Meaning of MSN

What is MSN?

MSN is an online service portal of Microsoft, launched in the year 1995, along with the Windows 95 Operating System. MSN stands for “Microsoft Service Network”.
The portal is different from the instant messaging program known as “MSN Messenger” or simply “Messenger.” On the Internet, portal is a site that aggregates a diversity of content for users. brings together various information and interactive services related to certain segments, such as: entertainment, sports, horoscope, games, news, videos, search service in Bing (the Microsoft search engine), etc.

The popular free Hotmail e-mail service and the old MSN Messenger were also released using the MSN brand. However, in 2005, Microsoft launched the Windows Live brand to communicate its software and services online.

Since its launch, has undergone major changes. In October 2012, Microsoft released a new version of MSN exclusively for users of the Windows 8 Operating System and the Internet Explorer 10 browser. It is an optimized version for tablets and touch screens, and designed to utilize all the technical resources that the Windows 8 offers.

In 2010, reached the 5th place among the most visited sites in the world.

Other Meanings of MSN

Acronym Definition
MSN Madison, WI, USA – Dane County Regional Airport
MSN Mahou Sensei Negima
MSN Make Some Noise
MSN Management Services Network
MSN Mandatory Spay Neuter
MSN Manufacturer Serial Number
MSN Maquila Solidarity Network
MSN Marine Safety Network
MSN Martian Successor Nadesico
MSN Mass Spectrometry to the N-th Power
MSN Master’s of Science in Nursing
MSN Mechanical Serial Number
MSN Medicare Summary Notice
MSN Medium Spiny Neurons
MSN Memorial Service Network
MSN Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticle
MSN Message Sequence Number
MSN Methodist Student Network
MSN Mexico Solidarity Network
MSN Michigan School of Nursing
MSN Microsoft Network
MSN Microsoft Service Network
MSN Middle School North
MSN Migration Storage Node
MSN Mission
MSN Mobile Ad-Hoc and Sensor Networks
MSN Mobile Social Network
MSN Mobile Suit
MSN Modern Satellite Network
MSN Moesin
MSN Monitoring Cell Sequence Number
MSN Most Significant Nibble
MSN Multi-Service Network
MSN Multi-Service Node
MSN Multiple Subscriber Number
MSN Museum Security Network
MSN Muslim Student Network