Meaning of EG

What is EG?

Eg is the abbreviation of exempli grata.

This Latin abbreviation is common mainly in legal texts, both in the form eg and also vg (verbi gratia), which has a meaning equivalent to that of exempli gratia.
Thus, one should use eg to indicate that the following text consists of examples referring to what is before the abbreviation.

Example: “Do not forget to buy fruits (eg apples, bananas, grapes and pears).”

Normally, eg should be used in parentheses, followed by examples that are related to the previous sentence, as in the example above.

It is advisable to use the Latin abbreviation, mainly because it is easy to understand in other languages, for example.

EG and IE

Ie means “that is”. Just as eg, ie is also common in legal or scientific texts, for example.

Unlike eg, which is used to give examples of what has been said, ie serves to signal the explanation, specification or description of a statement made earlier in the text.

Example: “The whale is a mammal, ie an animal that is generated in the female’s uterus and feeds on breast milk.”

Other Meanings of EG

Acronym Definition
EG Early Generation
EG Economic Geography
EG Eddie George
EG Eddie Guerrero
EG Edge-Of-Gutter
EG Egregious
EG Egypt
EG Eingetragene Genossenschaft
EG Electric Guitar
EG Electronic Government
EG Electronic Gun
EG Ellie Goulding
EG Emanuel Ginobili
EG Embryonic Gonad
EG Emergency Gear
EG Emergency Generator
EG Emission Guidelines
EG Empyrean Guard
EG Ender’s Game
EG Endoglucanase
EG Energy Gap
EG Engine Generator
EG Engineering Graphics
EG Enola Gay
EG Entertainment Gathering
EG Enttäuschte Grüße
EG Envelope Generator
EG Eosinophilic Gastroenteritis
EG Epileptic Gaming
EG Equal Gain
EG Equal Gain Least Squares
EG Equipment Ground
EG Equipment Group
EG Erdgeschoss
EG Esophagogastric
EG Ethylene Glycol
EG Euclidean Geometry
EG Eurographics
EG Europeiska Gemenskapen
EG Europese Gemeenschap
EG Europäische Gemeinschaft
EG Evil Geniuses
EG Evil Grin
EG Exempli Gratia
EG Exercise Guide
EG Expert Group
EG Expert Gunner
EG Extreme Games