Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport Code

CLE is the abbreviation code for Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. According to Abbreviation Finder, CLE can also mean:

  1. California Law Examination
  2. Cap Lillois pour Entreprendre
  3. Career Limiting Event
  4. Center for Leadership Education
  5. Centre Linguistique pour Etrangers
  6. Centre Locaux d’Emploi
  7. Centre de Loisirs Éducatifs
  8. Centre for Legal Education
  9. Centre for Logic, Epistemology and the History of Science
  10. Centro Logistico Europeo
  11. Certified Lactation Educator
  12. Chinese Language Education
  13. Chinese Linux Extension
  14. Christian Life Education
  15. Classical Literacy Exam
  16. Clear Lens Extraction
  17. Cleveland, OH, USA – Hopkins International Airport
  18. Collège Lycée Expérimental
  19. Command Launch Equipment
  20. Command Line Editor

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

Cleveland Airport – Hopkins International Airport, OH (CLE)

The Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is the largest and most important civilian use commercial airport of the US state of Ohio.

  • URL: Cleveland – Hopkins International Airport, OH (CLE)
  • Time zone: GMT -5
  • Service phone: +1 216 265-6000
  • Address: Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, POBox 81009, Cleveland, OH 44181-0009, USA
  • Operator: Cleveland Airport System
  • Parking spaces: yes, subject to a charge; Short-term and long-term parking spaces, parking garages, approx. 7350 public parking spaces
  • Nearby cities: Cleveland (17 km), Akron (46 km)
  • Transport connections: The airport is located directly on the SR-237 (Berea Freeway), approx. 20 kilometers southwest of downtown. The freeway can be reached via Interstates I-71 and I-480 and via the SR-17 and SR-291.
  • Train connections: The “Lakeshore Limited” (Chicago-New York) and the “Capitol Limited” (Chicago-Washington) regularly stop at Cleveland-Amtrak Station in downtown.
  • Flight distribution on the days of the week: Monday (15.02%), Tuesday (14.23%), Wednesday (14.39%), Thursday (14.96%), Friday (14.97%), Saturday (11.54%), Sunday (14.89%)
  • other spellings: Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, Кливленд (Огайо), Klivlend (Ohio), Кливланд, Клівленд, Κλίβελαντ, Кліўлэнд, ク リ ו, ק リ ו,., ーו,里夫蘭 (俄亥俄州), Քլիվլենդ, קליבלנד, كليفلاند ، أوهايو, کلیولند, کلیولینڈ, क्लीवलैंड

Favorite destinations from Cleveland – Hopkins International Airport, OH (flights per week)

  1. New York – La Guardia Airport, NY (111, 7.49%)
  2. Atlanta International Airport (92, 6.21%)
  3. Denver International Airport, CO (70, 4.73%)
  4. Washington DC – Ronald Reagan National Airport, VA (66, 4.46%)
  5. Houston – George Bush Intercontinental Airport, TX (63, 4.25%)
  6. Boston Logan International Airport, MA (60, 4.05%)
  7. Chicago Midway International Airport, IL (55, 3.71%)
  8. New York – Newark Liberty International Airport, NJ (55, 3.71%)
  9. Orlando International Airport, FL (51, 3.44%)
  10. Charlotte Douglas International Airport, NC (50, 3.38%)
  11. Other (54.57%)

Top airlines (share of take-offs / landings)

  1. Southwest Airlines (808, 14.17%)
  2. United Airlines (531, 9.31%)
  3. American Airlines (410, 7.19%)
  4. Westjet (378, 6.63%)
  5. Aeroméxico (227, 3.98%)
  6. Virgin Atlantic Airways (217, 3.81%)
  7. KLM (215, 3.77%)
  8. Delta Air Lines (208, 3.65%)
  9. Air New Zealand (199, 3.49%)
  10. Air France (182, 3.19%)
  11. Other (40.81%)

The airport, which opened in 1925, is located approximately 20 kilometers southwest of downtown Cleveland. The entrance to Airport Terminal Drive is directly on Ohio State Route 237 (Berea Freeway), near Brook Park. Coming from outside the Berea Freeway is best reached via the two interstate highways I-71 (Exit 237 AB) and I-480 (Exit 9 +10) as well as via State Routes 17 and 291. It

drives between the airport and downtown Cleveland regularly from the lower level of the terminal the “Red Line”, an express train of the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA). To get to the Amtrak station you have to take the “Red Line” to Tower City Station and then change to the “Blue Line”.

The bus company Lorain County Transit (LCT) also offers two regular bus connections to Elyria and Oberlin. There are other ways to get there and onward, for example with various rental car agencies, shuttle limousines and numerous taxis.