Meaning of FYI

What is FYI?

FYI is the abbreviation for the English term “For your information”.

Its use is very common in e-mail messages, when the sender wants to give notice of some novelty that may be of interest to the recipient. In this case, in the subject or in the body of the message comes only FYI, indicating that the attached information does not necessarily require a response, ie it is just an informative message.
When you add the letter J at the beginning of the acronym, shortening the word just meaning “only”, the term becomes ” Just for your information ” (JFYI). It is also common to use the expression “For your information only” which has the same meaning. In both cases, it is a reinforcement that the message is only informative.

Another of the abbreviations that are usually used in emails is FYG, an acronym for For Your Guidance. It is a more technical abbreviation, often used in the context of business administration, which is often used in the subject or title of the e-mail, to indicate that the e-mail contains instructions that must be followed by the person who received the e-mail.

When a response from the recipient is required, the term used is FYA which means “For your attention”, indicating that message requires a response from the recipient.

Other Meanings of FYI

Acronym Definition
FYI Fiscal Year Information
FYI Follow Your Instincts
FYI For You Indirectly
FYI For Your Information
FYI For Your Inspection
FYI For Your Interest
FYI For Your Intonation
FYI For Youth Initiative
FYI Forget You Idiot
FYI Found Your Insulin
FYI Fresno Yosemite International, Fresno, CA