Milwaukee – General Mitchell International Airport Abbreviation Code

MKE is the abbreviation code for Milwaukee – General Mitchell International Airport. According to Abbreviation Finder, MKE can also mean:

  1. Manual Key Exchange
  2. Matsushita-Kotobuki Electronics Industries Ltd.
  3. Maximum Kinetic Energy
  4. Milwaukee, WI, USA – General Mitchell Field
  5. Ministry of Knowledge Economy
  6. Mobiliteit, Kennis en Economie
  7. Motorsport Knowledge Exchange

Milwaukee - General Mitchell International Airport

Milwaukee Airport – General Mitchell International Airport, WI (MKE)

The Milwaukee – General Mitchell International Airport is by far the largest and most important of the US state of Wisconsin Airport. It is named after the US Air Service Brigadier, General William “Billy” Mitchell, who grew up in the city and is considered the father of the US Air Force.

  • URL: Milwaukee – General Mitchell International Airport, WI (MKE)
  • Time zone: GMT -6
  • Service phone: +1 414 747-5300
  • Address: General Mitchell International Airport, 5300 South Howell Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53207, USA
  • Operator: Milwaukee County
  • Parking spaces: yes, subject to a charge; Short-term and long-term parking in surface parking lots and in a parking garage
  • Nearby cities: Milwaukee (10 km)
  • Accessibility: Take Interstate 94 to Exit # 318 and then follow the airport signs onto the “Airport Spur”.
  • Train connections: There is an Amtrak Rail Station directly at the airport. It operates the “Hiawatha” route, which runs from Milwaukee to Chicago.
  • Flight distribution on the days of the week: Monday (14.95%), Tuesday (14.33%), Wednesday (14.61%), Thursday (15.07%), Friday (15.43%), Saturday (10.87%), Sunday (14.74%)
  • other spellings: General Mitchell International Airport, Милуоки, Висконсин, ميلواكي ، ويسكنسن, 밀워키, מילווקי, ミ ル ウ ォ ー キ ー, มิ ล วอ วอ กี,,, оМ (威斯康辛州), مvमिल्वौकीل,

Favorite destinations from Milwaukee – General Mitchell International Airport, WI (flights per week)

  1. Atlanta International Airport (79, 7.88%)
  2. Denver International Airport, CO (61, 6.08%)
  3. New York – La Guardia Airport, NY (53, 5.28%)
  4. Phoenix – Sky Harbor International Airport (50, 4.99%)
  5. Philadelphia International Airport, PA (46, 4.59%)
  6. Minneapolis – St. Paul International Airport, MN (46, 4.59%)
  7. Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, MI (46, 4.59%)
  8. Charlotte Douglas International Airport, NC (38, 3.79%)
  9. Dallas – Love Field, TX (35, 3.49%)
  10. New York – Newark Liberty International Airport, NJ (33, 3.29%)
  11. Other (51.43%)

Top airlines (share of take-offs / landings)

  1. Southwest Airlines (1045, 30.34%)
  2. Westjet (336, 9.76%)
  3. American Airlines (234, 6.79%)
  4. Virgin Atlantic Airways (207, 6.01%)
  5. KLM (185, 5.37%)
  6. Air France (181, 5.26%)
  7. Delta Air Lines (161, 4.67%)
  8. Aeroméxico (156, 4.53%)
  9. United Airlines (143, 4.15%)
  10. Korean Air Lines (102, 2.96%)
  11. Other (20.16%)

The airport, which went into operation in 1920, is only about 10 kilometers south of downtown Milwaukee and is the most important hub for Midwest Airlines. It is also often used by passengers who want to avoid the very busy O’Hare Airport in Chicago, as it has had its own Amtrak connection since 2005, which serves the route from Milwaukee to Chicago.

The fastest way to get to the airport by car is Interstate 94. When you arrive in Milwaukee, take I-94 to Exit # 318 and then follow the signs on “Airport Lane”, which lead directly to the departure terminal.

From downtown Milwaukee, the local Milwaukee County Transit System bus route # 80 runs daily to the departure terminal. You can find out the current departure times on site.

The original airfield, Hamilton Airport, was built in 1920 under the name of the owner Thomas Hamilton. It was not until 1926 that the city bought the land from the owner and renamed the airfield to Milwaukee County Airport. A departure terminal was built in 1940, and when it was completed in the spring of the following year, it was renamed General Mitchell Field. Another renaming to the current name finally took place on June 19, 1986.


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