Meaning of OTP

What is OTP?

OTP is the acronym for One True Pairing (“A True Pair”). This is a slang used in fandomsto, referring to the characters that form the perfect couple from the point of view of each fan of the respective work (film, series, book and etc).
In short, the OTP’s are the fans’ favorite ships, that is, it consists of the fictional couple that the fanboy or fangirl most defends and wants to have a “happy ending”.

From the idea of ​​the OTP, another abbreviation appeared in the fandoms : the BROTP, junction of “bromance” ( brother + romance ) and “one true pairing”. This acronym is used to represent the friendship that fans most admire and hope for in the accompanying work. The female version is BROTP is SISTP (” sister ” + “otp”).

Remember that at the same time that shippar and OTP are similar, they are also different. The ship turns out to be something “broader”, covering all the couples the fan would like to have a romantic relationship with. OTP, as said, is the fan’s favorite ship among all the others he can have in the same series or movie, for example.

Other Meanings of OTP

Acronym Definition
OTP Bucharest, Romania – Otopeni
OTP Obligatorisk Tjenestepensjon
OTP Odznaka Turystyki Pieszej
OTP Off the Page
OTP Off the Pigs
OTP Offender Treatment Program
OTP Offer to Purchase
OTP Office of Telecommunications Policy
OTP Office of the Premier
OTP Oh, the Profanity!
OTP On the Pause
OTP On the Phone
OTP On the Piss
OTP On-Time Performance
OTP One Team Partner
OTP One Term President
OTP One Time Pad
OTP One Time Password
OTP One Time Programmable
OTP One True Pair/Pairing
OTP One True Pairing
OTP One-Trick Pony
OTP Online Team Play
OTP Open Telecom Platform
OTP Open Trading Protocol
OTP Open Training Platform
OTP Openland Tree-Planting
OTP Operating & Transition Plan
OTP Operational Test Piece
OTP Operational Test Plan
OTP Operational Test Procedure
OTP Operational Trial Period
OTP Operations Training Package
OTP Operator Training Program
OTP Opioid Treatment Program
OTP Opposite Track Path
OTP Optical Technology Project
OTP Optional Time Period
OTP Orbital Time Processor
OTP Order to Pay
OTP Ore Transport Permit
OTP Oregon Transportation Plan
OTP Orlando Theatre Project
OTP Országos Takarék Pénztár
OTP Other Theater Project
OTP Other Tobacco Product
OTP Other Trustworthy Person
OTP Outdoor Therapeutic Program
OTP Outline Test Plan
OTP Outpatient Treatment Program
OTP Outside the Perimeter
OTP Over Temperature Protection
OTP Over the Phone
OTP Overtime Personnel