Roswell International Air Center Airport Code

The Roswell International Air Center Airport has a long and storied history. It began as an Army Air Base in 1941, when it was used to train pilots for World War II. After the war ended, the base was decommissioned and eventually sold to the City of Roswell for $1. The city then decided to turn it into a commercial airport, and by 1955, it had become one of the largest commercial airports in the Southwest. In 1960, the airport saw its first international flight when a Mexicana Airlines plane landed there from Mexico City. Over the years, more and more international flights began coming into Roswell International Air Center Airport, with direct flights being offered to cities throughout Europe and Latin America.

In 1988, the airport underwent a major renovation project that included expanding its runways and modernizing its infrastructure. This allowed it to handle larger aircrafts as well as increase its capacity for international flights. The airport also started offering non-stop service to multiple locations around the world including London Heathrow Airport in England and Charles de Gaulle Airport in France. In addition to this expansion of services, Roswell International Air Center Airport also began offering cargo services which allowed for quick transport of goods between countries around the world.

Today, Roswell International Air Center Airport is one of New Mexico’s busiest airports with over 400 daily departures and arrivals from all over world making it an important hub for air travel in North America. It remains dedicated to providing travelers with convenient access to destinations both near and far while maintaining a commitment to safety at all times.

ROW is the abbreviation code for Roswell International Air Center Airport. According to Abbreviation Finder, ROW can also mean:

  1. Rage of Wotan
  2. Receiver of Wreck
  3. Redistribution of Wealth
  4. Regulation/Overtime Wins
  5. Relocate Out of Washington
  6. Remote Operational Web
  7. Residents of the Wrangells
  8. Rest Of World

Roswell International Air Center Airport

Roswell International Air Center Airport (ROW)

The Roswell International Air Center Airport is a major commercial airport in the US state of New Mexico. Roswell is the county seat of Chaves County in southeast New Mexico.

  • URL: Roswell International Air Center (ROW)
  • Time zone: GMT -7
  • Service phone: +1 575 347-5703
  • Address: City of Roswell Air Center, Jerry Smith Circle, Roswell, New Mexico 88203, USA
  • Operator: City of Roswell
  • Parking: Yes, there is a parking space.
  • Transport links: The airport is located approximately 10 kilometers south of Roswell. Access is via South Maine Street, a junction of US Highway # 285.
  • Train connections: The nearest possible Amtrak Rail Stations are approx. 300-320 kilometers north either in Albuquerque, Lamy or Las Vegas, with a connection to the “Southwest Chief” (Chicago – Los Angeles).
  • Flight distribution on the days of the week: Monday (15.50%), Tuesday (14.00%), Wednesday (13.00%), Thursday (14.75%), Friday (15.25%), Saturday (12.75%), Sunday (14.75%)
  • other spellings: Розуэлл, Нью-Мексико, روزويل ، نيومكسيكو, ロ ズ ウ ェ ル (ニ ュ ー メ キ シ コ 州), 로스웰 (뉴 멕시코 주), 羅斯維爾 (新墨西哥州)

The airport is about 10 kilometers south of downtown Roswell and can be reached via US Highway # 285. The Main Street route of the Pecos Trails Transit runs regularly between downtown and the airport, you can find out the current departure times on site.