Meaning of SLA

What is SLA?

SLA stands for Service Level Agreement.

The SLA is a contract between two parties: between the entity that intends to provide the service and the customer who wishes to benefit from it.
These SLAs or ANSs specify in detail all aspects of the type of service that will be provided, as well as the contractual terms, the quality of the service and the price to be paid for the work.

That is, the main points of the SLA can be summarized in:

  • Definition of the results to be obtained;
  • Time of execution of the activity to be developed;
  • Define those responsible for the activities and the involvement they will have;
  • Define the tools that will be used;
  • Detail the quality of the work to be delivered;

It can be said that SLA applies in the entire market sector that deals with the provision of services, however, it was agreed to relate this agreement with companies working in the area of Information Technology – IT.

SLAs should be controlled from specific methods and metrics that can guarantee the public interested in acquiring a particular service to recognize the quality of the results obtained by a particular company or entity that executes them.

Other Meanings of SLA

Acronym Definition
SLA Salta, Salta, Argentina – International
SLA Sand-Blasted, Large Grit, Acid-Etched
SLA Sandia Laboratories Albuquerque
SLA Saskatchewan Lacrosse Association
SLA Saskatchewan Library Association
SLA Saturn LEM Adapter
SLA Saved Leave Accrued
SLA Scanned Linear Array
SLA Scanning Laser Altimeter
SLA School Library Association
SLA School Licensing Agreement
SLA Science Leadership Academy
SLA Science Learning Assessment
SLA Scottish Library Association
SLA Scottish Local Authority
SLA Sealed Lead-Acid
SLA Second Language Acquisition
SLA Secretariat for Legal Affairs
SLA Sectorial Loop Antenna
SLA Security Logistics Agency
SLA Service Level Agreement
SLA Service Level Assessment
SLA Service Life Allowance
SLA Services Locations Audiovisuels
SLA Seven Letter Acronym
SLA Sexual Liberation Army
SLA Short-and-Long-arm
SLA Shuttle Laser Altimeter
SLA Sierra National Airlines, Sierra Leone
SLA Simple Living America
SLA Sindhi Language Authority
SLA Single Line Adapter
SLA Single Living Accommodation
SLA Site Level Aggregator
SLA Site-Level Aggregation
SLA Six Letter Acronym
SLA Slow Left Arm Orthodox
SLA Smart Living Association
SLA So Long, Astoria
SLA Société Canadienne de la Sclérose Latérale Amyotrophique
SLA Software License Agreement
SLA Softwood Lumber Agreement
SLA Soluble Liver Antigen
SLA Solutions Latin America
SLA South Lebanese Army
SLA Spacecraft Lunar Module Adapter
SLA Special Leave Accrual
SLA Special Libraries Association
SLA Specification Limit Analysis
SLA Spell-Like Ability
SLA Square Loop Antenna
SLA Sri Lankan Army
SLA Sri Lankan Association
SLA Stanford Linear Accelerator
SLA State Lead Agency
SLA State Licensing Agency
SLA State Liquor Authority
SLA Stereolithography
SLA Stereolithography Apparatus
SLA Strategic Logistic Agency
SLA Stretched Lens Array
SLA Student Led Activity
SLA Student Librarian Association
SLA Studio Legale Associato
SLA Subledger Accounting
SLA Substantial Land Alteration
SLA Sudanese Liberation Army
SLA Supplemental License Agreement
SLA Surface Level Analysis
SLA Surplus Line Association
SLA Sustainable Livelihoods Approach
SLA Swiss Labor Assistance
SLA Symbionese Liberation Army
SLA Synchronous Line Adapter