Arizona Abbreviation

What is the abbreviation for Arizona state?

AZ is the 2 letter abbreviation for Arizona, the 14th largest state in the United States of America. Arizona is a state located in West part of U.S.A, bordering California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah. Phoenix is the capital city of Arizona. Major cities include Phoenix (Population: 1563036), Tucson (Population: 531652), Mesa (Population: 471836), Chandler (Population: 260839), Gilbert (Population: 247553), Glendale (Population: 240137), Scottsdale (Population: 236850), Maryvale (Population: 208200), Tempe (Population: 175837), Peoria (Population: 171248), Deer Valley (Population: 165667), and Tempe Junction (Population: 158379).

Arizona State Flag

Arizona State Profile

  • Capital: Phoenix
  • Admitted to USA: 1912
  • Area: 295,234 km2
  • Population: 7,278,717
  • Time zone: GMT-7
  • Calling code: 480, 520, 602, 623, 928
  • ISO 2-Letter Postal Abbreviation:  AZ
  • State Government Website:


Arizona was ceded from Mexico to the United States in 1848 and declared the 48th state on February 14, 1912. Its name is derived from “arizonac”, a word from the language of the Papago Indians, and means “place of the small spring”. Arizona’s neighboring states are California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico. Arizona is one of the four Four Corners states, and Arizona’s two nicknames are The Grand Canyon State and The Copper State. Arizona is one of the wealthiest states in the United States. It has numerous mineral resources. Its agriculture and industry are well developed. Extensive irrigation systems have made the former desert land fertile.

Arizona has around 6.5 million inhabitants. The capital of the 295,254 km² state is Phoenix with 1.6 million inhabitants in the city itself – and 4.4 million in the metropolitan region. Arizona is particularly famous among tourists for its desert landscapes and canyons.

The state is considered extremely conservative and religious. So on January 8, 2011, the democratic MP and Jewess Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head by an assassin. She survived the attack, seriously injured, and six other victims died. Arizona borders Mexico to the south, California to the southwest, and Nevada to the northwest. The Utah border runs to the north. The border with Colorado runs in the northeast and the one with New Mexico in the east. Here at “Four Corners’ Point” the last three states meet with Arizona and form the only four-country corner of the USA. The opposing candidate for President Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election was John Sidney McCain III (born 1936) of the Republican Party, and he has also been a Senator for the State of Arizona since 1987.

Cities and larger towns

Phoenix is ​​the capital of the US state of Arizona. The actual city has around 1.6 million inhabitants and the metropolitan area even 4.4 million inhabitants. This makes Phoenix the largest city in the state and the metropolitan region is the fifth largest in the United States. Phoenix is ​​located in Central Arizona in the Valley of the Sun and is traversed by the Salt River. It is therefore not surprising that the sun shines in Phoenix on an average of more than 300 days a year. The city was founded, or rather officially recognized, in 1865. The city was initially a small agricultural community. The Phoenix comes from the fact that a Hohokam settlement already existed in this area and thus Phoenix as well as Phoenix rose from its axis. Nowadays the city is the political one cultural and economic center of the country and the main transportation hub in Arizona. Over the years, the rapidly growing city has grown together with the neighboring municipalities, so that a total of 27 can now be counted in the metropolitan area. These include 7 of the state’s 10 largest cities:

  • Chandler, with approximately 230,000 inhabitants.
  • Gilbert, with approximately 170,000 inhabitants.
  • Glendale, with approximately 240,000 inhabitants.
  • Mesa, with approximately 440,000 inhabitants.
  • Peoria, with approximately 140,000 inhabitants.
  • Scottsdale, with approximately 230,000 inhabitants.
  • Tempe, with approximately 160,000 inhabitants.

Together, these cities are also known as the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area.

The city of Flagstaff is located in the north of the state of Arizona and is characterized, among other things, by its proximity to the Grand Canyon. Around 60,000 people live in the city and around 127,000 people in the metropolitan region. The area around Flagstaff is dominated by mountains, for example, the mountain range of the San Francisco Peaks is north of the city. This ensures that Flagstaff is visited by mountain bikers in summer and skiers in winter. Flagstaff has good transport links, so the city has an Amtrakbahnhof (Southwest Chief), several long-distance bus connections and an airport. The city is located on the old Route 66. Flagstaff not only serves as a starting point for the Grand Canyon, but is also characterized by its proximity to other attractions such as

The city of Tucson, located in southern Arizona, has approximately 585,000 inhabitants and approximately 1 million people live in the metropolitan region. This makes Tucson the largest city in the south of the state and the second largest in the state after Phoenix. The local comes from the Tohono-O’Odham Indian language and means something like “black foothills”. The area can already be settled around 12,000 BC. and the “modern” Tucson was founded in 1775 by a Spanish fort. The city is connected to long-distance traffic via an Amtrakbahnhof (Sunset Limited) and has an international airport (TUS). Due to its proximity to the Mexican border, Tucson is a good starting point for trips to Mexico and trips to the Saguaro National Park surrounding the city. Due to the close proximity to Mexico, a lot of Hispanic heritage can still be seen in Tucson. The residents of the city, about 20% are Spanish speakers, make the city special.

cemetery In the area of ​​the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group (AMARG) in Tucson there are around 4,200 different military aircraft that are mothballed here or used as spare parts stores.

The city of Sedona in central Arizona, about 25 km south of Flagstaff and about 190 km north of Phoenix, has about 11,000 inhabitants. The city was founded in 1902 and bears the name of the wife of the owner of the first post station. The city of Sedona can certainly be described as a tourist destination in Arizona because between 2 and 3 million visitors flock to the city each year. This is mainly due to the scenic charm of the area, which with its red sandstone formations conveys a feeling of the “Wild West” like hardly any other city. The city also attracts many visitors who visit the city due to the so-called New Age movement. Today the city of Sedona is the center of the New Age movement, a movement that is very much related to the esoteric and spiritual from the hippie movement. This is probably due to the fact that the mountains and rock formations around Sedona are said to have special spiritual powers.

Yuma, with its approximately 90,000 inhabitants, is located in the extreme southwest of the state of Arizona on the Colorado River near the border with Mexico and California. The discovery of the place by the Spaniards took place in 1540 and until 1854 the city belonged to Mexico. The city also changed its name several times in its history. It was called Colorado City from 1854 to 1858 and Arizona City from 1858 to 1873. The place is mainly known for its excellent weather. Yuma has the most hours of sunshine a year worldwide and the average temperature is an incredible 23.4 ° C. This ensures that many retirees choose Yuma as a place to retire. It is well connected in terms of transport technology and has an international airport, Yuma International Airport (YUM).

Arizona State Abbreviations

List of Arizona Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Arizona are AZ which stands for Arizona. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Arizona, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

AZ: Arizona

Acronym Meaning
ATCA Airline Training Center Arizona
AARTA Akita Advocates Relocation Team Arizona
ACLUAZ American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona
ARECA Animal Referral Emergency Center of Arizona
AZURE Arizona
AZ Arizona
AAAA Arizona Academic Administrators Association
AARE Arizona Academy of Real Estate
AAOC Arizona Administrative Office of the Courts
AATA Arizona Agricultural Teachers Association
AAEC Arizona Agriculture and Equine Center
AASB Arizona Aircraft Storage Branch
AARA Arizona Alliance for Retired Americans
AAC Arizona Alzheimer’s Consortium
AATV Arizona Amateurs on Television
AZCR Arizona and California Railroad
AZER Arizona and Eastern Railway
AAIC Arizona Angel Investment Conference
AAPA Arizona Aquifer Protection Association
AAPS Arizona Articulation Proficiency Scale
AABE Arizona Association for Bilingual Education
AADGB Arizona Association for District Governing Boards
AAED Arizona Association for Economic Development
AAGT Arizona Association for Gifted and Talented
AALAE Arizona Association for Learning About the Environment
AABB Arizona Association of Business Brokers, Inc.
ASCC Arizona Association of Child Care
AACHC Arizona Association of Community Health Centers
AACA Arizona Association of Crime Analysts
AADCP Arizona Association of Drug Court Professionals
AZALL Arizona Association of Law Libraries
AAMPS Arizona Association of Medical Products Suppliers
AAMB Arizona Association of Mortgage Brokers
AZANA Arizona Association of Nurse Anesthetists
AASP Arizona Association of School Psychologists
AAEC Arizona Atomic Energy Commission
AACJ Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice
AADA Arizona Auto Dealers Association
AATA Arizona Automobile Theft Authority
AABA Arizona Avian Breeders Association
ABODA Arizona Band and Orchestra Directors Association
ABRC Arizona Baptist Retirement Centers, Inc
AZB Arizona Bay
ABW Arizona Bike Week
ABIA Arizona Bioindustry Association
ABA Arizona Bioindustry Association
ABRC Arizona Biomedical Research Commission
ABPA Arizona Book Publishing Association
ABCR Arizona Border Collie Rescue
ABIL Arizona Bridge to Independent Living
ABA Arizona Builders’ Alliance
AZBEMS Arizona Bureau of Emergency Medical Services
ABEC Arizona Business & Education Coalition
ABAA Arizona Business Aviation Association
ABCA Arizona Business Corporation Act
ACRP Arizona Capital Representation Project
ACRA Arizona Cartridge Remanufacturers Association
ACDL Arizona Center for Disability Law
ACMRS Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies
ACCOUNTING Arizona Chamber of Commerce
ACCESSORY Arizona Chamber of Commerce
ACC Arizona Chamber of Commerce
ACSA Arizona Charter Schools Association
ACFI Arizona Chess Federation Inc.
ACRD Arizona Civil Rights Division
ACBA Arizona Classic Bowlers Association
ACMR Arizona Coalition for Migrant Rights
ACEPT Arizona Collaborative for Excellence in Preparation of Teachers
ACBA Arizona Commercial Brokers Association
ACPE Arizona Commission for Postsecondary Education
ACS Arizona Computer Services
ACMC Arizona Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs
ACEA Arizona Consulting Engineers Association
ACA Arizona Contractors Association
ACCOUNTING Arizona Corporation Commission
ACCESSORY Arizona Corporation Commission
ACC Arizona Corporation Commission
ACCG Arizona Council on Compulsive Gambling
ACEE Arizona Council on Economic Education
ACA Arizona Counselors Association
ACIP Arizona Counties Insurance Pool
ACASA Arizona County Attorneys and Sheriffs Association
AZCAS Arizona Course Applicability System
ACRA Arizona Court Reporters Association
ACMSA Arizona Cowboy Mounted Shooters Association
ACSA Arizona Cowboy Shooters Association, Inc.
ACUS Arizona Credit Union System
ACIC Arizona Crime Information Center
ACPA Arizona Crime Prevention Association
ACPA Arizona Crop Protection Association
ACA Arizona Cultural Academy
ACSA Arizona Cyber Security Alliance
ACP Arizona Cycle Park
ADFT Arizona Defensive Firearms Training
AZDA Arizona Dental Association
ADOA Arizona Department of Administration
AZDA Arizona Department of Agriculture
ADA Arizona Department of Agriculture
ADOC Arizona Department of Commerce
ADOC Arizona Department of Corrections
ADC Arizona Department of Corrections
AZDEQ Arizona Department of Environmental Quality
ADEQ Arizona Department of Environmental Quality
ADFI Arizona Department of Financial Institutions
ADGF Arizona Department of Game and Fish
ADH Arizona Department of Health
ADHS Arizona Department of Health Services
ADOH Arizona Department of Housing
ADMR Arizona Department of Mineral Resources
ADORS Arizona Department of Racing
AZDRE Arizona Department of Real Estate
ADOT Arizona Department Of Transportation
ADVS Arizona Department of Veterans Services
ADWR Arizona Department of Water Resources
ADBSS Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Society
ADTP Arizona Detention Transition Project
ADEM Arizona Division of Emergency Management
AEDC Arizona Economic Data Center
AEA Arizona Education Association
AEN Arizona Education Network
AEMP Arizona Elks Major Project
AESA Arizona Emergency Services Association
AEEC Arizona Energy Efficiency Code
AFHE Arizona Families for Home Education
AFOL Arizona Families On-Line
AFHF Arizona Family Housing Fund
AFCU Arizona Federal Credit Union
AFDA Arizona Federation of Darts Association
AFDA Arizona Fire District Association
AFMA Arizona Floodplain Management Association
AFMA Arizona Food Marketing Alliance
AFID Arizona Foreign Investment Directory
AFIT Arizona Forum for the Improvement of Taxation
AFDA Arizona Funeral Directors Association
AGRA Arizona Gay Rodeo Association
AGA Arizona Gazehound Association
AGEC-A Arizona General Education Curriculum- Associate in Arts Degree
AGIS Arizona Geologic Information System
AGS Arizona Geological Society, Inc.
AGA Arizona Golf Association
AGS Arizona Gourd Society
AGT Arizona Green Tea
AHCA Arizona Health Care Association
AHCCCS Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System
AHSC Arizona Health Sciences Center
AHSL Arizona Health Sciences Library
AHH Arizona Heart Hospital
AHPRA Arizona High Power Rocketry Association
AHP Arizona Highway Patrol
AHCC Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
AHS Arizona Historical Society
AHIMA Arizona Homeopathic and Integrative Medical Association
AHPCO Arizona Hospice and Palliative Care Organization
AZHHA Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association
AHHA Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association
AHLA Arizona Hotel and Lodging Association
AHCC Arizona Housing Counseling Collaborative
AHRF Arizona Human Rights Fund
AHC Arizona Humanities Council
AIGAS Arizona Indian Gaming Association
AIGA Arizona Indian Gaming Association
AIRA Arizona Industrial Relations Association
AIB Arizona Industries for the Blind
AINES Arizona Institute for Nano-Electronics
AIBT Arizona Institute of Business and Technology
AZI Arizona Instrument LLC
AICA Arizona Insurance Claims Association
AIOS Arizona Integrative Outcomes Scale
AIC Arizona International College
AIFF Arizona International Film Festival
AIAA Arizona Internet Access Association
AIA Arizona Interscholastic Association
AJHCS Arizona Journal of Hispanic Cultural Studies
ALE Arizona LAN Enthusiasts
ALL Arizona LANbashers League
AZL Arizona Land Income Corporation
ALRIS Arizona Land Resource Information System
ALRE Arizona Latino Research Enterprise
ALEC Arizona Law and Education Center
ALEA Arizona Law Enforcement Academy
AZL Arizona League
ALS Arizona Learning System
ALTP Arizona Learning Technology Partnership
ALP Arizona Libertarian Party
ALBA Arizona Licensed Beverage Association, Inc.
ALLC Arizona Literacy and Learning Center
ALHOA Arizona Local Health Officers’ Association
AMHA Arizona Manufactured Housing Association
AMP Arizona Memory Project
AMDA Arizona Mule Deer Association
AMA Arizona Multihousing Association
AMCA Arizona Municipal Clerks’ Association
AMY Arizona Museum for Youth
AMEA Arizona Music Educators Association
ANLS Arizona National Livestock Show
AZNPS Arizona Native Plant Society
ANR Arizona Natural Resources, Inc
ANSAC Arizona Navigable Stream Adjudication Commission
ANSR Arizona Near Space Research
ANCR Arizona Network for Community Responsibility
ANA Arizona Newspapers Association
ANPP Arizona Nuclear Power Project
AOT Arizona Office of Tourism
AOA Arizona Outback Adventures
APD Arizona Paintball Depot
APNA Arizona Philippine Nurses Association
APIPA Arizona Physicians Independent Practice Association
APA Arizona Planning Association
AZPCG Arizona Polymer Clay Guild
APSM Arizona Precision Sheet Metal, Inc
APPSA Arizona Professional Pet Sitters and Associates
APPOA Arizona Professional Police Officers Association
APAAC Arizona Prosecuting Attorneys’ Advisory Council
APDA Arizona Public Defender Association
APSN Arizona Public Safety News
APSCC Arizona Public Schools Computer Consortium
APS Arizona Public Service
APSC Arizona Public Service Commission
APST Arizona Public Service-Transmission
APRA Arizona Pylon Racing Association
AQA Arizona Quality Alliance
ARRA Arizona Radiation Regulatory Agency
ARPA Arizona Rail Passenger Association
ARPEP Arizona Rape Prevention Education Project
AREC Arizona Real Estate Center
ARRO Arizona Regents Reach Out
ARUS Arizona Regents University
ARU Arizona Regents University
AZRCPI Arizona Regional Community Policing Institute
ARIA Arizona Regional Image Archive
ARSC Arizona Remote Sensing Center
AR Arizona Republic
ARS Arizona Revised Statutes
ARTC Arizona Right to Choose
ARLPAC Arizona Right to Life Political Action Committee
ARD Arizona Road Dust
ARRIVE Arizona Road Racers
ARRANGE Arizona Road Racers
ARR Arizona Road Racers
ARRIVAL Arizona Road Racers
ARPA Arizona Rock Product Association
ARCP Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure
ASBA Arizona School Board Association
ASA Arizona School for the Arts
ASIP Arizona School Improvement Plan
ASHS Arizona School of Health Sciences
ASRB Arizona School Readiness Board
ASSET Arizona School Services Through Educational Technology
ASTA Arizona Science Teachers Association
ASIA Arizona Self Insured Association
ASA Arizona Sign Association
ASBA Arizona Small Business Association
ASR Arizona Snowbowl Resort
ASPH Arizona Society for Professional Hypnosis
ASCPA Arizona Society of Certified Public Accountants
ASH Arizona Society of Homebrewers
ASA Arizona Spirit Association
ASFN Arizona Sports Fans Network
ASRA Arizona Sports Racing Association
ASPA Arizona Staffing Professionals Association
ASAA Arizona State Archery Association
ASA4WDC Arizona State Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs
ASAPA Arizona State Association of Physician Assistants
ASAA Arizona State Auctioneers Association
ASF Arizona State Fair
ASLA Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records
ASMI Arizona State Mine Inspector
ASPA Arizona State Physicians Association
ASPS Arizona State Poetry Society
ASPC Arizona State Prison Complex
ASRS Arizona State Retirement System
ASSD Arizona State School for the Deaf
ASSIST Arizona State System for Information on Student Transfer
ASU Arizona State University
ASUAM Arizona State University Art Museum
ASUE Arizona State University East
ASUW Arizona State University West
ASIA Arizona Strip Interpretive Association
ASPCC Arizona Structural Pest Control Commission
ASAP Arizona Student Achievement Program
ASA Arizona Students Association
ASMAR Arizona Studies in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance
ATRA Arizona Tax Research Association
ATC Arizona Technology Council
ATIEA Arizona Technology Industrial Education Association
ATIF Arizona Technology Investor Forum
ATIC Arizona Telecommunications & Information Council
AZTEDP Arizona Telecommunications Equipment Distribution Program
ATP Arizona Telemedicine Program
ATI Arizona Toxics Information Inc.
ATR Arizona Trail Riders
ATAC Arizona Transfer Articulation Committee
ATU Arizona Treasures Unlimited, Inc.
AUAA Arizona Uniform Arbitration Act
AUCD Arizona University Center on Disabilities
AUIA Arizona Utility Investors Association
AVMA Arizona Veterinary Medical Association
AWPF Arizona Water Protection Fund
WQC Arizona Water Quality Center
AWA Arizona Watercolor Association
AWC Arizona Western College
AWF Arizona Wildlife Federation
AWCA Arizona Wing Chun Association
AWA Arizona Woodturners Association
AWI Arizona Workforce Informer
AIMS Arizona’s Instrument to Measure Standards
AICA Arizona-Idaho Conservation Act of 1988
AITN Arizona-International Telemedicine Network
ASDM Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum
AHPA Associated Highway Patrolmen of Arizona
ASASU Associated Students of Arizona State University
AAFB Association of Arizona Food Banks
AECA Atomic Energy Commission of Arizona
BRAG Bent Riders of Arizona Group
BGCNA Boys and Girls Clubs of Northern Arizona
CANT California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas
CAMA California-Arizona Maneuver Area
CAPACITY Center for Arizona Policy
CAP Center for Arizona Policy
CAAF Central Arizona Acting Festival
CACEA Central Arizona Chapter of Enrolled Agents
CAC Central Arizona College
CAMA Central Arizona Museum Association
CAPC Central Arizona Paddlers Club
CAPACITY Central Arizona Project
CAP Central Arizona Project
CAT Central Arizona Trails
CAVIT Central Arizona Valley Institute of Technology
CHD Chandler Municipal Airport, Chandler, Arizona, USA
CELA Code Enforcement League of Arizona
CHRA Community Housing Resources of Arizona
CSA Community Service of Arizona
CGAA Computer Gaming Association of Arizona
CSAA County Supervisors Association of Arizona
CSCA Coyotes Skating Club of Arizona
CSGSA Czech and Slovak Genealogical Society of Arizona
EAVC Enterprise Arizona Venture Center
FHSA Family History Society of Arizona
FAAA Fine Arts Association of Arizona
FNBA First National Bank of Arizona
GAIN Getting Arizona Interested in Neighborhoods
JGC Grand Canyon, Arizona, Heliport
GAPT Great Arizona Puppet Theater
GABA Greater Arizona Bicycle Association
GACCP Greater Arizona Central Credentialing Program
GADA Greater Arizona Development Authority
HRAA Health Research Alliance Arizona
HALT Helping Arizonans Limit Tragedy
HAZ Hike Arizona
HACA Homebuilders Association of Central Arizona
HSSA Humane Society of Southern Arizona
ICA Industrial Commission of Arizona
ITASA Information Technology Association of Southern Arizona
IDEAL Integrated Data to Enhance Arizona’s Learning
IPCA Integrative Pain Center of Arizona
ISAZ International School of Arizona
ISA International School of Arizona
JFSA Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona
JAG Jobs for Arizona Graduates
KOFA King of Arizona
LTAA Land Title Association of Arizona
LUNA Linux Users of Northern Arizona
MACINTOSH Making Arizona Competitive
MAC Making Arizona Competitive
MHIA Manufactured Housing Industry of Arizona
MTBA Medical Transportation Brokerage of Arizona
NCARWC North Central Arizona Regional Watershed Consortium
NAAR Northern Arizona Association of Realtors
NAAA Northern Arizona Astronomy Association
NAH Northern Arizona Healthcare
NAHBS Northern Arizona Home Builders
NAHB Northern Arizona Home Builders
NAHRA Northern Arizona Human Resource Association
NAPS Northern Arizona Paranormal Society
NARBHA Northern Arizona Regional Behavioral Health Authority
NAU Northern Arizona University
NAUPD Northern Arizona University Police Department
NAVA Northern Arizona Volleyball Academy
OAAG Office of the Arizona Attorney General
OSA Orchid Society of Arizona
OSNA Orthopedic Surgeons Network of Arizona
PASAA Philippine American Sports Association of Arizona
PHO Phoenix, Arizona
PPSA Planned Parenthood of Southern Arizona
SCAPS Poets of Sun Cities Arizona Poetry Society
POA Pride of Arizona
RAK Raising Arizona Kids
RCCAZ Rotary Car Club of Arizona
SMA San Manuel Arizona Railroad Company
SFFA Save the Family Foundation of Arizona
SNAAZ School Nutrition Association of Arizona
SDL Scottsdale, Arizona – Municipal
SABO Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory
SAAF Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation
SAAEMA Southern Arizona Architects and Engineers Marketing Association
SABA Southern Arizona Business Association
SAFS Southern Arizona Family Services, Inc.
SAHR Southern Arizona Harley Riders
SAKA Southern Arizona Koi Association
SALA Southern Arizona Legal Aid
SAMCA Southern Arizona Mechanical Contractors Association
SAMBA Southern Arizona Mountain Biking Association
SANUG Southern Arizona NetWare Users Group
SATM Southern Arizona Transportation Museum
SAWG Southern Arizona Watercolor Group
SAWP Southern Arizona Writing Project
SNAAZ Student Nurses Association of Arizona
TAPI The Arizona Partnership for Immunization
TASA The Arizona Senior Academy
TLCA Theological Library Cooperative of Arizona
TCA Tucson, Arizona
AZU University of Arizona
UOFA University of Arizona
UKRAINE University of Arizona
UAZ University of Arizona
UAITL University of Arizona Imaging Technology Laboratory
UALP University of Arizona Laboratory of Paleontology
UAMA University of Arizona Museum of Art
UAPD University of Arizona Police Department
UARA University of Arizona Retirees Association
USAR USS Arizona Memorial
WACKO Western Arizona Canoe and Kayak Outfitter
WWSA Who’s Who Singles Arizona
WFSA Women’s Foundation of Southern Arizona
WHEAT World Hunger Ecumenical Arizona Task Force, Inc.
YUM Yuma, Arizona

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