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Andorra la Vella

In the middle of the Pyrenees mountain range, on the border between France and Spain, lies a small country that few of us know so much about. To the extent Andorra is not much larger than the municipality of Oslo, with about as many inhabitants as Kristiansand (77000), but just as fully this is an independent country with its own constitution, parliament and border stations where you have to show passports upon passing.

The country is perhaps best known for its ski slopes, and within a short distance from the capital Andorra la Vella there are many places where tourists from all over Europe swing in the downhill slopes. The most popular are Arinsal and La Massana. Andorra uses the euro as currency, and is the only country that has Catalan as the official language.

Andorra la Vella and Acronyms

City Profile

  • Abbreviation: ALV
  • Country: Andorra

Tourist in Andorra la Vella

The country’s capital is called Andorra la Vella, which means Old Andorra, and has around 23,000 inhabitants. You do not spend much time getting to know the pocket here, this is simply told three parallel streets and a river at the bottom of a deep valley with steep mountains on both sides. On weekends, the city is invaded by merry French and Spaniards who take advantage of the many tax free shops in the avinguda del Princep Benlloch / Avinguda de Meritxell shopping street.

So what to do as a tourist in Andorra la Vella? The foremost tourist attraction is Europe’s largest spa complex, Caldea, which, with its cathedral-like steel-and-glass facade, is located at the top of the mountain, a block away from the main street. Here you hot springs, countless massage variations, Turkish baths, mud masks and hydrothermal treatments.There most charming part of Andorra la Vella is undoubtedly the Old Town, Barri Antic, located in the western part of the main street. These are not many quarters, so you don’t spend hours until you’ve actually walked along all of the narrow and winding streets with beautiful stone houses. Here is also the country’s small parliament building, Casa de la Vall, which also houses the country’s only courtroom. Close by you can visit the thousand-year-old church of Església de Sant Esteve(Pictured). In the evenings, people gather on the terrace of Placa del Poble (People’s Square) with its outdoor seating and fabulous views over the valley and the mountain sides.

After the store’s closing time, Andorra la Vella apparently becomes a ghost town for a few hours before the restaurants open for the evening. The itinerary stayed well, centrally and reasonably priced at the traditional 3-star Hotel Pyrénées in Barri Antic, with a restaurant, lobby bar and private parking garage.

ALV: Andorra La Vella

List of Andorra la Vella Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Andorra la Vella is ALV which stands for Andorra la Vella. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Andorra la Vella, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

Abbreviation Meanings
ALV Andorra La Vella