What Does JPEG Stand for?

What is JPEG:

JPEG is an acronym for Joint Photographics Experts Groupis a compression method for photographic images and is also considered as a file format.

What Does JPEG Stand for

The Joint Photographics Experts Group is the name of the group responsible for creating this method, which is one of the most popular methods of compression of images up to the present day. The JPEG (or JPG) allows you to compress a file and obtain as final result an image with reasonable quality and small in size. The relationship between quality and image size difference between the JPEG from other formats, because it facilitates the storage and distribution of files.

The level of compression can be adjusted, and the more compressed is the file in question, obviously their size will be smaller. However the quality of the image will also be smaller. In addition, each time a JPEG image is saved, it loses quality, because with this method, the process of saving the file implies a compression and a consequent loss of quality.

JPEG is commonly used in the creation of images in digital cameras, since it has the capacity to work with approximately 16.8 million colors (24-bit). It is possible to identify a JPEG file through its extension, of which the most common are the extensions “.jpg” and “.jpeg”. The amazing technological advances in terms of graphics resulted in the creation of various image formats. The JPEG is of the most popular formats today, along with GIF and PNG.

With the advent of multiple formats, there arose also the need to be able to convert a particular format into another. For this reason, there are several computer programs of conversion, for example, from JPEG to PDF.


What Does JPEG Stand for?
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