Tyler Pounds Regional Airport Code

Tyler Pounds Regional Airport (TYR) is located in Tyler, Texas and has been serving the local community since the 1940s. The airport was originally owned by the City of Tyler and was known as Tyler Municipal Airport. In the 1950s, the airport was renamed to Tyler Pounds Regional Airport in honor of an army airman that died in service during World War II. During this time, the airport saw significant growth as it began to serve more airlines and passengers. By 1960, TYR had become a medium hub airport with multiple airlines offering flights to destinations across Texas and beyond.

In the 1970s, TYR underwent several improvements including expanding its runway to accommodate larger aircraft and building a new terminal building. This expansion allowed for more airlines to offer services at TYR and increased its cargo capacity significantly. Today, TYR is served by four major airlines with over 40 daily departures offering service to numerous destinations across the United States and Canada. The airport also houses two FBOs (Fixed Base Operators) that provide private jet charter services as well as fueling services for general aviation aircraft. In addition to commercial flights, TYR serves as a base for military aircraft belonging to both the U.S Air Force and Navy Reserve units stationed in East Texas.

TYR is the abbreviation code for Tyler Pounds Regional Airport. According to Abbreviation Finder, TYR can also mean:

  1. Ten Year Review
  2. The Young Riders
  3. Tyler, TX, USA – Pounds Field

Tyler Pounds Regional Airport

Tyler Pounds Regional Airport, TX (TYR)

The Tyler Pounds Regional Airport is a major air traffic hub in the US state of Texas. It is located in Smith County, which is in the northeast of the country.

  • URL: Tyler Pounds Regional Airport (TYR)
  • Time zone: GMT -6
  • Service phone: +1 903 531-9825
  • Address: Tyler Pounds Regional Airport, 700 Skyway Boulevard, Tyler, TX 75704, USA
  • Operator: City of Tyler
  • Parking: Yes, chargeable, short-term and long-term parking
  • Getting There : Take State Highway 64 from Tyler towards Canton and look for airport signs.
  • Train connections: The nearest possible Amtrak Rail Station is about 120 kilometers further west in Fort Worth, from where there is a connection to the “Texas Eagle”, which runs from Chicago to Los Angeles.
  • Flight distribution on the days of the week: Monday (14.61%), Tuesday (15.79%), Wednesday (13.10%), Thursday (14.82%), Friday (13.32%), Saturday (13.96%), Sunday (14.39%)
  • other spellings: Tyler, Тайлер, техас, Тайлър, Тексас, Ταίλερ, Τέξας, تایلر ، تگزاس, تايلر ، تكاس,, 州 州, ، เลอ, ،德克薩斯 州), 泰勒, 得克萨斯 州

Top airlines (share of take-offs / landings)

  1. Alaska Airlines (64, 47.76%)
  2. EVA Airways (54, 40.30%)
  3. American Airlines (10, 7.46%)
  4. Other (4.48%)

The airport is 10 kilometers west of Tyler. If you are traveling from outside the airport, take State Highway 64 to get to the airport. From Tyler, take Highway 64 towards Canton, following the signs for the airport.