Meaning of DIY

What is DIY?

DIY is the acronym for Do It Yourself.

DIY can be considered a “philosophy of life”, where its participants choose to refrain from buying furniture, decorative objects and gifts, for example, preferring, instead, to make them.
The concept of Do It Yourself is quite popular mainly for making gifts or creative decorations such as picture frames, clothes, jewelry, cards, candles, bracelets and so on.

The DIY would have begun to popularize from the 1970s, with the spread of anti-consumerism and anticapitalist ideals.

Today, with the Internet, there are numerous sites and blogs specialized in Do It Yourself, mainly aimed at people interested in design and decoration of environments.

For example, the painting and personalization of an antique decorative furniture is both a DIY activity and also encompasses the “Do It Yourself” concept, as it does not require the use of professional help.

Other Meanings of DIY

Acronym Definition
DIY Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta
DIY Diyarbakir, Turkey – Diyarbakia
DIY Do-It-Yourself
DIY Don’t Involve Yourself