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Meaning of UNESCO


What is UNESCO? Unesco is the acronym for United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. It was founded just after the end of World War II with the goal of contributing to peace and security in the world through education, science,…
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Meaning of USA


What is USA? USA is the acronym for United States of America. The United States is a country composed of fifty states and a federal district, most of the country lies in the central region of North America.

Meaning of NATO


What is NATO? NATO is the acronym for North Atlantic Treaty Organization, a political-military alliance created on April 4, 1949, during the Cold War, which brought together Western and capitalist countries led by the United States. NATO’s aim was to…
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Meaning of OMG


What is OMG? OMG is an abbreviation of the English expression Oh My God. This is a slang that emerged in the United States and became popular mainly on the Internet and treated as a language for SMS (Short Message Service).

Meaning of USB

What is USB? USB stands for Universal Serial Bus(“Universal Port”), a type of technology that allows the connection of peripherals without the need to turn off the computer, as well as transmit and store data.