Meaning of ZIP

What is ZIP?

Zip (or ZIP) is a file format used to compress data stored on your computer. The purpose of compression is to reduce the size of a file or to group multiple files into one.

It is possible to compress audio files, video and images. It is a simple way to group multiple files. The compressed files have the extension “.zip”.
For example, to send multiple documents by email, the task is simplified if the user creates a file that groups all documents together and sends a single file. When the recipient unpacks the “.zip” file, each document will be shown separately.

On some operating systems, such as Mac OS X, the Zip compression format is already integrated into the system.

Some software that works with the format Zip are: PKZIP, WinZip, 7-Zip, etc.

The Zip format was created in 1989 by Phil Katz, founder of PKWARE, and was initially implemented in “PKZIP” software to replace the previous “ARC” compression format. The name “Zip” was suggested by a friend of Phil Katz.

ZIP: Compressed File

ZIP stands for Compressed File

ZIP: Z-Machine Interpreter Program

ZIP stands for Z-Machine Interpreter Program

ZIP: ZRT/IRT- Related Protein

ZIP stands for  ZRT/IRT- Related Protein

Zip is an English word whose meaning in Portuguese is “very fast movement”.

” Zip ” is a jargon often used in the computer medium to designate the action of compressing files.

Other Meanings of ZIP

Acronym Definition
ZIP Compressed File
ZIP Z-Machine Interpreter Program
ZIP ZRT/IRT- Related Protein
ZIP Zero Intelligence Potential
ZIP Zero Interest Plan
ZIP Zero Interpolation Processing
ZIP Zero Inventory Production
ZIP Zig-zag Inline Package
ZIP Zinc Impurity Photodetector
ZIP Zinc Iron and Protein
ZIP Zip Drive
ZIP Zodiacal Infrared Project
ZIP Zone Improvement Plan
ZIP Zone Industrielle Portuaire
ZIP Zone Information Protocol
ZIP Zone d’Initiative Privilegiee
ZIP Zone d’Intervention Prioritaire
ZIP Zoster Immune Plasma