Association Abbreviations III

An association is a legal entity with members that is aimed at a specific goal, other than described for a cooperative or mutual insurance company.

Association 3

A form of cooperation that is a legal person , in which the members cooperate according to rules and for a purpose set by them. It concerns a democratically organized legal form , in which cooperation is of a more permanent nature and is based on the principle of equal treatment of equals among members. Collaboration, in which the collaborators have effective influence on policy , is seen as a material characteristic of the association, as distinct from the foundation . Membership is personal, ie it cannot be passed on by succession or transfer.

Community-Based Development Association
Community-Based Transportation Association
Commuter Airline Association of America
Commuter Student Association
Comox District Teachers Association
Comox Valley Family Services Association
Comox Valley Ultimate Players Association
Compact of Free Association
CompactFlash Association
Competing Pipers Association
Competitive Telecommunications Association
Competitive Telecommunications Association
Complementary Healing Association
Complementary Medicine Practitioner Associations Council
Component State Associations
Composite Fabricator’s Association
Composite Panel Association
Composite Security Association
Comprehensive Health Association of North Dakota
Comprehensive Health Planning Association
Compressed Air Association
Compressed Gas Association
Compressed Gas Manufacturers Association
Compton High School Alumni Association
Computer & Business Equipment Manufacturers Association
Computer & Communications Industry Association
Computer and Automated Systems Association
Computer Association of Nepal
Computer Association of Nigeria
Computer Association of Thailand
Computer Contractors Benefit Association
Computer Dealers & Lessors Association
Computer Entertainment Suppliers Association
Computer Event Marketing Association
Computer Gaming Association of Arizona
Computer Graphics Suppliers’ Association
Computer Hardware Manufacturing Benchmarking Association
Computer History Association of California
Computer Law Association
Computer Media Dealers Association
Computer Networking Professionals Association
Computer Peripheral Manufacturers Association
Computer Peripherals Manufacturers Association
Computer Personnel Development Association
Computer Pilots Association of America
Computer Science Alumni Association
Computer Science Association
Computer Science Graduate Student Association
Computer Science Students Association
Computer Science Teachers Association
Computer Science Undergraduate Association
Computer Services Association
Computer Shogi Association
Computer Software and Services Association
Computer Systems Technology Association
Computer Technology Industry Association
Computer Virus Association
Computer Virus Industry Association
Computing Research Association
Computing Services and Software Association, Ltd
Computing Studies Teachers Association
Computing Technology Industry Association
Concerned Bikers Association
Concerned Businessmen’s Association of America
Concerned Off-Road Bicyclists Association
Concert Association of Florida
Concert Music Broadcasters Association
Concord Grape Association
Concord Mt. Diablo Trail Ride Association
Concord Soccer Association
Concordia University Faculty Association
Concordia University Students’ Association
Concordia University System Student Newspaper Association
Concrete Corrosion Inhibitors Association
Concrete Foundations Association
Concrete Pipe Association of Australasia
Concrete Pump Manufacturers Association
Concrete Repair Association
Concrete Sawing & Drilling Association
Condominium Association Program
Condominium Association Program
Condominium Home Owners’ Association
Condominium Owners Association
Conejo Youth Basketball Association
Confectionery Manufacturers Association of Canada
Confederate Historical Association of Belgium
Confederate States Vexillological Association
Confédération Européenne des Associations de Détaillants en Chaussures
Confédération Nationale des Associations des Caféiculteurs
Confederation of East and Central Africa Football Association
Confederation of Egyptian European Business Associations
Confederation of Fire Protection Associations – Asia
Confederation of International Construction Associations
Confederation of North and Central American and Caribbean Association Football
Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football
Confederation of Southern Africa Netball Associations
Confederation of University Faculty Associations
Conference of Defence Associations
Conference of Defence Associations
Conference of Defence Associations Institute
Conference of State Manufacturers Association
Conflict Resolution Association
Congregational Libraries Association of British Columbia
Congressional Golfers Association
Congressional Hispanic Staff Association
Congressional Research Employees Association
Connected International Meeting Professionals Association
Connected Vehicle Trade Association
Connecticut Alarm and Systems Integrators Association
Connecticut Art Therapy Association
Connecticut Assisted Living Association
Connecticut Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
Connecticut Association of Assessing Officers
Connecticut Association of Boards of Education
Connecticut Association of Centers for Independent Living
Connecticut Association of Golf Course Superintendents
Connecticut Association of Healthcare Facilities
Connecticut Association of Home Inspectors
Connecticut Association of Human Rights
Connecticut Association of Independent Schools
Connecticut Association of Metal Finishers
Connecticut Association of Nonprofits
Connecticut Association of Nonprofits
Connecticut Association of Not-For-Profit Providers for the Aging
Connecticut Association of Personnel Services
Connecticut Association of Physics Teachers
Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents
Connecticut Association of School Psychologists
Connecticut Association of Schools
Connecticut Association of Secondary Schools
Connecticut Association of the Deaf
Connecticut Association of United Church Educators
Connecticut Association of Zoning Enforcement Officials
Connecticut Bar Association
Connecticut Bluegrass Music Association
Connecticut Business & Industry Association
Connecticut Business Educators Association
Connecticut Chiropractic Association
Connecticut Community Providers Association
Connecticut Construction Industries Association
Connecticut Counseling Association
Connecticut Debate Association
Connecticut Debate Association
Connecticut Defense Lawyers Association
Connecticut Dental Hygienists’ Association
Connecticut Dressage Association
Connecticut Dressage Association
Connecticut Educators Computer Association
Connecticut Environmental Health Association
Connecticut Funeral Directors Association
Connecticut Holistic Health Association
Connecticut Intellectual Property Law Association
Connecticut International Cultural Carnival Association
Connecticut Manufactured Housing Association
Connecticut Marine Trades Association
Connecticut Maritime Association, Inc.
Connecticut Medical Directors Association
Connecticut Nurses’ Association
Connecticut Opticians Association
Connecticut Perinatal Association
Connecticut Pharmacists Association
Connecticut Primary Care Association
Connecticut Professional Disc Jockey Association
Connecticut Professional Photographers’ Association
Connecticut Property Owners Association
Connecticut Psychological Association
Connecticut Public Health Association
Connecticut Retail Merchants Association
Connecticut Roofing Contractors Association
Connecticut School Counselor Association
Connecticut Science Teachers Association
Connecticut Sheep Breeders Association
Connecticut State Chess Association
Connecticut State Dental Association
Connecticut State Police Academy Alumni Association, Inc.
Connecticut Tree Protective Association, Inc.
Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association
Connecticut Veterinary Medical Association
Connecticut Volkswagen Association
Connecticut Westchester Business Travel Association
Connecticut Working Dog Association
Connecticut-Westchester Mycological Association
Conodoguinet Creek Watershed Association
Consciousness-Based Education Association
Conseil Représentatif des Associations Noires
Conservancy Association
Conservation Business Managers Association
Conservative Students Association
Consolidated Association of Pride, Inc.
Consolidated Tape Association
Consolidated Tape Association
Constitution Restoration Cooperative Association
Constitutional Officers’ Association of Georgia, Inc
Construction Association of Rural Manitoba
Construction Association of South Florida
Construction Business Development Association
Construction Employers Association
Construction Equipment Association
Construction Financial Management Association
Construction Industries Wholesalers Association
Construction Industry Computing Association
Construction Industry Employers Association
Construction Industry Manufacturers Association
Construction Industry Research and Information Association
Construction Industry Training Association
Construction Management Association of America
Construction Material Processors Association
Construction Owners Association of Alberta
Construction Owners Association of America, Inc
Construction Owners Association of the Tri-State
Construction Plant-Hire Association
Construction Products Association
Construction Safety Association of Manitoba
Construction Writers Association
Consulting Engineers Association of California
Consumer Association of Ireland
Consumer Bankers Association
Consumer Credit Insurance Association
Consumer Data Industry Association
Consumer Electronics Association
Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Association
Consumer Healthcare and Products Association
Consumer Healthcare Products Association
Consumer Product Manufacturers Association
Consumer Protection Association
Consumer Protection Association of America
Consumer Specialty Products Association
Consumer’s Cooperative Association
Consumers Association
Consumers Association in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Consumers Association of Canada
Consumers Association of Singapore
Consumers Education and Protective Association International
Consumers’ Association
Consumers’ Association of Penang
Consumers’ Association of Penang
Contact Center Collections Benchmarking Association
Contact Lens Manufacturers Association
Contemporary Ceramic Studios Association
Contemporary Economics and Business Association
Contemporary QuiltArt Association
Content Delivery & Storage Association
Content Delivery and Storage Association
Continental Amateur Baseball Association
Continental Automated Buildings Association
Continental Basketball Association
Continental Hockey Association
Continental Wrestling Association
Continuing Care Association of Nova Scotia
Continuing Care Employers Bargaining Association
Continuing Professional Development Association
Contra Costa County Bar Association
Contract Bridge Association
Contract Bridge Association
Contract Bridge Association of Ireland
Contract Flooring Association
Contract Manufacturing & Packaging Association
Contract Services Association
Contract Services Association of America
Contracting Plasterers International Association
Contracting Plasterers’ and Lathers’ International Association
Contractor Business Development Association
Contractor Safety Awareness Association
Contractors Association of Truckee Tahoe
Contractors Plant Hire Association
Control Line Aerobatic Pilots Association
Controlled Word Association Test
Convenient Care Association
Conventions Industry Association
Convergence in Europe and the Process of Enlargement and Association
Convergence Transportation Electronics Association
Converging Technologies Bar Association
Conversion Van Marketing Association
Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association
Conway Community Arts Association
Conway County Genealogical Association
Coogee Beach Volleyball Association
Cook County Bar Association
Cook Islands Workers Association Incorporated
Cookware Manufacturers Association
Cooloola Dressage Association Inc.
Cooloola Dressage Association Inc.
Coon Lake Improvement Association
Coon Rapids Youth Hockey Association
Coonawarra Grape Growers Association
Cooperative Association of States for Scholarships
Cooperative Education & Internship Association
Co-operative Personal Management Association
Cooperative Research Centres Association
Cooper-Young Business Association
Coordinating Committee of Agricultural, Commercial, Industrial, and Financial Associations
Coosa Valley Cycling Association
Copenhagen Blood Bowl Association
Copiah-Lincoln Educators Association
Coppell Girls Softball Association
Copper & Brass Servicenter Association, Inc.
Copper Development Association Inc.
Copper Development Association Inc.
Copperopolis Area Business Association
Coppice Association North West
Coptic Orphans Support Association
Coptic Orthodox Youth Association
Copy Control Association
Copyright Licensing Association
Coquitlam Teachers’ Association
Coquitlam Teachers’ Association
Cordillera Property Owners Association
Corduroy Brook Enhancement Association
Core Sound Bowfishing Association
Corinthian Sailing Association
Cork Electronics Industry Association
Corn Growers Association
Corn Hill Neighborhood Association
Corn Refiners Association
Cornell Alumni Association of Greater Rochester
Cornell Asian Alumni Association
Cornell Association of Class Officers
Cornell Black Alumni Association
Cornell Branch of Telluride Association
Cornell Engineering Alumni Association
Cornell Law Student Association
Cornell Taiwanese Student Association
Cornhole Game Association
Corning Fire Fighters Association
Cornish Association of Queensland
Cornish Pasty Association
Cornwall Contract Bridge Association
Cornwall County Badminton Association
Cornwall Residential Landlords’ Association
Cornwallis Park Development Association
Corona Girls Softball Association
Coronado Association of Realtors
Coronado Police Officers Association
Corporate and Securities Law Association
Corporate Association for Professional Development
Corporate Association of Microcomputer Professionals
Corporate Hospitality Association
Corporate Housing Providers Association
Corporate Law Teachers Association
Corporate Lawyers Association of New Zealand
Corpus Christi Apartment Association
Corpus Christi Windsurfing Association
Correctional Accreditation Managers’ Association
Correctional Industries Association
Correctional Peace Officers’ Association
Corrections Education Association
Corrections Officers Benevolent Association
Corrections Technology Association
Corrections Technology Association
Corridor Area Promotional Products Association
Corrosion Prevention Association
Corrugated Packaging Association
Corrugated Polyethylene Pipe Association
Corsicana Apartment Association
Corsican-American Association
Corvallis Sister Cities Association
Cosmetic Toiletry Perfumery Association
Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association
Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association of Singapore
Cosmetic, Toiletry, and Fragrance Association
Cotati Police Officers Association
Coton Park Residents Association
Cotswolds Antique Dealers Association
Cottage Grove Athletic Association
Cotton Insurance Association
Cotuit Skiff Class Association
Council Bluffs Education Association
Council for Periodical Distributors Associations
Council of Alumni Association Executives
Council of Canadian Child and Youth Care Associations
Council Of Defense & Space Industries Association
Council of Media Industry Associations
Council of Neighborhood Associations
Council of Professional Associations on Federal Statistics
Council of Regional Information Technology Associations
Council of Sailing Associations
Council of State Association Presidents
Council of State Bioscience Associations
Council of Subject Teaching Associations
Country Dance Association
Country Dance Association
Country Gospel Music Association
Country Grove Neighborhood Association
Country Land and Business Association
Country Landowners Association
Country Music Association
Country Music Association of Australia
Country Music Association of Ontario
Country Shire Councils Association of Western Australia
Country Urban Councils’ Association
Country Urban Councils’ Association
Country Women’s Association
Countryside Community Club Association
Countryside Management Association
County Archives and Records Management Association
County Auditors’ Association of Ohio
County Dublin Beekeepers’ Association
County Engineers Association of California
County Engineers Association of Ohio
County Indoor Bowling Association
County of Los Angeles Fire Museum Association
County Officials Association of Tennessee
County Playing Field Association
County Road Association of Michigan
County Supervisors Association of Arizona
County Welfare Directors Association
Couples Association of Sports Tournaments
Coupon Industry Association of Canada
Courier Debt Reporting Association
Covenant Classical School Association
Covent Garden Community Association
Coves Property Owners Association
Covina-Valley Administrators Association
Cowboy Calf Roping Association
Cowboy Fast Draw Association
Cowboy Heritage Association
Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association
Coweta County Soccer Association
Cowichan Valley Minor Hockey Association
Cowichan Valley Soccer Association
Cowlitz County Veterans Association
CPA Auto Dealer Consultants Association (Nashville, TN)
Cradle of Forestry in America Interpretive Association
Craft and Hobby Association
Craft Organization Directors Association
Cranbrook District Teachers Association
Crane Manufacturers Association of America
Cranfield Management Association
Cranfield Students’ Association
CranioSacral Therapy Association
Cream City Business Association
Creation Association of Puget Sound
Creation Science Association
Creation Science Association of Alberta
Creative Association Management
Creative Investors Association
Creative Real Estate Investors Association
Credit Association of Canada
Credit Bureau Services Association
Credit First National Association
Credit Humber Association for Mathematics Promotion
Credit Managers Association
Credit Protection Association
Credit Services Association
Credit Union Association of Oregon
Credit Union Managers Association
Credit Union National Association
Creedmoor Civic Association
Cremation Association of North America
Cremation Association of North Carolina
Cremello Perlino Educational Association
Crescenta Sports Association
Crested Fowl Fanciers Association
Crestone Moffat Business Association
Crete Girls Softball Association
Crewe Burkeville Youth Recreation Association
Cricket Association of Nepal
Crieve Hall Neighborhood Association
Crime Prevention Association of Michigan
Crime Victims Support Association
Criminal Courts Bar Association
Criminal Defence Lawyers’ Association
Criminal Justice Association
Criminology Graduate Students Association
Crisis Intervention Teams Association of Colorado
Croatian Literary Translators Association
Croatian Trade Union Association
Crohn’s in Childhood Research Association
Crop Protection Association
Croquet Association
Cross Examination Debate Association
Cross Vermont Trail Association
Cross-Border Research Association
Cross-Border Traders Association
Crow River Youth Hockey Association
Crown Green Players Association
Cruise Lines International Association
Cruising Association
Cruising Association of South Africa
Crusher and Portable Plant Association
Crystal Cove Interpretive Association
Cuban American Bar Association
Cuban-American Student Association
Cultural and Regional Musicians Association
Cultural Studies Association of Australasia
Culture and Free Thought Association
Cultured Pearl Association of America
Cumberland County Bar Association
Cumberland Perry Association for Retarded Citizens
Cumberland Valley Alumni Association
Cumming Antique Power Association
Cumulative Environmental Management Association
Cunningham District Lawn Bowls Association Inc
Cuong Nhu Oriental Martial Arts Association
Curacao Dive Operators Association
Curacao Information & Communication Association
Curtin Students’ Catholic Association
Custodial Management Association of Texas
Custom Low Rider Association
Customer Association, Validation, Editing and Estimation
Customer Contact Management Association
Customer Database Management Benchmarking Association
Customer Relationship Management Association
Customer Relationship Management Benchmarking Association
Customer Service Benchmarking Association
Customs Broker and Foreign Freight Forwarders Association of Chicago
Cuyahoga County Bar Association
Cuyahoga Valley Baseball Association
Cuyuna Lakes Trails Association
Cyber Association for the Presa Canario
Cyber Baseball Association
Cyber Senior Network Development Association
Cyber Skills Association
Cyberspace Association of US Submariners
Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome Association
Cy-Fair Sports Association
Cymdeithas Draughts Association
Cymdeithas Draughts Association
Cypress Creek Music Teachers Association
Cypress Village Homeowners Association
Cypress Working Dog Association
Cyprus Association for the Protection and Care of Animals
Cyprus Association of Pharmaceutical Companies
Cyprus Association of Translators and Interpreters
Cyprus Automobile Association
Cyprus Bankers Employers Association
Cyprus Commercial Representatives Association
Cyprus Parkinson Disease Association
Cyprus Pharmaceutical Association
Cyprus Real Estate Agents’ Association
Cyprus Shipping Association
Czech and Slovak Association for American Studies
Czech and Slovak Crystallographic Association
Czech Association for Energy Economics
Czech Association of Scientific and Technical Societies
Czech Athletic Association
Czech Gas Association
Czech Ice Hockey Association
Czech Ladies Golf Association
Czech Nature Protection Association
Czech Venture Capital Association
Czech Wrestling Association
Czechoslovak Callers and Teachers Association
Czechoslovak Scientific and Technical Association
Daawah Association of Western Australia
Dade Amateur Golf Association
Dade Association of Legal Assistants
Dade County Bar Association
Dade County Medical Association
Dade County Pharmacists Association
Dade County Pharmacists Association
Daegu Gyeongbuk Textile Industries Association
Daily Cardinal Alumni Association, Inc.
Dairy Calf & Heifer Association
Dairy Industry Association Limited
Dairy Industry Association of Australia
Dakahlya Businessmen Association for Community Development
Dakota Association of South Africa
Dalhousie Faculty Association
Dallas Amateur Baseball Association
Dallas Area Pharmacy Association
Dallas Church Softball Association
Dallas City Retired Employees Association
Dallas County Veterinary Medical Association
Dallas Fire Fighters Association
Dallas Football Officials Association
Dallas Fort Worth English Springer Spaniel Association
Dallas Fort Worth Limousine Association
Dallas Gay and Lesbian Bar Association
Dallas Junior Hockey Association
Dallas Mortgage Bankers Association
Dallas Police Association
Dallas Softball Managers Association
Dance-Movement Therapy Association of Australia
Dandenong Umpires Association
Daniel Boone Taxpayers Association
Danish Beekeepers’ Association
Danish Brain Injury Association
Danish Business Travel Association
Danish Counter Strike Association
Danish Crop Protection Association
Danish Crop Protection Association
Danish Medical Association
Danish Pedophile Association
Danish Street Rod Association
Danish Venture Capital Association
Danny Forshee Evangelistic Association
Darby Creek Valley Association
Darien Youth Hockey Association
Dartmoor Tourist Association
Dartmouth Alumni Association of Silicon Valley
Dartmouth School Music Association
Darvel Down Area Residents Association
Darwaz Rehabilitation and Services Association
Darwin College Students’ Association
Darwin Regional Tourist Association
Data Administration Management Association
Data Association Method
Data Association Methods with Applications to Law Enforcement
Data Conversion Services Association
Data Entry Management Association
Data Interchange Standards Association
Data Management Association
Data Warehouse Association of India
Daviess-McLean Baptist Association
Davis Collegiate Panhellenic Association
Davis Collegiate Panhellenic Association
Davis Downtown Business Association
Davis Education Association
Davis Lake Community Association
Dawson Valley Development Association
Dawson-Boyd Arts Association
Day Care Services Association
Day Spa Association
Daytime Broadcasters Association
Dayton Amateur Radio Association
Dayton Industrial Athletic Association
Dayton Microcomputer Association
Dayton Tooling & Manufacturing Association
Daytona Beach Amateur Radio Association
Deaf Association Northern Ireland
Deaf Basketball Association
Deaf Service Center Association, Inc.
Deakin University Student Association
Dean Forest Diesel Association
Death Racing Association of Washington
Debt Education and Counseling Association
Deep Draft Lubricant Association
Deepwater Girls Softball Association
Deer Industry Association of Australia
Deerfield Youth Baseball Association
Defence Association
Defence Dental Association
Defence Manufacturers Association
Defense Association of New York
Defense Contract Management Association
Defense Intel Alumni Association
Defense Investigators Association
Defense Investigators Association
Defense Orientation Conference Association
DeKalb County Building and Development Association
Del Mar Village Association
Delaware African Students Association
Delaware Amateur Racquetball Association
Delaware Animal Rights Association
Delaware Apartment Association
Delaware Association of Nonprofit Agencies
Delaware Association of School Psychologists
Delaware Association of the Deaf
Delaware Healthcare Association
Delaware Herb Growers & Marketers Association
Delaware Home Education Association
Delaware Hotel and Lodging Association
Delaware Interscholastic Athletic Association
Delaware Music Educators Association
Delaware Nurses Association
Delaware Nurses Association
Delaware Occupational Therapy Association
Delaware School Nurse Association
Delaware State Bar Association
Delaware State Sportsmen’s Association
Delaware Valley Association of Rail Passengers
Delaware Valley Chefs Association
Delaware Valley Orienteering Association
Delaware Valley Sprint Association
Delaware Valley Translators Association
Delaware Veterinary Medical Association
Delaware Volleyball Coaches Association
Delhi Association of Manipur Muslim Students
Delhi Table Tennis Association
Delhi Tamil Education Association
Delhi University Teachers Association
Delivery Drivers’ Association of Manitoba
Dell Rapids Jam Ball Association
Delmarva Peninsula Golf Association
Delmarva Safety Association
DeLorean Owners Association
Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association
Delta Association for Child Development
Delta Minor Ball Hockey Association
Delta-Montrose Electric Association
Deltona Street Association
Demarest Nature Center Association
Demarest Public Library Association
Democratic Attorneys General Association
Democratic Governors’ Association
Democratic Kayin Buddhist Association
Democratic Law Student Association
Demolition Derby Drivers Association
Denison Campus Governance Association
Denison Community Association
Dental Anthropology Association
Dental Assistants’ Association of Australia Inc.
Dental Assistants’ Association of Australia, Inc.
Dental Association of South Africa
Dental Dealers Association
Dental Group Management Association
Dental Hygienists’ Association of the State of New York
Dental Laboratories Association
Dental Laboratory Association of Texas
Dental Technologists Association
Denton County Amateur Radio Association
Denton County Bar Association
Denton County Sports Association, Inc.
Denturist Association of British Columbia
Denver Area Business Association
Denver Association of Business Economists
Departamento del Pequeño Derecho de Autor (Copyright Association; Chile
Departamento del Pequeño Derecho de Autor (Copyright Association; Chile
DePaul Community Service Association
Depression and Related Affective Disorders Association
Deputy Sheriff’s Association of Michigan
Deputy Sheriffs Association
Derby City Agility Association
Derbyshire Association for the Blind
Derbyshire Association of Residential Education
Derbyshire Caving Association
Derbyshire County Athletic Association
Dermatology Nurses’ Association
Dermatology Nurses’ Association
Des Moines Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors
Des Moines Education Association
Desert Home Educators Association
Desert Shores Homeowners Association
Desert Youth Hockey Association
Desert Z Association
Design and Technology Association
Design Business Association
Design Trade Resource Association
Designers’ & Art Directors’ Association
Desoto County Soccer Association
Destination Marketing Association International
Destroyer Escort Sailors Association
Destroyer Leader Association
Detective’s Endowment Association
Detroit Association of Black Organizations
Detroit Auto Dealers Association
Detroit Chinese Business Association
Detroit Finnish Summer Camp Association
Detroit Fire Fighters Association
Detroit Hockey Association
Detroit Metropolitan Bar Association
Detroit Police Officers Association
Detroit River Regatta Association
Detroit Sports Broadcasters Association
Detroit Telugu Association
Development and Environment Association
Development Association of Rock Island, Inc.
Development Education Association
Development Studies Association
Development Trusts Association
Devon and Cornwall Housing Association
Devon Association of Governors
Devon County Association for the Blind
Dhaka University Alumni Association
Diabetes Association of Jamaica
Diabetes Exercise & Sports Association
Diablo Regional Arts Association
Diablo Valley Industrial Claims Association
Diaconal Association of the Church of England
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders-Fourth Edition (American Psychiatric Association)
Dialectical Behavior Therapy Association
Diamond Manufacturers and Importers Association of America
Diamond State Locksmith Association
Diamond State Rodeo Association
Diamond Valley Cricket Association
Diamondhead Business and Professional Association
Dickinson Narrows Civic Association
Diesel Electric Manufacturer’s Association
Diesel Engine Manufacturer’s Association
Dietary Managers Association
Dieticians Association of Australia
Differently-Abled Business Association
Digby Area Learning Association
Digital Computer Association
Digital Computing Association
Digital Imaging Marketing Association
Digital Manga Association Japan
Digital Media and Marketing Association
Digital Media Association
Digital Media Association
Digital Media Professionals Association
Digital Place-Based Advertising Association
Digital Printing and Imaging Association
Digitronics Equipment Users Association
Diplomate of the American Psychotherapy Association
Diplomatic and International Golf Association
Diplomatic Correspondents Association, Bangladesh
Diplomatic Service Families Association
Direct Broadcast Satellite Association
Direct Care Workers Association
Direct Mail Advertising Association
Direct Mail Marketing Association
Direct Marketing Association
Direct Marketing Association of Detroit
Direct Marketing Association of Washington
Direct Selling Association
Direct Selling Association of Malaysia
Directed Training Association
Directional Crossing Contractors Association
Directory of British Associations
Directory Publishers Association
Dirt Drag Racing Association
Dirt Track Racing Association
Dirty Old Men’s Association International
Disabilities Advocacy Association and Network
Disability Education Association of NSW
Disability Resource Association
Disability Rights Association of Goa
Disabled Drummers Association
Disabled Independent Gardeners Association
Disabled Persons Association
Disabled Police Officer Association
Disabled Rehabilitation and Research Association
Disabled Sailing Association
Disablement Association of Barking and Dagenham
Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Response Association, International
Disc Golf Association
Disciplinary Associations Network for Sustainability
Discount Buyers Association of America
Discovery Trail Tourism Association
Disease Management Association of America
Disilgold Literary Network Association
Distance Riding Association of Wisconsin
Distributed Computing Industry Association
Distribution Contractors Association
District of Columbia Amateur Softball Association
District of Columbia Association of the Deaf
District of Columbia Bar Association
District of Columbia Bicycle Courier Association
District of Columbia Psychological Association
District of Columbia Psychological Association
District of Columbia Trial Lawyers Association
District of Columbia Veterinary Medical Association
District Officers Association
District Roller Skating Association
Dive Equipment & Marketing Association
Diversional Therapy Association of Australia
Divine Science Ministers Association
Dixie County Education Association
Dobson Ranch Golf Association
Doctoral Student Management Association
Doctors’ Association for Social Equality
Document Management Industries Association
Documentary and Independent Film Association
Dodecanese Radio Amateurs Association
Dog Writers Association of America
Doheny Longboard Surfing Association
Dollhouse Miniatures Merchants Association
Domestic Building and Loan Association
Domestic Estate Managers Association
Dominica Football Association
Dominican Conservation Association
Dominican Republic Settlement Association, Inc.
Dominion Automobile Association
Dominion of Canada Rifle Association
Don Bosco Lay Association
Donaldson Run Recreation Association
Doncaster and District Bowling Association
Door and Shutter Manufacturers’ Association
Door County Soccer Association
Dorchester Neighborhood Association
Dorchester Neighborhood Association
Dorothy Dunnett Readers’ Association
Dorridge and District Residents Association
Dot Richardson Softball Association
Double O Gauge Association
Double-D Bike Association
Douglas County Soccer Association
Douglass College Government Association
Doula Association of Central Oklahoma
Doulas Association of Southern California
Down Syndrome Association
Down Syndrome Association of Charlotte
Down Syndrome Association of Delaware
Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati
Down Syndrome Association of Minnesota
Down Syndrome Association of Nigeria
Down Syndrome Association of Toronto
Downey Savings and Loan Association
Downriver Numismatic Association
Downriver Numismatic Association
Downtown Artists Development Association
Downtown Berkeley Association
Downtown Boone Development Association
Downtown Business Association
Downtown Chico Business Association
Downtown Everett Association
Downtown Kingsport Association
Downtown Lakeville Business Association
Downtown Merchants Association
Downtown Minneapolis Neighborhood Association
Downtown Newton Development Association
Downtown Owners and Merchants Association
Downtown San Mateo Association
Downtown Seneca Merchant’s Association
Doylestown Athletic Association
Drag Racing in Victoria Association
Dragon Martial Arts Association
DragonAir Pilots Association
Draught Proofing Advisory Association
Draughtsmens’ and Allied Technicians Association
Drawing Office Material Manufacturers and Dealers Association
Dream League Football Association
Dressage Association of Southern California
Dried Fruit Association
Driffield Navigation Amenities Association
Drilling Contractors Association
Drilling Engineering Association
Driving Instructors Association
Driving Instructors Association
Drug and Alcohol Nursing Association
Drug Information Association
Drug Information Association
Drug, Chemical & Associated Technologies Association, Inc.
Druid Hills Civic Association
Drunken Golf Association
Dry Color Manufacturers Association
Dry Creek Valley Association
Dubai National Air Transport Association
Dublin City Business Association
Dublin Historic Neighborhood Association
Dublin Solicitors Bar Association
Duck Callers Association of Nebraska
Duck Creek Softball Association
Duct Tape Association
Dude Ranchers’ Association
Dudgeon-Monroe Neighborhood Association
Dudley Pond Association
Duke Alumni Association
Duke University Athletic Association
Duke University Postdoctoral Association
Duluth Amateur Hockey Association
Duluth Scottish Heritage Association Inc.
Duluth Youth Baseball and Softball Association
Dumbreck Tenants and Residents Association
Dumfries and Galloway Angling Association
Dumfries and Galloway Arts Association
Dunboyne Combined Residents Association
Dundee University Students’ Association
Dunedin Kindergarten Association
Dungeon Masters Association
Dunn County Snowmobile Association
Dunwoody North Civic Association
Dupage County Bar Association
Duplicate Bridge Association of Atlanta
Dupont Circle Citizens Association
Durango Adaptive Sports Association
Durban Long Distance Taxi Association
Durban’s Bluff Accommodation Association
Durham and Northumberland Archery Association
Durham College Student Association
Durham County Chess Association
Durham Elementary Athletic Association
Durham Miners’ Association
Durham Mountain Bicycling Association
Durham Region Astronomical Association
Durham Region Home Builders’ Association
Durham Region Soccer Association, Inc.
Durham Tamil Association
Durham University Speleological Association
Dutch Association of Barbershop Singers
Dutch Association of Brulling Bikes
Dutch Association of Corporate Treasurers
Dutch Australian Football Association
Dutch Canadian Association
Dutch Dialogue Marketing Association
Dutch Fast Draw Association
Dutch Field Marketing Association
Dutch Mariah Carey Association
Dutch Occultation Association
Dutch Real Tennis Association
Dutch Swedish Business Association
Dutch Warmblood Association
Dutchess County Association of Realtors
Dutchess County Pistol Association
Dutchess County Pistol Association
DVD Association
Dvorak American Heritage Association
Dwarf Athletic Association of America
Dyestuffs Manufacturers Association of India
Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa Research Association of America
Eagan Athletic Association
Eagle Mountain Soccer Association
Ealing and District Beekeepers Association
Early Childhood Association of Oklahoma
Early College at Guilford Association
Early Development Association
Early Intervention Providers Association
Earth Riders Trail Association
Earth Riders Trails Association
Earth Science Teachers’ Association
East African Book Development Association
East African Library Association
East Anglia Orienteering Association
East Arnhem Business Development Association
East Asian Association of Bioethics
East Asian Tourism Association
East Bay Adjusters Association
East Bay Football Officials Association
East Campus Research Association
East Caribbean Golf Association
East Carolina University Retired Faculty Association
East Central Alberta Forage Association
East Central Intergovernmental Association
East Coast Association of Litigation Support Managers
East Coast Breweriana Association
East Coast Gasser Association
East Coast Long Wire Association
East Coast Music Association
East Coast Outrigger Racing Association
East Coast Racing Association
East Coast Timing Association
East Coast Trail Association
East County Art Association
East County Repeater Association
East Dorset Cycling Association
East Dorset Housing Association
East Downtown Business Association
East Harris County Manufacturers Association
East Lake Youth Sports Association
East Lancaster Neighborhood Association
East Lawrence Neighborhood Association
East Lincoln Betterment Association
East Malling Research Association
East Meadow Teachers Association
East Metro Association of Realtors
East Midlands Buddhist Association
East Midlands Local Government Association
East Mountain Interagency Fire Protection Association
East Norwich Civic Association
East of Scotland Squash Association
East Providence Education Association
East Ramapo Teachers Association
East Riding Sports Coaches Association
East Suffolk Association for the Blind
East Sussex Association for the Blind
East Tawas Business Association
East Tennessee Biomedical Association
East Tennessee Combined Training & Dressage Association
East Tennessee Education Association
East Tennessee Library Association
East Tennessee Racing Association
East Tennessee Regional Leadership Association
East Tennessee Vocal Association
East Texas Area Claims Association
East Texas Beekeepers Association
East Timor Relief Association
East Timor Students Association
East Valley Arabian Horse Association
East Valley Human Resources Association
East Ward Allotment Association
East Windsor Ambulance Association
East Yorkshire Long Distance Walkers Association
Eastbay Badminton Association
Eastbourne Association of Voluntary Services
Eastbourne Hospitality Association
Eastern Africa Journalists Association
Eastern Amputee Golf Association
Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma
Eastern Association of Colleges and Employers
Eastern Association of Deaf Bowlers
Eastern Association of Rowing Colleges
Eastern Athletic Association of the Deaf, Inc.
Eastern Business Education Association
Eastern Canadian News Photographers Association
Eastern Carolina Soccer Association
Eastern Cashmere Association
Eastern Cheer and Dance Association
Eastern Coast Breweriana Association
Eastern Collegiate Boxing Association
Eastern Collegiate Roller Hockey Association
Eastern Community College Social Science Association
Eastern Contractors Association
Eastern Dive Boat Association
Eastern Educational Research Association
Eastern Eyre Cricket Association
Eastern Farm Workers Association
Eastern Fat Tire Association
Eastern Hunter Association
Eastern Intercollegiate Ski Association
Eastern Iowa Flute Association
Eastern Irish Dancing Association
Eastern Junior Golf Association
Eastern Long Island Sailing Association
Eastern Maine Dressage Association
Eastern Marching Band Association
Eastern Massachusetts Bridge Association
Eastern Metropolitan Community Housing Association
Eastern Michigan Tractor Pulling Association
Eastern Middlesex Association of Realtors
Eastern Motor Racing Association
Eastern Nebraska Soccer Association
Eastern New York State Amateur Soccer Association
Eastern Norwalk Neighborhood Association
Eastern Ontario District Soccer Association
Eastern Ontario Quarter Horse Association
Eastern Ontario Square and Round Dance Association
Eastern Oregon Library Association
Eastern Oregon Visitors Association
Eastern Orthopaedic Association
Eastern Pennsylvania Water Pollution Control Operators’ Association
Eastern Perishable Products Association
Eastern Psychological Association
Eastern Region Dragon Boat Association
Eastern Regional Interstate Child Support Association
Eastern Rural Telephone Association
Eastern Shore Band Director’s Association
Eastern Ski Writers Association
Eastern Softball Association of the Deaf
Eastern Sunbathing Association
Eastern SuperMoto Racing Association
Eastern Surfing Association
Eastern Thumb Association of Realtors
Eastern Virginia Association of Diabetes Educators
Eastern Visayas Regional Athletic Association
East-European Acoustical Association
Eastside Association of Fine Arts
Eastview-Nittany Residence Association
East-West Center Association
Eastwood Ryde Netball Association
Easy Internet Association
Easy Meal Prep Association
Eating Disorders Association
Eau Claire Association of Educators
Ecofibre Industries Association
Ecological and Toxicological Association of Dyes and Organic Pigments Manufacturers
Ecological Farming Association
Ecological Landscaping Association
eCommerce Benchmarking Association
Econo Lodge Franchisee Association
Economic Developers Association of Alberta
Economic Developers Association of Canada
Economic Development Association of Alabama
Economic Development Association of Minnesota
Economic Development Association of New Zealand
Economic History Association
Economics & Business Education Association
Economics Graduate Student Association
Economics Student Association
Economics, Business and Enterpise Association
Ecotourism Association of Australia
Ecumenical Association of Academics and Laity Centres in Europe
E-Currency Merchants Association
Edgewater Clergy Rabbi Association
Edgewater Community Religious Association
Edina Girls Basketball Association
Edinburgh & Midlothian Beekeepers Association
Edinburgh University Students’ Association
Editorial Freelancers Association
Editors’ Association of Canada
Edmonds Music Teachers Association
Edmonton Construction Association
Edmonton Dental Assistants Association
Edmonton Disc Golf Association
Edmonton District Badminton Association
Edmonton Flag Football Association
Edmonton Immigrant Services Association
Edmonton Junior Golf Association
Edmonton Law Libraries Association
Edmonton Model Railroad Association
Edmonton Motor Dealers Association
Edmonton Motorcycle Roadracing Association
Edmonton Musicians Association
Edmonton Region Home Builders Association
Edmonton Retired Teachers Association
Edmonton Touch Football Association
Edo State Women Association
Education Association of Charles County
Education Law Association
Education Safety Association
Education Students’ Association
Education Support Employees Association
Educational Audiology Association
Educational Development Association
Educational Paperback Association
Educational Research Association
Educational Theatre Association
Educators Mutual Insurance Association
Eelam Tamil Association
Egyptian Agribusiness Association
Egyptian Businessmen’s Association
Egyptian Capital Market Association
Egyptian Dental Association
Egyptian Football Association
Egyptian Franchise Development Association
Egyptian Medical Students Association
Egyptian National Council of Young Women’s Christian Association
Egyptian Orthopedic Association
Egyptian Urological Association
Egyptian-English Football Association
Egyptians Relief Association
Egypt-India Friendship Association
Elberton Granite Association, Inc.
Elder Rights Association
Eldorado National Forest Interpretive Association
Electric Boat Association of the Americas
Electric Car Association
Electric Car Racing Association
Electric Cooperative Bar Association
Electric Drive Transportation Association
Electric Power Supply Association
Electric Railroaders’ Association, Inc
Electric Utility Distributors Association
Electric Vehicle Association
Electric Vehicle Association of Canada
Electrical & Utilities Safety Association
Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers Association of Canada
Electrical and Engineering Staff Association
Electrical Apparatus Service Association, Inc.
Electrical Contractor’s Association
Electrical Contractors Association
Electrical Contractors Association of Ontario
Electrical Contractors Association of South Africa
Electrical Contractors Association of Toronto
Electrical Contractors Business Association
Electrical Engineering Graduate Student Association
Electrical Equipment Manufacturers Association of Canada
Electrical Generating Systems Association
Electrical Industries Association
Electrical Inspectors Association of British Columbia
Electrical Manufacturers & Distributors Association
Electrical Manufacturers Association
Electrical Power Systems Construction Association
Electrical Research Association
Electrical, Electronics and Communications Trade Association
Electricity Association
Electricity Distributors Association
Electricity Storage Association, Inc.
Electrolysis Association of Florida
Electromagnetic Energy Association
Electronic Bike Racing Association
Electronic Cigarette Consumer Association
Electronic Commerce Association
Electronic Commerce Association of South Africa
Electronic Components, Assemblies, Equipment and Supplies Association
Electronic Data Processing Auditors Association
Electronic Engineering Association
Electronic Funds Transfer Association
Electronic Health Record Vendors Association
Electronic Industries Alliance/Telecommunication Industries Association
Electronic Industries Association
Electronic Industries Association Interim Standard
Electronic Industries Association of Japan
Electronic Mail Association
Electronic Messaging Association
Electronic Networking Association
Electronic Parts Manufacturers Association
Electronic Retailing Association
Electronic Sales & Marketing Association
Electronic Security Association
Electronic Transactions Association
Electronics Industry Association
Electronics Recycling Association
Electronics Representatives Association
Electronics Technicians Association
Elephant Manager’s Association
Elgin Teachers Association
Elk River Youth Hockey Association
Elkridge Adult Athletic Association
Elks Mutual Benefit Association
Ellenville Teachers Association
Ellicott City Residence Association
Ellis County Bar Association
Elliston Tourism and Progress Association
Eltham Touch Football Association
Embroidery Trade Association
Emerald Coast Reef Association, Inc.
Emerald Trail Riders Association, Inc.
Emergency Family Assistance Association
Emergency Management Association of Ohio
Emergency Management Association of Tennessee
Emergency Medical Services Association of Colorado
Emergency Medicine Residents’ Association
Emergency Medicine Student Association
Emergency Nurses Association
Emergency Physicians Professional Association
Emergency Planners and Managers Association
Emergency Response Training Association
Emergency Social Services Association
Emerging Markets Traders Association
Emersons Green Community Association
Emirates Project Management Association
Emirates Quality Association
Emission Trading Association of Australia Ldp
Emissions Control Technology Association
Emmanuel Hospital Association
Empire State Association of the Deaf
Empire State Consumer Association
Empire State Honey Producers Association
Empire State Passengers Association
Empire State Petroleum Association
Empire State Quarter Horse Association
Employee Activity Association, Inc.
Employee Assistance Professionals Association
Employee Riders Association
Employee Services Management Association
Employees Welfare and Recreation Association
Employer Services Association of Ohio
Employers and Manufacturers Association
Employers Association of Florida
Employers Association of the Northeast
Employment Law Bar Association
Employment Management Association Foundation
Emporia-Greensville Recreation Association
Endangered Breeds Association
Endangered Dog Breeds Association
Endometriosis Association
End-Users of Derivatives Association
Energy and Environmental Building Association
Energy Association of Pennsylvania
Energy Bar Association
Energy Efficient Building Association
Energy from Waste Association
Energy Networks Association
Energy Services and Technology Association
Energy Systems Trade Association
Engine Manufacturers Association
Engineered Wood Association
Engineering & General Contractors Association
Engineering & Utility Contractors Association
Engineering Association Commission
Engineering Construction Industry Association
Engineering Consulting Firms Association, Japan
Engineering Equipment and Materials Users Association
Engineering Graduate Student Association
Engineering Industry Association
Engineering Radio Guild Alumni Association
Engineers & Managers Association
Engineers and Architects Association
English Amateur Dancesport Association
English Association for Snooker and Billiards
English Association of Pennsylvania State Universities
English Basketball Association
English Blind Golf Association
English Bowling Association
English Community Association
English Deaf Golf Association
English Draughts Association
English Field Target Association
English Football Association
English Furniture Making Associations
English Hockey Association
English Indoor Bowling Association
English Korean Karate Association
English Lacrosse Association
English Ladies’ Golf Association
English Language and Travel Association of South Africa
English Language Communicational Association
English Language Teachers’ Association
English Language Teachers’ Association Berlin-Brandenburg
English Literary Association
English Pool Association
English Primary Schools Chess Association
English Regional Associations
English Schools Swimming Association
English Setter Association
English Speaking Cancer Association
English Student Association
English Teachers Association
English Teachers Association of Switzerland
English Teachers’ Association of Georgia
English Volleyball Association
English Women’s Golf Association
English Women’s Indoor Bowling Association
English-Speaking Residents’ Association
Enhanced Services Provider Association
Enid Education Association
Enlisted Association National Guard
Enterprise Management Association
Enterprise Networking Association
Enterprising Travel Agents Association
Entertainment Consumers Association
Entertainment Industry Employers Association
Entertainment Management Association
Entertainment Resources & Marketing Association
Entertainment Services and Technology Association
Entertainment Software Association
Entertainments National Service Association
Entrepreneur Association
Entrepreneurship Student Association
Envelope Manufacturers and Suppliers Association
Envelope Manufacturers Association Foundation
Environment and Planning Law Association
Environment Behavior Research Association
Environment Development Association – Rashaya
Environment Development Association of Mukattam
Environment in Focus Association
Environmental Assessment Association
Environmental Association for Latin America
Environmental Auditors Registration Association
Environmental Conservation Association of Zambia
Environmental Design Research Association
Environmental Education Association of Alabama
Environmental Education Association of Oregon
Environmental Education Association of the Yukon
Environmental Grantmakers Association
Environmental Industry Associations
Environmental Information Association
Environmental Management and Law Association
Environmental Media Association
Environmental Safety & Hygiene Association, Inc.
Environmental Science Students Association
Environmental Services Association
Environmental Transport Association
Epilepsy Association of Scotland
Epilepsy Support Association Uganda
Equine Dental Association of Australia
Equine Sports Massage Association
Equipment Appraisers Association of North America
Equipment Leasing and Finance Association
Equipment Leasing Association of America
Erasmus Phd Association Rotterdam
E-Rate Management Professionals Association, Inc.
Erie Civic Music Association
Erie County Music Educators Association
Erie District Golf Association
Erie Pennsylvania Ultimate Frisbee Association
Erin Mills Baseball Association
Eritrean Canadian Association of Ontario
Eritrean Community Refugee Association
Eritrean War Disabled Fighters Association
Erne Charter Boat Association
Errington Therapeutic Riding Association
Esalen Massage and Bodywork Association
Esophageal Cancer Awareness Association
Esperanto Association of Britain
Esperanto Association of North America
E-Sports Entertainment Association
Essential Oil Association
Essex Contract Bridge Association
Essex County Bar Association
Essex County Beekeepers’ Association
Essex County Bowling Association
Essex County Greenbelt Association
Essex Planning Officers Association
Estes Area Lodging Association
Estes Land Stewardship Association
Estes Park Chamber Resort Association
Estonian Association of Muscular Disorders
Estonian Association of Teachers of English
Estonian Association of Travel Agents
Estonian Freight Forwarders Association
Estonian Medical Association
Estonian Seminatural Community Conservation Association
Estonian Youth Hostel Association
Estrela Mountain Dog Association
Estuarine & Coastal Sciences Association
Ethical and Accountable Public Servants Association
Ethical Consumer Research Association
Ethical Online Gaming Association
Ethics & Compliance Officer Association
Ethics Officer Association
Ethiopian Accountancy and Finance Association
Ethiopian Bar Association
Ethiopian Community Mutual Association
Ethiopian Distance Learning Association
Ethiopian Economic Association
Ethiopian Media Women’s Association
Ethiopian Muslims Relief and Development Association
Ethiopian Professionals Association Network
Ethiopian Students Association of Texas
Ethiopian Teachers’ Association
Etwall Well Dressing Association
Euclid Youth Hockey Association
Eugene Association of Substitute Teachers
Eugene-Springfield Homeschool Association
Eurasia International Development Association
Eureka Police Officers Association
Euro Banking Association
Euro-Asian Accrediting Association
Euro-Asian Marketing Research Association
Euro-China Business Association
Europe Chimaera Roleplayers Association
European Acoustics Association
European Advertising Agencies Association
European Advertising Lawyers Association
European Air Law Association
European Aluminium Association
European Aluminium Foil Association
European Article Numbering Association
European Asbestos Removal Association
European Asphalt Pavement Association
European Association for American Studies
European Association for Astronomy Education
European Association for Banking History e.V.
European Association for Bioindustries
European Association for Bioindustries
European Association for Body-Psychotherapy
European Association for Cancer Education
European Association for Cancer Research
European Association for Children in Hospital
European Association for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics
European Association for Cooperation
European Association for Creativity and Innovation
European Association for Education Law and Policy
European Association for Grey Literature Exploitation
European Association for Horse Assisted Education
European Association for Institutional Research
European Association for Jewish Culture
European Association for Marine Sciences and Techniques
European Association for Palliative Care
European Association for Personnel Management
European Association for Pharmaceutical Law and Economics
European Association for Philanthropy and Giving
European Association for Population Studies
European Association for Predictive, Preventive & Personalised Medicine
European Association for Professional Piercing
European Association for Research on Adolescence
European Association for Safety Parachutes
European Association for Terminology
European Association for the Control of Structures
European Association for the Co-ordination of Consumer Representation in Standardisation
European Association for the History of Medicine and Health
European Association for the Study of Diabetes
European Association for the Study of Obesity
European Association for the Study of Religion
European Association for the Study of Science and Technology
European Association for the Treatment of Addiction
European Association for Veterinary Specialisation
European Association for Young Neurologist and Trainees
European Association of Advertising Agencies
European Association of Agricultural Economists
European Association of Archaeologists
European Association of Architectural Education
European Association of Avian Veterinarians
European Association of Chinese Studies
European Association of Cognitive Ergonomics
European Association of Coloproctology
European Association of Consumer Electronics Manufacturers
European Association of Counselling Psychology
European Association of Dance Historians
European Association of Dermato-Oncology
European Association of Development, Research and Training Institutes
European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education
European Association of Exploration Geophysicists
European Association of Fisheries Economists
European Association of Forensic Entomologists
European Association of Geriatric Psychiatry
European Association of Institutions in Higher Education
European Association of Machine Tool Merchants
European Association of National Productivity Centres
European Association of Neuro-Oncology
European Association of Organic Geochemists
European Association of Perinatal Medicine
European Association of Personality Psychology
European Association of Pharma Biotechnology
European Association of Planned Giving
European Association of Potato Research
European Association of Psychological Assessment
European Association of Psychology and Law
European Association of Psychotherapy
European Association of Public Banks
European Association of Radiology
European Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories
European Association of Research and Technology Organisations
European Association of Science Editors
European Association of Securities Dealers
European Association of Securities Dealers Automatic Quotation System
European Association of Security Dealers Automated Quotation
European Association of Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities
European Association of Social Anthropologists
European Association of Software Science and Technology
European Association of State Veterinary Officers
European Association of Theoretical Computer Science
European Association of Transactional Analysis
European Association of Turkish Academics
European Association of Urology
European Association of Vertebrate Palaeontologists
European Association of Veterinary Anatomists
European Association of Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging
European Association of Zoo and Wildlife Veterinarians
European Association of Zoos and Aquaria
European Association on Early Intervention
European Astrobiology Network Association
European Athletic Association
European Australian Football Association
European Bankers Association
European Battery Recycling Association
European Billiards and Snooker Association
European Bio-Electromagnetics Association
European Biological Safety Association
European Biomedical Research Association
European Biophysical Societies’ Association
European BioSafety Association
European Boating Association
European Bowhunting Association
European Bureau of Library, Information and Documentation Associations
European Business Aircraft Association
European Business Aviation Association
European Cable Communication Association
European Calling Card Services Association
European Canoe Association
European Carbon and Graphite Association
European Carpet and Rug Association
European Carton Makers Association
European Cartridge Research Association
European Catalysts Manufacturers Association
European Ceramic Fibres Industry Association
European Children’s Film Association
European Chlorinated Solvent Association
European Church Growth Association
European Cigar Manufacturers Association
European Circus Association
European Clay Groups Association
European Cockpit Association
European Cocoa Association
European Collectors and Modellers Association
European Coloured Horse Association
European Communities Trade Mark Association
European Community Association Agreement
European Community Shipowners’ Associations
European Community Studies Association
European Company Lawyers Association
European Competitive Telecommunications Association
European Computer Manufacturer’s Association
European Computer Manufacturers Association
European Confederation of Medical Suppliers Associations
European Confederation of Paint, Printing Ink and Artists’ Colours Manufacturers Associations
European Council of Information Associations
European Countries Biologists Association
European Criminal Bar Association
European Crop Protection Association
European Cylinder Makers Association
European Dairy Association
European Defensive Pistol Association
European Demolition Association
European Desalination Association
European Design and Automation Association
European Dialysis and Transplant Association
European Dialysis and Transplant Association-European Renal Association
European Disabled Golf Association
European Down and Feather Association
European Dyslexia Association
European Educational Research Association
European Electronic Component Manufacturers Association
European Embryo Transfer Association
European Emergency Number Association
European Ethnic Broadcasting Association
European Evangelical Accrediting Association
European Express Association
European Eye Bank Association
European Fair Trade Association
European Federation of Allergy and Airway Diseases Patients Association
European Federation of Associations of Industrial and Technical Heritage
European Federation of Asthma and Allergy Associations
European Federation of Crohn’s and Colitis Associations
European Federation of Farriers Associations
European Federation of Orthodontic Specialists Associations
European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations
European Federation of Professional Psychological Associations
European Fencing Industry Association
European Fertilizer Import Association
European Fertilizer Manufacturers Association
European Finance Association
European Financial Management & Marketing Association
European Fishing Tackle Trade Association
European Fittings Manufacturers Association
European Flame Retardants Association
European Flavour and Fragrance Association
European Flexographic Industry Association
European Fly Fishing Association
European Food Safety Association
European Football Association
European Ford Dealers Association
European Formula Drivers Association
European Forum of Medical Associations
European Foundation for the Association of Hotel Schools
European Free Trade Association
European Freight Forwarders Association
European Fundraising Association
European Gaming and Betting Association
European Gay and Lesbian Manager Association
European Generic Medicines Association
European Generic medicines Association
European Golf Association
European Group Cat Association
European Group of Automotive Recycling Associations
European Guitar and Mandolin Association
European Guitar Teachers Association
European Harbour Masters’ Association
European Health & Fitness Association
European Healthcare Management Association
European Hematology Association
European Herbal Infusions Association
European Hotel Managers Association
European Hypersonics Association
European Imaging and Sound Association
European Independent Steelworks Association
European Indoor Football Association
European Information Association
European Installation Bus Association
European Intermodal Association
European International Business Association
European Internet Service Provider Association
European Inter-University Association on Society, Science and Technology
European IT Services Association
European Knowledge Media Association
European Land Registry Association
European Landscape Contractors Association
European Language Resources Association
European Law Faculties Association
European Law Students’ Association
European Leader Association for Rural Development
European League of Stuttering Associations
European Leisure Research Association
European Letterbox Marketing Association
European Leukodystrophies Association
European Lift Association
European Lift Components Association
European Lighting Designers Association
European Liner Affairs Association
European Logistics Association
European Marine Biological Association
European Marine STEP Association
European Marketing Association
European Medical Laser Association
European Medical Students’ Association
European Medical Writers Association
European Metallizers Association
European Methyl Bromide Association
European Midwives Association
European Military Press Association
European Modern Restaurant Association
European Mormon Studies Association
European Multicentre Association Study of Schizophrenia
European Music Educators Association
European Network Fitness Association
European Network of Childbirth Associations
European Neuroendocrine Association
European Neutron Scattering Association
European Nurse Directors Association
European Nursing Education Association
European Packaging and Interconnection Industry Association
European Pallet Association
European Parents Association
European Parking Association
European Pencil Manufacturer’s Association
European Pentecostal Charismatic Research Association
European Pharmaceutical Market Research Association
European Pharmaceutical Students Association
European Philosophy of Science Association
European Photochemistry Association
European Photovoltaic Industry Association
European Poker Players Association
European Powder Metallurgy Association
European Pride Organizers Association
European Prison Education Association
European Private Equity & Venture Capital Association
European Pro Mod Association
European Quality Association for Recycling
European Ramblers Association
European Recorder Teachers Association
European Regional Airlines Association
European Regional Information Society Association
European Regional Science Association
European Regions Airline Association
European Regions Airlines Association
European Renal Association
European Renal Care Association
European Ropes Course Association
European Rotogravure Association
European Rural and Isolated Practitioners Association
European Safety and Reliability Association
European Sales & Marketing Association
European Satellite Operators Association
European Secondary Heads Association
European Security Transport Association
European Seed Certification Agencies Association
European Selective Paging Association
European Semiconductor Industry Association
European Sled Dog Racing Association
European Small Hydropower Association
European Snacks Association
European Social Simulation Association Conference
European Specimen Hunters Association
European Speech Communication Association
European Sponsorship Association
European Sport Pilot Association
European Sterilization Packaging Association
European Street Rod Association
European String Teachers Association
European Symposium on Voluntary Associations
European Synthetic Colour Manufacturers Association
European Telecommunication Services Association
European Textile Services Association
European Thyroid Association
European Tour Caddies Association
European Tour Operators Association
European Transcultural Nurses Association
European Transpersonal Psychology Association
European Trends Association
European Tugowners’ Association
European Twowheel Retailers’ Association
European Tyre Recycling Association
European Union Control Association
European Union Studies Association
European University Association
European University College Association
European Venture Capital Association
European Vermiculite Association
European Warmblood Registry Association
European Water Pollution Control Association
European Water Resources Association
European Wildlife Disease Association
European Wildlife Rehabilitation Association
European Wind Energy Association
European Wound Management Association
European Writing Centers Association
European Wrought Aluminium Association
European/Mediterranean Planetarium Association
European-African Development Association
Evangelical Association for the Promotion of Education
Evangelical Christian Publishers Association
Evangelical Church Library Association
Evangelical Foreign Missions Association
Evangelical Soccer Association of Western Australia
Evangelical Training Association
Evangelistic Association of New England
Evangelistic Messengers’ Association
Evanston School Children Clothing Association
Evanston Youth Hockey Association
Evansville Retired Teachers Association
Event Management Association of India
Everett Soap Box Derby Association
Evergreen Community Development Association
Evergreen State Volkssport Association
Evergreen Venture Capital Association
Ewell Court Residents’ Association
Excess Casualty Reinsurance Association
Exchange Carrier Association
Exchange Carrier Standards Association
Exchange Carriers Standards Association
Executive and Professional Association of Houston
Executive Master of Science in Association Leadership
Executive Recruitment Association
Executive Search Owners Association
Executive Women’s Golf Association
Executive Women’s Golf Association
Executives Association of San Francisco
Executives’ Association of Greater Phoenix
Exhibit Designers and Producers Association
Exhibition & Event Association of Australia
Exhibition Association of Southern Africa
Exhibition Services & Contractors Association
Existence-Based Probabilistic Data Association
Exmoor Pony Association International
Exotic Dancers’ Association of Canada
Exotic Dancers’ Rights Association
Exotic Heritage Cat Association of America
Expanded Polystyrene Molders Association
Experimental Aircraft Association
Experimental Aircraft Association of Canada
Experimental Balloon and Airship Association
Expert System Association & Location
Export Managers Association of California
Exposition Service Contractors Association
Extradition Lawyers’ Association
Eye Bank Association of America
Eyemouth International Sailing Craft Association
Fabless Semiconductor Association
Fabless Semiconductor Association
Fabric and Apparel Accessories Manufacturers Association
Fabric Care Research Association
Fabric Salesmen’s Association
Fabric Salesmen’s Association
Fabricated Access Covers Trade Association
Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, International
Facies Association 1
Facilities Management Association
Factory Insurance Association
Factory Materials Association
Faculty Association of the University of St. Thomas
Faculty Association of the University of Waterloo
Faculty of Arts Students Association
Faculty of Life Sciences Student Association
Faculty of Science Students Association
Fair Labor Association
Fair Lawn Art Association
Fair Oaks Beautification Association
Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand
Fairbanks Association of Bed and Breakfasts
Fairbanks Men’s Hockey Association
Fairbanks Native Association
Fairbanks Youth Soccer Association
Fairfax Education Association
Fairfax Hispanic Firefighters Association
Fairfield Library Association Inc.
Fairmount Area Business Association
Fairmount Civic Association
Fairmount Park Art Association
Faith Centered Music Association
Faith Victory Association
Falabella Miniature Horse Association
Falkirk and District Association for Mental Health
Falls Lake Archery Association
False Alarm Reduction Association
Falun Dafa Association of Canada
Famicom Wrestling Association
Family Association for Mental Health Everywhere
Family Child Care Association
Family Day Care Association
Family Development Association of New York State
Family Faculty Association
Family Funeralhome Association
Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia
Family Health Association
Family Law Bar Association
Family Law Reform Association
Family Life Association of Swaziland
Family Medicine Association of Hamilton
Family Motor Coach Association
Family Planning Association
Family Planning Association of Bangladesh
Family Planning Association of India
Family Planning Association of Islamic Republic of Iran
Family Planning Association of Nepal
Family Planning Association of Tanzania
Family Service Association of America
Family Service Association of Edmonton
Family Service Association of Toronto
Family Services Association
Family Services Association
Family Studies Teachers Association
Family Therapy Association of Ireland
Fantasy Golf Association
Fantasy League Dart Association
Fantasy Sports Trade Association
Fantasy Wrestling Association
Far East Model Car Association
Far Eastern Broadcasting Association
Far West Agribusiness Association
Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association
Farm Equipment Wholesalers Association
Farm Safety Association
Farm Safety Association
Farm Safety Association, Inc.
Farm Tree and Landcare Association
Farm Women’s Association
Farm-Based Education Association
Farmers Cooperative Elevator Association
Farmington Ridge Homeowners Association
Farmington River Watershed Association
Farmington Valley Rowing Association
Farmworker Association of Florida
Farmworker Association of Florida
Farmworker Association of Florida, Inc.
Farriers Association of Washington State
Farwest Athletic Association of the Deaf, Inc.
Fashion & Beauty Internet Association
Fashion Accessories Shippers Association, Inc
Fashion Association of Merchandising and Design
Fashion Designers Association of Nigeria
Fashion Industries Association
Fashoda Relief and Rehabilitation Association
Faubourg Saint John Neighborhood Association
Fauquier Amateur Radio Association
Fayette County Bar Association
Fayette Memorial Hospital Association
Fayetteville Homeschool Christian Athletics Association
Fayetteville Natural Heritage Association
Federal Association
Federal Association of Financial Services
Federal Aviation Administration Managers Association
Federal Bar Association
Federal Bureau of Investigation Agents Association
Federal Circuit Bar Association
Federal Communications Bar Association
Federal Court Bar Association
Federal Court Clerks Association
Federal Executive Association
Federal Government Distance Learning Association
Federal Hispanic Law Enforcement Officers Association
Federal Investigators Association
Federal Land Bank Association
Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association
Federal Managers Association
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association
Federal National International Trade Association
Federal National Mortgage Association
Federal Physicians Association
Federal Savings and Loan Association
Federal Savings Association
Federal Savings Association
Federal Territory Amateur Athletic Association
Federal Wildland Fire Service Association
Federated Ambulatory Surgery Association
Federated Ebonyi Women Association
Federated Engine Drivers and Firemens Association
Federated Tanners Association of Australia
Fédération Canadienne des Associations de Propriétaires Immobiliers
Fédération des Associations d’Anciens Fonctionnaires Internationaux
Fédération des Associations de Fabricants de Produits Alimentaires Surgelés de l’EU
Federation des Associations de la Route pour l’Education
Federation des Associations Feminines du Senegal
Federation des Associations Francaises des Sciences et Technologies de l’Information
Federation des Associations Generales Etudiantes
Fédération des Associations Informatiques de Belgique
Fédération des Associations pour le Don d’Organes et de Tissus Humains
Fédération des Associations Régionales
Fédération des Associations Régionales
Féderation Européene d’Unions Professionnelles d’Experts en Dommages après Incendie et Risques Divers Association Européene
Fédération Française des Associations de Commerçants
Fédération Française des Associations des Photographes Créateurs
Fédération Française des Associations Philatéliques
Federation International des Association des Veuves
Federation Internationale de Football Association
Federation Internationale des Associations de Personnes Agees
Federation Internationale des Associations de Thanatoloques
Federation Internationale des Associations de Transitaires et Assimiles
Fédération Internationale des Associations Vexillologiques
Fédération Internationale des Corps et Associations Consulaires
Fédération Nationale des Associations Solidaires d’Action avec les Tsiganes
Federation of Accrediting Associations of the Philippines
Federation of All India Tea Traders Association
Federation of Asian Biotech Associations
Federation of Asian Biotech Associations
Federation of Asian Veterinary Associations
Federation of Associations for Hunting and Conservation of the EU
Federation of Associations of Canadian Tamils
Federation of Associations of Ghanaian Exporters
Federation of Associations of Regulatory Boards
Federation of Associations of Travel and Tourism Agents
Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations
Federation of Bangladeshi Associations Overseas
Federation of Broomball Associations of Ontario
Federation of Caribbean Associations of Architects
Federation of Cathedral Old Choristers Associations
Federation of Chinese Professional Associations in Europe
Federation of Commodity Associations
Federation of East and Southern African Road Transport Associations
Federation of Environmental Trade Associations
Federation of Ethio-Canadian Associations
Federation of European Aerosol Associations
Federation of European Companion Animal Veterinary Associations
Federation of European Deer Farmers Associations
Federation of European Direct Marketing Associations
Federation of European Laboratory Animal Science Associations
Federation of European Motorcyclists Association
Federation of European Risk Management Associations
Federation of European Wholesale and International Trade Association
Federation of Ghanaian Associations in France
Federation of Gujarat Weavers Association
Federation of Gujarati Associations
Federation of Housing Associations
Federation of Independent Associations for Cycling
Federation of Independent Carnival Associations
Federation of Independent Commercial Agents Association
Federation of Indian Associations
Federation of International Basketball Associations
Federation of International Cricketers Association
Federation of International Pitch and Putt Associations
Federation of International Trade Associations
Federation of Lofa Associations in the Americas
Federation of Metro Tenants Associations
Federation of Muslim Women’s Association in Nigeria
Federation of Ogoni Women’s Associations
Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Association
Federation Of Spine Associations
Federation of Sports and Play Associations
Federation of Women Entrepreneur Association Malaysia
Federation of Women Entrepreneurs Associations
Federation of Women Entrepreneurs Associations of Nepal
FedEx Pilots Association
Feingold Association of the United States
Feline Veterinary Medical Association
Fellow Cookery Food Association
Fellow Member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
Fellow National Herbalists Association of Australia
Fellow of Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia
Fellow of Hotel and Catering International Management Association
Fellow of the American Association of Anatomists
Fellow of the American Association of Integrative Medicine
Fellow of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine
Fellow of the American Dietetic Association
Fellow of the American Heart Association
Fellow of the American Medical Association
Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association
Fellow of the Association for Computing Machinery
Fellow of the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy
Fellow of the Association of Agricultural Valuers
Fellow of the Association of Auctioneers and Valuers
Fellow of the Association of British Dispensing Opticians
Fellow of the Association of Corporate Treasurers
Fellow of the Association of Dispensing Opticians
Fellow of the Association of Financial Controllers
Fellow of the Association of International Accountants
Fellow of the Canadian Bankers Association
Fellow of the English Association
Fellow of the Hotel and Catering International Management Association
fellow of the Insolvency Practitioners Association
Fellow of the International Biographical Association
Fellow of the International Compliance Association
Fellow of the Library Association
Fellow of the Life Insurance Association
Fellow of the Marketing Association of Australia and New Zealand
Fellow of the Master Photographers Association
Fellow of the Medical Library Association
Fellow of the National Association of Estate Agents
Fellow of the Utah Genealogical Association
Fellow, American Association of Healthcare Consultants
Fellow, Gemological Association of Great Britain
Fellowship of the Association of Minimal Access Surgeons of India
Fellowship of the Library Association of Ireland
Female Labor Reform Association
Feminism and Nonviolence Studies Association
Femtosecond Technology Research Association
Fencing Association of Nova Scotia
Fencing Association of Nova Scotia
Fenway Civic Association
Ferguslie Park Housing Association
Ferris Indian Student Association
Ferry Beach Park Association
Fertiliser Association of India
Fiber Channel Association
Fiber Optic Association
Fiber Reinforced Concrete Association
Fiberoptic Industry Association
Fibonacci Association
Fibre Box Association
Fibre Channel Industry Association
Fibromyalgia Association of Houston
Fidelity Trust Gaming Association
Field Guides Association of South Africa
Field Services Marketing Association
Fifty Caliber Shooter’s Association
Fiji Aviation Workers Association
Fiji Disabled Peoples Association
Fiji Dive Operators Association
Fijian Association
Fijian Association Party
Filipino American Association of Engineers
Filipino American Association of Pittsburgh
Filipino Association of University Women
Filipino Canadian Association of Ryerson
Filipino Student Association
Filipino Student Association
Filipino Students’ Association of Toronto
Filipino-American Association of Stafford Virginia, Inc.
Filipino-American Student Association
Film Studies Association of Canada
Film-Based Imaging Association
Final Flash Association
Finance and Leasing Association
Finance Industry Standards Association
Financial Executives Association
Financial Futures Association of Japan
Financial Instant Messaging Association
Financial Institution Benefit Association, Inc.
Financial Institutions Insurance Association
Financial Intermediaries Association
Financial Intermediaries, Managers and Brokers Regulatory Association
Financial Management Association
Financial Planner Association Indonesia
Financial Planners Association
Financial Planning Association
Financial Planning Association Los Angeles
Financial Planning Association of Singapore
Financial Planning Association of Taiwan
Financial Services and Banking Benchmarking Association
Financial Services Industry Association
Financial Services Instant Messaging Association
Financial Services Lawyers Association
Financial Services Marketing Association
Financial Women’s Association
Findlay Area Apartment Association
Findlay Area Fantasy Football Association
Fine Arts Association
Fine Arts Association of Arizona
Fine Arts Festival Association
Fine Chocolate Industry Association
Fine Hardwoods Association
Finishing Contractors Association of Illinois
Finnish Amateur Musicians’ Association
Finnish American Heritage Association
Finnish Amputee Hockey Association
Finnish Association for Aerosol Research
Finnish Association for Autism
Finnish Association for Nature Conservation
Finnish Association of Mechanical Building Services Industries
Finnish Association of Physics Students
Finnish Association of Securities Dealers
Finnish Association of Sports for the Disabled
Finnish Association of the Deaf
Finnish Auto Sound Challenge Association
Finnish Cannabis Association
Finnish Cave Diving Association
Finnish Climbing Association
Finnish Dance Sport Association
Finnish Data Communications Association
Finnish Field Archery Association
Finnish Forest Association
Finnish Heart Association
Finnish Information Processing Association
Finnish Kendo Association
Finnish Medical Association
Finnish Wargames Association
Finnish Working Dog Association
Fire and Emergency Manufacturers and Services Association Inc.
Fire and Police Pension Association
Fire Apparatus Manufacturers Association
Fire Chiefs Association of Massachusetts
Fire Districts Association of California
Fire Equipment Manufacturers’ Association, Inc.
Fire Extinguishing Trades Association
Fire Fighters Association of Missouri
Fire Fighters Association of Ontario
Fire Instructors Association of Minnesota
Fire Island Association
Fire Marshals Association of Minnesota
Fire Prevention Association of Nevada
Fire Prevention Association of North Texas
Fire Protection Association
Fire Protection Association of Australia
Fire Protection Association of India
Fire Retardant Chemicals Association
Fire Suppression Systems Association
Firehawk Association Of America
Firelands Association for the Visual Arts
Firelands Association of Realtors
Fireman’s Association State of New York
Firemen’s Mutual Benevolent Association
Firestop Contractors International Association
First Air Pilots Association
First Alberta Campus Radio Association
First Amendment Lawyers Association
First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association
First Coast Apartment Association
First Coast Manufacturers Association
First Colony Community Association
First Division Association
First Nations Schools Association
First Savings and Loan Association
First-Last Names Association Test
Fisher Island Community Association
Fisher Park Neighborhood Association
Fitness Industry Association
Five County Association of Governments
Five International Associations Coordinating Committee
Fixed Service Providers Association
Fjord Horse International Association
Flag Manufacturers Association of America
Flat River Baptist Association
Flathead Valley Golf Association
Flavor and Extract Manufacturer’s Association
Flavour and Fragrance Association of Australia
Fleet Air Arm Association
Fleet Reserve Association
Fleming’s Association of Queer Students
Flemington-Raritan Business Association
Flexible Packaging Association
Flexible Packaging Association
Flexicore Manufacturers Association
Flexographic Technical Association
Flight Attendants Association of Australia
Flight Attendants’ and Stewards’ Association of the Philippines
Flinders Law Students Association
Flint Area Association of Realtors
Flint Builders Association
Flint Police Officers Association
Floatation Tank Association
Floor Covering Installation Contractors Association
Floptical Technology Association
Florida African American Student Association
Florida Air Hockey Association
Florida Airboat Association
Florida Alliance of Paralegal Associations, Inc
Florida Alligator Trappers Association
Florida Alpaca & Llama Association, Inc.
Florida Amateur Wrestling Association
Florida Anesthesia Administrators Association
Florida Animal Control Association
Florida Apartment Association
Florida Aquaculture Association
Florida Arcade Association
Florida Archery Association
Florida Assisted Living Association
Florida Association for Behavior Analysis
Florida Association for Community Action
Florida Association for Computers in Education, Inc.
Florida Association for Media in Education
Florida Association for Music Therapy
Florida Association for Staff Development
Florida Association for Water Quality Control
Florida Association of Academic Nonpublic Schools
Florida Association of Agencies Serving the Blind
Florida Association of Aging Services Providers
Florida Association of Black-Owned Media, Inc.
Florida Association of Blood Banks
Florida Association of Broadcasters
Florida Association of Building Inspectors, Inc.
Florida Association of Career and Technical Education
Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools
Florida Association of City Clerks, Inc.
Florida Association of Code Enforcement
Florida Association of Colleges for Teacher Education
Florida Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers
Florida Association of Community Colleges
Florida Association of Community Corrections
Florida Association of Computer Crime Investigators
Florida Association of Counties
Florida Association of Counties
Florida Association of Counties Trust
Florida Association of County Attorneys, Inc
Florida Association of Court Clerks & Comptroller
Florida Association Of Court Clerks Comptroller
Florida Association of Crime Stoppers
Florida Association of District School Superintendents
Florida Association of Diving Operators
Florida Association of Electrical Contractors
Florida Association of Health Plans
Florida Association of Health Underwriters
Florida Association of Healthcare Quality
Florida Association of Homes for the Aging
Florida Association of Hostage Negotiators
Florida Association of Information Systems Security Representatives
Florida Association of Insurance Agents
Florida Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors
Florida Association of Life Underwriters
Florida Association of Mathematics Supervisors
Florida Association of Membership Executives
Florida Association of Mortgage Professionals
Florida Association of Mu Alpha Theta
Florida Association of Museums
Florida Association of Naturopathic Medicine
Florida Association of Naturopathic Medicine
Florida Association of Neonatal Nurse Practitioners
Florida Association of Nonprofit Organizations
Florida Association of Nurse Anesthetists
Florida Association of Orthotists and Prosthetists
Florida Association of Partners in Education
Florida Association of Pediatric Tumor Programs
Florida Association of Physician Assistants
Florida Association of Police Attorneys, Inc
Florida Association of Post Secondary Schools and Colleges
Florida Association of Private Investigators
Florida Association of Property Appraisers
Florida Association of Public Information Officers
Florida Association of Pupil Transportation
Florida Association of Realtors
Florida Association of Realtors
Florida Association of Rehabilitation Facilities
Florida Association of Respiratory Therapists
Florida Association of Safety Councils
Florida Association of School Administrators
Florida Association of School Boards
Florida Association of School Boards
Florida Association of School Personnel Administrators
Florida Association of School Psychologists
Florida Association of Science Teachers
Florida Association of Security Companies
Florida Association of Senior Centers
Florida Association of Special Districts, Inc.
Florida Association of State Troopers
Florida Association of Stormwater Utilities
Florida Association of Student Councils
Florida Association of Students of German
Florida Association of the Deaf, Inc.
Florida Association of Theatre Education
Florida Association of Ticket Brokers
Florida Association of Women Lawyers
Florida Athletic Coaches Association
Florida Attractions Association
Florida Automobile Dealers Association
Florida Automotive Industry Association
Florida Automotive Trades Association
Florida Bandmasters Association
Florida Bankers Association
Florida Bar Association
Florida Barbecue Association
Florida Basketball and Volleyball Association
Florida Beer Wholesalers Association
Florida Bicycle Association
Florida Birth-Related Neurological Injury Compensation Association
Florida Business Incubation Association
Florida Cable Telecommunications Association
Florida Cancer Registrars Association
Florida Cartridge Remanufacturers Association
Florida Cattlemen’s Association
Florida Chapter of the American Public Works Association
Florida Cheer and Dance Association
Florida Chess Association
Florida Chinese Business Association
Florida Chiropractic Association
Florida Citrus Growers Association
Florida Citrus Processors Association
Florida Citrus Sports Association
Florida Civil Rights Association
Florida Clinical Practice Association
Florida College English Association
Florida Community Association Coalition
Florida Community Association Management
Florida Competitive Carriers Association
Florida Concrete & Products Association
Florida Cosmetology Association
Florida Counseling Association
Florida Court Reporters Association
Florida Crime Prevention Association
Florida Deaf-Blind Association
Florida Dental Association
Florida Direct Marketing Association
Florida Disabled Outdoors Association
Florida Education Association
Florida Educational Facilities Planners Association, Inc.
Florida Electric Cooperatives Association, Inc.
Florida Emergency Nurses Association
Florida Emergency Preparedness Association
Florida Environmental Health Association
Florida Fertilizer & Agrichemical Association
Florida Fire Chiefs’ Association
Florida Fire Inspectors Association
Florida Flute Association
Florida Foreign Language Association
Florida Forestry Association
Florida Fruit Association
Florida Gang Investigators Association
Florida Geriatric Care Managers Association
Florida Greyhound Association
Florida Guides Association
Florida Health Care Association
Florida Home Furnishings Association
Florida Hospital Association
Florida Hotel and Motel Association
Florida Industrial Pretreatment Association
Florida Insurance Guaranty Association
Florida International Bankers Association
Florida Justice Association
Florida Kitesurfing Association, Inc.
Florida Landscape Maintenance Association
Florida Lawn Maintenance Association
Florida Lawyers Association for the Maintenance of Excellence, Inc.
Florida Library Association
Florida Lighthouse Association
Florida Lodging Association
Florida Lychee Growers Association
Florida Magazine Association, Inc.
Florida Manufactured Housing Association
Florida Manufacturers Association
Florida Marine Contractors Association
Florida Meat Goat Association
Florida Medical Association
Florida Morgan Horse Association
Florida Mosquito Control Association
Florida Motion Picture and Television Association
Florida Motorcoach Association
Florida Municipal Attorneys Association
Florida Municipal Electric Association
Florida Music Educators Association
Florida Naturopathic Physicians Association
Florida Newspaper Co-Op Association
Florida Nurses Association
Florida Nursing Students Association
Florida Occupational Therapy Association
Florida Onsite Wastewater Association
Florida Operator and Door Association
Florida Orchestra Association
Florida Organic Growers Association
Florida Osteopathic Medical Association
Florida Outdoor Advertising Association
Florida Outdoor Writers Association
Florida Pawnbrokers Association
Florida Peanut Producers Association
Florida Pest Control Association
Florida Pharmacy Association
Florida Police Chiefs Association
Florida Press Association
Florida Property & Casualty Association
Florida Prosecuting Attorneys Association
Florida Prosthodontic Association
Florida Psychological Association
Florida Public Employer Labor Relations Association
Florida Public Health Association
Florida Public Personnel Association
Florida Publishers Association, Inc.
Florida Pulp and Paper Association
Florida Pygmy Goat Association
Florida Record Collectors Association
Florida Records Management Association
Florida Recreation and Parks Association
Florida Recreational Vehicle Trade Association
Florida Redevelopment Association
Florida Rehabilitation Association
Florida Reining Horse Association
Florida Renewable Energy Producers Association
Florida Restaurant Association
Florida Roofing, Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors Association, Inc.
Florida Rural Health Association
Florida Rural Water Association
Florida RV Trade Association
Florida Scholastic Press Association
Florida School Music Association
Florida School Plant Management Association
Florida Septic Tank Association
Florida Sheriffs Association
Florida Sheriffs Association
Florida Shuffleboard Association
Florida Shuffleboard Association
Florida Society of Association Executives
Florida Sport Aviation Antique and Classic Association
Florida Sport Shooting Association
Florida Sports Writers Association
Florida Staffing Association
Florida Staffing Association
Florida State Association of Letter Carriers
Florida State Farriers Association
Florida State Fiddlers Association
Florida State Firefighters’ Association
Florida State Medical Association
Florida State Oriental Medical Association
Florida State Poets Association
Florida State University Art Therapy Association
Florida Storytelling Association
Florida Storytelling Association
Florida Student Association
Florida Student Association
Florida Support Administrators Association
Florida Surety Agents Association
Florida Surplus Lines Association
Florida Swimming Pool Association
Florida Telecommunications Industry Association
Florida Theatrical Association
Florida Trail Association
Florida Transportation Association, Inc.
Florida Tropical Fish Farms Association
Florida Trucking Association
Florida Turfgrass Association
Florida Turkish American Association
Florida Vegetation Management Association
Florida Veterinary Medical Association
Florida Vocal Association
Florida Vocational Association
Florida Volkssport Association
Florida Watermelon Association
Florida White Rabbit Breeders Association
Florida Writers Association, Inc.
Florida Youth Athletic Association
Florida Youth Soccer Association
Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association
Florissant Area Athletic Association
Flour Milling and Baking Research Association
Flower Growers Association
Flower Mound Youth Sports Association
Floyd County Baptist Association
Fluid Sealing Association
Fluid Sealing Association
Fluvanna Youth Soccer Association
Flyer Distribution Standards Association
Flyer Distributions Standards Association
Flying Dentists Association
Flying Scot Sailing Association
Flying Tippler Association of America
Focused-Interest Medical Association
Folk and Decorative Artists’ Association
Folk Association of South Hants
Food & Beverage Importers Association
Food Additives and Ingredients Association
Food and Drug Administration Alumni Association, Inc.
Food and Foodstuff Association
Food and Nutrition Association
Food Development Association
Food Industry Suppliers Association
Food Products Association
Food Safety Professionals Association
Foodservice Equipment Distributors Association
Foodservice Sales & Marketing Association
Football Association
Football Association
Football Association Coaches Association
Football Association Cup
Football Association Cup
Football Association of Ireland
Football Association of Malaysia
Football Association of Penang
Football Association of Singapore
Football Association of Tanzania
Football Association of Wales
Football Association of Zambia
Football Writers Association of America
Football Writers of America Association
Football Writers’ Association
Foothills Library Association
Foothills Major Baseball Association
Foothills Street Rod Association
Force Reconnaissance Association
Ford Asian Indian Association
Ford Chinese Association
Ford Service Managers Association
Fordham Law Alumni Association
Fore River Watershed Association
Foreign Affairs Recreation Association
Foreign Airlines Association
Foreign Area Officer Association
Foreign Bankers’ Association
Foreign Correspondents Association of the Philippines
Foreign Credit Insurance Association
Foreign Exchange Dealers’ Association of India
Foreign Language Association for Managers in Education
Foreign Language Association of Central California
Foreign Language Association of Georgia
Foreign Language Association of Missouri
Foreign Policy Association
Foreign Press Association
FOreign Students Association in Daejeon
Foreign Trade Association
Forensic Expert Witness Association
Forest Farmers Association
Forest Fire Association
Forest Fire Lookout Association
Forest Industries Association of Tasmania
Forest Lake Athletic Association
Forest Lake Soccer Association
Forest Meadows Owners Association
Forest Park Neighborhood Association
Forest Resources Association
Forestry Conservation Communications Association
Forests Owners’ Association
Forging Industry Association
Fork Truck Association
Formally Affiliated Regional Associations
Former Texas Rangers Association
Formosan Association for Human Rights
Formosan Association for Public Affairs
Formosan Medical Association
Formula 4-Stroke Association
Formula One Constructors Association
Formula One Supporters Association
Formula One Teams Association
Formula Sidecar Racing Association
Formula Three Association
Forsyth School Media Association
Fort Collins Police Association
Fort Hood Area Association of Realtors
Fort Hunt Athletic Association
Fort Schuyler Maritime Alumni Association
Fort Wayne Fantasy Sports Association
Fort Worth Darts Association
Fort Worth Dietetic Association
Fort Worth Human Resource Management Association
Forward Rate Agreement on British Bankers’ Association
Foss Park Neighborhood Association
Foster and Adoptive Care Association of Minnesota
Foster Care Association of Oklahoma
Foster Parent Association
Foster Parent Association of Spokane
Foster Parents Association of Queensland, Inc.
Foundation Beefmaster Association
Foundation for Association Research & Education
Foundation of the Association of Legal Administrators
Foundation Quarter Horse Breeders Association
Foundation Repair Association
Fountain Square Merchants Association
Fountaingrove Ranch Master Association
Four Hills Village Homeowners’ Association
Four Rivers Alsa Library Association
Four Wheel Drive Association of British Columbia
Fox Point Neighborhood Association
Fox Run Homeowners Association
Fox Valley Association of Realtors
Fox Valley Gay Association
Fox Valley General Contractors Association
Fragrance Materials Association of the United States, Inc.
Frame and Truss Manufacturers Association
France Street Rod Association
Franco-Indian Lawyers Association
Frankenmuth Historical Association
Frankfort Avenue Business Association
Frankfort Avenue Business Association
Franklin County Bar Association
Franklin County Beekeepers Association
Franklin County Bicentennial Association
Franklin County Education Association
Franklin Youth Soccer Association
Franklin-McKinley Education Association
Fraser Valley Métis Association
Fraser Valley Ringette Association
Fraternal Association of Podiatrists of America
Fraternity Executives Association
Fraternity Trade Association
Fraternity/Sorority Management Association
Frayser Sports Mentorship Association
Frederick County Association of Realtors
Frederick County Builders Association
Frederick County Teachers Association
Frederick Youth Sports Association
Fredericksburg Area Multihousing Association
Fredericksburg Umpires Association
Fredericton Area Watersheds Association
Fredericton District Soccer Association
Free Range Farmers Association, Inc.
Free Ski Association of New Zealand
Free Software Association of Germany
Free Software Industries Association
Free State Pinball Association
Free Tools Association
Freedom of Association
Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining
Freedom of Information and Privacy Association
Freedom Through Vigilance Association
Freehold Borough Education Association
Freelance Musicians’ Association
Freemansburg Bethlehem Township Athletic Association
Freestanding Ambulatory Surgery Center Association
Freestyle Players Association
Freethought Association of Canada
Freethought Association of Canada
Freight Forwarders Association of Nepal
Freight Train Riders Association
Freight Transport Association
Fremont Peak Observatory Association
Fremont Public Association
French African Welfare Association
French and Italian Graduate Student Association
French Association of Country Music
French Brittany Gun Dog Association
French Heavy Metal Association
French National Basketball Association
French Property Owners Association
Fresh Produce Association of the Americas
Freshwater Biological Association
Fresno Area Substitute Teachers Association
Fresno County Bar Association
Fresno Deputy Sheriffs Association
Friendly Islands Teachers’ Association
Friends Association for Higher Education
Friends Association of Services for the Elderly
Friends of India Association
Friends of Music Association
Friends of Needy Children Association
Friends of Sri Lanka Association
Friendship Association for Chinese Students and Scholars
Fripp Island Property Owners Association
Frontier Country Beekeepers Association
Frontier Duty Free Association
Frozen at Sea Fillets Association
Fruitridge Manor Neighborhood Association
Frustrated One Sided Lover’s Association
Fukuoka Venture Market Association
Fukuoka-Oakland Friendship Association
Fukushima International Association
Fulbright Association
Full Circle Motorcycle Association
Full Gospel Evangelistic Association
Fullerton Railway Plaza Association
Fulton Chain of Lakes Association
Fulton County Taxpayer’s Association
Functional Analysis By Association
Functional Analysis By Association
Functional Association by Response Overlap
Fund Family Shareholder Association
Fund Managers’ Association of South Africa
Funeral And Memorial Societies Association
Funeral Directors Services Association
Funeral Ethics Association
Funeral Services Association of Canada
Furniture Manufacturers Credit Association, Inc.
Furniture Manufacturers’ Association
Futon Association International
Future College Golf Association
Future Educators of Guam Association
Future Marine Officers Association
Future of Youth Association
Futures and Options Association
Futures Industry Association
Gadsden County Classroom Teachers Association
Gaelic Athletic Association
Gainesville Apartment Association
Gainesville Association for the Creative Arts
Gainesville Dance and Music Association
Gainesville District Basketball Association
Gainesville Fine Art Association
Gainesville Music Teachers Association
Galena Territory Association
Galesburg Regional Economic Development Association
Galileo Educational Network Association
Galion Public Library Association
Galvanizers Association
Galvanizers Association of Australia, Ltd.
Galveston County Bar Association
Galveston-Houston Association for Smog Prevention
Gambia Football Coaching Association
Game Angling Instructors’ Association
Game Developers Association of Australia
Game Fishing Association of Australia
Game Manufacturer’s Association
Game Rangers Association of Africa
Gaming Ordinators National Association Of Developing Systems
Gaming Standards Association
Ganaraska Hiking Trail Association
Gangplank Slipholders Association
Garda Representative Association
Garden Industry Manufacturers’ Association
Garden Isle Racing Association
Garden Plant Conservation Association of Australia Inc
Garden Seed Association
Garden State Seafood Association
Garden State Sighthound Association
Garden State Sikh Association, Inc.
Garden State Towman’s Association
Garden Valley Teachers Association
Garden Writers Association
Garden Writers Association Foundation
Garfield Jubilee Association
Garment and Textile Manufacturers Association
Garment Contractors Association
Garment Manufacturers Association
Garment, Textile and Technology Association
Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association, Inc.
Gas Processors Association
Gas Processors Suppliers Association
Gas Producers Association
Gasket Fabricators Association
Gasoline Retailers Association of Florida
Gaston Agricultural Mechanical and Textile Restoration Association
Gaston County Beekeepers Association
Gateshead Private Landlords’ Association
Gateway Association for Community Living
Gateway Association of Recreational Smokers
Gateway Tourist Association
Gator Humanics Student Association
Gauge and Toolmakers Association
Gauteng Dragon Boat Association
Gauteng Schools Sports Association
Gay and Lesbian Business Association
Gay and Lesbian Tennis Association
Gay and Lesbian Vaishnava Association
Gay and Lesbian Welfare Association
Gay and Married Men Association
Gay Auckland Business Association
Gay Nigga Association of America
Gay Pilots Association
Gay, Lesbian and Bi-Affectionate Association
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Association
Geelong Eight Ball Association
Gelbvieh Association in Nebraska
Gemmological Association of All Japan
Gemmologists Association of Sri Lanka
Gene Environment Association
Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia
General Agents and Managers Association
General Association of Regular Baptists
General Aviation Manufacturers Association
General Contractors Association
General Electors Association
General Insurance Market Research Association
General Insurers’ Public Sector Association
General Motors Retirees Association
General Practice Registrars Association
General Practice Supervisors Association
General Sunday School Association
Generic Engine for Transposable Association
Generic Pharmaceutical Association
Genesee Association of School Business Officials
Genesee County Bar Association
Genesee Valley School Boards Association
Genetic Toxicology Association
Geneva Infant Feeding Association
Genome Wide Association
Genome-Wide Association Study
Geographic Information Technology Association
Geographical Association
Geography Teachers Association of South Australia
Geoje Foreign Resident Association
Geological Association of Canada
Geomatics Industry Association of Canada
Geophysical Association of Ireland
George Mason High School Alumni Association
Georgetown International Relations Association
Georgetown University Student Association
Georgia Academic Team Association
Georgia Access Management Association
Georgia Addiction Counselors Association
Georgia Adult Education Association
Georgia Antiquarian Booksellers Association
Georgia Apartment Association
Georgia Art Education Association
Georgia Association for Food Protection
Georgia Association for Nursing Education
Georgia Association for Play Therapy
Georgia Association for Pupil Transportation
Georgia Association Medical Staff Services
Georgia Association of Accounting Educators
Georgia Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators
Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police
Georgia Association of Colleges and Employers
Georgia Association of Community Care Providers
Georgia Association of Curriculum and Instructional Supervisors
Georgia Association of Educational Leaders
Georgia Association of Educators
Georgia Association of Elementary School Principals
Georgia Association of Emergency Medical Services
Georgia Association of Enrolled Agents
Georgia Association of Historians
Georgia Association of Homes & Services for Children
Georgia Association of Middle School Principals
Georgia Association of Museums and Galleries
Georgia Association of Nurse Anesthetists
Georgia Association of Nursing Students
Georgia Association of Physician Assistants
Georgia Association of Planetariums
Georgia Association of Plant Pathologists
Georgia Association of Professional Agricultural Consultants
Georgia Association of Professional Bondsmen, Inc.
Georgia Association of Recovery Residences
Georgia Association of School Nurses
Georgia Association of School Psychologists
Georgia Association of Secondary School Principals
Georgia Association of Special Programs Personnel
Georgia Association of the Deaf, Inc.
Georgia Association of Training, Employment and Supports
Georgia Association on Young Children
Georgia Associations of Fire Chiefs
Georgia Athletic Coaches Association
Georgia Beekeepers Association
Georgia Cheerleading Coaches Association
Georgia Child Care Association
Georgia Chiropractic Association
Georgia Christian Counselors Association
Georgia CIO Leadership Association
Georgia Clogging Leaders Association
Georgia Concrete & Products Association
Georgia Defense Lawyers Association
Georgia Dental Association
Georgia Dietetic Association
Georgia Distance Learning Association
Georgia Dressage & Combined Training Association
Georgia Educational Research Association
Georgia Electronic Commerce Association
Georgia Emergency Nurses Association
Georgia Field Hockey Association
Georgia Fingerstyle Guitar Association
Georgia Fingerstyle Guitar Association
Georgia Fire Investigators Association
Georgia Flower Growers Association
Georgia Flower Growers Association
Georgia Food Industry Association
Georgia Football Officials Association
Georgia Forensics Coaches Association
Georgia Forestry Association
Georgia Funeral Directors Association, Inc.
Georgia Gang Investigators Association
Georgia Gay Rodeo Association
Georgia Geocachers Association
Georgia Government Finance Officers Association
Georgia Green Industry Association
Georgia Head Start Association
Georgia Health Information Management Association
Georgia High School Association
Georgia High School Athletic Association
Georgia High School Football Historians Association
Georgia High School Rodeo Association
Georgia Hospital Association
Georgia Hospitality Travel Association
Georgia Independent School Association
Georgia Industrial Loan Association
Georgia Jail Association
Georgia Jewelers Association
Georgia Junior Golf Association
Georgia Library Association
Georgia Main Street Association
Georgia Marketing Education Association
Georgia Master Gardener Association
Georgia Meat Goat Association
Georgia Middle School Association
Georgia Mobile DJ Association
Georgia Model Missile Association
Georgia Motor Trucking Association
Georgia Mountain Soccer Association
Georgia Municipal Association
Georgia Music Educators Association
Georgia Music Industry Association
Georgia Music Teachers Association
Georgia Nurses Association
Georgia Occupational Therapy Association
Georgia Optometric Association
Georgia Peanut Producers Association
Georgia Perinatal Association
Georgia Political Science Association
Georgia Press Association
Georgia Private Schools Association
Georgia Professional Farrier Association
Georgia Professional Photographers Association, Inc.
Georgia Psychiatric Physicians Association
Georgia Quarter Horse Association
Georgia Racquetball Association
Georgia Rehabilitation Association
Georgia School Boards Association, Inc.
Georgia School Food Service Association
Georgia School Superintendents Association
Georgia Science Supervisors Association
Georgia Self Storage Association
Georgia Soccer Officials Association
Georgia Speech-Language and Hearing Association
Georgia Sport Shooting Association
Georgia State Golf Association
Georgia State Soccer Association
Georgia State Trade Association of Nonprofit Developers
Georgia Technology Association
Georgia Telephone Association
Georgia Tennis Association
Georgia Textile Manufacturers Association
Georgia Transit Association
Georgia Turfgrass Association
Georgia Vegetation Management Association
Georgia Veterinary Medical Association
Georgia Watermelon Association
Georgia Youth Soccer Association
Georgian Association for Mental Health
Georgian Association of Women in Business
Georgian Folk Medicine Association
Georgian Political Science Association
Georgian Triangle Tourist Association
Georgian Urological Association
Geospatial Information and Technology Association
Geothermal Energy Association
German American Business Association
German American Citizens Association
German American Police Association
German Association for Adult Education
German Association for Mathematics and Mechanics
German Business Aviation Association eV
German Cognitive Linguistics Association
German Draughts Association
German Facility Management Association
German Football Coaches Association
German FunClan Association
German Industrial Relations Association
German Language Teachers Association
German Maritime Arbitration Association
German Medical Library Association
German Speakers Association
German Wolf Association
German-American Firefighters Association
German-American Musicians Association
German-Austrian Folk Dance Association
Gettysburg Battlefield Memorial Association
Gettysburg Battlefield Preservation Association
Geyser Observation and Study Association
Ghana Association of Bankers
Ghana Association of Travel and Tourist Agents
Ghana Association of Travel and Tourist Agents
Ghana Bar Association
Ghana Book Publishers Association
Ghana Employers’ Association
Ghana Football Association
Ghana Hotels Association
Ghana Journalists Association
Ghana Judo Association
Ghana Library Association
Ghana Medical Association
Ghana Muslim Students Association
Ghana National Association of Poultry Farmers
Ghana National Association of Teachers
Ghana Netherlands Alumni Association
Ghana Pharmaceutical Students Association
Ghana Real Estate Developers Association
Ghana Union Traders Association
Ghana Veterinary Medical Association
Ghana-Canada Association of British Columbia
Ghanaian Association of Sacramento
Ghanaian Danish Communities Association
Ghanaian-German Economic Association
Giant Screen Cinema Association
Giant Screen Theater Association
Gibraltar Football Association
Gibsons Landing Business Association
Gift and Home Trade Association
Gifted and Talented Association
Gifted and Talented Children Association
Gifted Children’s Association of British Columbia
Gilbert Main Street Association
Gilroy Beekeepers Association
GILT Metrics Exchange (Localization Industry Standards Association)
Gippsland Deer Stalkers Association
Girl Guides Association
Girls Basketball Association
Girls Missionary Society Association
Girls Public School Association
Girls Rodeo Association, Inc.
Gisborne District Business Association
Gladesville Hornsby Soccer Referees Association
Glasgow Association for Mental Health
Glasgow Housing Association
Glasgow University Sports Association
Glasgow University Veterinary Medical Association
Glass & Architectural Metals Association
Glass and Pottery Sellers Association
Glass Art Association of Canada
Glass Association of North America
Glencarse Young Farmers Association
Glendale Association of Realtors
Glendale Transportation Management Association
Glendive Education Association
Glider Pilot Regiment Association
Global Alliance of Information Industry Associations
Global Alliance of Rapid Prototyping Associations
Global Association of Billionaires and Millionaires
Global Association of Research
Global Association of Risk Professionals
Global Corporate Counsel Association
Global Digital Currency Association
Global Gecko Association
Global Handpiece Service Association
Global Health Student Association
Global Management Student Association
Global Phenolic Resins Association
Global Singers and Songwriters Association
Global Straight Through Processing Association
Global Trading Web Association
Global Vehicle Manufacturers Association
Global Village Business Association
Global WordNet Association
Globalization and Localization Association
Globally Minded Student Association
Gloucester District Neighbourhood Watch Association
Gloucester Education Association
Gloucester Music Teachers Association
Gloucester Muslim Welfare Association
Gloucester School Hohne Association
Gloucestershire Association for Mental Health
Gloucestershire Association of Special School Headteachers
Gloucestershire Basket Ball Association
Gloucestershire Contract Bridge Association
Gloucestershire Ethnic Minority Business Association
Gloucestershire Lawn Tennis Association
Gloucestershire Playing Fields Association
Glueckstal Colonies Research Association
Glued Laminated Timber Association
Glued Laminated Timber Association of Australia
Goa Cricket Association
Goffstown Residents Association
Gold Coast Arabian Horse Association
Gold Coast Promotional Products Association
Gold Prospector’s Association of America
Gold Prospectors Association
Gold Prospectors Association of Tucson
Gold Wing Road Riders Association
Gold Wing Touring Association
Gold’s Gym Franchisee Association
Golden Belt Telephone Association, Inc.
Golden Empire Flying Association
Golden Gate Heights Neighborhood Association
Golden Gate Restaurant Association
Golden Heart Softball Association
Golden Horseshoe Staging Association
Golden Horseshoe Umpires’ Association
Golden Isles Arts and Humanities Association
Golden North Archery Association
Golden State Spirit Association
Golf Association of Florida
Golf Association of Ontario
Golf Association of Philadelphia
Golf Clubmakers Association
Golf Sports Medicine Association
Gomer School Historical Association
Gonjaland Association of North America
Gonzaga Dramatic Association
Good News Broadcasting Association
Good Samaritan Hospital Association
Good View Music Association
Goodwill Association of Michigan
Goosehill Parent Faculty Association
Gorham Teachers Association
Gosford Hill School Association
Gospel Fellowship Association
Gospel Music Association
Gospel Music Association Canada
Government Association of Certified Public Accountants
Government Dental Surgeons’ Association
Government Finance Officers Association
Government Managers Association
Government Medical Officers Association
Government National Mortgage Association
Governmental Collectors Association of Texas
Governmental Contact Center Benchmarking Association
Governors Highway Safety Association
Grace Home School Association
GRACIE Magazine Association
Graduate and Professional Student Association
Graduate and Professional Students Association
Graduate Association of Students in Psychology
Graduate Division Alumni Association
Graduate Finance and Investment Association
Graduate Financial Management Association
Graduate History Student’s Association
Graduate Management Association of Australia, Inc.
Graduate Management Student Association
Graduate Music Student Association
Graduate Muslim Students Association
Graduate Physics Student Association
Graduate Professional and Student Association
Graduate Professional Student Association
Graduate Psychology Student Association
Graduate Research Association of Students in Pharmacy
Graduate Scholars of English Association
Graduate Social Work Association
Graduate Student Association
Graduate Student Association Board
Graduate Student Association Supplemental Conference Fund
Graduate Student Government Association
Graduate Student Sociology Association
Graduate Students History Association
Graduate Students in Mass Communication Association
Graduate Students of Humanities Association
Graduate Theory Association
Graduate Urban Affairs and Planning Association
Grain & Feed Association of Illinois
Grain And Feed Trade Association
Grammar School Heads’ Association
Grand American Road Racing Association
Grand Canyon State Electric Cooperative Association, Inc.
Grand Jurors Association
Grand Manan Tourism Association
Grand National Archery Association
Grand National Racing Association
Grand Prairie Association of Wrestling
Grand Prix Association
Grand Prix Riders Association
Grand Rapids Wheelchair Sports Association
Grand Strand Golf Association
Grand Valley Baptist Association
Grand Valley Construction Association
Grand Valley Corvette Association
Grand Valley Mathematics Association
Grand Valley Trails Association
Grande Prairie & Area Association of Realtors
Grande Prairie Model Racer’s Association
Grande Prairie Soccer Association
Grandmasters Association
Grandparents Rights Association of South Carolina
Granite State Balloon Association
Granite State Hydropower Association, Inc.
Granite State Swimming Association
Granville Island Day Vendors Association
Grapevine-Southlake Soccer Association
Graphic Arts Association Executives
Graphic Arts Industries Association
Graphic Communications Association
Graphic Communications Computer Association
Graphic Design Business Association
Graphic Design Student Association
Graphic User Association
Graphics Association of Zimbabwe
GrassRoots Association for Student Power
Gravure Association of America
Great Baikal Trail Association
Great Eastern Balloon Association
Great Eastern Numismatic Association
Great Falls Amateur Hockey Association
Great Falls Association of Realtors
Great Falls Business and Professional Association
Great Falls Citizens Association
Great Lakes Acoustic Music Association
Great Lakes Adaptive Sports Association
Great Lakes American Studies Association
Great Lakes Association of Orthodontists
Great Lakes Athletic Trainers’ Association
Great Lakes Basketball Association
Great Lakes Beach Association
Great Lakes Booksellers Association
Great Lakes Buckskin Association
Great Lakes Captains Association
Great Lakes College Association
Great Lakes Curling Association
Great Lakes Herb Business Association
Great Lakes International Antique Fire Apparatus Association
Great Lakes Interscholastic Press Association
Great Lakes Limousine Association
Great Lakes Male Chorus Association
Great Lakes Planetarium Association
Great Lakes Sea Kayaking Association
Great Oaks Neighborhood Association
Great Plains Association for College Admission Counseling
Great Plains Flora Association
Great Plains Planetarium Association
Great Plains Rodeo Association
Great Plains Sociological Association
Great River Arts Association
Great Sacandaga Lake Association
Great Smoky Mountains Association
Great Swamp Watershed Association
Great War Association
Great Western Terrier Association
Great Western Trail Association
Greater Abilene Geocachers Association
Greater Akron Amateur Soccer Association
Greater Alameda Business Association
Greater Albuquerque Association of Realtors
Greater Appalachian Llama Association
Greater Arizona Bicycle Association
Greater Augusta Association of Realtors, Inc.
Greater Barrie Home Builders Association
Greater Birmingham Apartment Association
Greater Birmingham Bowling Association, Inc.
Greater Boston Bankers Association
Greater Brookland Business Association, Inc.
Greater Burnside Business Association
Greater Caddo Lake Association
Greater California Limousine Association
Greater California Livery Association
Greater Capital Area Chapter of the American Nurses Association
Greater Capital Association of Realtors
Greater Cement Hill Neighborhood Association
Greater Chattanooga Lodging Association
Greater Chicago Cichlid Association
Greater Chicago Locksmiths Association
Greater Cincinnati Automobile Dealers Association
Greater Cincinnati Compensation and Benefits Association
Greater Cincinnati Counseling Association
Greater Cincinnati Lacrosse Association
Greater Cincinnati Limousine Association
Greater Clearwater Association of Realtors
Greater Cleveland Automobile Dealers’ Association
Greater Cleveland County Baptist Association
Greater Cleveland Flower Growers Association
Greater Clothing Contractors Association
Greater Columbia Landscape Association
Greater Columbus Rowing Association
Greater Dallas Association of Realtors
Greater Dayton Advertising Association
Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association
Greater Detroit Baptist Association
Greater Detroit Bowling Association
Greater East Austin Youth Association
Greater Edgewood Neighborhood Association
Greater Edmonton Library Association
Greater Elkridge Community Association, Inc.
Greater Elmira Tennis Association
Greater Fairbanks Racing Association
Greater Flint Hockey Association
Greater Fort Worth Builders Association
Greater Gravenhurst Residents’ Association
Greater Hampton Roads Travel Hockey Association
Greater Hartford Association for Retarded Citizens, Inc.
Greater Hartford Auto Dealers Association
Greater Hartford Holistic Health Association
Greater Houston Sign Association
Greater Houston Soaring Association
Greater Kansas City Psychological Association
Greater Lakes Association of Realtors
Greater Lansing Home Builders Association
Greater London Association of Alcohol Services
Greater Los Angeles Softball Association
Greater Louisville Association of Realtors
Greater Lumberton Business Association
Greater Lynn Photographic Association
Greater Madison Tennis Association
Greater Memphis Soccer Association
Greater Miami Aviation Association
Greater Minnesota Speedskating Association
Greater Nashua Human Resources Association
Greater Nashville Apartment Association
Greater Nashville Auburn Association
Greater Nevada School Counselor Association
Greater New Bedford Landlord Association
Greater New Haven Labor History Association
Greater New York Music Library Association
Greater Niagara Baseball Association
Greater Olney Civic Association
Greater Peninsula Swimming Association
Greater Peoria Contractors Suppliers Association
Greater Philadelphia Building Professionals Association
Greater Philadelphia Dog Fanciers Association
Greater Philadelphia Locksmiths Association
Greater Philadelphia Students Association
Greater Philadelphia Suzuki Association
Greater Piedmont Area Association of Realtors
Greater Pine Island Civic Association
Greater Pittsburgh Rabbinic Association
Greater Redmond Transportation Management Association
Greater Rochester Deaf Golf Association
Greater Sacramento Softball Association
Greater Sacramento Staging Association
Greater San Diego Whippet Association
Greater Seattle Bowling Association
Greater Seattle Business Association
Greater Siouxland Hospitality Association
Greater Springfield Bowling Association
Greater Springfield Business Association
Greater St. Louis Bowling Association
Greater Sycamore Soccer Association
Greater Vancouver Home Builders’ Association
Greater Vancouver Media Association
Greater Vancouver Mustang Association
Greater Vancouver Street Machines Association
Greater Victoria Labour Relations Association
Greater Victoria Teachers Association
Greater Waltham Association for Retarded Citizens
Greater Washington Business Aviation Association
Greater Washington Tennis Association
Greater Westfield Choral Association
Greater Wichita Turbo Regal Association
Greater Wilmington Tennis Association
Greater Yakima Girls Softball Association
Greece Basketball Association
Greek American Progressive Association
Greek American Translators Association
Greek Applied Linguistics Association
Greek Association for Cognitive and Behavioural Psychotherapies
Greek Association for Orthodontic Study and Research
Greek Health Informatics Association
Greek Homeopathic Association
Greek Medical Laser Association
Greek Orthodox Youth Association
Greek Psychology Students Association
Green Acres Neighborhood Association
Green Country Arabian Horse Association
Green Country Bluegrass Association
Green Lake Property Owners Association
Green Mountain Athletic Association
Green Mountain Racquetball Association
Green Mountain Water Environment Association
Green Olive Trade Association
Green Point Flyers Association
Green Restaurant Association
Green Square Housing Association
Greenbelt Interfaith Leadership Association
Greene County Beekeepers Association
Greensboro Amateur Radio Association
Greenville Education Association
Greeting Card Association
Grenada Association of Beekeepers
Grenada Cultural and Civic Association
Grenada Hotel and Tourism Association
Grenada Steel Bands Association
Grenfell Association of America
Griffin Park Residents Association
Grimsby Fish Merchants’ Association
Grocery Manufacturers Association
Groningen Association for PhDStudents
Grosse Ile Soccer Association
Grosse Pointe Soccer Association
Grossmont Education Association
Grote Street Business Association
Groton Open Space Association
Groundwater Resources Association of California
Groundwater Resources Association of California
Group of Association of Manufacturers of British, Instruments, Control and Automation
Group Security Association
Grove United Soccer Association
GSM Association
Guam Football Association
Guam Home School Association
Guam Off Road Association
Guangdong Lychee Technical Association
Guangdong Plastics Industry Association
Guelph-Humber Student Association
Guernsey Fund Managers Association
Guerrilla Marketing Association
Guest House Association of South Africa
Guide Dogs for the Blind Association
Guild of Professional Farriers Association
Guilford Native American Association
Guilt By Association Syndrome
Guilty By Association
Guinea Fowl International Association
Guitar and Accessories Marketing Association
Gujarat Electronics and Software Industries Association
Gulf Coast 4 Conservation Association
Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies
Gulf Coast Conservation Association
Gulf Coast Cowdog Association
Gulf Coast Cycling Association
Gulf Coast Lacrosse Association
Gulf Coast Professional Photographer’s Association
Gulf Hunter Sailing Association
Gulf Intracoastal Canal Association
Gulf Ports Association of the Americas
Gulf Shores Golf Association
Gulf South Historical Association
Gulf South Hypnotherapy Association
Gulf Yachting Association
Gun Lake Protective Association
Gunite Contractors Association
Guns of the Golden West Association
Guru Nanak Dev University Alumni Association
Guyana Association of Georgia, Inc.
Guyana Press Association
Guyana Table Tennis Association
Gwinnett Soccer Association
Gwynedd and Clwyd Association of Craftworkers
Gypsum Association
Habbo Basketball Association
Hagley Community Association
Haight Ashbury Improvement Association
Hainault Forest Community Association
Haines City Citrus Growers Association
Haitian American Community Association
Haliburton Lake Cottagers’ Association
Halifax Regional CAP Association (Canada)
Halton Aircraft Apprentice Association
Halton County Baseball Association
Halton-Peel Communications Association
Hamden Figure Skating Association
Hamilton and Area Curling Association
Hamilton Basketball Association
Hamilton Challenger Baseball Association
Hamilton County Baptist Association
Hamilton Park Neighborhood Association
Hamilton-Clermont Cooperative Association
Hamilton-Clermont Cooperative Association
Hamilton-Halton Construction Association
Hamlin Park Baseball Association
Hammered Aluminum Collectors Association
Hammond River Angling Association
Hampshire Association for the Care of the Blind
Hampshire Beekeepers’ Association
Hampshire County Amateur Swimming Association
Hampshire County Bar Association
Hampshire County Beekeepers Association
Hampshire Deaf Association
Hampshire Neighborhood Association
Hampshire Table Tennis Association
Hampton Area Clergy Association
Hampton Roads Internet Association
Hand Tool Preservation Association of Australia
Handicapped Scuba Association International
Hanford Contractors’ Association
Hangtown Association of Zymurgy Enthusiasts
Hanoi Young Business Association
Hansard Association of Canada
Harbor Association of Volunteers for Animals
Harbour City Business Association
Hard Fibres Association
Hardware Association of Queensland
Hardware Manufacturers’ Statistical Association
Hardwood Distributor’s Association
Hardwood Lumber Manufacturers Association
Hardwood Manufacturers Association
Hardwood Plywood and Veneer Association
Harlandale Association for Bilingual Education
Harlow Town Twinning Association
Harness Racing Owners Association
Harnett-Johnston Officials Association
Harpeth River Watershed Association
Harris County Beekeepers Association
Harris County Mayors’ and Councils’ Association
Harrison County Bicycle Association
Harrow Association of Voluntary Services
Hartford County Bar Association
Hartford County Medical Association
Hartsville Downtown Development Association
Harvard African Law Association
Harvard Alumni Association
Harvard Arab Alumni Association
Harvard Business School Association of Boston
Harvard Business School Association of Southern California
Harvard Chinese Students and Scholars Association
Harvard College Association for US -China Relations (Cambridge, MA)
Harvard Law Review Association
Harvard Law School Association
Harvard Square Business Association
Harvard University Mexican Association
Harvard University Police Association
Haryana Badminton Association
Haryana Table Tennis Association
Hastings North Business Improvement Association
Haverhill Association of Voluntary Organisations
Havyaka Association of Americas
Hawai’i Association of School Psychologists
Hawai’i Beekeepers’ Association
Hawai’i Homeschool Association
Hawai’i Island Paddlesports Association
Hawai’i State Teachers Association
Hawaii Activities and Tours Association
Hawaii Amateur Surfing Association
Hawaii Aquaculture Association
Hawaii Association for Behavior Analysis
Hawaii Association of Certified Nurses Aides
Hawaii Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
Hawaii Association of Health Underwriters
Hawaii Association of Independent Schools
Hawaii Association of Land Surveyors
Hawaii Association of Nurse Anesthetists
Hawaii Association of School Librarians
Hawaii Association of the Blind
Hawaii Athletic Trainers’ Association
Hawaii Automobile Dealers Association
Hawaii Court Reporters Association
Hawaii Dental Association
Hawaii Fire Fighters Association
Hawaii Food Manufacturer’s Association
Hawaii Foster Parent Association
Hawaii Grommet Association
Hawaii Independent Physicians Association
Hawaii Interpreters and Translators Association
Hawaii Island Contractors’ Association
Hawaii Island Psychologists Association
Hawaii Jewelers Association
Hawaii Karate Association
Hawaii Lai’ieikawai Association
Hawaii Land Surveyors Association
Hawaii Medical Association
Hawaii Medical Service Association
Hawaii Nurses Association
Hawaii Orchid Growers Association
Hawaii Pest Control Association
Hawaii Primary Care Association
Hawaii Psychological Association
Hawaii Publishers Association
Hawaii Rifle Association
Hawaii Skatepark Association
Hawaii State Bar Association
Hawaii State Bodysurfing Association
Hawaii State Chiropractic Association
Hawaii State Numismatic Association
Hawaii Student Nurses Association
Hawaii Table Tennis Association
Hawaii Technology Trade Association
Hawaii Transportation Association
Hawaii Ultimate League Association
Hawaii Water Works Association
Hawaiian Acres Community Association
Hawaiian Canoe Racing Association
Hawaiian Sugar Planters’ Association
Hawk Migration Association of North America
Hawk Mountain Sanctuary Association
Hawkeye Fly Fishing Association
Hawthorne Airport Community Association
Hawthorne Boulevard Business Association
Headford and Corrib Anglers Association
Healey Owners Association of British Columbia
Health and Safety Lawyers Association
Health and Science Communications Association
Health Association of British Columbia
Health Care Association of Michigan
Health Care Benchmarking Association
Health Care Compliance Association
Health Care Financial Managers Association
Health Care Public Relations Association
Health Education and Research Association
Health Food and Supplements Association
Health Industry Distributors Association
Health Industry Manufacturers Association
Health Industry Representatives Association
Health Information Management Association
Health Insurance Association of America
Health Insurance Association of Bermuda
Health Occupation Student Association
Health Officers Association of California
Health Sciences Association
Health Sciences Association of Saskatchewan
Health Services Management Association
Health Systems Engineering Association
Healthcare Association of Hawaii
Healthcare Business Association
Healthcare Business Woman’s Association of Canada
Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association
Healthcare Communication and Marketing Association
Healthcare Financial Management Association
Healthcare Quality Association on Accreditation
Healthcare Supplies Association
Healthy Families Healthy Communities Association
Hearing Association Auckland Incorporated
Hearing Industries Association
Hearing Loss Association of America
Hearing Loss Association of Florida
Heart of America Association of Blood Banks
Heart of America Corvair Owners Association
Heart of America Free Flight Association
Heart of England Language Schools Association
Heart of Medford Association
Heart-Centered Therapies Association
Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association
Heartland Chapter of Illinois Association of the Deaf
Heartland Community Bankers Association
Heartland Wrestling Association
Heavy Construction Contractors Association
Heavy Duty Distribution Association
Heavy Duty Representatives Association
Heavy Engineering Research Association
Hebrew Sick Benefit Association
Hedge Fund Association
Helicopter Association International
Helicopter Engineers & Pilots Association, Canada
Hellenic American Bankers Association, Inc.
Hellenic Association of Travel Agents
Hellenic Canadian Lawyers’ Association
Hellenic Management Association
Hellenic Professional Yacht Owners Association
Hellenic Scientists Association of Boston
Hellenic Students’ Association
Hellenic Table Tennis Association
Helsinki Information Technology Association
Hemifacial Spasm Association
Hemlock Farms Community Association
Hemophilia Association of New Jersey
Hemophilia Association of the Capital Area
Hemp Industries Association
Henley International Alumni Association
Hennepin County Bar Association
Hennepin County Sheriff’s Supervisors Association
Henniker Youth Hockey Association
Henrico County Bar Association
Henry Doubleday Research Association
Hephzibah Faith Missionary Association
Hereford United Independent Supporters’ Association
Heritage Village Ambulance Association
Hernando Beach Business Association
Herpes Virus Association
Herpetological Association of Africa
Herpetological Association of Rhodesia
Herring Run Watershed Association
Herron-Morton Place Association, Inc.
Hertfordshire Association of School Governors
Hertfordshire Schools’ Sailing & Canoeing Association
Hidalgo County Bar Association
Hidden River Neighborhood Association
Higgins Lake Civic Association
Higgins Lake Property Owners Association
High Country Christian Broadcasters Association
High Court Bar Association
High Desert Racing Association
High Friction Surfacing Association
High Rock Shooting Association
High School Association for the Research of Principle
High School Parents’ Association
High School Sports Association
Highbury Area Community Association
Higher Education Consultants Association
Higher Education Telecommunications Association
Highland Dancers’ Association of Ontario
Highland Dancing Teachers Association of England
Highland Neighborhood Association Committee
Highland Park Neighborhood Association, Inc.
Highland Square Business Association
Highlands County Builders Association
Highlands County Citrus Growers Association, Inc
Highlands Trout Triangle Association
Hightown Praetorian and Churches Housing Association
Highway and Traffic Technicians Association
Highways and Transportation Technicians Association
Hill Country Charity Ball Association
Hill Country Firemen’s Association
Hillcrest Village Minor Hockey Association
Hillingdon Association of Voluntary Services
Hillsboro Boys Baseball Association
Hillsborough Association of School Administrators
Hillsborough Association of Women Lawyers
Hillsborough Classroom Teachers Association
Hillsborough County Bar Association
Hillsborough County Dental Association
Hillsborough County Medical Association
Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association
Himalayan Association of Japan
Himalayan Institute Teachers Association
Himalayan Rescue Association
Hinchingbrooke School Association
Hinds County Bar Association
Hindu Sportbike Association
Hindu Students Association
Hindukush Conservation Association
Hindukush Conservation Association
HIPAA Policy Advisory Group (Blue Cross/Blue Shield Association)
Hiroshima Association for the Promotion of Economic Exchange
Hispanic American Fuzzy Systems Association
Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities
Hispanic Association of Contractors and Enterprises
Hispanic Association of Realtors and Affiliates
Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility
Hispanic Bar Association of Pennsylvania
Hispanic Bar Association of the District of Columbia
Hispanic Basketball Association
Hispanic Communicators Association
Hispanic Contractors Association
Hispanic Contractors Association of Georgia
Hispanic Dental Association
Hispanic Faculty and Staff Association
Hispanic Faculty Staff Association
Hispanic Franchisee Association
Hispanic International Action Association
Hispanic Law Student Association
Hispanic National Bar Association
Hispanic Police Officers Association
Hispanic Student Association
Hispanic Student Business Association
Histiocytosis Association of America
Historic Chicago Bungalow Association
Historic Fire Engine Association
Historic Houses Association
Historic Houses Association for Scotland
Historic Motor Sport Association
Historic Naval Ship Association
Historic Sports and Racing Car Association
Historic Third Ward Association
Historic Vehicle Association
Historical Armed Combat Association
History Students Association
History Teachers’ Association
Hmong American Community Association
Hmong Association of Engineers
Hmong Association of Long Beach
Hmong Minnesota Pacific Association
Hmong Minnesota Student Association
Hmong MN Pacific Association
Hmong Student Association
Hobby Association of Japan
Hobby Industry Association
Hochiminh Computer Association
Hockey East Association
Hodgkin’s Disease & Lymphoma Association
Hoffman Island Radio Association
Hoffman Sports Association
Hokkaido University International Students Association
hokuriku Life-Care Cluster Association
Holeshot Drag Racing Association
Holiday Park Neighborhood Association
Holistic Dental Association
Hollister Ranch Owners Association
Holliston Business Association
Hollywood Beach Business Association
Hollywood Council of Civic Associations
Hollywood Foreign Press Association
Hollywood Park Neighborhood Association
Holmes Safety Association
Holographic Repatterning Association
Holstein Association of America
Holy Trinity Parents Association
Home and School Association
Home and School Association
Home Automation Association
Home Baking Association
Home Based Business Association
Home Builders and Contractors Association
Home Builders and Remodelers Association of Northern Vermont
Home Builders Association
Home Builders Association of Charlotte
Home Builders Association of Jackson County
Home Builders Association of Middle Tennessee
Home Building Association of Richmond
Home Care Association of New York State
Home Care Technology Association of America
Home Economics Teachers Association of California
Home Education Associational Resources
Home Energy Conservation Association
Home Furnishings Professionals Association
Home Gift Providers Association
Home Improvement Products Association
Home Infusion EDI Coalition (National Home Infusion Association)
Home Owner Association Services
Home Owners Association
Home School Association
Home School Legal Defence Association
Home School Legal Defense Association
Home Sewing Association
Homebuilders Association of Central Arizona
Homeland Security Industries Association
Homeowners Education Association, LLC
Homer Bed & Breakfast Association
Homer Laughlin China Collectors Association
Homer S. Brown Law Association
HomeSchool Association of California
Homeschool Legal Defense Association
Homeschool Speakers and Vendors Association
Homeschoolers’ Support Association
Homewood Maitland Safety Association
Honam English Teachers Association
Honda Prelude Owners Association
Honda Sport Touring Association
Honda Transverse Twins Association
Honeywell Computer Users Association
Honeywell Large Systems Users Association
Hong Kong Association for Computer Education
Hong Kong Association for Customer Service Excellence
Hong Kong Association of Accounting Technicians
Hong Kong Association of Northern California
Hong Kong Association of Rehabilitation Medicine
Hong Kong Association of Washington
Hong Kong Auto Parts Industry Association
Hong Kong Bar Association
Hong Kong Buddhist Association
Hong Kong Chefs Association
Hong Kong Chefs Association
Hong Kong Construction Association
Hong Kong Construction Association
Hong Kong Cricket Association
Hong Kong Cricket Association
Hong Kong Critical Components Manufacturers Association
Hong Kong Culture Association
Hong Kong Culture Association
Hong Kong Cycling Association
Hong Kong Cycling Association
Hong Kong Dragon Boat Association
Hong Kong Economic Association
Hong Kong Elite Athletes Association
Hong Kong Geographical Association
Hong Kong Golf Association
Hong Kong Harmonica Association
Hong Kong Hotels Association
Hong Kong Inventors Association Ltd.
Hong Kong Jazz Association
Hong Kong Journalists Association
Hong Kong Library Association
Hong Kong Logistics Association
Hong Kong Management Association
Hong Kong Medical and Healthcare Device Manufacturers Association, Ltd.
Hong Kong Medical Association
Hong Kong Mid-Stream Operators Association
Hong Kong Netball Association
Hong Kong Neuropsychological Association
Hong Kong Nutrition Association
Hong Kong Sea Transport Association
Hong Kong Stockbrokers Association
Hong Kong Student Association
Hong Kong Venture Capital Association
Hongkong Association of Freight Forwarding and Logistics Industry
Honors Scholars Association
Honors Student Association
Hood County Builders Association
Hoof Trimmers Association, Inc.
HoofBeats Quarter Horse Association
Hoosic Valley Athletic Association
Hoosick Area Church Association
Hoosier Mountain Bike Association
Hopkins Association for Stroke Awareness
Hopkinton Contoocook Taxpayers Association
Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans
Horn of Africa Business Association
Horror Writers Association
Horse Industry Association of Alberta
Horticultural Association of Kenya
Horticultural Export Improvement Association
Horticultural Trades Association
Horticulture Association of Ghana
Horticulture Research International Association
Hosford Abernethy Neighborhood Association
Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association
Hospice Association of America
Hospice Association of Ontario
Hospice Nurses Association
Hospice Palliative Care Association
Hospital and Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania
Hospital Association of Rhode Island
Hospital Association of Southern California
Hospital Broadcasting Association
Hospital Caterers Association
Hospital Financial Management Association
Hospital Pharmacists Association, Ireland
Hospitality Association
Hospitality Association
Hospitality Association of Northern Ireland
Hospitality Industry Technology Association
Hospitality Information Technology Association
Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International
Hot Springs Bicycle Association
Hotel and Restaurant Association of Northern India
Hotel and Restaurant Association of the Philippines
Hotel and Restaurant Suppliers Association
Hotel Association of India
Hotel Motel Restaurant Association
House Officers Association
Household Goods Forwarder’s Association of America, Inc.
Housing and Land Developers Association
Housing Associations’ Charitable Trust
Housing Education and Research Association
Housing Industry Association
Housing Studies Association
Houston Air Cargo Association
Houston Apartment Association
Houston Area Blacksmith’s Association
Houston Area Carriage Association
Houston Area Dietetics Association
Houston Area Hound Association
Houston Art Dealers Association
Houston Association for Science and Space Education
Houston Association of Acoustic Musicians
Houston Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors
Houston Association of Network Administrators
Houston Association of Realtors
Houston Association of Sea Kayakers
Houston Bar Association
Houston Beekeepers Association
Houston Football Association
Houston Gas Producers Association
Houston Gun Collectors Association
Houston Highland Games Association
Houston Interactive Marketing Association
Houston Interpreters and Translators Association
Houston Jr. Aeros Hockey Association
Houston Ladies Tennis Association
Houston Masters Sports Association
Houston Metropolitan Paralegal Association
Houston Northwest Bar Association
Houston Northwest Radiology Association
Houston Police Officers Association
Houston Professional Videographers Association
Houston Senior Baseball Association
Houston Table Tennis Association
Houston Transportation Professionals Association
Houston Walking and Racking Horse Association
Howard County Bar Association
Howick District Landowners Association
Hubbard Association of Scientologists International
Hubbard Association of Scientologists International, Inc.
Hudson River Watertrail Association
Hudson Valley Art Association
Hudson Valley Draft Horse Association
Hudson Valley Lawn Mower Racing Association
Hudson Valley Marine Trades Association
Hueston Sailing Association
Hull and District Landlords Association
Hull District Landlords Association
Hull Fishing Vessel Owners Association
Human Animal Bond Association of Canada
Human Kinetics Student Association
Human Powered Transportation Association
Human Powered Vehicle Association
Human Resource Management Association of New Mexico
Human Resources Association
Human Resources Association of Calgary
Human Resources Management Association of Edmonton
Human Resources Outsourcing Association
Human Resources Students’ Association
Human Rights Agenda Association
Human Rights Association
Human Rights Association in Syria
Human Rights Watch Association
Humane Association of Georgia, Inc.
Humane Farming Association
Humanist Association of Canada
Humanist Association of Los Angeles
Humanist Association of San Diego
Humanists of Florida Association
Humber Valley Heritage Trail Association
Humberside Engineering Training Association
Humboldt County Association of Governments
Hungarian American Association of Washington
Hungarian American Cultural Association
Hungarian Association of Agricultural Informatics
Hungarian Association of Landscape Architects
Hungarian Freestyle Skateboarding Association
Hungarian Horse Association
Hungarian Osteoporosis Patients Association
Hungarian Prostitutes Interest Protection Association
Hungarian Zeolite Association
Hunt Saboteurs Association
Hunter and Trappers Association
Hunter Family School Association
Hunter Mountain Bike Association
Hunter Sailing Association of Oregon
Hunter’s Shooting Association
Huntington Neighborhood Association
Huntington State Beach Lifeguard Association
Huntsville Amateur Hockey Association
Huntsville Area Rocketry Association
Huntsville Area Tennis Association
Huntsville Association of Technical Societies
Huntsville/Madison County Builders Association
Huronia District Soccer Association
Huskies Youth Hockey Association
Hyde Park Art Association
Hyde Park Business Association
Hyde Park Neighborhood Association
Hyde Park Teachers Association
Hyderabad Agricultural Co-Operative Association Ltd
Hydraulic Association
Hydraulic Association
Hydraulic Equipment Manufacturers’ Association
Hydraulic Tool Manufacturers Association
Hydro Turf Planters Association
Hydrocephalus Association
Hydrocephalus Association
Hydrotherapy Association of Chartered Physiotherapists
Hyperbaric Technicians and Nurses Association
Hypermobility Syndrome Association
Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Association
Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Association
Hypnotherapy Association
Hypnotherapy Association
Iceland Nature Conservation Association
Icelandic Medical Association
Idaho Agricultural Aviation Association
Idaho Alfalfa and Clover Seed Growers Association
Idaho Ambulatory Surgery Center Association
Idaho Aquaculture Association
Idaho Arabian Breeders Association
Idaho Association of Commerce & Industry
Idaho Association of Commissioners and Clerks
Idaho Association of Counties
Idaho Association of County Assessors
Idaho Association of General Contractors
Idaho Association of the Deaf
Idaho Bankers Association
Idaho Bankers Association
Idaho Buckskin Breeders Association
Idaho Business Education Association
Idaho Cable Telecommunications Association
Idaho Career Development Association
Idaho Cattle Association
Idaho Community Bankers Association
Idaho Crop Improvement Association
Idaho Crop Production Association
Idaho Dairymen’s Association
Idaho Dental Hygienists’ Association
Idaho Education Association
Idaho Financial Services Association
Idaho Forest Owners Association
Idaho Funeral Service Association
Idaho Gold Prospectors Association
Idaho Golf Association
Idaho Grain Producers Association
Idaho Hay Association Inc.
Idaho Library Association
Idaho Manufactured Housing Association
Idaho Medical Association
Idaho Middle Level Association
Idaho Milk Processors Association
Idaho Mining Association
Idaho Mint Growers Association
Idaho Music Educators Association
Idaho Music Teachers Association
Idaho Petroleum Marketers Association
Idaho Physical Therapy Association
Idaho Pork Producers Association
Idaho Precision Ag Association
Idaho Primary Care Association
Idaho Prosecuting Attorneys’ Association
Idaho Recreation and Park Association
Idaho School Counselor Association
Idaho School Psychologist Association
Idaho Sheriffs’ Association
Idaho Speech-Language-Hearing Association
Idaho State Association of County Recorders and Clerks
Idaho State Police Association
Idaho Trucking Association
Idaho Veterinary Medical Association
Idaho Weed Control Association
Igala Cultural Development Association
Iinternational Marketing Association
Il-Do Tae-Kwon-Do Association
Illegal Street Racing Association
Illinois Agricultural Auditing Association
Illinois Association for College Admission Counseling
Illinois Association for Gifted Children
Illinois Association for Home and Community Education
Illinois Association for Pupil Transportation
Illinois Association of Addiction Professionals
Illinois Association of Aggregate Producers
Illinois Association of Agricultural Fairs
Illinois Association of Christian Schools
Illinois Association of Code Enforcement
Illinois Association of Convenience Stores
Illinois Association of County Engineers
Illinois Association of County Officials
Illinois Association of Deans of Public Colleges of Education
Illinois Association of Defense Trial Counsel
Illinois Association of Drug Court Professionals
Illinois Association of Educational Opportunity Program Personnel
Illinois Association of Environmental Professionals
Illinois Association of Family and Consumer Sciences
Illinois Association of Healthcare Attorneys
Illinois Association of Mortgage Brokers
Illinois Association of Mortgage Professionals
Illinois Association of Mutual Insurance Companies
Illinois Association of Pet Crematories
Illinois Association of Recycling Centers
Illinois Association of School Boards
Illinois Association of Student Assistance Professionals
Illinois Association of Student Councils
Illinois Association of the Deaf
Illinois Bankers Association
Illinois Bankers Association
Illinois Baptist State Association
Illinois Bed & Breakfast Association
Illinois Business Education Association
Illinois Career Development Association
Illinois Cast Metals Association
Illinois Cheerleading Coaches Association
Illinois Chess Coaches Association
Illinois Chiefs of Police Association
Illinois Christmas Tree Association
Illinois Club Lamb Association
Illinois Club Pig Association
Illinois College Personnel Association
Illinois College Press Association
Illinois Community Action Association
Illinois Community Bankers Association
Illinois Concrete Pipe Association
Illinois Congressional Debate Association
Illinois Cosmetology Association, Inc.
Illinois Country Music Association
Illinois Creditors Bar Association
Illinois Crime Prevention Association
Illinois Crop Improvement Association, Inc.
Illinois Cultural Diversity Association
Illinois DARE Officers Association
Illinois Deaf Golfers Association
Illinois Deaf Latino Association
Illinois Dental Laboratory Association
Illinois Developmental Therapy Association
Illinois Dog Clubs and Breeders Association
Illinois Drill Team Association
Illinois Education Association
Illinois Elementary Sports Association
Illinois Fire Sprinkler Association
Illinois Foster and Adoptive Parent Association
Illinois Funeral Directors Association
Illinois Giant Pumpkin Growers’ Association
Illinois Girls Lacrosse Association
Illinois Harness Horsemens Association
Illinois Head Start Association
Illinois High School Association
Illinois Hockey Officials Association
Illinois Hospital and HealthSystems Association
Illinois Hot Farm Stock Pullers Association
Illinois Journalism Education Association
Illinois Lake Management Association
Illinois Landscape Contractors Association
Illinois Library Association
Illinois Licensed Beverage Association
Illinois Manufactured Housing Association
Illinois Mental Health Counselors Association
Illinois Milk Producers’ Association
Illinois Mini Storage Association
Illinois Municipal Treasurers Association
Illinois Music Educators Association
Illinois Mycological Association
Illinois News Broadcasters Association
Illinois Norsk Rosemalers Association
Illinois Numismatic Association
Illinois Nurses Association
Illinois Occupational Therapy Association
Illinois Parent Teacher Association
Illinois Park and Recreation Association
Illinois Pest Control Association
Illinois Petroleum Marketers Association
Illinois Physical Therapy Association
Illinois Podiatric Medical Association
Illinois Pork Producers Association
Illinois Press Photographers Association
Illinois Professional Firefighters Association
Illinois Public Defender Association
Illinois Public Health Association
Illinois Public Power Association
Illinois Public Telecommunications Association
Illinois Public Transit Association
Illinois Public Transportation Association
Illinois Real Estate Lawyers Association
Illinois Recycling Association
Illinois Restaurant Association
Illinois Retired Teachers Association
Illinois Road Builders Association
Illinois School Counselor Association
Illinois School Health Association
Illinois School Psychologists Association
Illinois Security Chiefs Association
Illinois Soil Classifiers Association
Illinois Solar Energy Association
Illinois Speech-Language-Hearing Association
Illinois Squash Racquets Association
Illinois State Association of Health Underwriters
Illinois State Bar Association
Illinois State Beekeepers Association
Illinois State Fabricare Association
Illinois State Florists’ Association
Illinois State Hospice Association
Illinois State Racquetball Association
Illinois State Rifle Association
Illinois State Veterinary Medical Association
Illinois Tactical Officers Association
Illinois Tax Increment Association
Illinois Telecommunications Association
Illinois Trial Lawyers Association
Illinois Truck Enforcement Association
Illinois Valley Merchants Association
Illinois Venture Capital Association
Illinois Wheat Association
Illinois Wood Products Association
Illinois’ Child Care Association
Ilocano Backyard Breeders Association
Iloilo Furniture Manufacturers Association, Inc
Ilonggo Producers Association
Immaculate Conception Athletic Association
Immigrant Culture and Art Association
Imotong Ranges Association for Development
Imperial County Bar Association
Imperial Valley Vegetable Growers Association
Implicit Association Test
Imported Tyre Manufacturers’ Association
Importers, Wholesalers and Manufacturers Association
Inbound Tour Operators Association
Incandescent Lamp Manufacturers Association
Incentive Marketing Association
Incentive Travel & Meetings Association
Incentive Travel and Meetings Association
Inchberry & District Community Association
Income Property Association
Income Property Association of Kern
Incorporated Advertising Management Association
Incorporated Association of Architects and Surveyors
Incorporated Association of Organists
Incorporated Master Builders Association
Incorporated Masterbuilders Association of Jamaica
Independence National Education Association
Independent Aircraft Handling Association
Independent Association of Accredited Registrars
Independent Association of Continental Pilots
Independent Association of Questioned Document Examiners
Independent Association of Wrestling
Independent Auto Body Association
Independent Automotive Damage Appraisers Association
Independent Bakers Association
Independent Bakers Association
Independent Bankers Association of Texas
Independent Battery Manufacturers Association
Independent Builders Supply Association
Independent Cable and Television Association
Independent Cement Producers Association
Independent College Bookstore Association, Inc.
Independent Community Bankers Association
Independent Community Living Association
Independent Computer Consultants Association
Independent Connecticut Petroleum Association
Independent Contractors and Builders Association
Independent Contractors and Businesses Association of British Columbia
Independent Corporate Directors Association
Independent Custody Visitors Association
Independent Distributors Association
Independent Documentary Association
Independent Energy Producers Association
Independent Forest Products Association
Independent Glass Association
Independent Grocers Association
Independent Insurance Agent Association
Independent Lifestyle Association, Inc.
Independent Liverpool Supporters Association
Independent Local Media Association
Independent Lubricant Manufacturers Association
Independent Lumber Remanufacturers Association
Independent Martial Arts Association
Independent McDonald’s Operators Association
Independent Medical Practitioners Association
Independent Mortgage Brokers Association of Ontario
Independent Motor Vehicle Dealers Association
Independent Motorcycle Repair Shop Association
Independent Music Producers Association
Independent Music Publishers and Labels Association
Independent Natural Food Retailers Association
Independent Pack Providers Association
Independent Payroll Providers Association
Independent Petroleum Association of America
Independent Physician Association
Independent Physician Association of New Orleans
Independent Physicians Association
Independent Pilots Association
Independent Practice Association
Independent Practitioners Association Council of New Zealand
Independent Press Association
Independent Professional Seed Association
Independent Programme Producers Association
Independent Property Managers’ Association
Independent Provider Association
Independent Publishers Association of Ontario
Independent Railway Supervisors Association
Independent Research Libraries Association
Independent Safety Consultants Association
Independent School Health Association
Independent Schools Association of the Southwest
Independent Schools Classical Association
Independent Schools Football Association
Independent Schools’ Counsellors’ Association
Independent Sports Retailers Association
Independent Tank Storage Association
Independent Taxi Operators Association
Independent Taxi Owners Association
Independent Telecommunications Pioneer Association
Independent Television Association
Independent Television Companies Association
Independent Television Contractors Association
Independent Television Service Dealer’s Association
Independent Theatre Association
Independent Timber Frame Builders Association
Independent Video Programmers Association
Independent Working Class Association
Independent Wrestling Association Mid-South
Independently Merging Parent Associations of California
India – Australia Association of Canberra Inc
India Association of New Hampshire
India Prayer & Fellowship Association
India Science Congress Association
India Semiconductor Association
Indian American Bar Association
Indian American Catholic Association
Indian American Urological Association
Indian Arts and Crafts Association
Indian Association for Air Pollution Control
Indian Association for Environmental Management
Indian Association for Research in Computing Science
Indian Association for the Advancement of Science
Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science
Indian Association for Women’s Studies
Indian Association of Cardiovascular-Thoracic Surgeons
Indian Association of Corporate Treasurers
Indian Association of Materials Management
Indian Association of Medical Microbiologists
Indian Association of Nuclear Chemists and Allied Scientists
Indian Association of Palliative Care
Indian Association of Pathologists and Microbiologists
Indian Association of Physics Teachers
Indian Association of Physiotherapists
Indian Association of Radiological Technologists
Indian Association of Sports Medicine
Indian Association of Surgical Oncologists
Indian Association of Tours Operators
Indian Association of Veterinary Pathologists
Indian Banks’ Association
Indian Banks’ Association
Indian Bodymind Therapy Association
Indian Catholic Press Association
Indian Chemical Manufacturers Association
Indian Classical Music Association of Purdue
Indian Coffee Traders’ Association
Indian Commercial Pilots Association
Indian Computer Institute Association
Indian Cricket Players Association
Indian Dental Association
Indian Diamond Colorstone Association
Indian Direct Selling Association
Indian Documentary Producers Association
Indian Epilepsy Association
Indian Ferro Alloy Producers Association
Indian Film Directors’ Association
Indian Football Association
Indian Heritage Hotels Association
Indian Laminate Manufacturer’s Association
Indian Land Sailing Association
Indian Laser Association
Indian Library Association
Indian Medical Association
Indian Motion Pictures Association
Indian Motorcycle Owners Association
Indian National Shipowners’ Association
Indian Olympic Association
Indian Ordnance Factories Gazetted Officers’ Association
Indian Overseas Bank Officers Association
Indian Paper Manufacturers Association
Indian People’s Theatre Association
Indian Pest Control Association
Indian Pharmaceutical Congress Association
Indian Physical Therapists’ Association
Indian Plumbing Association
Indian Ports Association
Indian Premier Football Association
Indian Printed Circuit Association
Indian Public Health Association
Indian Pulp and Paper Technical Association
Indian Pump Manufacturers Association
Indian Radiological Imaging Association
Indian Railways Fan Club Association
Indian Refractory Makers Association
Indian Runner Duck Association
Indian Science Congress Association
Indian Speech and Hearing Association
Indian Springs Farmers Association
Indian Student Association
Indian Students Association of Tallahassee
Indian Tea Association
Indian Vanaspati Producers Association
Indian Venture Capital Association
Indian Vexillological Association
Indian Water Works Association
Indian Wind Power Association
Indian Women Pilots Association
Indian Workers Association
Indiana Apartment Association
Indiana Aquaculture Association
Indiana Assessor’s Association, Inc.
Indiana Association for Child Care Resource and Referral
Indiana Association for School Broadcasters
Indiana Association of Chinese Americans
Indiana Association of Nurse Anesthetists
Indiana Association of Nursing Students
Indiana Association of Public School Superintendents
Indiana Association of School Principals
Indiana Association of School Psychologists
Indiana Association of Senior Centers
Indiana Association of the Deaf
Indiana Association of United Ways
Indiana Association of Women in Education
Indiana Bandmasters Association, Inc
Indiana Bandmasters Association, Inc
Indiana Bankers Association
Indiana Bankers Association
Indiana Bed and Breakfast Association
Indiana Beekeeper’s Association
Indiana Beekeeper’s Association
Indiana Business Education Association
Indiana Business Incubator Association
Indiana Campground Owners Association
Indiana Campground Owners Association
Indiana Choral Directors Association
Indiana Collegiate Press Association
Indiana Community Action Association, Inc.
Indiana Concrete Masonry Association
Indiana Counselors Association on Alcohol and Drug Abuse
Indiana County Assessors Association
Indiana Dairy Goat Association
Indiana Deaf Golf Association
Indiana Democratic Editorial Association
Indiana Fire Sprinkler Association
Indiana Fireworks Distributors Association
Indiana Foreign Language Teachers Association
Indiana Golf Association
Indiana High School Press Association
Indiana Hospital and Health Association
Indiana Lumber and Builders’ Supply Association
Indiana Manufactured Housing Association
Indiana Manufacturers Association
Indiana Military Vehicle Preservation Association
Indiana Motor Truck Association
Indiana Municipal Lawyers Association
Indiana Music Teachers Association
Indiana News Photographers Association
Indiana Occupational Therapy Association
Indiana Optometric Association
Indiana Percussion Association
Indiana Pest Control Association, Inc.
Indiana Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association
Indiana Podiatric Medical Association
Indiana Pork Producers Association
Indiana Rehabilitation Association
Indiana Retired Teachers Association
Indiana Saddle Horse Association
Indiana School Counselor Association
Indiana Sheep Association
Indiana Soccer Coaches Association, Inc.
Indiana Society of Association Executives Foundation
Indiana Speech and Hearing Association
Indiana Speech-Language-Hearing Association
Indiana Speech-Language-Hearing Association
Indiana Sporting Clays Association, Inc.
Indiana Sprint Car Association
Indiana State Bar Association, Inc.
Indiana State Beekeepers Association
Indiana State Chess Association
Indiana State Chiropractic Association
Indiana State Festivals Association
Indiana State Numismatic Association
Indiana State Nurses Association
Indiana State Reading Association
Indiana State School Music Association
Indiana State Teachers Association
Indiana Telecommunications Association
Indiana Township Association
Indiana University Student Association
Indiana Urban Schools Association
Indiana Veterinary Medical Association
Indiana Volunteer Fireman’s Association
Indianapolis Association of Wabash Men
Indianapolis Convention & Visitors Association
Indianapolis Youth Hockey Association
Indigenous Bar Association
Indigenous Bar Association
Indigenous Law Student Association
Indigenous Nations Federal Charter Association
Indigenous Physicians Association of Canada
Indigenous World Association
Individual Case Management Association
Individual Practice Association
Indo-Canadian Business Association
Indo-Israel Friendship Association
Indonesia Regional Science Association
Indonesia Veterinary Pathology Association
Indonesian American Business Association
Indonesian Association of Food Technologists
Indonesian Chinese American Association
Indonesian Forwarders Association
Indonesian Gas Association
Indonesian Medical Association
Indonesian Mold & Dies Industry Association
Indonesian Muslim Intellectuals Association
Indonesian National Shipowner’s Association
Indonesian Petroleum Association
Indonesian Pharmaceutical Phsysician Association
Indonesian Planned Parenthood Association
Indonesian Professionals Association
Indonesian Risk Professionals Association
Indonesian SEARCA Fellows Association
Indonesian Shipbrokers Association
Indonesian Tour Leaders Association
Indonesian Veterinary Medical Association
Indonesia-Singapore Friendship Association
Indoor Air Quality Association
Indoor Soccer Coaches Association
Indoor Tanning Association
Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association
Industrial Biotechnology Association
Industrial Biotechnology Association
Industrial Chemical Research Association
Industrial City Basketball Association
Industrial Claims Association
Industrial Communications Association
Industrial Compressor Distributors Association
Industrial Diamond Association of India
Industrial Distribution Association
Industrial Environmental Association
Industrial Gas Consumers Association of Alberta
Industrial Heritage Association of Ireland
Industrial Hygiene Student Association
Industrial Pharmacist Association of the Philippines
Industrial Police and Security Association
Industrial Power Consumers Association of Alberta
Industrial Relations and Research Association
Industrial Relations Association of South Africa
Industrial Safety and Health Association
Industrial Safety Equipment Association
Industrial Telecommunications Association
Industrial Telecommunications Association Conference
Industrial Truck Association
Industrial Vegetation Management Association
Industrial Vegetation Management Association of Alberta
Industries and Trade Fair Association of Assam
Industry Association Stewardship Mobilization
Industry Data Exchange Association
Industry Film Producers Association
Industry Mentor-Protege Association
Infantry Division Association
Infection Control Nurses Association
Infectious Disease Association of California
Infertility Awareness Association of Canada, Inc
InfiniBand Trade Association
Inflatable Boat Association
Inflatable Boat Association
Inflatable Play Manufacturers Association
Inflight Food Service Association
Informatics Association
Information and Software Industry Association
Information Industry Association
Information Processing Association
Information Processing Management Association
Information Resources Management Association
Information Systems Audit and Control Association
Information Systems Consultants Association
Information Systems Forensics Association
Information Systems Security Association
Information Technologies Credit Union Association
Information Technology Asset Management Benchmarking Association
Information Technology Association
Information Technology Association of Canada
Information Technology Association of Montenegro
Information Technology Association of Orissa
Information Technology Association of Southern Arizona
Information Technology Association of Wisconsin
Information Technology Compliance Association
Information Technology Financial Management Association
Information Technology Infrastructure Managment Association
Information Technology Management Association
Information Technology Services Marketing Association
Information Technology Students Association
InfraGard Manufacturing Industry Association
Infrared Data Association
Ingersoll Business Improvement Association
Ingham County Bar Association
Inland Aquaculture Association of South Australia
Inland Bird Banding Association
Inland Counties Association of Neonatal Nurses
Inland Empire Beekeeping Association
Inland Empire Nurses Association
Inland Northwest Bluegrass Association
Inland Northwest Dance Association
Inland Northwest Ski Association
Inland Press Association
Inland Waterways Association
Inlet Public/Private Association, Inc.
Inner City Athletic Association
Innis College Alumni Association
Innovation Management Association of Canada
Innovative Farmers Association of Ontario
In-Plant Printing and Mailing Association
Insolvency Practitioners Association
Institute Men’s Association
Institute of Association Management
Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers/Association for Computing Machinery
Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers-Standard Association
Institute of Local Government Association
Institute Women’s Association
Institutional Life Markets Association
Institutional Locksmiths Association
Instructive District Nursing Association
Instrumentation Technology Association
Insulated Cable Engineers Association
Insulated Power Cable Engineers Association
Insulating Concrete Form Association
Insulation Contractors Association of America
Insurance Association of Pakistan
Insurance Brokers Association of Hamilton
Insurance Brokers Association of Newfoundland
Insurance Commercial Collectors Association
Insurance Company and Bank Purchasing Agents Association
Insurance Conference Planners Association
Insurance Educational Association
Insurance Employers’ Industrial Association
Insurance Environmental Litigation Association
Insurance Loss Control Association
Insurance Marketplace Standards Association
Insurance Marketplace Standards Association
Integrated Bus Operators Association
Integrated Healthcare Association
Integrated Midwives Association of the Philippines, Inc.
Integrated Philippine Association of Optometrists, Inc.
Integrated Probabilistic Data Association
Integrated TV and Video Association eV
Integrated Vegetation Management Association
Integrative Manual Therapy Association
Intellectual Property and Technology Association
Intellectual Property Association of the Philippines
Intellectual Property Bar Association
Intellectual Property Law Association
Intellectual Property Owners Association
Intellectual Property Owners Association
Inter Banking Employees’ Association
Inter Pacific Bar Association
Inter Scholastic Sailing Association
Inter Varsity Dance Association
Inter*Im Community Development Association
Interactive Computing Education Association
Interactive Digital Software Association
Interactive Entertainment Association of Australia
Interactive Entertainment Merchants Association
Interactive Media Entertainment and Gaming Association
Interactive Multimedia Arts and Technologies Association
Interactive Multimedia Association
Interactive Services Association
Interactive Technology, Software and Media Association
Interactive Television Association
Interactive Travel Services Association
Inter-American Association of Broadcasters
Inter-American Bar Association
Interbank Card Association
Inter-Bank Organisation and Methods Association
Interbanks Standards Association Belgium
Intercity Bus Operators Association
Inter-College Residents’ Association
Intercollegiate Association of Women Students
Intercollegiate Auto Racing Association
Intercollegiate Conference Athletic Association
Intercollegiate Dressage Association
Intercollegiate Horse Show Association
Intercollegiate Outing Club Association
Intercollegiate Quidditch Association
Intercollegiate Rowing Association
Intercollegiate Sailing Association
Intercollegiate Soccer Officials Association
Intercollegiate Taiwanese American Students Association
Intercollegiate Tennis Association
Inter-Collegiate Yacht Racing Association
Intercollegiate/Interscholastic Dressage Association
Intercounty Baseball Association
Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria
Intercultural Bridge Association
Intercultural Development Research Association
Intercultural Development Research Association
Interdenominational Foreign Missions Association
Interfaith Community Development Association
Interfaith Health Care Association of Manitoba
Intergovernmental Solid Waste Disposal Association
Interior Alaska Building Association
Interior Alaska Cancer Association
Interior Arrangement and Design Association
Interior Department Recreation Association
Interior Lumber Manufacturers’ Association
Interior Systems Contractors Association
Interlake Sailing Class Association
Intermediary Mortgage Lenders Association
Intermodal Association of North America
Intermodal Marketing Association
Intermountain Acoustic Music Association
Intermountain Compensation and Benefits Association
Intermountain Consumer Power Association
Intermountain Data Center Association
Intermountain Forest Association
Intermountain Native Plant Growers Association
Intermountain Professional Photographers Association
Intermountain Ski History Association
Internal Auditing Benchmarking Association
Internal Bunker Industry Association
Internal Family Systems Association
Internal Revenue Association
International A-Class Catamaran Association
International Actuarial Association
International Advertising Association
International Advertising Executives’ Association
International Agribusiness Management Association
International Agricultural Exchange Association
International Agricultural Exchange Association Marine Environmental Laboratory
International Air Cargo Association
International Air Cargo Association of Chicago
International Air Carrier Association
International Air Charter Association
International Air Transport Association
International Air Transport Association Network
International All Breed Canine Association
International Allied Printing Trades Association
International Alternative Medical Association
International Alumni Association of Scuola Mattei
International Amateur Boxing Association
International Amateur Theatre Association
International American Albino Association
International Antiquarian Mapsellers Association
International Arabian Horse Association
International Aromatherapists & Tutors Association
International Artist Managers’ Association
International Arts-Medicine Association
International Association Against Drug Trafficking and Drug Abuse
International Association Against Painful Experiments on Animals
International Association Against Torture
International Association for Accident and Traffic Medicine
International Association for Ambulatory Surgery
International Association for Analytical Psychology
International Association for Asset Recovery
International Association for Astronomical Studies
International Association for Biological Oceanography
International Association for Biologicals
International Association for Business and Society
International Association for Cannabis as Medicine
International Association for Caribbean Archaeology
International Association for Cereal Chemistry
International Association for Cereal Science and Technology
International Association for Certification in Coaching, Training and Therapy
International Association For Child Safety
International Association for Chinese Management Research
International Association for Christian Action
International Association for Civil Engineering, Reliability and Risk Analysis
International Association for Cognitive Psychotherapy
International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy
International Association for Computational Mechanics
International Association for Computer Information Systems
International Association for Continuing Education and Training
International Association for Counselling
International Association for Craniofacial Identification
International Association for Critical Animal Studies
International Association for Critical Realism
International Association for Cryptologic Research
International Association for Cybernetics
International Association for Dance Medicine Science
International Association for Danube Research
International Association for Dental Research
International Association for Disability and Oral Health
International Association for Electrical Machinery Trade
International Association for Environmental Philosophy
International Association for Exposition Management
International Association for Food Protection
International Association for Forensic Psychotherapy
International Association for Great Lakes Research
International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety
International Association for Housing Science
International Association for Human Caring Conference
International Association for Human Caring, Inc.
International Association for Human Resource Information Management
International Association for Human Values
International Association for Identification
International Association for Learning Alternatives
International Association for Learning Alternatives
International Association for Lichenology
International Association for Mathematical and Computer Modelling
International Association for Mathematics and Computers in Simulation
International Association for Media in Science
International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers
International Association for Metacognition
International Association for Microanalysis
International Association for Missions
International Association for National Youth Service
International Association for Orthodontics
International Association for Paratuberculosis, Inc.
International Association for Physical Tennis Training
International Association for Plant Taxonomy
International Association for Political Science Students
International Association for Reformed Faith and Action
International Association for Refugees
International Association for Regression Research and Therapies
International Association for Relativistic Dynamics
International Association for Scottish Philosophy
International Association for Semiotic Studies
International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures
International Association for Small Hydro
International Association for Somatidian Microbiology
International Association for Sport Management
International Association for Statistical Computing
International Association for Statistical Education
International Association for Strategic Thought
International Association for Student Insurance Services
International Association for Suicide Prevention
International Association for Technology Trade
International Association for the Education of Deaf-Blind Persons
International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement
International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience
International Association for the Presa Canario
International Association for the Promotion and Protection of Private Foreign Investments
International Association for the Psychology of Religion
International Association for the Stability, Handling and Use of Liquid Fuels
International Association for the Study of Anglo-Irish Literature
International Association for the Study of Irish Literatures
International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer
International Association for the Study of Obesity
International Association for the Study of Pain
International Association for the Study of Traditional Asian Medicine
International Association for the Visually Impaired
International Association for Theophostic Ministry
International Association for Trauma and Surgical Intensive Care
International Association for Wind Engineering
International Association for Word and Music Studies
International Association of Administrative Personnel
International Association of Administrative Professionals
International Association of Advisors in Philanthropy
International Association of African American Music
International Association of Agricultural Students
International Association of Animal Therapists
International Association of Anxiety Management
International Association of Applied Psychology
International Association of Aquatic and Marine Science Libraries and Information Centers
International Association of Aquatic Animal Medicine
International Association of Architectural Photographers
International Association of Arson Investigators
International Association of Assembly Managers
International Association of Assistance Dog Partners
International Association of Astronomical Artists
International Association of Athletics Federations
International Association of Attorneys for Family-Held Enterprises
International Association of Auditorium Managers
International Association of Bérard Practitioners
International Association of Biblical Counselors
International Association of Biblical Counselors
International Association of Bioethics
International Association of Biological Standardization
International Association of Biomedical Gerontology
International Association of Black Actuaries
International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators
International Association of Book-Keepers
International Association of Botanical Gardens
International Association of Bridge, Structural and Ornamental Ironworkers
International Association of Bridge, Structural, & Ornamental Iron Workers of America