San José – Norman Y. Mineta International Airport Code

San José – Norman Y. Mineta International Airport (SJC) is one of the oldest airports in the United States, having been in operation since 1927. It was originally known as San José Municipal Airport and was the first municipal airport owned and operated by a major U.S. city. In 1941, the airport was renamed after World War II aviator Norman Y. Mineta, who had served as a pilot during the war and had gone on to become a prominent statesman in California politics.

Since its inception, SJC has undergone several expansions to meet the growing needs of travelers in Silicon Valley. In 1967, it introduced its first jet service with flights to Los Angeles and San Francisco International Airports. By 1976, SJC had become a major regional hub with direct flights to more than 20 domestic destinations and several international ones as well. The following year saw the construction of a larger terminal building with more gates and improved services for passengers including baggage handling and check-in counters.

In recent decades, SJC has continued to expand its services and infrastructure to accommodate increasing passenger demand from Silicon Valley residents traveling domestically or internationally for business or leisure purposes. A new international arrivals facility was opened in 2009 which allowed for more efficient processing of international travelers into the country while providing them with comfortable waiting areas with amenities such as restaurants and shops to make their stay enjoyable before they depart on their onward journey. Additionally, SJC has also seen improvements in its transportation links connecting it efficiently with other parts of Silicon Valley via light rail links from nearby VTA stations as well as bus services from Santa Clara County Transit Authority (VTA).

SJC is the abbreviation code for San José – Norman Y. Mineta International Airport. According to Abbreviation Finder, SJC can also mean:

  1. Saint Joseph College, Connecticut
  2. Saint Joseph’s College, Indiana
  3. San Joaquin County
  4. San Jose Colleges
  5. San Jose, CA, USA – San Jose International Airport
  6. San Juan Capistrano
  7. San Juan College
  8. Senate Judiciary Committee
  9. Serangoon Junior College
  10. Smart Jammer Control
  11. Sniper Joint Clan
  12. Social Justice Center
  13. Social Justice Commission

San José - Norman Y. Mineta International Airport

San Jose International, CA Airport (SJC)

The San JoséNorman Y. Mineta International Airport is one of the most important commercial airports in the US state of California. San José is located in the San Francisco Bay Area, which also houses the two much larger airports of San Francisco and Oakland.

  • URL: San Jose International, CA (SJC)
  • Time zone: GMT -8
  • Service phone: +1 408 501-7600
  • Address: Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport, 1661 Airport Boulevard, San Jose, CA 95110, USA
  • Operator: City of San José
  • Parking spaces: yes, subject to a charge; Short and long-term parking spaces, parking garage
  • Nearby cities: Santa Clara (2 km), San Jose (4 km), Sunnyvale (9 km), Fremont (21 km), Hayward (37 km), Oakland CA (58 km), San Francisco (63 km), Berkeley (64 km), Concord (69 km), Antioch (72 km)
  • Transportation: The airport is located approximately 4 kilometers northwest of downtown on California State Route # 87, which can best be reached either via Interstate # 880 or US Highway # 101.
  • Train connections: San José Diridon Amtrak station in downtown, from there the “Capitol Corridor” and the “Coast Starlight”, as well as the regional express trains of the VGA Light Rail, the Caltrain and the ACE run.
  • Flight distribution on the days of the week: Monday (15.19%), Tuesday (13.84%), Wednesday (14.96%), Thursday (15.27%), Friday (15.77%), Saturday (10.62%), Sunday (14.36%)
  • other spellings: San Jose-CA, Norman Y. Mineta San José International Airport, Сан-Хосе, (Калифорния), سان هوزيه ، كاليفورنيا, Σαν Χοσέ (Καλιφا οσέ (Καλιφا یفر), 주خون خ เซ (รัฐ แคลิฟอร์เนีย 9, 聖荷西 (加利福尼亞 州), サ ン ノ ゼ (カ リ フ ォ ル ニ ア 州), סן חוזה-קליפורניה, सान जोस – कैलिफ़ोर्निया, São José (Califórnia)

Most popular destinations from San Jose International, CA (flights per week)

  1. Los Angeles International Airport, CA (227, 9.99%)
  2. San Diego – Lindberg Field International, CA (164, 7.22%)
  3. Las Vegas – McCarran International Airport, NV (148, 6.51%)
  4. Seattle – Tacoma International Airport, WA (141, 6.20%)
  5. Phoenix – Sky Harbor International Airport (130, 5.72%)
  6. Denver International Airport, CO (127, 5.59%)
  7. Burbank, CA (115, 5.06%)
  8. Santa Ana – Orange County Airport (114, 5.02%)
  9. Portland International Airport, Oregon (89, 3.92%)
  10. Salt Lake City International Airport, UT (70, 3.08%)
  11. Other (41.69%)

Top airlines (share of take-offs / landings)

  1. Southwest Airlines (2846, 40.59%)
  2. Alaska Airlines (649, 9.26%)
  3. Westjet (268, 3.82%)
  4. American Airlines (251, 3.58%)
  5. Delta Air Lines (209, 2.98%)
  6. Virgin Atlantic Airways (199, 2.84%)
  7. Korean Air Lines (187, 2.67%)
  8. KLM (182, 2.60%)
  9. Air Canada (157, 2.24%)
  10. EVA Airways (149, 2.13%)
  11. Other (27.29%)

The airport, which was only officially opened in 1965, is located approx. 4 kilometers northwest of downtown San José. It can be reached via the Guadalupe Parkway (California State Route # 87), which in turn is connected to US Highway # 101 and Interstate # 880.

Several Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) buses run between the airport and various destinations in the area as well as downtown, e.g. bus route # 10 (VTA Airport Flyer), this stops at both terminals and runs regularly to the Metro Light Rail Station and to the Santa Clara Caltrain Station. Both are in close proximity to Amtrak Diridon Station and the San Jose Transit Center. Bus route # 180 (Board Airport Flyer) runs regularly from the Transit Center to Fremont Bart Station, from where there is a connection to the public network of the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART).