Hancock County - Bar Harbor Airport

Hancock County – Bar Harbor Airport Abbreviation Code

BHB is the abbreviation code for Hancock County – Bar Harbor Airport. According to Abbreviation Finder, BHB can also mean:

Hancock County - Bar Harbor Airport Code

Bar Harbor, ME Airport (BHB)

The Hancock County – Bar Harbor Airport is a small important airport of the US state of Maine. It is located in the southern county of Hancock County, which is directly on the Atlantic.

  • URL: Bar Harbor (BHB)
  • Time zone: GMT -5
  • Service phone: +1 207 667-7329
  • Address: Hancock County – Bar Harbor Airport, 143 Caruso Drive, Trenton, ME 04605, USA
  • Operator: Hancock County
  • Parking: Yes, there is a parking space.
  • Access: From Ellsworth, just take State Road 3 towards Bar Harbor and follow the airport signs.
  • Train connections: The nearest possible Amtrak station is about 250 kilometers further south-west in Portland, from where there is a connection to the “Downeaster”, which runs from Portland to Boston.
  • Flight distribution on the days of the week: Monday (14.29%), Tuesday (14.29%), Wednesday (14.29%), Thursday (14.29%), Friday (14.29%), Saturday (14.29%), Sunday (14.29%)
  • other spellings: Hancock County-Bar Harbor Airport, Бар Харбор, バ ー ・ ハ ー バ ー, 巴 港, בר הרבור, 바 하버

The airport is located approximately 20 kilometers northwest of Bar Harbor near the town of Trenton. Passengers arriving by car from out of town should only take State Road 3 (Bar Harbor Road) from Ellsworth towards Bar Harbor and follow the signs to the airport.

The Island Explorer bus route # 1 (Campgrounds) commutes between Bar Harbor and the airport every 30 to 60 minutes during the summer months. You can find out the current departure times on site.