The Story of Tux, the Penguin-Symbol Linux 1

The Story of Tux and the Penguin-Symbol Linux

Just a drawing of a penguin appear in any place (site,magazines, books, etc.) so that many people with computer skills link the image to the Linux. Also that, The Tux is a figure a penguin that became the logo of this operating system. This article will show how and when the Tux became the Linux mascot and also will explain the choice of your name.

The history of Tux

In 1996, many members of the mailing list, Linux-Kernel were discussing the creation of a logo or a new mascot which represents the Linux. Many of the suggestions were parodies of the logo of an operating system competitor, and very known. Others were monsters or aggressive animals (at least lendariamente), like sharks and eagles. Linus Torvalds just entering this debate by stating in a message that was very fond of penguins. That was enough to end the discussion.

After that, several attempts were made in a kind notice that the image of a penguin serve the purposes Linux, until someone suggested the figure of a “penguin sustaining the world”. In response, Linus Torvalds stated that he thought interesting that this penguin had a simple image: a penguin “chubby” and with an expression of satisfied, as if he had just finished eating a portion of fish. Torvalds also he did not think attractive the idea of something aggressive, but the the idea of a penguin friendly, the kind that children ask, “mommy, can I have one of those too?”. Still, Torvalds also noted that working in this way, people could create several modifications of this penguin. It actually happens to you. There are several versions of Tux in the Internet (as can be seen in the beginning of this article, the AbbreviationFinder it also uses a changed image of Tux).

When questioned about why penguins, Linus Torvalds replied that there was no reason in particular, but the thought funny and even quoted that was bitten by a penguin killer” in Australia. In addition, the possibility creation of versions of this penguin are huge. As a comparison, Torvalds cited that the logo of the Windows operating system was not bad, but little is can do with it.

Faced with this situation, a contest was proposed to the choice of an ideal image of the penguin and the drawing created by Larry Ewing ended up being the chosen one. He had created using the programs GIMP.

Supporting the intentions of creativity, as soon as your design has been chosen, Larry Ewing has authorized the use and changes in the image, provided that its authorship ([email protected])and the use of GIMP to be mentioned in case someone ask. The images below show the evolution of the design.

The name Tux

This is a question that still generates controversy, but the version acceptable is that the name Tux came “the tuxedo”, English word for a type of clothing that in Brazil it is known as “smoking” or “frock coat”. This is because the colors of the penguins remind of a be using this type dress. However, there are those who argue that the name Tux also it is used as a reference to the name of Linus Torvalds Unix: Torvalds UniX.

In the choice of names, there were other suggestions, such as Homer, in reference the character of Homer in the Simpsons cartoon series The Simpsons. This suggestion was given by the fact that the Tux be similar to the character in question.

The use of a figure of a penguin as the logo of Linux certainly it was a good choice, since it is an image inviting, that awakens the curiosity and that perhaps gives the impression of something done in the community, because “penguins live in flocks”. The Tux gained so much importance that today there are even products that use your image, such as stickers, table decorations, clothing, dollsteddy, etc. Could not be different, after all the Tux stands for not only Linux, but also all the your community.

The Story of Tux, the Penguin-Symbol Linux 1