Saginaw MBS Airport Abbreviation Code

MBS is the abbreviation code for Saginaw MBS Airport. According to Abbreviation Finder, MBS can also mean:

  1. Macross Broadcasting System
  2. Mad Bomber Society
  3. Main Bang Suppression
  4. Malawi Bureau of Standards
  5. Mamut Business Software
  6. Management Board Secretariat
  7. Management By Subscription
  8. Manchester Business School
  9. Manual Block System
  10. Marge Brute Standard
  11. Maritime Buoyage System
  12. Master Boot Sector
  13. Master Business Systems, Ltd.
  14. Maximum Burst Size
  15. Meatball Sub
  16. Media Buying Services
  17. Medicare Benefits Schedule
  18. Mega Building Systems Ltd
  19. Megabits per Second
  20. Melbourne Business School

Saginaw MBS Airport

Saginaw Airport – MBS Int. Airport, MI (MBS)

The Saginaw MBS Airport is the main air transport hub in the administrative district of Saginaw County, Michigan. The name MBS is derived from the 3 surrounding towns of M idland, B ay City and S aginaw, all of which are close to the airport.

  • URL: Saginaw – MBS Int. Airport (MBS)
  • Time zone: GMT -5
  • Service phone: +1 989 695-5555
  • Address: MBS International Airport, 8500 Garfield Road, Suite 101, Freeland, MI 48623, USA
  • Operator: MBS International
  • Parking: Yes, for a fee, short and long-term parking, but the first 15 minutes are free.
  • Nearby cities: Flint (66 km), Lansing (97 km)
  • Getting There : Take either US Highway 10 or State Road 46 to the junction for State Road 47 (Midland Road) and follow the airport signs from there.
  • Train connections: The closest possible Amtrak Rail Station is around 50 kilometers further south in Flint.
  • Flight distribution on the days of the week: Monday (14.97%), Tuesday (14.44%), Wednesday (14.56%), Thursday (14.61%), Friday (14.75%), Saturday (12.88%), Sunday (13.80%)
  • other spellings: Saginaw-Bay City-Midland-MI, MBS International Airport, Сагинав, Сагіно, 새 기노, サ ギ ノ ー, 薩吉諾, Μίντλαντ

Top airlines (share of take-offs / landings)

  1. Virgin Atlantic Airways (83, 19.81%)
  2. Air France (68, 16.23%)
  3. Aeroméxico (62, 14.80%)
  4. KLM (54, 12.89%)
  5. Delta Air Lines (45, 10.74%)
  6. Korean Air Lines (24, 5.73%)
  7. Wideroe (17, 4.06%)
  8. Royal Brunei Airlines (12, 2.86%)
  9. Other (12.88%)

The airport is located approximately 6 kilometers southeast below Midland and 6 kilometers northwest of Saginaw. The quickest way to get to the airport for drivers coming from outside the city is to take US Highway 10 north. Take the Midland to Bay City exit to State Road 47 (Midland Road) and then just follow that Signs to the airport. Drivers coming from the south should take State Road 46, on the route from Saginaw to Alma to the exit to State Road 47, from where the rest of the route is signposted.


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