Alexandria-El Nouzha Airport Code (ALY)

El Nouzha Airport or Alexandria International Airport was one of the most important commercial airports in Egypt. It was mainly used as a bathing destination by tourists from Egypt and the Middle East. Currently Egypt’s second largest city still has Alexandria-Borg el Arab

Airport, located approximately 45 kilometers further southwest .

  • URL: Alexandria – El Nouzha (ALY)
  • Time zone: GMT 2
  • Service telephone: +20 3 963-979; +20 3 4270-979
  • Operator: Ministry of Civil Aviation
  • Parking: Yes, paid short-term and long-term parking spaces
  • Nearby cities: Alexandria (3 km), Kafr ad Dawwār (18 km), Idku (36 km), Damanhûr (52 km), Disuq (67 km), Kafr ash Shaykh (94 km)
  • Transport connections: The airport is located approx. 7 kilometers southeast of the city center. The access is directly on Highway #1, which connects Alexandria with Cairo.
  • Train connections: There is a train connection every 60 minutes with the “Turbo” express train between the Misr station (Mahahat Misr) in Alexandria and the Ramses station (Mahahat Ramses) in Cairo during the day between around 4.30 a.m. and 10 p.m.
  • Flight distribution by weekday: Monday (0.00%), Tuesday (0.00%), Wednesday (0.00%), Thursday (0.00%), Friday (0.00%), Saturday (0.00%), Sunday (0.00%)
  • other spellings: Iskindireyya, Al-Iskandariya, Alexandrië, Rakotə, إسكندرية, Αλεξάνδρεια, الإسكندرية, Alejandría, Alexandrie, Alexandria-El Nhouza Airport, Iskandariah, Alegsàndiri, Aleksandria อ เล็กซานเดรีย, 亚历山大港, 亞歷山大港, Ալեքսանդրիա, Alessandria

The airport is approximately 7 kilometers southeast of the city center. The entrance is located directly on the well-signposted Highway #1, which connects Alexandria with Cairo (Desert Road – الإسكندرية الصحراوي).

Bus routes #303 (٣٠٣) and #310 (٣١٠) run regularly between the airport and Midan Orabi Square during the day. You can find out the current departure times directly on site. Otherwise, arrival and onward travel is also possible with a taxi/rental car.

Alexandria-El Nouzha Airport Code (ALY)