Meaning of DPI

What is DPI?

DPI is an acronym related to the world of technology, which means Dots Per Inch, a concept also known by the acronym PPP. It represents the number of dots that can be found in an inch of a particular image. It is common for people to refer to DPI as image resolution.

The DPI concept refers to the number of dots in one inch (2.54 cm) of images that have been reproduced on some type of material (paper, for example) through a printer. Theoretically, the points of an image displayed on a video monitor consist of PPI ( pixels per inch), but device manufacturers and users use the DPI designation for printed images or monitors.

Mouse DPI

In this case DPI also means Points per Inch, but consists of the pattern that measures the sensitivity of optical mice. For regular use of a mouse, high DPI is not required. However, for people who use the mouse in games or for people who work with computer programs in the graphics area, a high DPI is recommended because it implies a greater precision.

On a 1600 DPI mouse, an inch is divided into 1600 parts, increasing sensitivity and accuracy, and even more subtle movements are detected. Many mice have buttons that instantly adjust IPRs.


The DPI is also an acronym that identifies the Department of Informatics of the Federal University of Viçosa.

Other Meanings of DPI

Acronym Definition
DPI Association of Public Sector Information Professionals
DPI Daily Probe
DPI Dalit Panthers of India
DPI Dane Photoimagery
DPI Data Path Interface
DPI Data Processing Information
DPI Data Processing Installation
DPI Datos de Pacientes Individuales
DPI Days Post Infection
DPI Death Pact International
DPI Death Penalty Initiative
DPI Decision Processes International
DPI Deep Packet Inspection
DPI Delaware Pain Initiative
DPI Democratization Policy Institute
DPI Department for Planning and Infrastructure
DPI Department of Planning and Investment
DPI Department of Public Information
DPI Department of Public Instruction
DPI Departure Planning Information
DPI Deployment Partners Inc.
DPI Deployments, Performance & Interoperability
DPI Derived Product Images
DPI Desired Point of Impact
DPI Destruction Potential Index
DPI Detected Pulse Interference
DPI Diabetes Providers Inc
DPI Diamond Products International
DPI Differential Pressure Indicator
DPI Diffraction Products Inc.
DPI Diffuse Pollution Initiative
DPI Digital Phone Interface
DPI Digital Planimetrics Inc.
DPI Digital Printing and Imaging Association
DPI Digital Products Inc.
DPI Digital Program Insertion
DPI Digital Projection International
DPI Direct Pour In-Mold
DPI Direct Programming Interface
DPI Direct RF Power Injection (semiconductors)
DPI Direction Production Ingenierie
DPI Direction du Patrimoine Immobilier
DPI Directional Power Increase
DPI Direitos de Propriedade Intelectual
DPI Dirty Power, Inc.
DPI Disabled Peoples’ International
DPI Disabled Persons International
DPI Discipleship Publishing International
DPI Discomfort, Pain and Injury
DPI Discovery Partners International, Inc.
DPI Disposable Personal Income
DPI Dispositivo di Protezione Individuale
DPI Distributed Power Interconnect
DPI Distributed Program Interface
DPI Distributed Protocol Interface
DPI Distribution Point Identifier
DPI Dive Patches International
DPI Diversified Products Inspections, Inc
DPI Diving Periodicals International
DPI Division of Plant Industry
DPI Division of Public Information
DPI Documento Personal de Identificacion
DPI Dose Powder Inhaler
DPI Dots Per Inch
DPI Drinking Problems Index
DPI Drive Products
DPI Driver Performance Index
DPI Droits de Proprietes Intellectuels
DPI Drug Product Intermediate
DPI Dry Powder Inhaler
DPI Dual Polarisation Interferometry
DPI Dust Puppy Inside
DPI Dutch Polymer Institute
DPI Dye Penetrant Inspection