Meaning of OCD

What is OCD?

OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) is a psychiatric disorder caused by compulsive thoughts that generate anxiety causing discomfort or suffering in the individual. The obsession for hygiene is usually referred to as OCD; symmetry; perfectionism; “manias” or “rituals”.
The OCD can be manifested in many ways, and in some cases are more serious and others may be less noticeable. This type of disorder plagues thousands of people around the world.

OCD can be identified if the individual is concerned at all times with dirt, washing their hands several times throughout the day or discomfort if the objects are not symmetrically positioned.

It is defined as Subclinical OCD, in case there are some “rituals” or obsessions that repeat with some regularity, but that do not go to disrupt the social life of the individual.

This disorder may prevent an individual from performing their work and from interacting in a social context.

Causes of OCD

There are many uncertainties regarding the causes of OCD, and some causes have not yet been scientifically proven. The most common cause is genetics, when someone in the family suffers or has suffered from this type of disorder, it is common to check other people with the same disorder or similar. Studies point to a multifactorial anomaly due to a communication problem in some areas of the brain linked to serotonin.

A bacterial infection can also trigger symptoms related to obsessive compulsive disorder.

As many causes of OCD are unknown, it is not possible to speak of a definitive cure for this disorder. However, there are treatments that can alleviate your symptoms.

Treatment of OCD

OCD is a disorder that develops in an individual’s behavior and may be mild, moderate, or severe. A person does not get better without treatment, and as the disorder manifests in different ways in each person, treatments can also vary. Some psychiatrists claim that behavioral therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and some medications are first-line treatments for OCD.

Other Meanings of OCD

Acronym Definition
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OCD Object Component Desktop
OCD Obscure Character of the Day
OCD Obsessive Castle Disorder
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OCD Obsessive Cullen Disorder
OCD Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
OCD Occupational Cerviobrachial Disorder
OCD Ocean Chemistry Division
OCD Off Campus Dons
OCD Off-Chip Driver
OCD Offensive Central Defender
OCD Office of Child Development
OCD Office of Civil Defense
OCD Office of Civilian Defense
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OCD Office of the Center Director
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OCD Operational Capability Demonstration
OCD Operational Concept Description
OCD Operational Concept Document
OCD Operational Control Document
OCD Operations Capability Development
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OCD Operator Control Display
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OCD Optimal Coherent Decomposition
OCD Optionally Convertible Debenture
OCD Order Configuration and Distribution
OCD Order of Discalced Carmelites
OCD Ordered Constant Depth
OCD Ordnance Classification of Defects
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OCD Organized Crime Division
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OCD Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, Inc
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OCD Osteochondritis Dissecans
OCD Out of Cell Delineation
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OCD Over the Counter Drugs
OCD Over-Complete Dictionary
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