairie Airport
GAAB Grantley Adams Airport Barbados
GFIA Great Falls International Airport
GMIA Greater Moncton International Airport
GPRA Greater Peoria Regional Airport
GRIA Greater Rochester International Airport
GRAA Greater Rockford Airport Authority
GVI Green River Airport
LWB Greenbrier, WV, USA – Greenbrier Valley Airport
GSO Greensboro / High Point, NC, USA – Piedmont Triad International Airport
GSP Greenville / Greer, SC, USA – Greenville Spartanburg Airport
GLH Greenville, Mississippi, USA – Mid Delta Regional Airport
GAE Groningen Airport Eelde
GUM Guam, Guam – Ab Wonpat International Airport
GUA Guatemala City, Guatemala – La Aurora International Airport
GUB Guerrero Negro, Baja California Sur, Mexico – Guerrero Negro Airport
GUC Gunnison, CO, USA – Gunnison County Airport
URY Gurayat Regional Airport
GUW Guryev Airport
HGR Hagerstown, MD, USA – Washington County Regional Airport
HFA Haifa, Israel – International Airport
HIAA Halifax International Airport Authority
HSIA Halifax Stanfield International Airport
HIAL Hamilton International Airport Limited
YHM Hamilton, Ontario, Canada – Hamilton Civic Airport
HAN Hanoi, Vietnam – Noibai Airport
OFP Hanover County Municipal Airport
HIA Harrisburg International Airport, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
MDT Harrisburg, PA, USA – Harrisburg International Airport
BUNDLE Hartford, CT, USA – Bradley International Airport
BDL Hartford, CT, USA – Bradley International Airport
HFD Hartford-Brainard Airport
KATL Hartsfield – Jackson Atlanta International Airport
HAIA Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport
ATL Hartsfield International Airport
HJAIA Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
HJIA Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
HACA Hawthorne Airport Community Association
HHR Hawthorne California Municipal Airport
HDN Hayden, CO, USA – Yampa Valley Regional Airport
HIS Hayman Island, Queensland, Australia – Hayman Island Airport
HYS Hays, KS, USA – Hays Municipal Airport
HAA Height Above Airport
EHR Henderson City-County Airport
KMAC Herbert Smart Downtown Airport Macon, Georgia, USA
HRU Herington Regional Airport, Herington, Kansas, USA
GYD Heydar Aliyev International Airport
HIAL Highlands and Islands Airports Limited
HIAL Highlands and Islands Airports Ltd.
HAPU Hold At Airport for Pickup
HOM Homer, AK, USA – Homer Airport
HKIA Hong Kong International Airport
HAS Houston Airport System
HOU Houston, TX, USA – Houston Hobby Airport
HHG Huntington Municipal Airport
HON Huron, SD, USA – Huron Regional Airport
HUT Hutchinson, Kansas Municipal Airport
HIAL Hyderabad International Airport Limited
IDL Idlewild Airport Code
ILK Ilaka Airport, Madagascar
YGR Iles De La Madeleine, Quebec, Canada – House Harbour Airport
ICIA Illinois Council of Independent Airports
ILQ Ilo, Moquegua, Peru – Ilo Airport
IKIA Imam Khomeini International Airport
IMM Immokalee Regional Airport
IIA Inchon International Airport
ICN Inchon International Airport, Korea
IAA Indianapolis Airport Authority
IIA Indianapolis International Airport
IND Indianapolis, IN, USA – Indianapolis International Airport
ZNQ Ingolstadt Airport
LOWI Innsbruck Airport, Austria
IAP International Airport
IA International Airport
IAAI International Airport Authority of India
IABHC International Airport Bucharest Henri Coanda
ICAA International Civil Airports Association
YEV Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada – Inuvik International Airport
IAL Invercargill Airport Ltd.
IYK Inyokern, CA, USA – Inyokern Airport
IMT Iron Mountain, MI, USA – Ford Airport
IWD Ironwood, MI, USA – Gogebic County Airport
ISP Islip, NY, USA – Long Island-Macarthur Airport
IAA Israeli Airports Authority
JAC Jackson Hole, WY, USA – Jackson Hole Airport
JMAA Jackson Municipal Airport Authority
JAX Jacksonville, FL, USA – Jacksonville International Airport
JSA Jaisalmer Airport
3CM James Clements Municipal Airport, Bay City, Michigan, USA
JMS Jamestown, ND, USA – Jamestown Municipal Airport
JHW Jamestown, NY, USA – Chautauqua County Airport
JRS Jerusalem, Israel – Atarot Airport
KJFK John Fitzgerald Kennedy International Airport
JLA John Lennon Airport
JWA John Wayne Airport
KSNA John Wayne Airport
JAWS Joint Airport Weather Studies
JKI Jomo Kenyatta International Airport
JLN Joplin, MO, USA – Municipal Airport
JCIA Jorge Chavez International Airport
JAWS Juneau Airport Wind System
KIA Kabul International Airport
KED Kaedi, Mauritania Airport
OGG Kahului, HI, USA – Kahului Airport
VHHH Kai Tak Airport (former ICAO Airport Identifier)
KGD Kaliningrad, Russia – Kaliningrad Airport
GPI Kalispell, Montana, USA – Glacier Park International Airport
KIA Kansai International Airport
MCI Kansas City, MO, USA – Kansas City International Airport
ZKB Kasaba Bay Airport
CPH Kastrup Airport, Copenhagen
LIH Kauai Island, HI, USA – Lihue Municipal Airport
EAR Kearney, NE, USA – Kearney Municipal Airport
YLW Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada – Ellison Field Airport
ENA Kenai, AK, USA – Kenai Municipal Airport
TMB Kendall-Tamiami Executive Airport, Miami, FL, USA
KAA Kenya Airport Authority
KIA Kilimanjaro International Airport
GRK Killeen-Ft Hood Regional Airport
RKSS Kimpo Airport
OEJN King Abdulaziz Intl Airport
KCIA King County International Airport
KKIA King Khalid International Airport
AKN King Salmon Airport
KSIA King Shaka International Airport
YGK Kingston, Ontario, Canada – Kingston Airport
KSW Kiryat Shmona, Israel – Domestic Airport
KSWS Kiryat Shmona, Israel – Domestic Airport
LMT Klamath Falls, OR, USA – Kingsley Field Airport
KMQ Komatsu Airport, Japan
KGS Kos – Ippokratis Airport Code
KKIA Kota Kinabalu International Airport
KMIA Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport
KLIA Kuala Lumpur International Airport
KIA Kuching International Airport
URS Kursk Airport
YVP Kuujjuaq, Quebec, Canada – Fort Chimo Airport
KCIA Kuwait City International Airport
KIA Kuwait International Airport
OKBK Kuwait International Airport
LAF Lafayette, IN, USA – Purdue University Airport
KLGA Laguardia Airport
LCRA Lake Charles Regional Airport
LSRA Lake Simcoe Regional Airport
LAA Lamar, Colorado, USA – Lamar Municipal Airport
LRA Landing Rights Airport
LAN Lansing, MI, USA – Capital City Airport
HSH Las Vegas, Nevada – Henderson Sky Harbor Airport
LAS Las Vegas, NV, USA – McCarran International Airport
LBG Le Bourget Airport
ECN Lefkosa, Cyprus – Ercan Airport (Airport Code)
LVI Lehigh Valley International Airport
LVIA Lehigh Valley International Airport
YQL Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada – Lethbridge Airport
LWS Lewiston, ID, USA – Lewiston-Nez Perce Airport
LIA Liangping Airport
LAP Lima Airport Partners
LNK Lincoln, NE, USA – Municipal Airport
LIT Little Rock, AR, USA – Little Rock Regional Airport
LJLA Liverpool John Lennon Airport
LAA Local Airport Advisory
LON London – All Airports
LCA London City Airport
LBA Long Beach Airport
LGB Long Beach Daugherty Field Airport
LGB Long Beach, CA, USA – Long Beach Municipal Airport
LIMA Long Island MacArthur Airport
LNP Lonsome Pine Airport, Wise, Virginia
LAM Los Alamos Airport
KLAX Los Angeles International Airport
LAWA Los Angeles World Airports
LAX Los Angeles, CA, USA – Los Angeles International Airport
LOL Lovelock, Derby Field Airport, Nevada
LOLEST Lovelock, Derby Field Airport, Nevada
LBB Lubbock, TX, USA – Lubbock International Airport
LUK Lunken Airport, Cincinnati
LUJ Lusikisiki Airport
LIA Luton International Airport
EGMD Lydd Airport
LAAG Lydd Airport Action Group
LYH Lynchburg, VA, USA – Municipal Airport
QMP Macau Airport
MFM Macau International Airport
MIA Mactan International Airport
MSN Madison, WI, USA – Dane County Regional Airport
MPX Malpensa International Airport – Milan, Italy
MIA Malta International Airport
MMH Mammoth Lakes, CA, USA – Mammoth Lakes Airport
MIA Manila International Airport
MBL Manistee, MI, USA – Manistee Blacker Airport
MHG Mannheim, BW, Germany – Mannheim Airport
MACC Manston Airport Consultative Committee
MRF Marfa Municipal Airport
MWA Marion, Williamson County Airport
MQT Marquette, MI, USA – Marquette County Airport
MCW Mason City, IA, USA – Mason City Municipal Airport
MMV McMinnville Municipal Airport
MFR Medford, OR, USA – Medford-Jackson County Airport
YXH Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada – Medicine Hat Airport
MIA Melbourne International Airport
MLB Melbourne, FL, USA – Melbourne Regional Airport
MEM Memphis, TN, USA – Memphis International Airport
MNM Menominee, MI, USA – Twin County Airport
MCE Merced, CA, USA – Merced Municipal Airport
MBAX Mercedes-Benz Airport Express
PAMR Merrill Field Airport
MAC Metropolitan Airports Commission
MACINTOSH Metropolitan Airports Commission
MNAA Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority
MWAA Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority
MEX Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico – Juarez International Airport
MIA Miami International Airport
KMIA Miami International Airport
MBS Midland / Bay City / Saginaw, MI, USA – Tri-City Airport
MAF Midland/Odessa, TX, USA – Midland International Airport
MDW Midway Airport
KMDW Midway Airport
MIQ Millard Airport, Omaha, Nebraska
MTT Minatitlan Airport
MEV Minden-Tahoe Airport
MSP Minneapolis, MN, USA – Minneapolis/St Paul International Airport
KMSP Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport
MOT Minot, ND, USA – Minot International Airport
MLI Moline, IL, USA – Quad City Airport
LOV Monclova, Coahuila, Mexico – Monclova Airport
YQM Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada – Lakeburn Municipal Airport
MRY Monterey / Carmel, CA, USA – Monterey Peninsula Airport
MRY Monterey Peninsula Airport
MPAD Monterey Peninsula Airport District
CYUL Montreal Pierre-Elliot Trudeau International Airport
YUL Montréal-Trudeau International Airport
MTJ Montrose, CO, USA – Montrose County Airport
MBW Moorabbin Airport
YMMB Moorabbin Airport Australia Airport Code
MZH Moose Lake Carlton County Airport
MGW Morgantown, WV, USA – Morgantown Municipal Airport
RYG Moss Airport, Rygge
MVN Mount Vernon, IL, USA – Mount Vernon Outland Airport
MZV Mulu, Malaysia – Mulu Airport
MIAL Mumbai International Airport Ltd.
MIE Muncie, IN, USA – Delaware County Airport
MAA Munich Airport Authority
MAC Munich Airport Center
MACINTOSH Munich Airport Center
MAP Municipal Airport
MAPER Municipal Airport
MMA Murtala Muhammed Airport
MKG Muskegon, MI, USA – Muskegon County International Airport
MQS Mustique International Airport, St. Vincent and Grenadines
ROAH Naha Airport
WIL Nairobi, Kenya – Wilson Airport
ZNA Nanaimo , British Columbia, Canada (Airport Code)
YCD Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada – Cassidy Airport
APC Napa County Airport
NAA Narita Airport Authority
NAR Narita International Airport
NIAC Narita International Airport Corporation
BNA Nashville, TN, USA – Nashville Metropolitan Airport
NAS Nassau, Bahamas – Nassau International Airport
NAPTF National Airport Pavement Test Facility
NASP National Airport System Plan
NAA National Airports Authority
NAP National Airports Policy
NAS National Airports System
NCCAC National Catholic Conference of Airport Chaplains
JNX Naxos, Cyclades Islands, Greece – Naxos Airport
NIA Nearest International Airport
NACO Netherlands Airport Consultants
NBIA New Bangkok International Airport
NBRA New Bedford Regional Airport
EWN New Bern, NC, USA – Simmons-Nott Airport
ILG New Castle Airport, Wilmington, DE
NIADP New Iloilo Airport Development Project
NOL New Orleans International Airport
MSY New Orleans, LA, USA – Moisant International Airport
MSYS New Orleans, LA, USA – Moisant International Airport
NEW New Orleans, Louisiana, USA – Lakefront Airport
NRMA New Richmond Municipal Airport
NRRA New Richmond Regional Airport
NYAS New York Airport Service
JFK New York, NY, USA – John F Kennedy International Airport
EWR Newark, NJ, USA – Newark International Airport
NIA Newcastle International Airport
NNWIA Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport
NGE Ngaoundere Airport
NFIA Niagara Falls International Airport
NIC Nicosia, Cyprus – International Airport
RPLL Ninoy Aquino International Airport
NAIA Ninoy Aquino International Airport
NAAC No Airport At Cliffe
OFK Norfolk, NE, USA – Karl Stefan Memorial Airport
ORF Norfolk, VA, USA – Norfolk International Airport
NADCA North Airport Drive Civic Association
YYB North Bay, Ontario, Canada – Jack Garland Airport
XNA Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport
NEMA Nottingham East Midlands Airport
OMP O’Hare Airport Modernization Program
OEA O’Neal Airport
ONJ Odate Noshiro Airport
OKC Oklahoma City, OK, USA – Will Rogers World Airport
OJC Olathe, KS, Johnson County Executive Airport
OFAC Olmsted Falls Airport Committee
OAMC Oman Airports Management Company
OMAC Oman Airports Management Company
OASIS Online Airport Spatial Information System
ORL Orlando Executive Airport
OIA Orlando International Airport
OSIA Orlando Sanford International Airport
MCO Orlando, FL, USA – Orlando International Airport
RJBB Osaka Kansai International Airport
YOW Ottawa, Ontario, Canada – McDonald-Cartier International Airport
OTM Ottumwa, IA, USA – Ottumwa Industrial Airport
EFOU Oulu Airport, Finland
OXR Oxnard / Ventura, CA, USA – Oxnard Airport
PLE Paiela Airport
PBI Palm Beach International Airport
PBIA Palm Beach International Airport
PAA Palo Alto Airport
PAO Palo Alto, California Municipal Airport
PTY Panama City, Panama – Tocumen International Airport
PBIA Panglao Bohol International Airport
PKD Park Rapids Municipal Airport
PPF Parsons, Kansas, USA – Tri-City Airport Independence, Parsons, Coffeyville
PADIS Passenger and Airport Data Interchange Standards
PDK Peachtree-Dekalb Airport
PIA Pearson International Airport
PLN Pellston, MI, USA – Pellston Regional Airport
PLANE People Limiting Airport Noise and Expansion
PIA Peoria, IL, USA – Greater Peoria Airport
M15 Perry County Airport
PES Petrozavodsk, Russia – Petrozavodsk Airport
PHL Philadelphia, PA, USA – Philadelphia International Airport
VTPP Phitsanulok Airport, Thailand
PHX Phoenix, AZ, USA – Sky Harbor International Airport
GYR Phoenix/Goodyear Municipal Airport.
JZP Pickens County Municipal Airport
PYN Piedmont Municipal Airport
PTIA Piedmont Triad International Airport
PIR Pierre, SD, USA – Pierre Municipal Airport
PIA Pittsburgh International Airport
PIT Pittsburgh, PA, USA – Greater Pit International Airport
THU Pituffik, Greenland – Thule Airport
PLH Plymouth, England, United Kingdom – Plymouth Airport
PBA Point Barrow Airport
POKERED Pokhara Airport, Nepal
PKR Pokhara Airport, Nepal
GFD Pope Field Airport, Greenfield, Indiana, USA
PARI Port and Airport Research Institute
CLM Port Angeles, WA, USA – William Fairchild International Airport
YZT Port Hardy, British Columbia, Canada – Port Hardy Airport
POS Port Of Spain, Trinidad, Trinidad And Tobago – Piarco International Airport
PZU Port Sudan Airport
KPR Port Williams Airport
PDX Portland, OR, USA – Portland International Airport
SARP Posadas International Airport
LKPR Prague International Airport Ruzyne
PBH Price County Airport
PVD Providence, RI, USA – TF Green State Airport
PVC Provincetown, MA, USA – Provincetown Municipal Airport
ZSPD PuDong International Airport, Shanghai, China
PUB Pueblo, CO, USA – Pueblo Memorial Airport
PUBLISH Pueblo, CO, USA – Pueblo Memorial Airport
PUBLISHER Pueblo, CO, USA – Pueblo Memorial Airport
PIA Pyongyang International Airport
FNJ Pyongyang Sunan International Airport
XNG Quang Ngai Airport, Viet Nam
YQB Quebec, Quebec, Canada – Sainte Foy Airport
QAL Queensland Airports Limited
RAC Racine, WI USA – Batten Airport
SKCG Rafael Nunez International Airport
RHIA Rafic Hariri International Airport
RGIA Rajiv Gandhi International Airport
RGI Rajiv Gandhi International Airport
RDU Raleigh/Durham, NC, USA – Raleigh Durham International Airport
IXR Ranchi Airport
YRT Rankin Inlet Nunavut airport
RAP Rapid City, SD, USA – Rapid City Regional Airport
RDD Redding, CA, USA – Redding Municipal Airport
RAA Regional Airport Authority
RCACC Regional Community Airports Coalition of Canada
RAA Remote Advisory Airport
RNO Reno, NV, USA – Reno/Tahoe International Airport
RTIA Reno/Tahoe International Airport
RTAA Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority
YRV Revelstoke Airport Revelstoke
RKV Reykjavik, Iceland – Reykjavik Domestic Airport
REX Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico – General Lucio Blanco Airport
REXS Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico – General Lucio Blanco Airport
RHI Rhinelander, WI, USA – Rhinelander Oneida County Airport
RIAC Rhode Island Airport Corporation
RMG Richard B. Russell Airport, Rome, GA, USA
RAV Richmond Airport Vancouver
RIC Richmond, VA, USA – Richmond International Airport
GIG Rio De Janeiro, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil – International Airport
RIW Riverton, WY, USA – Riverton Regional Airport
ROA Roanoke, VA, USA – Roanoke Regional Airport
ROB Robertsfield International Airport, Harbel, Liberia
ROC Rochester, NY, USA – Monroe County Airport
RKS Rock Springs, WY, USA – Rock Springs Sweetwater County Airport
MFR Rogue Valley International/Medford Airport
RAS Romanian Airport Services
RPN Rosh Pina, Israel – Mahanayim Airport
URO Rouen, France – Rouen /Boos Airport
RVN Rovaniemi Airport, Finland
RSAA Runway Safety Airport Assessment
HIN Sacheon Domestic Airport
DOL Saint Gatien airport, France
SLAA Saint Louis Airport Authority
SNP Saint Paul Island Airport
SBY Salisbury, MD, USA – Salisbury-Wicomico County Airport
SLAA Salt Lake Airport Authority
SLC Salt Lake City, UT, USA – Salt Lake City International Airport
AZS Samana International Airport, Dominican Republic
SAIA San Antonio International Airport
SQL San Carlos, California Municipal Airport
SAN San Diego, CA, USA – Lindbergh International Airport
SFAM San Francisco Airport Museums
SFO San Francisco, CA, USA – San Francisco International Airport
SJD San Jose Del Cabo, Baja California Sur, Mexico – Los Cabos International Airport
SJC San Jose, CA, USA – San Jose International Airport
SBP San Luis Obispo, CA, USA – San Luis Obispo County Airport
SAL San Salvador, El Salvador – El Salvadore International Airport
SDP Sand Point Municipal Airport
SNA Santa Ana, CA, USA – John Wayne Airport
SBA Santa Barbara, CA, USA – Santa Barbara Airport
SAF Santa Fe, NM, USA – Santa Fe Municipal Airport
GYN Santa Genoveva Airport
SMX Santa Maria, CA, USA – Santa Maria Public Airport
SMO Santa Monica Municipal Airport
KSMO Santa Monica Municipal Airport
STS Santa Rosa, CA, USA – Sonoma County Airport
SBGR São Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport
CIU Sault Ste Marie, MI, USA – Chippewa County International Airport
YAM Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada – Sault Ste Marie Airport
ISQ Schoolcraft County Airport, Manistique, Michigan, USA
BLV Scott AFB/Midamerica Airport
KSDL Scottsdale Airport, AZ, United States
SCF Scottsdale Municipal Airport
BFI Seattle, WA, USA – Boeing Field/King County International Airport
SEA Seattle, WA, USA – Seattle Tacoma International Airport
GSB Seymour Johnson Air Force Base Airport
SFA Sfax, Tunisia – Sfax Airport
SACO Shanghai Airports-Council Office
PVG Shanghai Pudong International Airport
SAIF Sharjah Airport International Free
SATA Sharjah Airport Travel Agency
SHR Sheridan, WY, USA – Sheridan County Airport
SHM Shoreham Airport
SAA Shreveport Airport Authority
SHV Shreveport, LA, USA – Regional Airport
SGE Siegerland Airport
SLAA Sierra Leone Airports Authority
BPT Sikorsky Memorial Airport
BENZO Sikorsky Memorial Airport
CNL Sindal Airport, Denmark
SATS Singapore Airport Terminal Services Ltd.
SCA Singapore Changi Airport
SIA Singapore International Airport
SIN Singapore, Singapore – Changi International Airport
SHIA Sky Harbor International Airport
STNA Small Town No Airport
SHIA Soekarno Hatta International Airport
SLH Sola Airport
SBN South Bend, IN, USA – Michiana Regional Airport
SGS South Saint Paul Municipal Airport, Minnesota
VCV Southern California Logistics Airport
SCLA Southern California Logistics Airport
TIX Space Coast Regional Airport
SPW Spencer, IA, USA – Spencer Municipal Airport
SIA Spokane International Airport
SPI Springfield, IL, USA – Capital Airport
SGF Springfield, MO, USA – Springfield Regional Airport
SET St Charles, Mo – St Charles County Smartt Airport
SJT St Joseph, Missouri Rosecrans Memorial Airport
STJ St Joseph, Missouri, USA – Rosecrans Memorial Airport
ALN St Louis Regional Airport, East Alton, IL
STP St Paul, MN, USA – Downtown Airport
STT St Thomas Island, VI, USA – Cyril E. King Airport
SCIA St. Charles International Airport
STAR Standard Airport Arrival
SCE State College, PA, USA – University Park Airport
CPH Station in Copenhagen Airport
SBS Steamboat Springs, Colorado, USA – Steamboat Springs Airport/Bob Adams Field
ZKL Steenkool Airport
CYJT Stephenville, NF, Canada – Stephenville International Airport
SWO Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA – Stillwater Regional Airport
ESSA Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Sweden
BMA Stockholm, Sweden – Bromma Airport
SASR Strategic Airport Security Rollout
SLRA Sugar Land Regional Airport
SUB Surabaya, Indonesia – Juanda Airport
SUBJECT Surabaya, Indonesia – Juanda Airport
SUBTRACT Surabaya, Indonesia – Juanda Airport
SBIA Suvarnabhumi Bangkok International Airport
RKSW Suwon Airport
SACL Sydney Airport Corporation Limited
SACL Sydney Airport Corporation Ltd.
SAH Sydney Airport Hotel
SANAPS Sydney Airport Noise Amelioration Program
QTW Taejon Airport
TIF Taif Regional Airport, Saudi Arabia
TPE Taipei, Taiwan – Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport
TCT Takotna Airport
TIA Tampa International Airport
TAA Tanzania Airports Authority
TMIA Tehran Metropol Interglobal/International Airport
SDV Tel Aviv, Israel – Dov Airport
TRAA Telluride Regional Airport Authority
TEX Telluride, CO, USA – Telluride Municipal Airport
TEB Teterboro, New Jersey Airport
YTS Timmins, Ontario, Canada – Timmins Municipal Airport
SPGM Tingo Maria airport
YAZ Tofino, British Columbia, Canada – Tofino Airport
TKY Tokyo International Airport, Haneda
TYO Tokyo Metropolitan Area Airport Code
RJAA Tokyo Narita International Airport
HND Tokyo, Japan – Haneda Airport
TOL Toledo, OH, USA – Toledo Express Airport
TOP Topeka, KS – Phillip Billard Airport
TACF Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship
YYZ Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Pearson International Airport
TOA Torrance, California Municipal Airport
TAMIS Total Airport Management Information System
TAMS Total Airport Management System
TAAM Total Airspace and Airport Modeller
TCA Traffic Control Airport
TVC Traverse City, MI, USA – Cherry Capital Airport
TIA Tribhuvan International Airport
TCRA Tri-Cities Regional Airport
TSAA Tri-State Airport Authority
TTAD Truckee-Tahoe Airport District
TARP Tucson Airport Remediation Project
TIA Tucson International Airport
TIAA Tucson International Airport Area
TUS Tucson, AZ, USA – Tucson International Airport
TAIT Tulsa Airports Improvement Trust
TIA Tulsa International Airport
TCA Twin County Airport
PAM Tyndall AFB-Panama City Airport
UBA Uberaba Airport
UNV University Park Airport
PAVD Valdez Pioneer Field Airport
VNY Van Nuys Airport
VAC Vancouver Airport Chaplaincy
VACATE Vancouver Airport Chaplaincy
VIA Vancouver International Airport
CXH Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – Vancouver Harbour Airport
VEJ Vejle Airport
VEJS Vejle Airport
VEL Vernal, Utah, USA – Vernal Regional Airport
YYJ Victoria, British Columbia, Canada – Victoria Airport
VIA Vienna International Airport
VIAS Vienna International Airport Security Services, GmbH
VNO Vilnius, Lithuania – Vilnius Airport
VCP Viracopo Airport, Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil
VARF Virginia Airports Revolving Fund
VIS Visalia, CA, USA – Visalia Municipal Airport
VVO Vladivostok, Russia – Vladivostok Airport
VALE Voluntary Airport Low Emissions Program
VVEAT Vrienden Van Enschede Airport Twente
3G3 Wadsworth Municipal Airport
AKQ Wakefield Municipal Airport
WCAC Warren County Airport Commission
WAS Warsaw Airport Services
WDIA Washington Dulles International Airport
DCA Washington, DC, USA – Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport
WWA Wasilla Airport
WSP Waspam Airport, Nicaragua
ALO Waterloo, IA, USA – Waterloo Municipal Airport
YQH Watson Lake, Yukon Territory, Canada – Watson Lake Airport
CWA Wausau, WI, USA – Central Wisconsin Airport
WCWA Wausau-Central Wisconsin Airport
WCAA Wayne County Airport Authority
WIAP Wellington International Airport
WIAL Wellington International Airport, Ltd.
WNZ Wenzhou Airport, Wenzhou China
ETB West Bend Municipal Airport
WBCA West Branch Community Airport
PBI West Palm Beach, FL, USA – Palm Beach International Airport
HPN Westchester County, NY, USA – Westchester County Airport
WNRA Western Nebraska Regional Airport
YXY Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada – Whitehorse Airport
WHP Whiteman Airport, Los Angeles, California
WMCA Wichita Mid-Continent Airport
ICT Wichita, KS, USA – Mid-Continent Airport
PWA Wiley Post Airport
WRWA Will Rogers World Airport
WGAA Williams Gateway Airport Authority
IWA Williams-Gateway Airport
YIP Willow Run Airport, Yipsilanti, Michigan
ILM Wilmington, NC, USA – New Hanover County Airport
WALC Winnipeg Airport Lands Corporation
INW Winslow-Lindbergh Regional Airport
WASP Wireless Airport Surveillance Platform
WAAM Witham Airport Action Majority
WJU Wonju Airport
WAPF Worldwide Airport Path Finder
YKN Yankton, South Dakota, USA – Chan Gurney Municipal Airport
OKR Yorke Island Airport
RSU Yosu, South Korea – Yosu Airport
YNG Youngstown, OH, USA – Youngstown Municipal Airport
YCAA Yuma County Airport Authority
YUM Yuma, AZ, USA – Yuma International Airport
YMS Yurimaguas Airport
ZBE Zabreh Airport, Czech Republic
ZAM Zamboanga, Philippines – Zamboanga Airport
ZIA Zia International Airport