Texarkana Airport, AR (TXK)

Texarkana Regional Airport Abbreviation Code

TXK is the abbreviation code for Texarkana Regional Airport.

Texarkana Airport, AR (TXK)

Texarkana Airport, AR (TXK)

The Texarkana Regional Airport, also known as the Webb Field is an important aviation hub in the US state of Arkansas. The airport is located in the city of the same name in Miller County, which is located in the extreme southwest of the state. Texarkana itself, is on the border with the states of Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana, which is also due to the artificially formed place name Texarkana.

  • URL: Texarkana, AR (TXK)
  • Time zone: GMT -6
  • Service phone: +1 870 774-2171
  • Address: Texarkana Regional Airport, 201 Airport Drive, Texarkana, AR-TX 71854, USA
  • Operator: Texarkana Airport Authority
  • Parking spaces: Yes, there are 50 parking spaces available, parking is free during the day and paid at night.
  • How to get there: Drive to Texarkana and then take either US Highway 67 or State Highway 245 for the airport signs.
  • Train Connections: Take the “Texas Eagle” to Texarkana Amtrak Station and then change to bus # 1.
  • Flight distribution on the days of the week: Monday (15.35%), Tuesday (14.85%), Wednesday (14.11%), Thursday (14.85%), Friday (14.60%), Saturday (10.89%), Sunday (15.35%)
  • other spellings: Texarkana-AR, Webb Field, Тексаркана, шт. Арканзас (США), تيكساركانا, テ ク サ ー カ ナ, 特克萨卡纳, 特克薩卡納

The airport is only 6 kilometers east of the state border with Texas. Out-of-town drivers should travel to Texarkana on either Interstate Highway 30 or State Highway 549. In Texarkana, either on US Highway 67 or State Highway 245, the rest of the way is then signposted.

Passengers arriving by train take the “Texas Eagle” line to the Texarkana Amtrak station and then continue on bus route # 1 operated by the local public transport company “T-Line” to the airport.