Meaning of NAFTA

What is NAFTA? NAFTA is the acronym in English for the North American Free Trade Agreement, an economic bloc formed by the United States of America, Canada and Mexico. The main goal with the creation of NAFTA was to reduce or eliminate trade barriers between the three countries that make up North America. The formation of the economic bloc emerged as an attempt to […]


Meaning of SWOT

What is SWOT? SWOT stands for the English terms Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats, which is a very popular analytical tool in business. In Business Administration, SWOT Analysis is an important tool used for strategic planning that consists of collecting important data that characterize the internal environment (strengths and weaknesses) and external (opportunities and threats) of the company.


Meaning of NSFW

What is NSFW? NSFW is an abbreviation of the English term “Not Safe for Work”. It is a slang used on the Internet as an alert for content that is inappropriate for viewing in public places or in the workplace (for example, pornographic content).


Meaning of ISO 14000

What is ISO 14000? ISO 14000  is made up of a series of standards that determine guidelines  to ensure that a company (public or private) practices environmental management. These standards are known by the Environmental Management System (EMS), which is defined by ISO ( International Organization for Standardization).


Meaning of MMO

What is MMO? MMO is the acronym for Massive Multiplayer Online and represents an online gaming mode where multiple players compete and interact at the same time. Unlike multiplayer games where the number of players is limited to half a dozen, at most, MMO games allow the interaction of tens, hundreds or even thousands of people at the same time.


Meaning of CPI

What is CPI? CPI is the acronym for Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry, name given to the investigative process led by the Legislative Branch with the objective of investigating certain allegations of irregularities in the public sector. One of the main functions of the Legislative Branch is precisely to supervise the work performed by the Executive Branch and, if there […]


Meaning of VGA

What is VGA? VGA is a video standard created for computer graphics. This standard allows images to be transmitted in real time from a computer to a monitor that has this output. VGA is the abbreviation for “Video Graphics Array”, works in analog mode, that is, it only serves to transmit images.


Meaning of DPI

What is DPI? DPI is an acronym related to the world of technology, which means Dots Per Inch, a concept also known by the acronym PPP. It represents the number of dots that can be found in an inch of a particular image. It is common for people to refer to DPI as image resolution.


Meaning of BDRip

What is BDRip? BDRip is the abbreviation for ” Blu-ray Disc Rip” and is the process of extracting and encoding a video or movie that is on a Blu-Ray disc. Files of this type are fairly common and increasingly popular, with many being made available as form of piracy.


Meaning of TS

What is Quality TS? Quality TS (TS stands for TeleSync) is a type of recording of a film shown in the cinema, made with a digital camera, in which the sound is recorded from the projection room. There are two main (illegal) methods of recording a movie that is still being shown in the cinema […]