Meaning of CLT

What is CLT?

CLT (Consolidation of Labor Laws) is the form that defines the employment relationship when companies are going to hire workers.
In the CLT are all the labor laws that regulate the individual or collective work in the companies. The law defines that the employee under CLT has an employment contract and that his / her work portfolio, where the salary is specified and the function that he will perform, is signed by the employer.

Employee rights are also foreseen in the CLT, such as thirty days’ leave, which can be taken after a year of work at the beginning of the contract; 13th salary, an extra salary that the employee receives at the end of the year; among other rights.

The PJ (Legal Entity) work regime designates a professional that has a registered company and supports all charges for performing a service. This professional provides services in several companies and has no employment relationship because he is hired to do a specific job, with a schedule to start and end. It is your responsibility to issue an invoice for the service performed.

However, if the company hires a PJ and the employee provides daily service, only for that company, fulfilling established schedules, with defined functions and having the same obligations as a regular worker, that service provider may apply in court for his rights as an employee CLT, claiming employment relationship.

Other Meanings of CLT

Acronym Definition
CLT Cairo Local Time
CLT Calculated Landing Time
CLT Canadian Learning Television
CLT Casualty Liaison Team
CLT Cellular Logistics Team
CLT Center for Law and Technology
CLT Central Limit Theorem
CLT Central Location Test
CLT Centre for Language Technology
CLT Certificate of Land Transfer
CLT Certified Landscape Technician
CLT Certified Laser Technician
CLT Certified Lymphedema Therapist
CLT Charge Listing
CLT Charitable Lead Trust
CLT Charlotte, NC, USA – Charlotte/Douglas International Airport
CLT Chien Loup Tchécoslovaque
CLT Chinese Language Teaching
CLT Christian Love Test
CLT Citizens for Limited Taxation
CLT Civic Little Theatre
CLT Classical Laminate Theory
CLT Clinical Laboratory Technologist
CLT Closed Loop Test
CLT Closed Loop Training
CLT Club de Loisirs de Tourlaville
CLT Combine Like Terms
CLT Command Level Testing
CLT Common Leader Training
CLT Communications Line Terminal
CLT Communicative Language Teaching
CLT Community Land Trust
CLT Compagnie Ligérienne de Transport
CLT Compagnie Luxembourgeoise de Télédiffusion
CLT Compagnie Lyonnaise de Tramways
CLT Company Landing Team
CLT Competitive Landscaping Tool
CLT Complexity Leadership Theory
CLT Component-Level Testing
CLT Comprehensive Look Team
CLT Conditional Land Transfer
CLT Consolidação das Leis do Trabalho
CLT Container Load Trailer
CLT Contracted Loaded Tip
CLT Cool Like That
CLT Cooperative Learning Techniques
CLT Coordination des Lycées de Toulouse
CLT Corporate Leadership Team
CLT Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training
CLT Cross-Language Transfer
CLT Cued Language Transliterator
CLT Culture et Loisirs à Thorigny
CLT Cultures, Langues, Textes
CLT Currently Listening To
CLT Customer Learning Terminal
CLT Light Cruiser Training
CLT Stimpson’s Surf Clam
CLT combat lasing team