Butte Bert Mooney Airport Code

Butte Bert Mooney Airport has been serving the local community since 1929. The airport was originally established as a grass landing strip and was known as the Parrot Field. In 1934, the Works Progress Administration (WPA) began construction on a new terminal building to replace the original grass landing strip. The new terminal building was completed in 1935 and renamed Butte Bert Mooney Airport in honor of local aviator Bert Mooney, who had died in a plane crash near Anaconda in 1933.

In 1941, the airport received its first paved runway, which allowed for larger aircraft to use the airport and increased its capacity. With increased air traffic came increased demand for services at Butte Bert Mooney Airport. In 1948, an Air Force Reserve unit was assigned to the airport and in 1949, a United States Coast Guard Search and Rescue Unit was also placed at Butte Bert Mooney Airport.

The 1950s saw further expansion of Butte Bert Mooney Airport with an additional runway being constructed in 1954, allowing even more aircraft to use the airport. The 1960s were a period of significant growth for Butte Bert Mooney Airport with improved hangers and facilities being added and additional runways being built throughout the decade.

The 1970s saw further expansion with additional hangars being added to accommodate more aircraft as well as improvements to existing facilities such as terminal buildings and control towers. By 1980, Butte Bert Mooney Airport had become one of Montana’s busiest airports with over 100 daily flights taking off or landing at any given time. The 1980s also saw an increase in commercial air service from major airlines such as Northwest Airlines providing service from Butte Bert Mooney Airport to cities across the United States.

Today, Butte Bert Mooney Airport is one of Montana’s most important transportation hubs with over 200 daily departures serving destinations across North America including Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver, Seattle and many other cities. In addition to commercial flights, Butte Bert Mooney also serves general aviation traffic including corporate jets, private planes and cargo flights making it an important hub for business travelers throughout Montana and beyond.

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Butte Bert Mooney Airport

Butte Airport, MT (BTM)

The Butte Bert Mooney Airport is an important aviation hub in the US state of Montana. It is located in the county of Silver Bow County, in the southwest of the state.

  • URL: Butte, MT (BTM)
  • Time zone: GMT -7
  • Service phone: +1 406 494-3771
  • Address: Butte-Bert Mooney Airport, 101 Airport Road, Butte, MT 59701, USA
  • Operator: Butte, Montana
  • Parking: Yes, chargeable, short and long-term parking, but the first 30 minutes are free.
  • Getting There : Take Interstate 15/90 to Exit # 127, then follow airport signs on State Road 2.
  • Train connections: The nearest possible Amtrak station is about 300 kilometers further north in Shelby, from where there is a connection with the “Empire Builder”, which runs from Chicago to Portland.
  • Flight distribution on the days of the week: Monday (15.17%), Tuesday (16.11%), Wednesday (15.17%), Thursday (15.64%), Friday (15.64%), Saturday (6.64%), Sunday (15.64%)
  • other spellings: Butte-MT, Bert Mooney Airport, Бутт, Монтана, بوتي ، مونتانا, ビ ュ ー ト (モ ン タ ナ 州), 比尤特 (蒙大拿 州)

The airport is located 5 kilometers southeast of Downtown Butte. Passengers arriving by car should take Interstate 15/90 to Exit # 127 and then follow signs south on State Road 2 (Harrison Avenue) to the airport.

From the transfer station in downtown, the bus route (Harrison Avenue loop route) runs to the vicinity of the airport on weekdays. You can find out the exact departure times on site.