Meaning of FSC

What is FSC?

FSC is the acronym of Forest Stewardship Council, an English expression that means “Forest Stewardship Council”. The FSC is an independent, non-profit organization founded in 1993, based on the need to ensure environmental conservation and the sustainable development of forests throughout the world.

The FSC’s mission is to promote responsible forest management and the rational use of the forest through a set of standards called Principles and Criteria that aim to ensure the long-term existence of the forest.
The forest certification seal is released by certifiers constantly monitored by the FSC and has the objective of guaranteeing that the wood comes from a productive process managed according to an ecologically adequate, socially fair, economically feasible and compliant law.

The Principles and Criteria developed by the FSC are recognized and valid internationally for certification. Each member country represents the FSC nationally.

A certified forest area is a guarantee not only of the origin of the wood, but also a guarantee to the retailers and consumers, being aware of the problems of degradation of the environment, that they are using wood products originated from a well managed forest.

Other Meanings of FSC

Acronym Definition
FSC Brothers of the Christian Schools, Christian Brothers
FSC Facility Security Clearance
FSC Facility Support Centre
FSC Facility Support Contract
FSC Factory Service Center
FSC Faculty of Science
FSC Fail Safe Circuit
FSC Fail Safe Control
FSC Fail-Safe Closed
FSC Fair Service Curve
FSC Fair Share Claiming
FSC Fairchild Space Company
FSC Family Service Canada
FSC Family Service Center
FSC Family Service Centre
FSC Family Support Center
FSC Federal School Code
FSC Federal Security Code
FSC Federal Signal Corporation
FSC Federal Stock Catalog
FSC Federal Stock Class
FSC Federal Supply Catalog
FSC Federal Supply Category
FSC Federal Supply Classification
FSC Federal Supply/Stock Code/Class
FSC Federation of Southern Cooperatives
FSC Fellow of Science
FSC Felony Settlement Conference
FSC Fiber Switching Capability
FSC Field Sequential Color
FSC Field Service Company
FSC Field Service Continuous
FSC Field Simulation Center
FSC Field Studies Council
FSC Field Study Centre
FSC Field Supply Company
FSC Field Support Center
FSC Field Support Command
FSC Fiji Sugar Corporation Limited
FSC Film Studies Center
FSC Financial Sector Charter Council
FSC Financial Services Center
FSC Financial Services Commission
FSC Financial Services Consultant
FSC Financial Services Corporation
FSC Financial Supervisory Commission
FSC Finite State Channel
FSC Finnish Society of Cinematographers
FSC Fire Safe Cigarette
FSC Fire Science
FSC Fire Support Cell
FSC Fire Support Center
FSC Fire Support Coordination/Coordinator
FSC First Suburbs Consortium
FSC Fitchburg State College
FSC Flag State Control
FSC Fleet Satellite Communications
FSC Fleet Systems Capable
FSC Flensburger Segel-Club
FSC Flexible System Controller
FSC Flight Security Controller
FSC Flight Sensor Computer
FSC Flight Service Center
FSC Flight System Control
FSC Florida Ski Council
FSC Florida Southern College
FSC Florida State College
FSC Florida Sterling Council, Inc
FSC Florida Sun Conference
FSC Florida Supreme Court
FSC Floridians for School Choice
FSC Flying Status Code
FSC Food Safety Commission
FSC Food Safety Consortium
FSC Food Sanitation Center
FSC Food Service and Cleanliness
FSC Force Structure Committee
FSC Force Structure Conference
FSC Foreign Sales Corporation
FSC Foreign Service Credits
FSC Forensic Science Consultant
FSC Forest Stewardship Council
FSC Former Socialist Countries
FSC Forum for Security Cooperation
FSC Forward Scatter Characteristics
FSC Forward Scattering
FSC Forward Schedule of Changes
FSC Forward Shaped Charge
FSC Forward Support Company
FSC Foundation for the Study of Cycles
FSC Fox Soccer Channel
FSC Framingham State College
FSC Free Sales Certificate
FSC Free Speech Coalition
FSC Free Store Club
FSC Frenchtown Senior Center
FSC Frequency Selective Channel
FSC Frequency Selector Control
FSC Frequency Sub Carrier
FSC Friendly Situation Capability
FSC Friendly Situation Component
FSC Fuel Surcharge
FSC Fuel System Controller
FSC Fujitsu Siemens Computers
FSC Fujitsu Software Corporation
FSC Full Service Carrier
FSC Full Service Contracting
FSC Full Service Contractor
FSC Full Systems Capability
FSC Fully Self Contained
FSC Functional System Concept
FSC Fusion Science Center
FSC Future Surface Combatant
FSC fire-safe cigarette
FSC free secretory component