Laramie Regional Airport

Laramie Regional Airport Code

LAR is the abbreviation code for Laramie Regional Airport. According to Abbreviation Finder, LAR can also mean:

  1. Lab Animal Resources
  2. Laboratorio Analisi e Ricerche
  3. Lancer Assault Rifle
  4. Laramie, WY, USA – General Brees Field
  5. Large Account Reseller
  6. Large Adaptive Reflector
  7. Late-Phase Asthmatic Reaction
  8. Lateral Acceleration for Rollover
  9. Latin American Region
  10. Lattice Aided Reduction
  11. Launch Acceptability Region
  12. Launch Associated Railcar
  13. Leader Auto Resources
  14. Leaf Area Ratio
  15. Leaflet Artillery Round
  16. Learning, Actions, Results
  17. Legal Amount Recognition

Laramie Regional Airport

Laramie Airport, WY (LAR)

The Laramie Regional Airport is an important aviation hub in the southeast of the US state of Wyoming. It is located near the city of the same name, which is in the administrative district of Albany County.

  • URL: Laramie, WY (LAR)
  • Time zone: GMT -7
  • Service phone: +1 307 742-4164
  • Address: Laramie Regional Airport, 555 General Brees Road, Laramie, WY 82070, USA
  • Operator: Laramie Regional Airport Board
  • Parking: Yes, parking is free.
  • Nearby cities: Fort Collins (95 km)
  • Getting There : From Laramie, take State Road 130 towards Centennial and follow airport signs
  • Train connections: The nearest possible Amtrak Rail Station is about 200 kilometers further south in Denver, Colorado, from where there is a connection to the “California Zephyr”.
  • Flight distribution on the days of the week: Monday (18.33%), Tuesday (12.92%), Wednesday (18.75%), Thursday (13.33%), Friday (17.92%), Saturday (9.58%), Sunday (9.17%)
  • other spellings: Laramie-WY, Laramie Regional Airport, Ларами (Вайоминг), Ларамі (Вайомінг), Λαραμί, לאראמי, لارامي ، وオايو グ グ (ミ) グ (ラ) 러미 グ, ラ ラ 러미 グ

The airport is 5 kilometers west of downtown Laramie. Drivers can reach the airport on State Road 130. From Laramie, take State Road 130 (Snowy Range Road) towards Centennial until the turnoff to General Brees Road, which leads directly to the airport.