What Does NIS Stand for

Meaning of NIS

NIS is an acronym that stands for Identification Number Social. This number is a registration carried out to identify all the people who may receive some assistance from the government.

What Does NIS Stand for

The people who are captured by the NIS are those that fall into a social condition considered low income family.

Because of this social condition, these people may require some of the benefits offered by the governments, as they are integrated in social projects and aid from the federal government, state, or municipal.

This number is a registration carried out through the Caixa Econômica Federal. Can be done by companies and local service to society. It is a single register, personal and non-transferable.

The municipality must maintain some sector responsible for social issues such as CRAS, reference center of social assistance. Who still does not have the NIS can search for these locations.

The companies are also responsible for registering their employees. In the case of the worker who still do not have it he will also be registered in the NIS.

PIS is a Social Integration Program. This program is a tribute of a social nature discounted all workers to finance the benefits for which they are intended.

The PIS related to the NIS. For that person who has the registration with the NIS, to start his activity as a worker registered in the portfolio of work, the number of the register to social happens to be the PIS.

Difference between NIS AND NIT

NIT is an acronym that stands for Identification Number of the Worker. The organ responsible for this number is the INSS. Each worker that has no work permit signed has this number.

It is through him that this category of workers contributes to the INSS. It is called the individual taxpayer. These people contribute only with the INSS, ensuring the retirement.

If such employee who holds the NIT to be hired by a company, must be generated the your POIS, because in this case, will be collected the INSS and the FGTS.