Abbreviation for Åland Islands

Åland is an archipelago in the Baltic Sea, between Sweden and Finland, with over 6,700 islands, islets and skerries. The proximity to the sea is noticeable everywhere. Here is a rich history, interesting museums, cozy cafes and the sea and nature just around the corner.

Capital: Mariehamn
Biggest city: Mariehamn
State: autonomous part of Finland
Language: Swedish
Religion: Protestantism
Surface: 13,517 km²
Population: 28,500 (2013)
Population density: 18 residents per km²
Life expectancy: 79 years
Illiteracy: 0%
Currency: euro (EUR)
1 euro = 9.76 kr
Time difference: +1 hour
Electricity: 220 V AC, 50Hz
National Day: June 9
Country area code: 358-18
2-Letter country abbreviation: AX

Åland is considered a province in Finland, but is in practice self-governing. They have the power to make their own laws, and can stand outside agreements between Finland and foreign states. According to international agreements, Åland is a demilitarized area with Swedish as the only official language.

Åland was already in Swedish in ancient times, and during the Viking Age one of the most densely populated areas in the Nordic region. One third of the population today lives in the capital Mariehamn, on the main island of Fasta Åland. Mariehamn also has the largest part of the islands’ business life and a large port.

Åland has a special nature that offers great contrasts. The barren copper of the outer archipelago is exchanged on the inner islands for forests and fertile agricultural landscapes. Just under nine percent of Åland’s area is arable land.

Åland is separated from Sweden by Södra Kvarken, where the lighthouse Märket is located. This is the only place where Sweden is located east of Finland.


Weather in Mariehamn

Climate Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Christmas Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average temperature °C -4 -5 -3 2 7 13 15 14 11 6 2 -2
Rain (mm) 37 25 26 28 27 34 53 69 65 56 63 46