Bangladesh Country Abbreviations

BD is the abbreviation for Bangladesh, the 92nd largest country in the world. Officially People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Bangladesh is a country located in South Aisa, bordering India and Myanmar. Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh. Other major cities include Dhaka (population: 10,356,500), Chittagong (population: 3,920,222), Khulna (population: 1,342,339), Rajshahi (population: 700,133), Comilla (population: 389,411), Shibganj (population: 378,701), Natore (population: 369,138), Rangpur City (population: 343,122), Tongi (population: 337,579), and Narsingdi (population: 281,080).

Country Profile

  • Capital: Dhaka
  • Language: Bengali
  • Area: 147,570 km2
  • Population: 162,951,560
  • Currency: Bangladeshi taka (BDT)
  • Time zone: UTC+6
  • Calling code: 880
  • ISO 2-Letter Abbreviation: BD
  • UN 3-Letter Abbreviation: BGD
  • Internet TLD: .bd
  • State Government Website:

Map of Bangladesh

List of Bangladesh Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Bangladesh are BD which stands for Bangladesh and BDT which means Bangladeshi taka (Bangladesh currency). In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Bangladesh, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

BD: Bangladesh

Acronym Meaning
ADAB Agricultural Development Agencies in Bangladesh
BGD Air Bangladesh
AEJB Alliance for Economic Justice, Bangladesh
ABBL Arab Bangladesh Bank Limited
ABBL Arab Bangladesh Bank Ltd.
AUB Asian University of Bangladesh
ACAB Association of Cargo Agents of Bangladesh
ADAB Association of Development Agencies in Bangladesh
BEIGE Bangladesh
BUNDLE Bangladesh
BGD Bangladesh
BD Bangladesh
BOULEVARD Bangladesh
BG Bangladesh
BOUNDARY Bangladesh
BAN Bangladesh
BOUND Bangladesh
BNG Bangladesh
BARD Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development
BASEBAND Bangladesh Advanced Software Engineering
BASE Bangladesh Advanced Software Engineering
BADC Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation
BARC Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council
BARI Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute
BAU Bangladesh Agricultural University
BAIDS Bangladesh AIDS Information and Documentation Services
BAF Bangladesh Air Force
BAHRAIN Bangladesh Army
BA Bangladesh Army
BAVS Bangladesh Association for Voluntary Sterilisation
BAAI Bangladesh Association of America, Inc.
BACI Bangladesh Association of Construction Industry
BAALA Bangladesh Association of Los Angeles
BB Bangladesh Bank
BG Bangladesh Biman
BEIGE Bangladesh Biman
BBS Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics
BCSL Bangladesh Cable Shilpa Limited
BCAS Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies
BCAD Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies
BCIC Bangladesh Chemical Industries Corporation
BCS Bangladesh Civil Service
BCBL Bangladesh Commerce Bank Ltd.
BCA Bangladesh Computer Association
BCC Bangladesh Computer Council
BCS Bangladesh Computer Samity
BCDB Bangladesh Cotton Development Board
BCSIR Bangladesh Council for Scientific and Industrial Research
BCI Bangladesh Counter Intelligence
BCB Bangladesh Cricket Board
BCCB Bangladesh Cricket Control Board
BDP Bangladesh Democratic Party
BDNA Bangladesh Diploma Nurses Association
BDPC Bangladesh Disaster Preparedness Centre
BEC Bangladesh Election Commission
BETSS Bangladesh Engineering and Technological Services
BETS Bangladesh Engineering and Technological Services
BELA Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers Association
BEPZA Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority
BFDC Bangladesh Fisheries Development Corporation
BFRA Bangladesh Football Referees Association
BFTUC Bangladesh Free Trade Union Congress
GMEA Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association
BGMEA Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association
BHB Bangladesh Handloom Board
BHW Bangladesh Health Watch
BHRA Bangladesh Heart Research Association
BHF Bangladesh Hockey Federation
BHBFC Bangladesh House Building Finance Corporation
BHRC Bangladesh Human Rights Commission
BIWTA Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority
BIAM Bangladesh Institute of Administrative Management
BIDS Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies
BIISS Bangladesh Institute of International and Strategic Studies
BIIT Bangladesh Institute of Islamic Thought
BIMS Bangladesh Institute of Management Studies
BIMS Bangladesh Institute of Medical Science
BINA Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture
BIPSOT Bangladesh Institute of Peace Support Operation Training
BIT Bangladesh Institute of Technology
BINP Bangladesh Integrated Nutrition Project
BIPL Bangladesh Internet Press, Ltd.
BIU Bangladesh Islami University
BIBA Bangladesh Islamic Bankers Association
BJI Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami
BJMC Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation
BKS Bangladesh Kitmajur Samity
BKMEA Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturers and Exporters Association
BKSP Bangladesh Krira Shiksha Pratisthan
BKF Bangladesh Krishok Federation
BLMEA Bangladesh Label Manufacturer and Exporters Association
BLT Bangladesh Law Times
BLD Bangladesh Legal Decisions
BLRI Bangladesh Livestock Research Institute
BMEB Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board
BMS Bangladesh Mahila Samity
BMS Bangladesh Mahila Society
BMSF Bangladesh Manobadhikar Sangbadik Forum
BMSA Bangladesh Marine Science Association
BMTI Bangladesh Maritime Training Institute
BMSA Bangladesh Master Stevedores Association
BDMO Bangladesh Mathematical Olympiad
BMO Bangladesh Mathematical Olympiad
BMOC Bangladesh Mathematical Olympiad Committee
BMDC Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council
BMA Bangladesh Medical Association
BMRC Bangladesh Medical Research Council
BMD Bangladesh Meteorological Department
BMA Bangladesh Military Academy
BMF Bangladesh Military Forces
BMSF Bangladesh Mukto Sramik Federation
BNCC Bangladesh National Cadet Corps
BNCU Bangladesh National Commission for UNESCO
BNNC Bangladesh National Nutrition Council
BNPA Bangladesh National Philatelic Association
BNSB Bangladesh National Society for Blinds
BNP Bangladesh Nationalist Party
BN Bangladesh Navy
BNBS Bangladesh Nutritional Blindness Study
BOL Bangladesh On Line
BORN Bangladesh Online Research Network
BOU Bangladesh Open University
BPC Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation
BPC Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation
BPGMA Bangladesh Plastic Goods Manufacturers Association
BPDB Bangladesh Power Development Board
BPATC Bangladesh Public Administration Training Centre
BPPW Bangladesh Public Policy Watch
BROTHER Bangladesh Railway
BRANCH Bangladesh Railway
BR Bangladesh Railway
BRCS Bangladesh Red Crescent Society
BRAC Bangladesh Rehabilitation Assistance Committee
BRCT Bangladesh Rehabilitation Centre for Trauma Victims
BDR Bangladesh Rifles
BRTC Bangladesh Road and Transport Corporation
BRAC Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee
BRDB Bangladesh Rural Development Board
BARRA Bangladesh Rural Reconstruction Association
BRTA Bangladesh Rural Telecom Authority
BSS Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha
BSMA Bangladesh Seed Merchants Association
BSAF Bangladesh Shishu Adhikar Forum
BSFF Bangladesh Shrimp and Fish Foundation
BSIA Bangladesh Sick Industries Association
BSMA Bangladesh Soap Manufacturers Association
BSDS Bangladesh Social Development Services
BSJA Bangladesh Sports Journalists Association
BSWA Bangladesh Sports Writers Association
BSRF Bangladesh Squash Rackets Federation
BSTI Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institute
BSA Bangladesh Student Association
BDT Bangladesh Taka
BTESA Bangladesh Tea Estate Staff Association
BTED Bangladesh Technical Education Board
BTRC Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission
BTTB Bangladesh Telegraph and Telephone Board
BTV Bangladesh Television
BTMC Bangladesh Textile Mill Corp.
BTMA Bangladesh Textile Mills Association
BUP Bangladesh Unnayan Parishad
BWA Bangladesh Women’s Association
BYE Bangladesh Young Economists
BYFC Bangladesh Youth First Concerns
BYL Bangladesh Youth League
BSD Bangladesher Samajtantrik Dal
BYF Bangladeshi Youth Forum
BABA Bay Area Bangladesh Association
BUCC BRAC University Computer Club (Bangladesh)
BHRB Bureau of Human Rights Bangladesh
COAB Cable Operators Association of Bangladesh
CBA Canada Bangladesh Association
CGP Chittagong, Bangladesh – Patenga
CAAB Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh
CPB Communist Party of Bangladesh
DCB Dayemi Complex Bangladesh
DAC Dhaka, Bangladesh – Zia International Airport
DCAB Diplomatic Correspondents Association, Bangladesh
EGCB Electricity Generation Company of Bangladesh
ENBS European Network of Bangladesh Studies
FPAB Family Planning Association of Bangladesh
FOBA Federation of Bangladeshi Associations Overseas
FOBC Federation of Bangladeshi Caterers
FEJB Forum of Environmental Journalists of Bangladesh
GOB Government of Bangladesh
GBD Government of Bangladesh
HES HEED Evening School (Bangladesh)
HH HEED Handicraft (Bangladesh)
HIS HEED International School (Bangladesh)
HLC HEED Language Center (Bangladesh)
HMC HEED Media Center (Bangladesh)
IUB Independent University Bangladesh
IBCCI India-Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry
ICMAB Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Bangladesh
IDEB Institute of Diploma Engineers Bangladesh
ICDDRB International Centre for Diarrhoeal Diseases Research Bangladesh
IFFAB International Freight Forwarders Association of Bangladesh
IBBL Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited
IBBL Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd.
JMB Jama’atul Mujahideen Bangladesh
JIB Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh
JMB Jamaatul Mujahideen Bangladesh
LTB Local Technology of Bangladesh
NFYOB National Federation of Youth Organisations in Bangladesh
NBBL Nepal Bangladesh Bank Ltd.
NRB Non-Resident Bangladeshi
NUB Northern University of Bangladesh
PROB People’s Republic of Bangladesh
PGCB Power Grid Corporation of Bangladesh Limited
REHAB Real Estate and Housing Association of Bangladesh
RIB Research Initiatives Bangladesh
SPD Saidpur, Bangladesh
SIB Societe Internationale du Bangladesh
SYBS Statistical Yearbook of Bangladesh
SYB Statistical Yearbook of Bangladesh
SRGB Survey Research Group of Bangladesh
ZYL Sylhet, Bangladesh
UNAB United Nations Association of Bangladesh
UNB United News of Bangladesh
ULAB University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh
VUB Victoria University of Bangladesh
VAB Volunteers Association for Bangladesh
ZSBD Zoological Society of Bangladesh
ZSB Zoological Society of Bangladesh


Bangladesh is a fertile country consisting mainly of lowland and deltaic areas around the students Brahmaputra and Ganges. 90 percent of the land is less than 10 meters above sea level. Tropical monsoon climate provides high rainfall in summer.

Due to its low geography, Bangladesh is particularly vulnerable to floods, which has created major problems for the country in recent decades. The floods are believed to be related to deforestation in the neighboring countries of Nepal and Bhutan. In 1991, a large flood killed about 140,000 people. Although the country has plenty of water, over half of the population lacks access to clean drinking water. Wells have been drilled to provide an alternative to the polluted surface water, but the presence of arsenic-containing rocks in the country means that well water is also often harmful to health.


The area of ​​Bangladesh is located in, Bengal, which is the area at the heart of the Bay of Bengal east of India, has been ruled by Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim and British rulers for the last 3000 years.

In 1858, Bengal became a British colony as part of India. In 1947, when India gained independence from the United Kingdom, the entire colony was divided into two independent states: India and Pakistan. The eastern part of Bengal then became part of Pakistan and was called East Pakistan. East Pakistan got Indian help to break up with Pakistan in 1971, and instead formed the independent state of Bangladesh. Between 8 and 10 million people fled to India during the war that arose during the detachment.

The chaotic years following the detachment were marked by conflict, several military coups and assaults on presidents. Since 1991, two rival political parties, both ruled by female politicians, have switched to governing the country.

Society and politics

Bangladesh is a parliamentary democracy. Parliament appoints a president every five years. The president can only be re-elected once and has a mainly ceremonial role. The president’s most important role is to appoint a prime minister who, together with his self-elected government, has the formal power in the country.

The policy is dominated by ongoing conflicts between the country’s two largest political parties Awami Federation (AL) and Bangladesh Nationalist Party (GDP). Politically motivated killings, threats and violence are widespread. Ever since the country gained independence, the military has had a great influence on politics.

Lack of security makes everyday life unsafe for the poor Bengali population. The police and the judiciary have little confidence among the population as human rights violations and corruption occur relatively often. Restricted freedom of speech means that political opposition to the ruling elite can be dangerous.

Since 2017, over 720,000 Rohingya from Myanmar have fled to Bangladesh after being pursued by the Myanmar military.

Economics and Commerce

Bangladesh has experienced strong economic development since the 1990s. Nevertheless, the country is still very poor and over a third of the country’s population lives below the poverty line. A large proportion of the population works with agriculture, but the agricultural areas are largely owned and controlled by a few wealthy people. The devastating floods of recent decades have led many small farmers to sell their land to survive. As a result, the various distribution of ownership shares between farmers and large landowners has been strengthened.

Jute (a wood fiber used for textile production) and tea have traditionally been among the country’s most important export goods. However, falling demand and prices in the world market have led to ever lower revenues from these industries. In recent years, clothing production has been the driving force behind economic growth. Equally, corruption, energy shortages and poor infrastructure are hampering economic development, and the country still relies on international aid.

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