Lansing-Capital City Airport Code

Lansing-Capital City Airport opened in 1927 as the Capital City Airport. Located just four miles northeast of downtown Lansing, the airport was initially used as a landing strip for small aircraft and was equipped with a few small hangars. Throughout the years, it grew to become one of the main airports in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. In 1935, Capital City Airport became an official airmail stop as part of the U.S. Postal Service’s airmail route, making it one of only two airports in the state to receive such recognition at that time.

In 1940, Capital City Airport was renamed Lansing-Capital City Airport after its nearby city, Lansing. The following year, 1941 marked a major milestone for the airport when it became part of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP). This was especially important during World War II when CAP pilots began patrolling airspace around Lansing and other parts of Michigan to protect against enemy threats. The CAP also trained personnel at Lansing-Capital City Airport during this time period and continued to do so until its disbandment in 1946.

In 1947, construction began on a terminal building at Lansing-Capital City Airport which was completed in 1949 and served passengers for over 50 years until it was replaced by a new terminal building in 1999. This new terminal featured more modern amenities such as expanded seating areas and improved passenger services which allowed for greater convenience to travelers using the airport. Over time, additional improvements have been made to increase safety standards and provide better services such as additional runways and improved navigational aids for pilots flying into or out of Lansing-Capital City Airport.

LAN is the abbreviation code for Lansing-Capital City Airport. According to Abbreviation Finder, LAN can also mean:

  1. Laboratory Automation News
  2. Language Association of Nigeria
  3. Lansing, MI, USA – Capital City Airport
  4. Lansoprozole
  5. Latin American Network Airlines
  6. Learning Agency Network
  7. Lembaga Administrasi Negara
  8. Life Association News

Lansing-Capital City Airport

Lansing Airport, MI (LAN)

The Lansing-Capital City Airport is an important aviation hub in the US state of Michigan. It is located near Lansing, which is also the capital of Michigan and is located in the mid-southwest.

  • URL: Lansing, MI (LAN)
  • Time zone: GMT -5
  • Service phone: +1 517 321-6121
  • Address: Lansing-Capital City Airport, 4100 Capital City Boulevard, Lansing, MI 48906, USA
  • Operator: Capital Region Airport Authority
  • Parking: Yes, chargeable, short-term and long-term parking
  • Nearby cities: Lansing (6 km), Flint (78 km), Ann Arbor (90 km), Grand Rapids (91 km)
  • Transport: In Lansing drive on Highway 96 and follow the airport signs.
  • Train connections: Take the train to Lansing Amtrak Station and transfer to the “Northbound” bus route # 14 at the CATA Transportation Center.
  • Flight distribution on the days of the week: Monday (14.95%), Tuesday (14.14%), Wednesday (15.00%), Thursday (14.57%), Friday (15.38%), Saturday (11.15%), Sunday (14.81%)
  • Other spellings: Lansing-MI, Capital City Airport, Capital Region International Airport, Лансинг (Мичиган), Лансінг, Ленсинг, Лэнсинг, Ленсінг, לאנסינג, لال, ن, 랜싱ن 랜싱ن ンل, グسیا ن, ​​سن 兰辛نگ, グسیا ن, ​​سن 兰辛ن ンنگ, یسیا ن, ​​سن لنگ, グسیا, سن 랜싱ن 兰辛 غ, سیا ن, ​​ن 兰辛 兰辛, グسیا ن, ​​سن 兰辛 ل, グسیا ن, ​​سن 兰辛, グسیا, سن 랜싱ن 兰辛 گ, グسیا ن, ​​سن ل, سیا, سن لن ン ل, グسیا ن, ​​س ل

Most popular destinations from Lansing, MI (flights per week)

  1. Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, MI (37, 58.73%)
  2. Washington DC – Ronald Reagan National Airport, VA (8, 12.70%)
  3. Minneapolis – St. Paul International Airport, MN (8, 12.70%)
  4. Evansville Regional Airport, IN (5, 7.94%)
  5. Cleveland – Hopkins International Airport, OH (2, 3.17%)
  6. Rapid City, SD (2, 3.17%)
  7. Other (1.59%)

Top airlines (share of take-offs / landings)

  1. Aeroméxico (81, 15.49%)
  2. KLM (77, 14.72%)
  3. Virgin Atlantic Airways (69, 13.19%)
  4. Delta Air Lines (53, 10.13%)
  5. Air France (46, 8.80%)
  6. Korean Air Lines (40, 7.65%)
  7. American Airlines (24, 4.59%)
  8. Lufthansa (13, 2.49%)
  9. United Airlines (13, 2.49%)
  10. Royal Brunei Airlines (10, 1.91%)
  11. Other (18.54%)

The airport is located 5 kilometers northwest of downtown Lansing, directly on Highway 96. The best way to get to the airport for drivers coming from outside of the city is via one of the interstates (# 69, 96,496). Take one of the exits for Lansing, then follow the signs for Highway 96 (N. Grand River Avenue).

Passengers arriving by train take the train to the Lansing Amtrak station on S. Harrison Street and then, from the CATA Transportation Center in downtown, which isapproximately 3 kilometers away, take the “Northbound” bus route # 14 to the airport or alternatively take a taxi.