Basketball Abbreviations


What is basketball?

Basketball is a team sport that can also be called basketball. The name in Portuguese comes from the English basketball, in which basket means basket and ball is ball. The literal translation of basketball would be ball to the basket, an expression that is also used as a synonym for the name of the sport.

The origin of the game is North American. The objective of the two teams, of five players each, is to hit the ball in a basket at the end of the sports court. Each basket accumulates points, and the team with the most points wins the match.

Professionally, there are men’s and women ‘s basketball modalities, which are coordinated by national and international confederations and official leagues. In Brazil there is the Brazilian Basketball Confederation, CBB, the National Basketball League, LNB, which represents the men’s sport, and the Women’s Basketball League, the LBF.

At the world level, there is FIBA, the International Basketball Federation, the first organization in the sport and responsible for establishing the rules of the game.

The most famous league in the world is the NBA, National Basketball Association, the North American basketball league.

Basketball Rules and Fundamentals

Basketball is a team sport. There are two teams on each side, with five players per team and five more on each bench, who occupy the following positions:

  • Point guard/Base, who starts with the ball and plans the plays.
  • Wing / Point guard, goes from support to the base to the basket.
  • Pivot / Post, has a fundamental role in defense as well as being responsible for finishing plays and making baskets.

Three referees supervise the match. One of them throws the ball up in the center of the court, which can be closed or in the open, starting the game.

Basketball matches last 40 minutes, in four 10-minute halves. In the NBA, there are four 12-minute halves, totaling 48 minutes.

You can only catch the ball with your hands. And you can’t take more than two steps holding it, but always bouncing on the ground.

The score is scored from the baskets in the opponent’s field. Free throw is worth 1 point, field goal is 2 points, and before the three-point line, 3 points.

There are specific rules that regulate ball control and fouled markings:

  • 3-second rule:In the opposing team’s restricted area, the player only has 3 seconds in the area with ball possession.
  • 5-Second Rule:While being marked, the player has 5 seconds or less in possession of the ball.
  • 8-Second Rule:Whoever gains possession of the ball in the defending court has 8 seconds to take the ball to the opponent’s court, either by himself or by passing it to another team member.
  • 24-second rule:The team with the ball in hand has 24 seconds to make and finish the play.

Basketball history

Basketball was created in 1891 in the United States, at the Young Men’s Christian Association of Springfield, Massachusetts. The entity is known worldwide by the acronym YMCA, being in Brazil called ACM.

The founder of basketball was James Naismith, a Physical Education teacher who had the challenge of thinking of a type of sport to be played indoors, to be practiced during the winter.

The first recorded basketball game was played in 1892. The first women’s game was played in 1896, between students from Stanford University and the University of California.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the sport became popular and spread throughout the world. In 1936 he entered the Olympic modalities at the Berlin Olympics. The first time women competed in the Olympics playing basketball was at the Montreal Olympics in 1976.

Basketball in Brazil

Basketball arrived in Brazil in the 19th century, at the hands of Augusto Shaw, an American who came to the country to teach at Colégio Mackenzie, in São Paulo.

The dissemination of the sport in Brazil also had the participation of the same entity in which basketball in the United States emerged, the ACM. The first tournaments were held in 1912, and in 1916 the Metropolitan League of Sports Athletics recognized basketball as a sport, creating the first official championship in 1919. Flamengo team won this championship.

Among the main names in basketball in Brazil, we have Oscar Schmidt, Hortência, Paula and Janete. All Olympic and outstanding athletes in national leagues.

Wheelchair basketball

Wheelchair basketball is a Paralympic sport regulated in Brazil by the Brazilian Wheelchair Basketball Confederation, CBBC.

The sport arose on the initiative of former US soldiers after World War II. Injured or amputees, they started to use their wheelchairs inside the court to play matches with each other. The idea soon became popular and was made official by the IWBF, the International Wheelchair Basketball Federation.

The rules are similar to those of Olympic basketball. The player cannot hold the ball for more than two touches on the wheels, and must bounce, pass or shoot.

Basketball Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Basketball

ABF African Basketball Federation
AABA All American Basketball Alliance
ABA American Basketball Association
ABL American Basketball League
AVB Association Vaudoise de Basketball
AUBC Atlantic University Basketball Conference
APBA Australasian Police Basketball Association
ABCA Australian Basketball Coaches Association
ACBA Australian Chinese Basketball Association
BIBL Balkan International Basketball League
BCBB Ball Claw for Basketball
BBL Baltic Basketball League
BWBL Baltic Women’s Basketball League
BJBL Bangkok Junior Basketball League
BABA Barbados Amateur Basketball Association
BARM Basketball Academy Rhein Main
BAA Basketball Association of America
BAP Basketball Association of the Philippines
BAW Basketball Association of Wales
BBK Basketball Baseball Kickball
BBL Basketball Bundesliga
BBC Basketball Club
BCAT Basketball Coaches Association of Tennessee
BHO Basketball Hoops Online
BISEXUAL Basketball Ireland
BI Basketball Ireland
BOB Basketball Owl Band
BBP Basketball Player
BPI Basketball Products International
BRI Basketball Related Income
BUZ Basketball Union of Zimbabwe
BVN Basketball Verband Nordwestschweiz
BWB Basketball without Borders
BBWS Basketball Wives
BBW Basketball Wives
BLT Basketball, Love and Tennis
BBN BasketBallNation
BSB Batastini School of Basketball
BBL Beko Basketball Bundesliga
BGBL Boston Gay Basketball League
BBL British Basketball League
CYBL California Youth Basketball League
CABO Canadian Association of Basketball Officials
CWBA Canadian Wheelchair Basketball Association
COBOA Central Ohio Basketball Officials Association
CTB Central Texas Basketball
CYBL Chelmsford Youth Basketball League
CYBA Chilliwack Youth Basketball Association
CNBA China National Basketball Association
CBA Chinese Basketball Alliance
CBA Chinese Basketball Association
CCBLS Chinese Christian Basketball League
CCBL Chinese Christian Basketball League
CUBA Chinese University Basketball Association
COBA Chris Oliver Basketball Academy
CBA Christian Basketball Association, Inc.
CYBL Christian Youth Basketball League
CSBA City of Sydney Basketball Association
CYBA City Youth Basketball Association
CYBA Clinton Youth Basketball Association
CBB College Basketball
CBE College Basketball Experience
CBP College Basketball Partnership
CGBR Collegiate Girls Basketball Report
CYBA Columbia Youth Basketball Association
CYBA Conejo Youth Basketball Association
CBA Continental Basketball Association
DPBS Dan Peterson Basketball School
DBA Deaf Basketball Association
DBL Delt Basketball League
DBB Deutschen Basketball Bundes
DMBB Dublin Men’s Basketball Board
DBR Duke Basketball Report
EBA Eastern Basketball Alliance
EMBL Eastern Maine Basketball League
EWBC Eastern Wheelchair Basketball Conference
EGBA Edina Girls Basketball Association
ECBA Emerald City Basketball Academy
EBAY English Basketball
EB English Basketball
EBA English Basketball Association
EBC Entertainers Basketball Classic
FBA Fantasy Basketball League
FSBL Farmwell Station Basketball League
FIBA Federation Internationale de Basketball
FLB Fédération Libanaise de Basketball
FIBA Federation of International Basketball Associations
FBVA Florida Basketball and Volleyball Association
FSSB Freestyle Street Basketball
FNBA French National Basketball Association
FBB Freshman Boys Basketball
GDBA Gainesville District Basketball Association
GGBC Gardner Girls Basketball Club
GBA Girls Basketball Association
GGBC Got Game Basketball Club
GLBA Great Lakes Basketball Association
GBA Greece Basketball Association
HBA Habbo Basketball Association
HBO Hamilton Basketball Association
HNBC Healthy Nations Basketball Competition
HSBN High School Basketball Network
HLBT Higher Level Basketball Thinking
HBA Hispanic Basketball Association
HNTB Holland Nordic Basketball Tournament
ICBA Indiana Christian Basketball Alliance
ICBA Industrial City Basketball Association
IBA International Basketball Association
ISOBUTANOL International Basketball Association
IBF International Basketball Federation
IBL International Basketball League
IWBF International Wheelchair Basketball Federation
IYB International Youth Basketball
IBBA Internationale Berliner Basketball Akademie
ICBA Irish Colleges Basketball Association
IBBA Israel Basketball Association
JBL Japan Basketball League
JSBL Jersey Shore Basketball League
JBA Jewish Basketball Association
KYB Katy Youth Basketball
KABC Kentucky Association of Basketball Coaches
KBL Korean Basketball League
LPBA Ladies Professional Basketball Association
LJBL London Junior Basketball League
LMBB Longmont Basketball
LABC Louisiana Association of Basketball Coaches
MRBA Macedon Ranges Basketball Association
MSF Major Street-Basketball Foundation
MABA Malaysia Amateur Basketball Association
MABA Malaysia Basketball Association
MNBL Malden Neighborhood Basketball League
MYBS Marlboro Youth Basketball
MYB Marlboro Youth Basketball
MIBC Mass Intensity Basketball Club
MYBS McLean Youth Basketball
MYB McLean Youth Basketball
MJBA Medina Junior Basketball Association
MABA Medway Amateur Basketball Association
MABA Melbourne Asian Basketball Association
MEBA Melbourne East Basketball Association Inc.
MBB Men’s Basketball
MBWA Met Basketball Writers Association
MASTER-OF-BUSINESS-ADMINISTRATION Metropolitan Basketball Association
MAKE-BUSY-ARRANGEMENTS Metropolitan Basketball Association
MBA Metropolitan Basketball Association
MBWA Metropolitan Basketball Writers Association
MVBA Mid Valley Basketball Academy
MCBA Mid-Cities Basketball Association
MSBB Middle School Boys’ Basketball
MVBA Mindanao Visayas Basketball Association
MLBC Mount Lilydale Basketball Club
MCBA Mulgrave Coastal Basketball Sport Association
MAKE-BUSY-ARRANGEMENTS Muslim Basketball Association
MBA Muslim Basketball Association
NBBL Nachwuchs Basketball Bundesliga
NMBHOF Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame
NBF Namibian Basketball Federation
NABC National Association of Basketball Coaches
NBA National Basketball Association
NBADL National Basketball Association Developmental League
NBDL National Basketball Development League
NBL National Basketball League
NBPA National Basketball Players Association
NBRA National Basketball Referees Association
NBRC National Basketball Rules Committee
NBTA National Basketball Trainers Association
NDBA National Delusional Basketball Association
NJB National Junior Basketball
NWBA National Wheelchair Basketball Association
NWBA National Women’s Basketball Association
NABI Native American Basketball Invitational
NNBA Native National Basketball Association
NEBA New England Basketball Association
NZBA New Zealand Basketball Association
NBAB Night Basketball and Books
NABL North American Basketball League
NSBA Northern Suburbs Basketball Association
NWB Northside Wizards Basketball
NWADB Northwest Association of the Deaf Basketball
NBOA Northwest Basketball Officials Association
OYB Ohio Youth Basketball
OABO Ontario Association of Basketball Officials
OBA Ontario Basketball Association
OHS Orchard Hills Basketball League
ORBA Osgoode-Rideau Basketball Association
OSFB Oullins/Sainte-Foy Basketball
OBI Outdoor Basketball Initiative
PHYBA Peel Halton Youth Basketball Association
PABL Philippine Amateur Basketball League
PBA Philippine Basketball Association
PBL Philippine Basketball League
RBT Real Basketball Talk
RMBL Richmond Midnight Basketball League
SQBB Saint Quentin Basketball
SBA Scarborough Basketball Association
SABV Schweiz Amateur-Basketball-Verband
SGBA Shakopee Girls Basketball Association
SBA Shamrock Basketball Association
SVBC Silicon Valley Basketball Club
SBL Small Basketball League
SIBF Solomon Islands Basketball Federation
SCBA South County Basketball Academy
SCBA Southern California Basketball Academy
SWBAD Southwest Basketball Association of the Deaf
SBOA Southwest Basketball Officials Association
SBC Spurs Basketball Center
SLBF Sri Lanka Basketball Federation
SPBA St Paul Basketball Association
SNYB Steve Nash Youth Basketball
SBA Street Basketball Association, LLC
TTBA Toronto Tamil Basketball Association
TBB Trierer Basketball
TBL Turkish Basketball League
UBA Ultimate Basketball Association
UBA United Basketball Alliance
USBL United States Basketball League
VEBA Valley East Basketball Association
VBB Varsity Boys Basketball
VBL Venice Basketball League
VBCA Vermont Basketball Coaches Association
VBRA Victorian Basketball Referees Association
WABL Waratah Australian Basketball League
WGBA Wayzata Girls Basketball Association
WABA West Asian Basketball Association
WABA West Auckland Basketball Association
WHYB West Haven Youth Basketball
WWBA West Wilson Basketball Association
WBV Westdeutscher Basketball-Verband
WABL Western Australia Basketball League
WCBA Western Canada Basketball Academy
WLBL Western Loudoun Basketball League
WMBA Winnipeg Minor Basketball Association
WTBA Winslow Township Basketball Association
WBCA Wisconsin Basketball Coaches Association
WCBA Women China Basketball Association
WABA Women’s American Basketball Association
WBCA Women’s Basketball Coaches Association
WBHOF Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame
WBHF Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame
WBL Women’s Basketball League
WNBA Women’s National Basketball Association
WSBA Women’s Semi-Pro Basketball Alliance
WBBA World Beach Basketball Association
WDBC World Deaf Basketball Championships
WYBT World Youth Basketball Tournament
XBA Xtreme Basketball Association
YBAS Youth Basketball Association
YBA Youth Basketball Association
YBL Youth Basketball League
ZBA Zambia Basketball Association