Assembly Abbreviations

Assembly language ( English assembly language ) is a low-level machine-oriented programming language . It is a notation used to represent programs written in machine code in a readable form . Its commands directly correspond to individual machine commands or their sequences. It is essentially platform dependent: assembly languages ​​for different hardware platforms are incompatible, although they may be broadly similar.


The assembly language allows the programmer to use alphabetic mnemonic operation codes, assign symbolic names to computer registers and memory at his own discretion, and also set addressing schemes that are convenient for him (for example, index or indirect). In addition, it allows the use of different number systems (for example, decimal or hexadecimal ) to represent numeric constants and makes it possible to mark program lines with labels with symbolic names so that they can be accessed (by name, not by address) from other parts of the program (for example, to transfer control).

It may also provide additional features to facilitate programming, such as macros , expressions, program modularization facilities . In this regard, it can be considered as autocode (see below), extended by the constructions of high-level programming languages.

The translation of an assembly language program into executable machine code (calculation of expressions, expansion of macros, replacement of mnemonics with actual machine codes and symbolic addresses with absolute or relative addresses) is carried out by an assembler – a translator program, which gave the assembly language its name.

In colloquial Russian, it can simply be called “assembler” (expressions like “write a program in assembler” are typical), which, strictly speaking, is incorrect, since assembler is a utility for translating a program from assembly language into the machine code of the processor. Instead of the phrase “assembly program” it is more correct to say “assembly program”.

The use of the term “assembly language” may lead to the misconception that there is a single low-level language, or at least a standard for such a language. Since the syntax of an assembly language program depends mainly on the architecture used , there is no single assembly language. When using the term “assembly language”, if it is not obvious from the context, it is desirable to specify the assembler for which architecture is meant.

Assembly Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Assembly

AEA Abort Electronics Assembly
AOTA Absorber Open Test Assembly
APA Academic Practice Assembly
AMA Acceleration Monitoring Assembly
ATAD Access Telerobotic Assembly Demonstration
AMA Accra Metropolitan Assembly
AMDA ACTS Mobile Domain Assembly
APA Adaptive Packet Assembly
AANT Additional Assembly for Nuclear Training
AOHA Administrators in Oncology/Hematology Assembly
AAX Advanced Assembly Extension
AFA Advanced Fuel Assembly
AHRA Advanced Helmet Sight Reticle Assembly
APA Advanced Processor Assembly
ASPA Advanced Semiconductor Packaging Assembly
ASCA Advanced Stellar Compass Assembly
APDA Afram Plains District Assembly
AEA Aft End Assembly
ABPA Air Booster Pump Assembly
ADTA Air Data Transducer Assembly
APA Air Preprocessing/Preamplifier Assembly
ACA Airborne Collection Assembly
AMA Airborne Meteorological Assembly
AFA Airframe Assembly
ADPA Airlock Depressurization Pump Assembly
AAA Alternate Assembly Area
AGCA Altitude Gyro Control Assembly
AACSB American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business
ALA Ammunition Loading Assembly
AHA Analog Headend Assembly
AA Anchor Assembly
APAS Androgynous Peripheral Assembly System
APDA Androgynous Peripheral Docking Assembly
AAA Anesthesia Administration Assembly
AGA Annual General Assembly
AAM Antenna Assembly Mechanism
ASA Antenna Selector Assembly
ABS Aperture Blind Subassembly
ASA Aperture Switching Assembly
AAOG Apopka Assembly of God
AIA Argon Inlet Assembly
AAA Armenian Assembly of America
ADA Array Drive Assembly
APAL Array Processor Assembly Language
AAA arrival and assembly area
AAOE Arrival and Assembly Operations Element
AAOG Arrival and Assembly Operations Group
AAR Arrival and Assembly Railroads
ARS As Required for Subject Assembly
AIPA Asean Inter-Parliamentary Assembly
APA ASEAN People’s Assembly
AAGC Asian Assembly of God Church
ARSENIC Aspheric Subassembly
AUSTRALIA Aspheric Subassembly
ASSIGNED Aspheric Subassembly
AS Aspheric Subassembly
ASM Assembly
ASSY Assembly
ACS Assembly and Council Secretariat
AHSE Assembly and Handling Support Equipment
AMVP Assembly and Maintenance Verification Plan
A-AND-TP Assembly and Test Pit
AVR Assembly and Verification Review
AA Assembly Area
AABF Assembly Area Blocking Force
AB Assembly Bill
AB Assembly Building
ABYSS Assembly by Short Sequences
ACZ Assembly Coder’s Zenith
ACMC Assembly Committee on Multicultural Curriculum
AC Assembly Complete
ACCESS Assembly Concept for Construction of Erectable Space Structures
ACCESS Assembly Concepts for the Construction of Erectable Space Structures
ACR Assembly Concurrent Resolution
ACIP Assembly Configuration and Integration Panel
ACBSP Assembly Contingency Baseband Signal Processor
ACBS Assembly Contingency Baseboard Signal
ACTRA Assembly Contingency Transmitter Receiver/Amplifier
ADSF Assembly Data Set Format
AD Assembly District
AD1 Assembly Domain 1
AD Assembly Drawings
AEM Assembly Evaluation Method
AEM-2 Assembly Evaluation Method
AFS Assembly Floor Sheet
APCS Assembly for the Promotion of Civil Society
ATEG Assembly for the Teaching of English Grammar
AHA Assembly Hazard Analysis
AIN Assembly Identification Number
AIRD Assembly Implementation Requirements Document
ASIES Assembly Instructions
ASY Assembly Instructions
AIP Assembly Integration Panel
AJ Assembly Jig
AL Assembly Language
ALP Assembly Language Preprocessor
ALP Assembly Language Program
ALCL Assembly Line Communications Link
ALDL Assembly Line Data Link
ALDL Assembly Line Diagnostic Link
ALD Assembly Line Diagram
ALMS Assembly Line Monitoring System
ALO Assembly Line Order
ALPS Assembly Line Processing System
ARMENIA Assembly Management
AM Assembly Management
ARMENIA Assembly Member
AM Assembly Member
ACCP Assembly of Caribbean Community Parliamentarians
ACCF Assembly of Christian Churches in Fiji
ASC Assembly of Civil Sectors
AOD Assembly of Dust
AER Assembly of European Regions
AFN Assembly of First Nations
AFNQL Assembly of First Nations of Quebec and Labrador
AARGAU Assembly of God Church
AG Assembly of God Church
AMC Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs
AMJA Assembly of Muslim Jurists in America
APTL Assembly of Professionals and Technicians in Lebanon
ASM Assembly of Social Mobilization
ASSEMBLY Assembly of Social Mobilization
ASEM Assembly of Station by EVA Methods
ATSA Assembly of Turkish Student Associations
AAL Assembly on American Literature
ACE Assembly on Computers in English
ALAN Assembly on Literature for Adolescents
AOA Assembly Operations Assessment
AOH Assembly Operations Handbook
AO Assembly Order
APL Assembly Parts List
APR Assembly Planning Review
APCU Assembly Power Converter Unit
ASRA Assembly Sequence/Resource Allocation
ACTIVITY Assembly Source Code
ATTACK Assembly Source Code
AUSTRIA Assembly Source Code
ANNUAL Assembly Source Code
A Assembly Source Code
ASF Assembly Support Framework
ATT Assembly Task Team
ATTACHED Assembly Task Team
ATS Assembly Truss Structure
AUAI Assembly UHF Audio Interface
AWAS Assembly Wireless Alarm Systems
AWAD Assembly Work Authorization Document
AWI Assembly Work Instruction
AWP Assembly Work Platform
AIT Assembly, Integration, and Test
ATLO Assembly, Test and Launch Operations
ATM Assembly, Test, & Manufacturing
AIV Assembly-Integration-Verification
AIA Atmospheric Imaging Assembly
ACA Attitude Control Assembly
AGAA Attitude Gyro Accelerometer Assembly
ARA Attitude Reference Assembly
ARAB Australian Research Assembly on Brassicas
AFS Autofocus Subassembly
AMAP Automated Molecular Assembly Plant
AAWS Automotive Assembly WorkSheets
ADAS Autonomous Disassembly by Advanced Shape Recognition
AEA Auxiliary Engine Assembly
APDA Auxiliary Pump Drive Assembly
ATA Auxiliary Timer Assembly
AAA Avionics Air Assembly
AIA Azimuth Indicator Assembly
AMA Azimuth Motor Assembly
APA Azimuth Power Assembly
BPA Back Panel Assembly
BSA Balance Sensor Assembly
BVA Ball-Valve Assembly
BCA Bare Critical Assembly
BBAU Base Band Assembly Unit
BACHELOR Baseband Assembly Control
BAC Baseband Assembly Control
BACU Baseband Assembly Control Unit
BAU Baseband Assembly Unit
BACHELOR Baseline Assembly Control
BAC Baseline Assembly Control
BAU Baseline Assembly Unit
BAHRAIN Basic Assembly
BA Basic Assembly
BAL Basic Assembly Language
BAP Basic Assembly Program
BCA Battery Charged Assembly
BMA Battery Module Assembly
BAHRAIN Battle Assembly
BA Battle Assembly
BTA Battle Training Assembly
BAT Beam Assembly Teleoperator
BAF Beltsville Assembly Facility
BMRA Berryessa Milpitas Republican Assembly
BGA Beta Gimbal Assembly
BOT Blanket Open Test Assembly
BTA Blanket Tension Assembly
BCA Bolt Carrier Assembly
BRA Bomb Rack Assembly
BACHELOR Booster Assembly Contractor
BAC Booster Assembly Contractor
BHA Bottom Hole Assembly
BLA Bracket & Linkage Assembly
BFTA Bulk Fuel Tank Assembly
BAT Burst Assembly Timer
BAL Business Assembly Language
CAA Cable Anchor Assembly
CA Cable Assembly
CPSA Cable Penetration Seal Assembly
CRA California Republican Assembly
CAI Call Assembly Index
CYA Canadian Youth Assembly
CSA Canned Subassembly
CDRA Carbon Dioxide Removal Assembly
CBSA Cargo Bay Stowage Assembly
CELA Cargo Element Lifting Assembly
CHIA Cargo Handling Interface Assembly
CIEA Casablanca International Electronics Assembly
CWEA Caution and Warning Electronic Assembly
COATS CCSM Off-hull Assembly and Test Site
CLAD Cell Assembly/ Disassembly
CSAR Cell Segmentation and Reassembly
CBAR Center for Board Assembly Research
CHRA Center Housing Rotating Assembly
CBS Central Channel Bank Subassembly
CEA Central Electronics Assembly
CPAS CEV Parachute Assembly System (US NASA)
CAPACITY Channel Assembly Program
CAP Channel Assembly Program
CBA Channel Bank Assembly
CAPPS Checkout, Assembly and Payload Processing Services
CGMA Church of God Mountain Assembly, Inc.
CCA Circuit Card Assembly
CUA Circuit Unit Assembly
CSSA Coarse Sun Sensor Assembly
CUFA College and University Faculty Assembly
CHAG College Heights Assembly of God
CASA Colorado Actors and Screenwriters Assembly
CSACF Combat System Assembly and Check-Out Facility
CPA Command Processor Assembly
CAMA Common Airborne Modem Assembly
CAL Common Assembly Language
CALM Common Assembly Language for Microprocessors
CCAA Common Cabin Air Assembly
CCA Communications Carrier Assembly
CANADA Communications Distribution Assembly
CDA Communications Distribution Assembly
CMA Communications Monitor Assembly
CPA Communications Power Assembly
CRCA Compact Redundancy Combiner Assembly
CSAF Complex-Specific Assembly Factor
CBSA Component Based Solution Assembly
CDS Component Disassembly Station
CBA Composite Burst-Assembly
CS Compressor Subassembly
CS-5 Compressor Subassembly
CART Condition of Assembly at Release & Transfer
CTAL Confidentially Typed Assembly Language
CIAL Configuration Item Assembly List
CSA Congregational Summer Assembly
CESA Conical Earth Sensor Assembly
CGA Connecticut General Assembly
CAAP Conner Avenue Assembly Plant
CANADA Constitution Drafting Assembly
CDA Constitution Drafting Assembly
C-AND-TBA Container And Transfer Basket Assembly
CA Control Assembly
CODAP Control Data Assembly Program
CEA Control Electronics Assembly
CEA Control Element Assembly
CIA Control Indicator Assembly
CIA Control Interface Assembly
CPS Control Panel Subassembly
CALL-TO-ACTION Controlled Thrust Assembly
CTA Controlled Thrust Assembly
CPA Controller Processing Assembly
CPA Conversion Pad Assembly
CPAT Converter Pump Assembly Test
CCA Coolant Control Assembly
CETA Crew and Equipment Translation Assembly
CA Critical Assembly
CAFEE Critical Assembly Fuel Element Exchange
CEA Cryocooler Electronics Assembly
CES Cryogenic Engine Subassembly
COA Cryogenic Optical Assembly
CRYO Cryogenics Assembly
CUAP Cuautitlan Assembly Plant
CMA Cylindrical Mirror Assembly
DAA Data Acquisition Assembly
DAC Data Assembly Center
DSA Data Splitter Assembly
DAP Dearborn Assembly Plant
DAS Deflection Amplifier Subassembly
DAHA Deployable ATM Hub Assembly (data transmission)
DA Deployment Assembly
DDA Deployment Drive Assembly
DFA Design For Assembly
DFAD Design for Assembly and Disassembly
DFD Design for Disassembly
DFMA Design for Manual Assembly
DFMA Design For Manufacturing and Assembly
DFSA Design for Subcontract Assembly
DCAT Design, Components, Assembly, and Testing
DAS Detector Array Subassembly
DEA Detector Electronics Assembly
DVA Detector Vacuum Assembly
DCA Detonation Chamber Assembly
DTA Detonation Transfer Assembly
DAF Device Assembly Facility
DCA Diagnostic Connector Assembly
DA Differencing Assembly
DCPA Digital Central Processor Assembly
DCPAS Digital Central Processor Assembly
DCA Digital Command Assembly
DCEA Digital Control Electronics Assembly
DECA Digital Electronic Control Assembly
DHA Digital Headed Assembly
DMA Digital Model Assembly
DPA Digital Pre-Assembly
DBA Diode Box Assembly
DLPMA Diphase Loop Modem Assembly
DBOM Disassembly Bill of Materials
DERM Disassembly Examination Reassembly Machine
DIR Disassembly Inspection Report
D-RE Disassembly Reassembly Equipment
DDA Disk Drive Assembly
DSA Disk Storage Assembly
DCCA Display Circuit Card Assembly
DIAL Display Interactive Assembly Language
DFA Disposable Filter Assembly
DA Distribution Assembly
DTA Distribution Terminal Assembly
DCVA Double Check Valve Assembly
DTA Down Tower Assembly
DLA Drive Lock Assembly
DEA Driver Evaluation Assembly
DEFA Driver-Enriched Fuel Assembly
DCAF-1 Drosophila Melanogaster Chromatin Assembly Factor 1
DAHA Dual-Axis Head Assembly
DASADA Dynamic Assembly for Systems Adaptability, Dependability and Assurance
DUAL Dynamic Universal Assembly Language
ESA Earth Sensor Assembly
EALA East African Legislative Assembly
EMRA East Midlands Regional Assembly
EERA East of England Regional Assembly
EDA Electric Drive Assembly
ECA Electrical Component Assembly
ECRA Electrical Contact Ring Assembly
ESATS Electrical Subassembly Test Set
EASI Electronic Assembly Services Inc.
ECAT electronic card assembly and test
ECA Electronic Component Assembly
EEA Electronic Enclosure Assembly
EMA Electronic Module Assembly
EPIC Electronic Preassembly Integration on CATIA
ESA Electronic Sub-Assembly
EA Electronics Assembly
EBA Electronics Bay Assembly
ECA Electronics Control Assembly
ESA Electrostatic Self-Assembly Process
EAP Emergency Assembly Point
EEPAS Emerging Electronic Products Assembly Scheme
EAOG Emmanuel Assembly of God
EMAD Engine Maintenance Assembly and Disassembly
EMMA Engineering Mockup and Manufacturing Assembly
EDCA Entropically Driven Colloidal Assembly
EMPA Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly
EASA European Architecture Students Assembly
EASE Eva Assembly of Structures Experiment
EAA Evacuee Assembly Area
EGDA Experiment Ground Data Assembly
EASE Experimental Assembly of Structures in Extravehicular Activity
EDA Explosive Dish Assembly
ECAM External Cable Assembly Module
EFS External Focus Subassembly
EIA External Interface Assembly
EVVA Extravehicular Visor Assembly
FACO Fabrication, Assembly & Check Out
FAT Fabrication, Assembly and Test
FAIT Fabrication, Assembly, Integration, and Test
FFA Failed Fuel Assembly
FFARM Failed Fuel Assembly Receiving Mechanism
FLAG Family Life Assembly of God
FCRA Fecal Collection Receptacle Assembly
FODA Fiber Optic Distribution Assembly
FPPA Fiber Patch Panel Assembly
FOCA Fiber-Optic Cable Assembly
FHA Fiber-Optic Headend Assembly
FITA Field Installable Termination Assembly
FTA Field Terminal Assembly
FFA Filter Fan Assembly
FA Final Assembly
FACO Final Assembly and Check Out
FAST Final Assembly and Test
FACILITY Final Assembly Code
FAC Final Assembly Code
FAL Final Assembly Line
FAS Final Assembly Schedule
FATP Final Assembly, Test & Pack
FSSA Fine Sun Sensor Assembly
FRRA Fire Resistance Rated Assembly
FIRM Fire Support Interim Reassembly Module
FACS First Assembly Christian School
FAOG First Assembly of God
FAG First Assembly of God
FCDCA Flexible Confined Detonating Cord Assembly
FCA Flight Control Assembly
FAJ Floor Assembly Jig
FCA Flow Control Assembly
FEA Fluid Experiment Assembly
FSA Fluidic Self Assembly
FREEDOM Fluidic Self Assembly
FPA Focal Plane Assembly
FPAS Focal Plane Assembly Shroud
FMA Focus Mechanism Assembly
FS Focus Subassembly
FRAMM Foldable Ridged Assembly Memory Module
FAS Formation Assembly Ship
FAP FORTRAN Assembly Program
FAA Forward Assembly Area
FSA Forward Section Assembly
FREEDOM Forward Section Assembly
FRP Fragment Reassembly Processor
FEA Front End Assembly
FLA Front Line Assembly
FNCA Fryeburg New Church Assembly
FA Fuel Assembly
FAID Fuel Assembly Integrity Device
FAST Fuel Assembly Stability Test
FATF Fuel Assembly Transfer Form
FCA Fuel Control Assembly
FOMA Fuel-Oxidizer Management Assembly
FDMDA Full Diameter Motorized Door Assembly
FGA Full Gospel Assembly
FTA Functional Test Assembly
FA Fury Assembly
GCA Gas Conditioning Assembly
GMA Gas Management Assembly
GAA Gastroenterology Administration Assembly
GRAIL Gene Recognition and Assembly Internet Link
GA General Assembly
GABRIELA General Assembly Binding Women for Reforms, Integrity, Equality, Leadership and Action
GAC General Assembly Council
GAOR General Assembly Official Records
GAPC General Assembly Planning Committee
GAPC General Assembly Production Centre
GAP General Assembly Program
GAR General Assembly Resolution
GPIA General Purpose Interface Assembly
GASP Generalized Assembly & Sort Processor
GASP Generalized Assembly Sort Processor
GEA Gimbal Electronics Assembly
GAC Global Assembly Cache
GIGA GLOBE International General Assembly
GOPA Gloucestershire Older Persons’ Assembly
GAC Gospel Assembly Church
GINA GPS Inertial Navigation Assembly
GINA GPS/INS Navigation Assembly
GPSA Graduate and Professional Student Assembly
GNAT Grand National Assembly of Turkey
GTA Ground Test Article/Assembly
GCA Guidance and Control Assembly
GEA Guidance Electronics Assembly
GGA Guidance Gimbal Assembly
GPA Guidance Platform Assembly
GMLA Guided Missile Launching Assembly
GRA Gyro Reference Assembly
HAG Hansen Assembly of God
HDA Hard Disk Assembly
HRA Hard Replaceable Assembly
HAD Harness Assembly Drawing
HDA Head Disk Assembly
HSA Head Stack Assembly
HEA Head-End Assembly
HRA Heading Reference Assembly
HGA Heat Generating Assembly
HES Heater Exchange Subassembly
HCA Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly
HCCBA High Capacity Channel Bank Assembly
HLA High Level Assembly
HVA High Voltage Assembly
HAL High-Order Assembly Language
HGA High-Speed Graphics Assembly
HMDA Hitchhiker Motorized Door Assembly
HAZEL Homogeneous Assembly Zero Energy Laboratory
HVA Homogenizing Valve Assembly
HAM Hose Assembly Machine
HPA Hydraulic Power Assembly
HMA Hydro-Mechanical Metering Assembly
HECA Hyperbaric Environmental Control Assembly
HEA Hyperion Electronics Assembly
HAS Hyperion Sensor Assembly
ISA Ignition & Separation Assembly
ILGA Illinois General Assembly
IITA Image Intensifier Tube Assembly
ILSA Industry Large-Structures Assembly
IDA Inertial Data Assembly
ISA Inertial Sensor Assembly
IMA Injected Metal Assembly
IPRA In-Place Repairable Assembly
IOSA Input/Output Sub-Assembly
IOTA Input/Output Termination Assembly
IRTA In-Reactor Thimble Assembly
IMLA Insert Molded Leadframe Assembly
IPTA Insert Process Template Assembly
IOA Instrument Operating Assembly
IFOA Integral Flow Orifice Assembly
IACP Integrated Assembly and Configuration Panel
ICDA Integrated Cooler Detector Assembly
IDCA Integrated Detector/Cooler Assembly
IEA Integrated Electronics Assembly
IEA Integrated Equipment Assembly
ILMA Integrated Laser Modulator Assembly
IMA Integrated Microwave Assembly
IMCA Integrated Motor Control Assembly
ITLA Integrated Tunable Laser Assembly
IAA Integration and Assembly
IAC Integration, Assembly & Checkout
IACO Integration, Assembly and Checkout
ICA Interface Connector Assembly
IBA Interference Blanker Assembly
ISOBUTANOL Interference Blanker Assembly
IACBE International Assembly of Collegiate Business Education
IAMR International Assembly of Migrants and Refugees
IAAM International Association of Assembly Managers
IMPACT International Microsystems, Package, Assembly Conference Taiwan
IPDA International Performers Database Assembly
ISAM International Symposium on Assembly and Manufacturing
ISTAP International Symposium on Assembly and Task Planning
ISATP International Symposium on Assembly and Task Planning
ISA Ionic Self-Assembly
ISFA Isarn Small Scale Farmers’ Assembly
IANA Islamic Assembly of North America
IDS Istrian Democratic Assembly
JRA James River Assembly
JCA Java Card Assembly
JFA Jesus First Assembly
JAMAICA Jetevator Assembly
JA Jetevator Assembly
JPA Joint Parliamentary Assembly
JTA Joint Test Assembly
JTS Joint Test Subassembly
JYA Junior Youth Assembly
KAOG Kajang Assembly of God
KUNA Kentucky United Nations Assembly
KYA Kentucky Youth Assembly
KATS Kits Assembly Tracking System
KMA Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly
KNA Kurdistan National Assembly
KUCA Kyoto University Critical Assembly
LGSA Lake Geneva Summer Assembly
LPBA Lamp Panel and Bar Assembly
LLA Land Lines Assembly
LAP Launch Assembly Plan
LDA Launch Deployment Assembly
LSAP Launch Site Assembly Plan
LEA Launcher Electronic Assembly
LRA Launcher Relay Assembly
LSDAS Law School Data Assembly Service
LATS LDEF Assembly and Transport System
LOS Lead Out Subassembly
LTA Lead Test Assembly
LCA Leadless Component Assembly
LA Legislative Assembly
LAO Legislative Assembly of Ontario
LRIA Level Removable Instrument Assembly
LPA Life Preserver Assembly
LRA Light Replaceable Assembly
LPA Lightning Protection Assembly
LRA Line Replaceable Assembly
LSA Line Shaft Assembly
LSA Linear Separation Assembly
LIA Link Interface Assembly
LCA Load Controller Assembly
LCA Local Christian Assembly
LPSA Local Peace and Security Assembly
LSA Local Spiritual Assembly
LCA Loop Crossover Assembly
LEA Lower Enclosure Assembly
LSSA Lower Shroud Subassembly
LTA Lower Torso Assembly
LRA Lowest Repairable/Replacement Assembly
MAL Macro Assembly Language
MAP Macro Assembly Program
MAPER Macro Assembly Program
MHA Magnetic Head Assembly
MTA Magnetic Torque Assembly
MAGDA Magnetically Driven Assembly
MSAG Magnolia Springs Assembly of God
MBSA Main Bus Switching Assembly
MCA Main Combustion Assembly
MEA Main Engine Assembly
MAD Maintenance Assembly-Disassembly
MEA Maintenance Entity Assembly
MAR Major Assembly Release
MMAA Man/Machine Assembly Analysis
MCA Managed Care Assembly
MAPL Manufacturing Assembly Parts List
MAP Manufacturing Assembly Procedure
MAPER Manufacturing Assembly Procedure
MITA Manufacturing Integration Test Assembly
MAIT Manufacturing, Assembly, Integration and Test
MTA Mass Termination Assembly
MMA Mast Mounted Assembly
MAS Master Assembly Schedule
MAT Material/Mine Assembly Team
MARA Matter/Anti-matter Reaction Assembly
MAK Meal Assembly Kitchen
MDA Mechanisms Drive Assembly
MLA Member of Legislative Assembly
MLACDS Member of Legislative Assembly Constituency Development Scheme
MNA Member of National Assembly
MGLA Member of the Greater London Assembly
MHA Member of the House of Assembly
MPA Member Provincial Assembly
MEA Membrane Electrode Assembly
MEGA membrane electrode gasket assembly
MSA Memory Subassembly
MCGA Mennonite Church General Assembly
MATILDA Mesa Associates’ Tactical Integrated Light Force Deployment Assembly
MDA Meteorological Data Assembly
MMDA Metropolitan Municipal and District Assembly
MAF Michoud Assembly Facility
MPCA Mid Power Controller Assembly
MECA Middle East Citizens Assembly
MRGWA Middle Rio Grande Water Assembly
MSRA Middle States Regional Assembly
MS Mirror Subassembly
MAB Missile Assembly Building
MECA Missile Electronics Computer Assembly
MMA Missile Main Assembly
MALT Mnemonic Assembly Language Translator
MUNA Model United Nations Assembly
MUNGA Model United Nations General Assembly
MCA Modem Controls Assembly
MALEO Modular Assembly in Low Earth Orbit
MESA Modular Equipment Stowage Assembly
MPAS Modular Package Assembly Shop
MRA Module Reservoir Assembly
MWA Momentum-Wheel Assembly
MCA Monitor and Control Assembly
MLA Monochrome Lens Assembly
MSSA Monteagle Sunday School Assembly
MCA Motor Control Assembly
MDA Motorized Door Assembly
MVCA Mountain View Christian Assembly
MCA Multi Chip Assembly
MIRA Multifunctional Inertial Reference Assembly
MAPO Multiple Assembly of Procurement Officials
MUTA Multiple Unit Training Assembly
MUTOA Multi-User Telecommunications Outlet Assembly
MDA Munition Disassembly Area
MACINTOSH Munitions Assembly Conveyor
MAC Munitions Assembly Conveyor
NSHA Nasarawa State House of Assembly
NA National Assembly
NASS National Assembly
NAAR National Assembly against Racism
NAW National Assembly for Wales
NAWAD National Assembly for Wales Agriculture Department
NAM National Assembly Member
NALAA National Assembly of Local Arts Agencies
NBPA National Black Political Assembly
NCA National Constitutional Assembly
NEA-RA National Education Association-Representative Assembly
NLA National Legislative Assembly
NSWA National Social Welfare Assembly
NSA National Spiritual Assembly
NSAB National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Swaziland
NYFA National Youth Food Assembly
NRA Neural Representational Assembly
NSA Neutron Source Assembly
NEAL New England Assembly of the Laity
NLA New Life Assembly
NHA Next Higher Assembly
NHRA Next Higher Recoverable Assembly
NLA Next Lower Assembly
NTA Nitrogen Tank Assembly
NAR No Assembly Required
NFA No Flow Assembly
NSA Node Switching Assembly
NAP Norfolk Assembly Plant
NAA North Atlantic Assembly
NCGA North Carolina General Assembly
NWRA North West Regional Assembly
NESA Nose Equipment Support Assembly
NAS Nuclear Assembly System
NAT Nuclear Assembly Test
NAP Nucleosome Assembly Protein
OGA Office of the General Assembly
OAP Offshore Assembly Provisions
OSRA Ogoni State Representative Assembly
OEPA On Earth Peace Assembly
OCA Ontario Citizens’ Assembly
OA Operational Assist/Assembly
OPA Operator Panel Assembly
OSA Optic Stabilizer Assembly
ORA Optical Reference Assembly
OTA Optical Telescope Assembly
OTA Optical Tube Assembly
OMA Optomechanical Assembly
OMA Opto-Mechanical Assembly
OA Orbital/Orbiter Assembly
OTA Ordnance Transmission Assembly
OPA Orthopaedic Practice Assembly
OSAT Outsourced Assembly and Test
PADP Packet Assembly/Disassembly Protocol
PS Panel Subassembly
PRAA Parent Representative Advisory Assembly
PDAG Parish Diocesan Assembly Group
PACE Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe
PIA Part in Assembly
POA Part Of Assembly
PTTA Partially Type-Tested Assembly
POSA Passive Optical Sample Assembly
PAP Past Assembly President
PMA Pathology Management Assembly
PRLA Payload Retention Latch Assembly
PHA People’s Health Assembly
PAG-ASA Peoples Assembly for Genuine Alternatives to Social Apathy
PAGASA Peoples Assembly for Genuine Alternatives to Social Apathy
PMA Permanent Magnet Assembly
PPA Personal Parachute Assembly
PMAC Pete Maravich Assembly Center
PDA Phased Disassembly Array
PDA Photon Detector Assembly
PSDA Photon Shutter Drive Assembly
PLCA Pipeline Connection Assembly
PDCF Pit Disassembly and Conversion Facility
PRCA Pitch Roll Channel Assembly
PDMA Plastic Deformation Magnetic Assembly
PFOA Platform Fiber Optics Assembly
PMA Pointing Mirror Assembly
PAD Pontoon Assembly Depot/Detachment
PTA Pot Tending Assembly
PCDA Power Control and Distribution Assembly
PCMA Power Control and Monitor Assembly
PCA Power Control Assembly
PCLA Power Control Linkage Assembly
PDCA Power Distribution and Control Assembly
PDA Power Distribution Assembly
PGDA Power Generation and Distribution Assembly
PIA Power Interface Assembly
PRSA Power Reactant Storage Assembly
PSA Power Section Assembly
PSDA Power Switching and Distribution Assembly
PFSA PowerForce Sub Assembly
PCLA Pressure Containment Lower Assembly
PGA Pressure Garment Assembly
PPCA Pressure Plate and Cover Assembly
PSPA Pressure Static Probe Assembly
PAA Primary Assembly Area
PAP Primary Assembly Point
PCA Primary Control Assembly
PIA Primary Interop Assembly
PMSA Primary Mirror Segment Assembly
PBA Printed Board Assembly
PCA Printed Circuit Assembly
PCAT Printed Circuit Assembly Technology
PCBA Printed Circuit Board Assembly
PWBA Printed Wire Board Assembly
PWA Printed Wiring Assembly
PSA Printer Subassembly
PRA Process Amplifier Assembly
PAD Product Assembly Document
PUMA Programmable Universal Machine for Assembly
PAL Programming Assembly Language
PMD Projectile/Mortar Disassembly
PCA Propellant Control Assembly
PIA Propellant Isolation Assembly
PTA Propellant Tank Assembly
PASM Propeller Assembly
PACA Propulsion and Control Assembly
PMAA Propulsion Module Attach Assembly
PRMA Protected Roof Membrane Assembly
PSA Provision Stowage Assembly
PAF Public Assembly Facility
PMA Pump Module Assembly
PPA Pump Package Assembly
PFCS Pump/Flow Control Subassembly
QPA Quantity Per Assembly
QECA Quick Engine Change Assembly
QRA Quick Release Assembly
RA Rabbinical Assembly
RCA Radiative Cooler Assembly
RFEA Radio Frequency Equipment Assembly
RA Radiocommunication Assembly
RA Radiology Assembly of Medical Group Management Association
RAMS Rapid Assembly Munitions System
RUD Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly
RGA Rate Gyro Assembly
RGAL Rate Gyro Assembly-Left
RSA Rate Sensor Assembly
RWA Reaction Wheel Assembly
RWAM Reaction Wheel Assembly Module
RAA Rear Assembly Area
RTA Receiver Transmitter Assembly
REBA Rechargeable EVA Battery Assembly
RPA Reconciling Pentecostal Assembly
ROA Record of Assembly
ROD Record of Disassembly
RAMP Recoverable Assembly Management Process
RAA Redeployment Assembly Area
RPA Reduced Pressure Assembly
RPBA Reduced Pressure Backflow Assembly
RPDA Reduced Pressure Detector Assembly
RPPA Reduced Pressure Principal Assembly
RBA Reentry Body Assembly
RAS Reference Assembly Sequence
RGA Reflection Grating Assembly
RAPPS Religion Assembly Press Petition & Speech
RPDA Remote Power Distribution Assembly
RMA Removable Media Assembly
RREA Rendezvous Radar Electronics Assembly
RSA Repairable Sub Assembly
RCAF Replication Coupling Assembly Factor
RIA Reprogramming Interface Assembly
RUTA Rescheduled Unit Training Assembly
RSHA Rivers State House of Assembly
ROAM Robotics ORU Assembly and Maintenance
RFA Robust Fuel Assembly
REA Rocket Engine Assembly
RMIA Rocket Metering Input Assembly
RCCA Rod Cluster Control Assembly
RLA Rotary Launch Assembly
RYLA Rotary Youth Leadership Assembly
RNA Rotatable Nozzle Assembly
RNA Rotor Nacelle Assembly
RTCA Round Table Coordinating Assembly
RNA Routable Nozzle Assembly
RAIL Runtime Assembly Instrumentation Library
SFPA San Francisco People’s Assembly
SAB Satellite Assembly Building
SCEA Scanner Control Enclosure Assembly
SFOA Scanner Fiber Optic Assembly
SIA Scanner Interface Assembly
SIAS Scanner Interface Assembly Signal
SPA Scanner Power Assembly
SPIA Scanner Power Interface Assembly
SEDA Secondary Electron Detector Assembly
SMA Secondary Mirror Assembly
SPDA Secondary Power Distribution Assembly
SAG Securitag Assembly Group
SAR Segmentation And Reassembly
SAR-PDU Segmentation And Reassembly Protocol Data Unit
SARS Segmentation And Reassembly Sublayer
SR Segmentation Reassembly
SCAH Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall
SOFA Selectable Optical Filter Assembly
SCARA Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm
SA Sensor Assembly
SCA Sensor Chip Assembly
SWA Shaft Wheel Assembly
SPA Shekijah Preparation Assembly
SRA Ship Replaceable/Repairable Assembly
SRA Shop Repairable Assembly
SRA Shop Replaceable Assembly
SCEA Signal Conditioning Electronics Assembly
SDA Signal Distribution Assembly
SPMA Signal Processor Modem Assembly
SNAPS Simple Non-redundant Assembly of Protein Sequences
SIMUTA Simulation in Unit Training Assembly
SAAL Single Address Assembly Language
SRA Slipring Assembly
SLTA Small Laser Transmitter Assembly
SAD Software Assembly Descriptor
SAA Solar Array Assembly
SADA Solar Array Drive Assembly
SARDA Solar Array Retention & Deployment Assembly
SAWA Solar Array Wing Assembly
SCA Solar Collector Assembly
SDA Solar Diffuser Assembly
SPA Solar Panel Assembly
SHA Solid Homogeneous Assembly
SMAB Solid Motor Assembly Building
SSPCA Solid State Power Controller Assembly
SHEBA Solution High-Energy Burst Assembly
SAR Some Assembly Required
SOMA Southern Ontario Model United Nations Assembly
SWNA Southwest Neighborhood Assembly, Inc.
SWOA Southwest Ohio Assembly of the Church of God
SAMS Space Assembly, Maintenance, and Servicing
SSAT Space Station Assembly Technology
SEAD Space Station Early Assembly Demonstration
SSA Space Suit Assembly
SAEF Spacecraft Assembly and Encapsulation Facility
SAF Spacecraft Assembly Facility
SFT Special Facilities or Special Assembly Tariff
SOCA special operations communications assembly
SRCA Spectro-Radiometric Calibration Assembly
SVBA Spill Resistant Vacuum Breaker Assembly
SAF Spindle-Assembly Factor
SUTA Split Unit Training Assembly
SDAF SRB Disassembly Facility (NASA)
SPLA St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly
SPDA Stable Platform Deck Assembly
SADA Standard Advanced Dewar Assembly
SFA Standard Fuel Assembly
STA Star Tracker Assembly
SAB Storage and Assembly Building
SSA strapdown sensor assembly
SRP Stream Reassembly Processor
SADE Structural Assembly Demonstration Experiment
SMA Sub Multi Assembly
SAM Sub-Assembly Module
SRU Subassembly Repairable Unit
SLMA Subscriber Line Module Assembly
SDA Subsea Distribution Assembly
SUTA Subsea Umbilical Termination Assembly
STA Subspace Tranceiver Assembly
SSA Sun Sensor Assembly
SA Supplemental Assembly
SEA Support Electronics Assembly
SOMA Support Optomechanical Assembly
SPA Supreme People’s Assembly
SMA Surface Mount Assembly
SPA Surface Preprocessing Assembly
SJA Swing Joint Assembly
SWAT Switch Assembly Test
SCA Switchgear and Controlgear Assembly
SAL Symbolic Assembly Language
SAPER Symbolic Assembly Program
SAP Symbolic Assembly Program
SOAP Symbolic Optimal Assembly Program
SFCA System Flow Control Assembly
SIA System Interface Assembly
SRCA System Remote Control Assembly
SRA System Requirement Assembly
SMAG Systems Maintenance Assembly Group
TAA Tactical Assembly Area
TA Technical Assembly
TMA Technology Mirror Assembly
TIA Telescope and Instrument Assembly
TA Telescope Assembly
TSR Teleservice Segmentation and Reassembly
TMA Tema Municipal Assembly
TMA Tema Municipality Assembly
TASA Test Area Support Assembly
TA-SSB Test Assembly/Shipping Strongback
TIA Test Interface Assembly
TJA The Jedi Assembly
TMAMS Theater Major Assembly Management System
TCA Thermal Critical Assembly
TYA Thimun Youth Assembly
TCA Throttle Control Assembly
TQA Throttle Quadrant Assembly
TCA Thrust Chamber Assembly
TAP Time-Sharing Assembly Program
TAM Tire Assembly Machine
TARP Tire Assembly Repair Program
THA Tobago House of Assembly
TAD Top Assembly Drawing
TLA Top Level Assembly
TBAA Top-Bottom Alignment Assembly
TUTA Topsides Umbilical Termination Assembly
TSA Trace Suspension Assembly
TRANSFER Transceiver Assembly
TRAINING Transceiver Assembly
TRA Transceiver Assembly
TA Transducer Assembly
TFA Transfer Frame Assembly
TSA Transient Suppression Assembly
TCA Transit Case Assembly
TUBA transition unit box assembly
TUNA Transition Unit Nest Assembly
TNA Transitional National Assembly
TA Transmitter Assembly
TOSA Transmitter Optical Subassembly
TAPPS Transportable Assembly Perimeter Protection System
TOA Trim on Assembly
TSTA Tritium Systems Test Assembly
TAA Turbine Alternator Assembly
TPA Turbopump Assembly
TGNA Turkish Grand National Assembly
TLCA Twist Lock Collar Assembly
TARA Two-Axis Reference Assembly
TAL Typed Assembly Language
TTA Type-Tested Assembly
UMA Umbilical Mechanism Assembly
UTA Umbilical Termination Assembly
UAA Unit Assembly Area
UTA Unit Training Assembly
UNGA United Nations General Assembly
UNGASS United Nations General Assembly Special Session
USGA United States General Assembly
UTAC United Test and Assembly Center Ltd.
UPA Units Per Assembly
UEA Upper Enclosure Assembly
USSA Upper Shell Structure Assembly
UCTA Urine Collection Transfer Assembly
UAA Urology Administration Assembly
UTA Utility Transfer Assembly
VMA Variable Air Volume Modular Assembly
VAB Vehicle Assembly Building
VAS Vehicle Assembly Structure
VLAED Vehicle Lashing Assembly
VLA Vehicle Lashing Assembly
VATA Vertical Assembly and Test Area
VAB Vertical Assembly Building
VATF Vertical Assembly Test Facility
VATS Vertical Assembly Test Stand
VTCA VHSIC Transmit Control Assembly
VMS Video Monitor Subassembly
VSA Video Switch Assembly
VAA Viewer Adapter Assembly
VGA Virginia General Assembly
VAP Virtual Assembly Program
VENSA Virtual Environment for Nano Scale Assembly
VFR Virtual Fragment Reassembly
VPPA Virtual Process Planning for Assembly
VOCA Voice Operational Communications Assembly
VRSA Voice Reporting Signal Assembly
VKA Volatile Keying Assembly
VRA Volatile Removal Assembly
WAW Wales Assembly of Women
WTAP Warren Truck Assembly Plant
WWDA Wassa West District Assembly
WGA Waste Gas Assembly
WFCA Water Flow Control Assembly
WPA water jet propulsion assembly
WAPR Weapon Assembly Product Record
WA Weapons Assembly
WHSA Weapons Head Support Assembly
WRA Weapons Replaceable Assembly
WRA Weapons Replaceable/Replacement Assembly
WAS Weld Assembly Strongback
WAG Welsh Assembly Government
WEAG West End Assembly of God
WMAG West McKinley Assembly of God
WMRA West Midlands Regional Assembly
WALA Western Australian Legislative Assembly
WOFA Westinghouse Optimized Fuel Assembly
WAPA Wet Annular Poison Assembly
WSA Whole School Assembly
WGSA Whole-Genome Shotgun Assembly
WOAG Willow Oak Assembly of God
WFA Wilmington First Assembly
WHA Wiring Harness Assembly
WIA Wiring Integration Assembly
WALA Wisconsin Assembly for Local Arts
WILLA Women in Literature and Life Assembly
WHSA Wooden Half Subassembly
WACLA World Assembly of Cities and Local Authorities
WAY World Assembly of Youth
WCAW World Citizens Assembly on Water
WHA World Health Assembly
WPA World Prout Assembly
WTSA World Telecommunications Standardization Assembly
WTAA World Toilet Association Assembly
XDA X-Ray Detector Assembly
YHA Yorkshire & Humberside Assembly
YODA Young Adult Delegate to Assembly
YGA Young General Assembly
YA Youth Assembly
YLA Youth Legislative Assembly
ZEA Zero Energy Assembly