Meaning of TS

What is Quality TS?

Quality TS (TS stands for TeleSync) is a type of recording of a film shown in the cinema, made with a digital camera, in which the sound is recorded from the projection room.

There are two main (illegal) methods of recording a movie that is still being shown in the cinema to be made available on the Internet: TS and CAM. Notoriously the recording quality of these films is inferior to the original.
Therefore, when a user downloads movies on their own sites for this purpose, they are often informed whether the movie has TS or CAM quality. This way you already know what to expect from the content.

Through the CAM method, the viewer uses his or her own camera to record the movie directly from the movie screen. In general, the sound quality and image of the film are bad, because there are noises of people getting up, voices, laughter, etc. The recording angle may also not be centered, leaving the image distorted.

With the TS method, the movie is recorded in the projection booth or an empty movie theater. In this way, the quality of the sound in TS recording is superior, since there is no noise interfering in the video. In some cases, professional cameras are used that provide better image quality.

Other Meanings of TS

Acronym Definition
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TS Technical School
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TS Total Score
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TS Trading Spaces
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TS Training Specialist
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TS Trajectory Synthesis CSCI
TS Tramp Stamp
TS Trans-Section
TS Transaction Separator
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TS Transition Season
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