Meaning of BRB

What is BRB?

BRB are the initials of “be right back”.

This acronym is often used especially in informal digital communications, such as chats and online social networks.
The BRB (as the translation itself suggests) is used in the context in which a person is momentarily absent from a dialogue, but warning that he will soon return to continue the conversation.

Even though it is an English slang, BRB is used globally in the typical language of the Internet.

Several other acronyms are used in digital communications such as sending SMS, in social networks or in messaging applications (Whatsapp, Snapchat, Viber and etc.).

Unlike BRB, when one person stops talking and takes to return, it is customary to use the acronym BBL, which means “be back later”.

The BBS ( “be back in a second” or “go back in a second” in translation) is used to inform that the break in communication will be very fast.

There is also the GTG or G2G, which in English means ” got  to go”  and means “I have to go”, or BCNU  “be seeing you”, which is translated as “by sight.”

Other Meanings of BRB

Acronym Definition
BRB Baguio Realtors Board
BRB Banco Regional de Brasília SA
BRB Banque de la République du Burundi
BRB Bar Room Bar
BRB Barbados
BRB Base Rate Boundary
BRB Baseline Review Board
BRB Bath Room Break
BRB Bathroom Break
BRB Batteries de Renseignement de Brigade
BRB Bayerische Regionalbahn
BRB Be Right Back
BRB Benefits Review Board
BRB Benelux Research Business
BRB Bernard and Audre Rapoport Building
BRB Big Red Band
BRB Big Red Button
BRB Biometric Research Branch
BRB Birmingham Royal Ballet
BRB Biweekly Rate Booklet
BRB Black Raid Bulls
BRB Black River Boats
BRB Blue Ridge Boogie
BRB Blue Ridge Broadcasting
BRB Bond Review Board
BRB Bongibault Rénovation Bâtiment
BRB Brandenburg
BRB Brazilian Rainbow Boa
BRB Brienz Rothorn Bahn
BRB Brigade de Répression du Banditisme
BRB Briggs Rainbow Buildings, Inc.
BRB Bright Red Blood
BRB British Railways Board
BRB Brittany Rolled Baits
BRB Buckling-Restrained Brace
BRB Budget Review Board
BRB Bug Review Board
BRB Builders Registration Board
BRB Buried Ruins of Bacaba
BRB Business Reducing Barriers
BRB Business Research Bureau
BRB Butler Rogers Baskett Architects